First of all to say that the original creator is XisumaVoid that you will have the link of your channel and tutorial in the description WAIT WAIT WAIT….
What can you do that? So is!!!
You can already do vertical slabs in Minecraft !!! Know that you can not do with all blocks, only with blocks that have gravity! like sand, gravel, cement and anvil! You also need to have a shulker box a stone fence or other object that serves as a “restraint” Let’s go with the tutorial, in this case we will have a wall with holes through the middle a few blocks above we will put a stone go and over the block with gravity! looking towards the will be the shulker box we will simply open the shulker box and break the stone go down! … and already be our first vertical slab !!! We will leave the game to stop being flushed and ready! Impotante point !! in the empty space where the object is bugeado can be placed other type of fences safes etc … to give another size to the slab! And good!!! I hope you liked the video and do not forget to pet it likes and subscribe if it’s the first time !! until next time Bye, bye.

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