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What’s up! This is Tim with Tactics, and I’m here to help you find the type of skate deck that will work best for you. Standard skate decks are the most popular because they work well for skateparks, street skating, and almost every other type of riding. We recommend them for beginners because they’re lightweight and versatile. They’re nearly symmetrical with upturned kicks on the nose and tail which gives you endless possibilities for tricks from either end. They work best with standard skateboard trucks and wheels between 50 – 55 millimeters. Cruiser and shaped decks are very similar to standard skate decks but have a large variety in shapes. If transportation is your goal, we recommend choosing a cruiser deck and softer wheels for a comfortable set up that rolls smoothly over cracks and rough pavement. Kicktails make them ideal in situations where you need to make sudden sharp turns or ollie up and down a few curbs Shaped decks can also be used for park and street skating, but more extreme shapes can make it more difficult to do certain tricks. Old school decks pay respect to vintage 80’s style skateboards. They’re much wider and have longer wheelbases than standard decks, making them stable and great for bowl skating and transportation. Extra width and short noses make old school boards more difficult to flip and to ollie So they’re not ideal for street skating. Longboard decks are ideal for casual cruising, pushing longer distances and skating fast down hills. They’re also great for beginners because their larger platform makes it easy to learn how to balance. Typically ridden with wider trucks and big soft wheels, longboards come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes that are highly customizable for many types of riding. If you want to learn more about longboard decks, check out our longboarding guides. If you’ve got any questions at all leave them in the box below, or just give us a call and we’ll help you get the answers you need.

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