TYT – Extended Clip August 31, 2011

artifacts lanterns tell us about rick perry and how he had
to be a millionaire well you know that he’s been in uh…
would cover meant for over a quarter of sentry now its so true most of his career was spent in
government so high guy who start with no money and
started in government get all this money well that’s a good
question for sale in nineteen eighty-seven uh… his wife and himself made a
combined income of forty five thousand two hundred twenty four dollars that i was actually pretty good year for
them in other years they’ve made as low as seven thousand or a thousand the
piece right subletting eighty-seven therefore at
forty five thousand in nineteen eighty nine he becomes
agriculture commission commissioner which is that fairly
important role in texas and uh… then he gets a salary of seventy thousand
dollars well that’s good and that’s normal nothing wrong with that this is
government salary so they’d already doing a little better
great lynn curious things start to happen in nineteen ninety three uh… he wound up are buying ten acres
of undeveloped land and uh… he wonder selling it in nineteen ninety
five all income players later and this may be a gigantic profit over
three hundred and forty-two thousand dollars bad guy on a limited salary how does he buy a piece of property for that little insult for that much well it turns out michael dell you know
of dell computers decided that he needed that property for
some adjoining property at center etcetera and one that pain pot ton of money for now look if that’s the only property
exchange that happened where heat made a huge profit you might say hey michael
does a rich guy and maybe just really needed that property and that’s why he
did it uh… more curious minds might think and
wonder of michael dell needed anything from the governor of texas and want to give me three hundred and
forty thousand dollars extra for the governor of texas or at that
time believed he was he stares is not governing yet but he
still important uh… player in texas politics maybe that helps maybe doesn’t
but it is by itself i would say that’s not a good enough
case well living in the other things like uh… he
uh… as buys and sells uh… stock in something called kinetic
concepts anyone’s omega thirty thousand our profit by thirty thousand dollars
profit is pretty good but again it’s not world beating but it turns out that they
guy uh… that all is kinetics back is actually a donor of rick perry so did i got wind of share some
information that will allow repair to make some profit well it’s the second
piece of evidence but maybe not enough by itself but then the the most interesting happen uh… probably change happened recently
in two thousand and one at this point he’s moved up from our culture
commissioner to lieutenant governor and then eventually governor right uh… and he bought this piece of land
from another state senator from troy frazier was also republican for three hundred and fourteen thousand
seven hundred seventy dollars okay now he’s got enough money to buy
that not no problem with that but six years later in two thousand seven perry sold it one point one million dollars that’s a profit of over eight hundred
and twenty three thousand dollars that’s at john did take profit that’s not a little profit does not
sound like i don’t know if you want to let all these p_l_o_ why didn’t get all
this money i’d put it aside and then i get hurt releasing an
antibody or else they had trouble my money up whether i will also have a
rapid answer is that uh… the person who sold the land in the first
place the center for a shirt his partners or the guy who invented lee
bought it from richter so are the new those businessmen have
interest in there state governor of texas where they then say hey to the senator
and we will help you make a little money all burner perry absolutely will sell you know and you
guys and the vessel detail then and then will give me another extra eight hundred
twenty three thousand lingo while this repair is a real estate
genius but i’m sure it had nothing to try to
impose those politicians i’m sure was a wild coincidence anne c l_ politicians get rich look some of them sometimes right books
in those books make a lot of money and if you’re president you needed these
huge speaking gauges the setup but the governors on this eliot based
being gay because they don’t miss argued big book deals where they made money
somehow they come in sometimes they come in poor an eight leave millions this is how they leave millions these kind of shady deals and before it’s too great about it is
rick perry says but that’s been brought up in many elections and uh… and i’ve gotten reelected anyway so
obviously snowshoe processes i’ve already dealt with it twelve times over because
obviously a huge issue it no longer must be an issue since i one that i guess the
voters don’t care about my crotch it’s initiative argument i don’t know if
you believe them but this is how politics works and
that’s why so many people are disgusted by it by the way he has his uh… uh… money now in a blind trust fund you know how those workers right remember senator frist from tennessee
had won the blind trust that was in his family’s hospital
company but waiting that i could be blood that
you know exactly where it is and if you want to do a huge favor
legislatively for his family’s hospital company goes out of line first that market dependent shockingly enough almost all the money the repair is made
has been a while he was an off but don’t worry some blind trust fund
i’m sure they’ll be fine all right now it’s free of corruption well denies he’s actually is a very good
law on the books about foreign corruption and how we don’t want
to feed into it so if you give a prime to afford official id s series
consequences and we’re actually in some ways the
world leaders in that we’ve been doing a press hiking a pretty
good job throughout the years of making that the new world standard
and then other that countries are having to react
to it and they don’t often play ball within the right way of doing
things and oftentimes opaque get bribe ford
officials and their contracts instead of us i get that that’s realistic it
happens there’s no question about it but slowly move we’ve been moving the bar op so obviously that has to be destroyed we can’t have it that would inhibit profits of corporations a little bit
here in the united states who what a crazy law so here comes michelman case he is a former attorney general under
george bush so you know he has great ethics and he has been hired by the chamber of
commerce by the way another one of his clients is newscorp to make sure that we take the edge off that law well come on for you we really can’t drive deficient
was had only one lol little bit and you should read the political
article where they have all these excuses all you know what we can stand by the
guidelines should that’s ridiculous we think about contractors brother
baby’s mother really deserves it bucket and felt that the people in this
office e or not look we don’t we have limited resources
you think we’re going after people for by somebody lunch you’re crazy will bring the cases if they’re rock-solid and they’re very
important in a large sum of money okay when we bring the cases they’re
faria let’s why they usually win it’s actually there where breaks in the government as
working well that’s why it must be destroyed because how dare you do regulation correctly and how dare you
some corruption so that’s why the attorney general’s former attorney general is hired to make
sure that date star too take this off the books uh… so that a you know what if it
turns out you know we had to give all the money to the guys brother who wonder
body in this list banking job where they joined the ship but i don’t know that i
wish they would just writing combative and free market as our any little thing then in government that
works they come to crush it and that’s what they’re doing now meg
kese has always been nothing but uh… lackey for anyone who’s looking to break
any laws the insure is within the political
article they talk about him as if he’s like a respected figure all mckay
michael casick former attorney joe while you know why didn’t bring him in begins albendazole said made a mess of
the place and they needed a guy they could trust who wouldn’t a turnover iraq’s and who wouldn’t do
any prosecutions who want to look into any of the crimes
of the bush administration had or ready committed michael mckenzie was your guy and of
course he came out so yea all things were lovely yes was no follow the earlier torture and
the flying of the u_s_ attorney’s was fantastic and no laws were broken everybody just move way no form crunches
the greatest thing i would say and of course here comes totally one hundred-percent annette
epochal corrupt michael mccann to talk about how we stay way corruption
lots but these guys are all well respected i
watched it but it was the new scorecard right well dangle it is newscorp could be in huge trouble if you apply this law to that because remember what they did the bribed the certain cops and officials at in the u_k_ so if that is linked to their parent
corporation in the united states which it most certainly yes right it’s their corporation they
brought forth visuals well then they would be in a lot of
trouble we can have that so what a wonderful
coincidence that michael mckay steeple also gets paid by news corp has decided to put his esteem behind
this project a manger week anyway the foreign drivers because when you thought your government
couldn’t get any worse we try every day ectopic and all these different ways we try to
make away and any kind of decency there is left in the government doughty of the government does actually
are and actually case to be made that
sometimes the government does good work for example during uh… hurricanes
uh… our responses got much much better i’m starting to treat it was a mass but
now the response that hurricane irene but by all accounts was fantastic now
want why they did better with two reasons one we’re paying more attention to it partly because we have uh… democratic administration and for all
the problems that i have with them they actually care to do their jobs female work great under clinton this
work much better under obama it was a disaster under bush because they don’t believe in the government
their home is down so they figure out the mobile cares a let’s not bother and they’re lazy bush spent it more vacation time although other presidents filed longshot it would hurt gains would have been hit
almost always meet in crawford clearing brushing our teeth and i gotta give her
a case that i got you governor after all said there are some an eleven a pretty
much said the same thing when hurricane katrina was coming and he was warned about it that’s part of the reason is because the
democrats care to actually do the job of governing right but the second reason is because the
book uh… to train a taught us of powerful
lesson but if you’re a politician and you don’t
pay attention to merges c relief you might be in a lot of trouble
right so that’s why it now there’s more focus
on but it’s that’s a great thing because during hurricane irene are forecasting turned out to be axel it was within where the storm hit was within ten miles
aware was predicted to hit and one of the top experts said hey look
if you look at a map it looked like he was going to florida you would have said all of your relief
programs in your back you should programs the florida but we’d spent a lot of time and energy
and money by the way ship have a more aker prediction and we
thought i was gonna head north carolina and it turns out they didn’t have
florida it hit north carolina and then went up there seaboard exactly is the models predict
it whack cost a little bit of money to do
that but it actually seen to a lot more money did you know that
the maxi trails the storms and there uh… allow side of the reachable storms rady goin with relief and they’re all and in before in the old days data first pass in this wait for the state to ask for help and the local areas that’s our health
and then the federal government would get going about went known either
totally ready there in the area than they have as they
come in with relief it’s great it works great so obviously their homes
were destroyed we can’t have the government doing any
effective at all and that’s the whole thing writing the
means of seeing as the government for at least the last thirty years and effectively sold almost all
opposition from the democrats and i doubt account gallup poll we asked
americans pay agnew think that government can do
anything right only seventeen percent say yes everybody else like i get bad all right well they do this right to do some
things right right so uh… what they were published mozilla
scott first of all they’re looking to cut the and national oceanic and atmospheric
administration by a hundred and forty million dollars so we will have much harder time
predicting where the storms are coming from assail wall they went out to the
satellites by five hundred million dollars that means that in the future there could be opt to eighteen-month stretches where we don’t have the satellites up that tell us where the storms are go fantastic so the next time a hurricane irene comes
along we don’t know visited florida or if it’s gonna north carolina or is going
to be the most damaging vermont because of the rain or to be the most damaging new york
because of uh… the storm we don’t know why it’s between the end of the
satellites and then guess what’s gonna happen it’s got a
call susan billions more trying to cover up for that after the storm
happens this is a disaster in the making and they know what the because they they
want to destroy government uh… did you know there was eighteen
freemen teams from florida maine a to respond thirty-eight but what’s gonna happen
when their budget is cut by the way it became a budget uh… is sky going to be cut by thirty
one percent that in the meantime at least is
probably less arms right i mean you cutting it then a language he had to look into
whether something coming from you’re cutting the fema that’s the response was
storms it must be less on site as we told you before in fact in his own
record number of storms in twenty eleven we’ve already lost more money in the
storms than we did in all all of twenty ten and we still got four more months ago and when that it heads and we can
accurately predicted and we can’t effectively and efficiently bringing
relief the republicans will say no one could
have seen account well as usual we’re here to tell you we need to see it coming they want to destroy the government man politic of by the way one of the things i will get
cut in this in the round cause for that away is uh… our ability to warn of hurricanes
five to ten days out we probably don’t need that the right and then when a hurricane heads and
people are stuck there like avenues and other boat was also walk therefore loses
one in the early okay my left if you give me five defend
a warrant right but now you’re going to get them
anymore so but look there kantor’s real school
system is all he’s a while the leaders in the
republican in spouse and he says if we’re going to spend money on relief
without a offset it are from other programs and as a eric cantor as always set except for two thousand four when he said the exact office at the time japan swing and other
republican had proposed the bill so offset on the money spent toward
relief an air tanker voted no he said absolutely not when you get that
relief money right away now let’s try to figure out what the
difference because i was informed or and twenty eleven it’s could be done in two
thousand four there was a republican president and twenty eleven there is a democratic
president cap probably not did you know this is nineteen eighty
nine there’ve been thirty three different
times that they voted for relief taxes hedonic times that money was offset in
the beginning nonna it has never been offset it doesn’t mean that you don’t pay the
money eventually of course you do okay well you suppose that i hope they do
right but it means that you get there
emergency relief there right away without worrying about what or the
government program i got a cut in the meanwhile so thirty three times they never offset present no bomber is in charge dot gov
now sorry we offset it we can’t be sending their relief money i know shock uh… and meanwhile by the way i’m not
happy with our president bomb is handling the situation either and i’ll
tell you why the reaction was excellent as i just
described to you that part of a very happy with um… bites he’ll ask for one point eight billion
dollars in funding for fema uh… earlier this year there may be some perspective on that uh… that is four times the our state quarter of the
money that we need a blaster i wave that has that make sense last year was a disaster literally right and this year’s even worse why do we ask for only a court of the
month begets present no bomb is out there
saying all i can combat i’m a i’m not a cut cut cut cut cut yet a lot i make my
countrymen of the law on all that is running out of mind
because the american they’re down a hundred million dollars
and now they’re saying okay the people from hurricane red-eye united the money
anymore we’re transferring after the hurricane i review of the people from
the earthquake sorry we’re transferring that was the world’s all java missouri
tornadoes that money’s gone but it does have a couple months ago their old so
that is they don’t have the wrong side so either one of the meaning of gods
also is not much while at the piano images moving around and part of the reason they do it is
that this because of the same thing as the war there’s also a part of the budget although in an emergency appropriations
for iraq and afghanistan was a lot of act i didn’t know that was five days
that palmer jersey appropriations doesn’t count towards the deficit that was a trick perfected by george
bush now brocco obama’s doing that uh… in regards to figure out where
they did he doesn’t fun theme on the later goes all i gotta get one of the
money is in our forever emergency appropriations the other one is that all is almost all when those who want to cut the money
first place and as they are not here anymore money and then we’ll get screwed you guys to
of course as always by the way that’s not all other problems are also looking
to cut the e_p_a_ fantastic uh… there was a decision to
toughen smock standards uh… industry is only a few interest in
that decision they despise it are so the uh… all wanna make sure the big delay
the implementation a proposed powerplant rules as an
example targeting air toxics like mercury sulfur dioxide and nitin oxide and those things don’t sound so bad so of the recruiting dispute over there they’re not gonna pay anything for it mayhem a cost of the cost of it and then uh… they had a cut on the
part of the e_p_a_’s welp they got delayed alter penny d rules to curb also toxins put up by industrial boilers
unable or the greenhouse gas standards et cetera out why are they doing all
this well they need money and they say this
cost money and with the government doesn’t have the money that’s one of the riches of the other is
too help job creators and why don’t they have the money by the
way because of the same exact time they’re asking for tax breaks for the same exact company so the companies get the pollute and
don’t have the paper that pollution they get the tax breaks to do that
pollution who pays all the costs we do who pays holocaust who corporations y they bought the politicians he says that the mayor will continue
that seem when we come back and talk about whether a president bombs they
create any jobs going for five answer show you that his very first
i would tell you about the uh… yeah im turks festival police something called
yes okay so other politicians have been selected
first will you know uh… the ke wifey staff members playing me other i’ll add the lead all the way
last year’s lost in a total in just south of injustice in the finals now hold on to that or anything like
that i’ve seen all you guys that come
hammering hank want only last year uh… commanders of armies of the east
and west side usually ben bank was obviously in the league way keys in the
league this year he selva miranti wifey sports uh… michael shara shifter anyway hai dot dot dot dot and so now we have six
fails us what we do every year sixty working people’s expense apply to us and we actually hundreds of submissions after we ask for submissions which i a
lot of and there were a lot of great was a we
hated uh… you know only two eighty six but here the six oh
we went with uh… first guys tyler commons uh… with the e-mail his email said you should let me n because like alan
west on black okay i would greatly music he lied about tyler i wanna put them in the chest okay uh… and uh… he’s only diagram blackwell’s only he’s a canadian
so i don’t know what he’s doing here but uh… he apparently says a picture which okay he’s come and i like that animated graphics i like that he seems
very angry that’s helpful for football spoke with a unless uh… and then he actually had my
favorite email he said i’m canadian island i don’t think it’s a world so honestly qualified that’s funny he said i want to time at all the
companies a champion that’s impressive and then but forget all that he is the
main reason i would argue for he said to prove his bona fides is not a fetus invaluable he said i have never had lee
evans on my fantasy club right urinated that debt anyway there is a good war you know
that’s definitely the right move so nicely done grams in the league diana
god help me with some of the names god help you with my name but any remmy juru uh… which will be playing only from the
netherlands bus was uh… actually got canadian
folks we had never people from netherlands many claims of racial finals
each of the last four years but only one one time in whatever way he plays in by the draft i missed two thirty a_m_ in
the netherlands but nonetheless he’s participating we like that kind of firm
organs zeal for the leak and i will be doing the draft in a little over an hour or so a fun for everybody ricardo bound dot is also in the league these are twenty five years old he’s
been doing that at this for six years apparently uh… he can say the politicians are
bought lever my own heart and uh… then a realizes that they don’t give it
that they are about anybody but the rich are like that by the way this is like a uh… it’s almost a caricature of what a
liberal fantasy football league would go we got a black guy we are ricardo
ricardo families also paralyzed at www is the lesbian excuses like
economies get out of thirty rock right take a break and god bless your heart we
love enthusiasm quietly here we go ten works for
twenty-five your old airports derek from florida and okay without me but they have recovered weiss tyler dr carla carla drunk or about but but later we had a very plain uh… he’s uh… apparently been doing
remote as you did for sport stations throughout the country or in a market as
to say the first place principal boulder
deployment of kuwait and that uh… he loved it there our look at that anybody then the
festival one court date that’s unique we like that and finally
melissa choose it ashes work is sports for six years and
runs a all-girls fanciful paulie as she was now part of the tea white tea fantasy football league as well what they should be a fun season all likely crush again as i usually do
we’ll see if there is justice or injustice when i finally repair reached
the final zazzle has happened every year we’re going to learn prospective but uh… for those of you watch if you
like the sports that are in a fantasy football obviously will update you on
what’s going on will talk about who you should start shouldn’t start throughout the year and will update you on the lead in the
fun shenanigans going on with it now it to find out who won or not by anyone really travelocity trash
talking right before the draft i’m taking number two the rookies piggy number three exile is
a nervous wreck like review the whole day though ya
doin’ predict that that an audio guy if you don’t know but is
very popular fanciful posters com is good okay by the way action give credit to
claudia rare not appeared stand still bitter that is the worst
nickname in the world anyway as he is a guy who got are fantasy
football league started what was it almost twenty years ago in
sixteen seventeen years of what was it those nineteen ninety four the year
before nineteen eighty five uh… well i think so about seventeen years ago of my barbara professor lee they wrote a book about it’s not a big
you know it’s a legend early anyway that draft is coming up in a
couple of days alright now that i think it up all of your time anna all right let’s talk with texas a
federal judge abt struck down out at that precision or procedures that
provision invent abortion bill in texas and the reason why did that is because
in texas as starting tomorrow if this bill would have passed and i judge
approved a uh… but they would be able to force women to take uh… sonogram
when they go into a doctor with a one again abortion and then the doctor would
be forced to explain the fetus to the woman and this is of course to discourage you
from getting that uh… abortion now the judge says that that actually violates
the constitution because it forces a doctor to say something that he or she
probably wouldn’t want to stay um… during that at doctor’s appointment yes no it’s a it’s a great decision because that you know honestly i hadn’t thought
of it ryan like but he but the judges right you
know if you make a doctor say certain things well i mean obviously we find out on
ethical because you’re getting in between the doctor in the patient but it’s also constitutional issue right
you know it’s a freedom of speech issues that you want me to tell my client is
certain things whether i think it’s a right to tell
them or not that’s you know that’s a invasion of the rights of the doctor and uh… and so is and interesting uh… waited to make that
decision i think they’re right of course and then the woman’s a rights are also
being violated and what’s interesting is that that
uh… the judge also said denoting get out of this requirements
iran requirement a woman can say hey you know what i have
been raped orem five separate incest which is the writer named down signature
et cetera put it on the record they just said well it seems like you’re it’s like you’re branding the ones yes
an year you know the taking of extending your almost punishing her and making her
sign like official document saying that something horrible had happened to her and that’s personal information that you
maybe don’t need to share with your doctor because maybe it has nothing to
do with um… you know your health condition or whatever if you want to
have an abortion it’s protected uh… under robie’s vs wade sellout why why’d
you have to tell a doctor the reasons why you want again abortion why do you
have to sign official documents that by the way ill art necessarily public but
could easily be discovered of course right and look at the end of uh… judgments as much as it makes a mockery
of right of privacy okay tell us the most intimate horrible
things that have ever happen to you sign your name to it and well maybe it’ll get out maybe it
won’t and then will let you not look at the sonogram while you go to get this procedure which
is already writing in and hardin you know one of the most of
the goat difficult decisions you’ve ever met it’s ridiculous but this virus against uh… these uh… abortion providers and all
these laws is spreading throughout the land it’s spreading in spreading why it’s
because a democratic weaknesses solely partly because of that because but repose for crews are opposed
democrats no less pass muster colonial on so we can hope it gets to the supreme court so we can win on it and democrats are so scared of their own
shadow that i don’t pose us even though probably two-thirds about two-thirds of
the country agree with that now look at the defense state-by-state
it depends on the exact longer passing obviously but if the democrats actually made a
pro-choice arguments with the same kind of vigor but the republicans make their pro-life
arguments can you imagine and ten dash so do pose a third of the electorate voted for them on that issue alone the democrats have to those electorate but don’t use a show in fact they run
away from each you know what you call people who do
that morons okay and you soon call them on elect it’s the same old story democrats are paid to lose alright with
sex a fifteen-year-old boy in syracuse out
will be sentenced to tunis six years in juvenile detention for robbing a man of
seven facts is a serious story okay we see this
throughout the country where all these young kids these young teenagers are
getting sentences several years in juvenile detention centers are in prison
for something completely stupid now norway this is being covered up i think is a
little skewed because of what he did with an accomplice is wrong and you
should be punished for it ok so they start elderly man and they decided to
are basically right up behind him this happened on december twenty second of
last year they knocked into the ground alll obey his accomplice kick the victim
and then add that fifteen-year-old boy punched him in the face and then the you
know they wanted a robin he only had seven cents they took seven cents and he
got away net now after if if the elderly men had
more money they take more money but the media right now saying audacious all
sold seven fast all seven cents you know and i’ll let him go using there’s a middle ground here right
because the judge refuse to try him as a youthful offender anything useful fender his answer uh… of some sort of punishment for
this picture is six years in a juvenile detention center for this
i think it’s too much less interesting ’cause when i saw the
story of course you see the headlined right why i can’t believe it but then when you hear the details
actually i was a controversial thing that i would say that i didn’t think the
apart from was that crazy because i i don’t care about the seven
cents it could’ve been so how does it began as
part of it all started out but i don’t care about them out until that point the guy and i have been
and seventy three-year-old brandon knocking down in the robbed of so that in my mind that’s a very serious
offense as a two to six years well that’s a good
question i don’t know you’d have to see you know what the compare both fences
are in that jurisdiction it’s saturday yet arrived at some sort of just number now the does says the reason why he
given such a harsh uh… uh… harsh sentence is because the boy i refuse to admit guilt and
since he did not admit guilt uh… that the judge said well let your friend ed
agee refusing to do so so i’m not gonna try is youthful offender now part of
that i get uh… because look if you want encourage people to
plead guilty it makes the system go by quicker it makes it more efficient but
of course uh… downside of that is some people don’t admit your guilt is
not guilty so that you punish them even more
because they wanted to something that a new that would not in this case and
saying we displays a convicted and several right but that happens all the time so it’s kind of that in the cases where
the guy is not really guilty isn’t just some problem in justin’s we showed the
bigger sentence for not admitting some needed new right so it’s kind of anti but you know why i
don’t like it did and that it ’cause he thought look at seven sense we’re gonna
be a bit of a and the guy who did admit it his
accomplice got one two four years anyway which is very pretty lengthy sentences
so he figured probably one of the ways that videos and i couldn’t let me take
my chances another any because jess’s any lost so he got thirty six years alright former prosecutors devo real
quick uh… justice or injustice ideas toward justice and to six remains wide to thank eighteen months two three yes in this issue with the same
prisoners that federal penitentiary it’s the right thing happening again
seven sons who cares but many not dennis seventy on man level what might happen is that he got
uh… busted for probably uh… uh… targeting the elderly there is
uh… invisible elder abuse laws and all that so maneuvering targets all people
then you had with the harder sentence i love the way ever it’s like these kind
of cases i was bestbuy try to have this show on both uh… i got a lot of entity if i’m a kid
i dora react in that i as a fair number of other hand but that was my grandfather do that to my grandfather’s usually up
eight to dismiss is like for now i know of course that’s why they don’t put you on the
jury if it’s involves your fam right but so that that’s why i think it’s doesn’t sound that off blackboard uh… there is a new coloring book
published for kids out wayne bala from the really big coloring book inc uh… publish date and is titled we
shall never forget nine eleven the kids book of freedom well you know this kind of sounds fun nine exact uh… their our parts and
then that muslims are offended by yes on it for good reason first let me pause the
say though that i bet you lose person i read to my assign and uh… it seems like a llama llama redbridge
alma all worded the she go mom they’re married and not for me to
related accidents anywhere are i would never read my kidded thing about
the tragedy at nine eleven oh one pm or pulling out of the buildings who is actually kept crying i_b_m_ alyssa kids like all can
understand it but then why are you reading a book by nuns rains and their
color and which i won’t know very aware hollywood now can raise the rates and by the way that that never actually
happened you know that was a total propaganda
that bill on hid behind at life his wife right now live in lines of argosy edu awful awful guy but we made a part of which then everybody knows that but it’s in the coloring book anyway to sell and there’s also a part of the
coloring book that refers to g hottest as freedom hating radical islamic muslim
extremists this up on the boat that’s apparently
repeated nearly ten times and ok every family
where muslims there is a radical islamic extremist muslim okay okay i got it but even then you might say well look at
least he’s looking out the say not all muslims but
the radical extremist muslim right but there’s a couple other parts of the
book that may be more company afrin sense that there is one one in the
coloring book is praying and she has like you know across hanging
from her from her neck and you know she’s depicted as like this
holy person this good innocent person who’s a victim and then you have like
these people muslims throughout the book houston and say thanks a lot of things
like that and then and their parcel bump into
somebody talk about you know that this long thin not a positive light and uh… and that’s not right here and to me
that’s the biggest problem but looked in the other is a fascinating
guy he’s also done coloring books uh…
depicting after american league lane he’s done a pro-ltte not pro but uh… a
bubble color without mom right and these are coloring book other people so he does not ok and he says look if
you want to do about uh… muslim coloring book but i think
it’s solid on it okay which made me think okay maybe right for that sort of a muslim leaders there
as well as that yeah i wonder they got a yesterday that nobody’s
asking i’m asking that led to the muslim color hasn’t happened supplied load my over also so that they
have this is that the guy who will make a buck either way you know he’s on there
so we try to rub it in people’s face when you get a sense from all the
crosses and all the you know them implicating islam in the whole thing in certain courses in the book etcetera whether he intends it or not he thinks
take the mustard right and so i never showed the repair of the
problem with the muslims in this you know doing this kind of seven what
athleticism well what you want me changes so that it’s not muslims so it’s a matter of how you frame it et
cetera yeah how donate your totally right about in the beginning of the
story how much is not making a coloring book like this or if you want to do a
nine eleven coloring book in here you should not have pictures that depict
anything that we saw in those images like everything is too much for little
kids so why does this kind of surprises
coloring book sounds like he europe a questionable parrot if you’re behind
this time but free like for europe genius like your little nancy comedies jihad is sorry if they could put their there you go to
mess that warm prop when he has instituted a color of their products he’s probably not the right away it’s bucket one last thing on the
streets but using their book on the norwegian
guy who just shut all the kids and first of all it’s really weird creepy but never forget the crazy norwegian book made and then he said throughout
the book the norwegian radical extremist
christian norwegian radical christian over and over a bike okay that i know he’s not pushing and i know he was a radical christian i
got pregnant while you putting in turkey is perfect so i’m just trying to be some context as
to what the issue that jcpenney took eighty share offer their
website ab because petition said and to create your own work somewhere
but it has to do it for me uh… you know like that well i don’t like that shirt admitted
think that it sends the wrong message now i a lot of different blogs i found
out about the shirt and of course they criticize it and then jcpenney pulled it
down it mysteriously disappeared but it’s an excuse are you soft often in
high school amway teacher would say where’s your
organizer i’m sure ready hydrate i have a new home work atlases you know casey has three
daughters and you guys are so smart right but i’m
not sure one of them came out to you and said like that i want to do his homework
and two pretty howell livid would you be you know what the whole pretty f-ing is
the real difficult issue to navigate his let my daughter is they are actually
pretty and background knowing you know is that
happens that’s hearsay because when we go places people confidence they have yourself
ready many dvds free uh… ice cream or just
free candy and they get benefits for being pretty
already right identified themselves as being free and you know it we my parents and i dot
affording purges too i find that in most relatives tell their
little ones earlier pretty but you know when you have strangers doing it and
this happened uh… walked uh… you know i mean that’s not so much as i get
older older but there’s a really never prop part of
food eight view themselves that’s and i’d try to uh… deemphasized that you know i
always come lunch you know your you’re free on the outside because the because
you’re pretty in the inside it comes outbreak they said but imagine if europe i’ll be in the insiders are nasty in
rhyme doesn’t matter if you pronounce i keep a
list of announcing our latest activities in the right thing but you know for
girls deserve real puffing worry i mean you know that the
other ya bc either one of the identified themselves
as being just a pretty face either i think that the most important thing and
i don’t have pattern of kids so every time i make this type of comment on what
happens you know now but if i were not allowed inside the
holiday play it the way my parents did right so my mom was you know very very uh…
outspoken about how you have to take care of yourself you know you have to
live a healthy lifestyle don’t let yourself go wherever but then she was
also like like you can be is beautiful as you want to be but that doesn’t
matter if you’re not smart if you don’t make a career for yourself
if you’re not independent when you look fade you’re gonna be out on your asked
me to be alone you not to be able to get out of them as
an arson but i’d like to know why i say was marginal as you know you know that
uh… i wouldn’t that right anywhere that she had this discussion
and then i was thirteen and on never forget it and and you know that was a time when i
was like you know it’s completely self absorbed about looks at you know i’m in
high school i wanna way like the nice clothes and
then she’s like all the stuff doesn’t matter you neal notebook capital letter and your letters it last night at indiana tax by the way
i’ll respond i_r_a_’s pat my email my passes something about all the call it about that all the time because i was so
r_t_c_ tracked it and so they say hey similar spearhead ’cause you’re such a gorgeous person rocket is usually think of the
kids are that i have no doubt about that is ok right now i have a arthur notices
and of course it was an issue for me because i don’t know my press ever
talked about what happens good-looking are not really all they cared about was
a report card which is a definite yes so that jr
though it has come back to the central point here isn’t bob t-shirt yelling about india yet come just this camera ok fine as a t_-shirt that says i think you’ll ever rode alone workers
also boise so it is a born to be while does mean it’ll be fuckin seventies when
a girl procedure if you don’t want you to do it don’t buy it don’t think the
seven ninety nine missile rediculously is that that you don’t have a sense a
lot of things that we have can become if you don’t like it cool on the stand
with a look back on the one hand i hear word sher singh if you get your candor
megatron t-shirt doesn’t mean he’s going to become a transformed subsurface septic pretending to care for
your call earlier now having said that it be it’s only
sends the wrong message and i wish they wouldn’t do that because i don’t buy
lotto i don’t think i’d the into fare family that’s like
although yanking crazy give girl to be interested in being pretty and not doing
their homework i wouldn’t like that right right on the
other hand there’s a decent pointed a if they want to know and that’s direction
they’re going just calm down a lot to do whatever they
want peace in here get out of business right so like the same time jcpenney has to be
responsive to the community and what some people are how raised by a
they think it’s not worth the hassle uh… troubles in their top seller or
anything like that me the most interesting part is a higher
pregnant because in reality women are taking herman’s passes in education destroying them their number of not colleges in this
huge problem the dish way too many over qualified
women and not enough qualified men the ratios of the good schools are somewhere
near sixty two fourteen favor women right but
that changes one scene at the workforce are the setting is saying that making
more money on average in what no thirty so blood and that’s a
vestige of the of this kind of thinking where they think well of course mentor a
smarter et cetera and that’s why people don’t like the t-shirt but in reality when you look at the
grades girls do much better school than then
voice so debating that issue should be in reverse fear st uh… hahaha avoided all madami last
night this has to do the horses thus far the national security feature but by the way i think you if anything i’m
more concerned about my son you know boys are back with for whatever
reason uh… i is partly societal partly other factors are not const radio working early enough and dig in their asses kicked so on but
two-legged pep talks of problem of the like what’s your name would you wages rising to her finishes school girl illa girl b_-two’s flipped out my
hand but it’s got that it is the end of a lot of work sales idea like that would do that with
me all the time that makes i think she he wouldn’t make it a boy girl ratio he
would just make it you have to be the number one student and if anyone b_t_u_ ya gonna doctoral a repair dot dot dot traffic rediculous like there are thirty slash
armenian preferences sent here by that that whatever like uh… if there are
people like i think in junior high for the highest labor dot cuz i was plagued by work really hard now but it’s close actually laced when i
knew how to get they might strike i didn’t want what’s mine castrated they popped you know just enough just enough right uh… and they drove my dad kriti and but the best i ever did i think was a
wife even a three day came and i was like six in the class didn’t break the class had people like maroon funding
t ok who were like fanatics about studying it had to all these guys study
says that sourcing some kick ass thread my that’s like saying income time about six that sometimes a shrine to six using the expected sipa anyway uh… i highlighted have probably other kids but not like
this one quite let’s take a quick break i when we
come back eight porn lawsuit involving a granny

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  1. Asim mirza

    This is nothing compared to India here our Telecom minister for arrested for corruption of 1700000000000 rupees which he put in Swiss bank account that amount is equal to the total economy of smaller countries

  2. gulllars

    37:40 the part about him being norwegian was a small part of his character. Him being a delusional extremist social conservative christian without reservations for violence had everything to do with it. Such characters have been around for a while, though you often mislabel them "right wing" (which really refer to economic policy).
    Though he may be inappropriate for a coloring book, there's a big lession in his story; One capable person without reservations for violence can do extreme damage.

  3. dalecs47

    On the topic of abortion rights: Another reason I hate evangelicals. They bitch about how “big government” interferes with our lives and freedoms. Then they pass law after law to harass poor women who choose abortion. Why do I say poor women? Because no rich woman ever gets an abortion. What do the rich get? A six week ski vacation in Switzerland. No embarrassment for them, no stigma. And I never allow any evangelicals to call themselves pro-life, they are “anti abortion.”

  4. David Dormhnan

    @ShadowWolf346 Does it have any Mal-ware or Spy-ware attached that you know off. I would like to give it a try but just dealt with my hard drive and really don't want to crack that can of worms just yet. I assume you'd give it a good recommendation with a clean bill of health

  5. garytcw

    Since I dislike the USA, I suggest you first change the name of "foreign corruption law" to some thing more negatively marketable, THEN you can safely remove them.

    Please hurry up.

  6. Druuseph

    @bunkmasterflex If you use Chrome or Firefox just look for the extension. It's just a browser add on and not a stand alone program. It's been around for years without incident.

  7. Druuseph

    @potp5150 Herp and derp my friend. It's a fucking browser add-on, no one gets money from it. It just keeps all the god damn retards from flooding the comments with "OH MY GOD THE ADS IT'S TOO MUCH WHY CAN'T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!?1?!?" There's how you handle it right there, if you won't and still bitch you can't be helped.

  8. dinobrya

    Be careful on those figures, Cenk. Catech and MIT are heavily male. Caltech routinely has the highest SAT scores in the country. While Harvard's female students comprise fifty one percent of the undergrad population, they comprised forty eight of the graduate population.

  9. David Dormhnan

    Let's go Graham. O Canada, Our home and Native land, True patriot love in all thy sons command, Car ton bras sait porter l'epee il sait porter la croix! Ton histoire est une Epopee, Des plus brilliants exploits. God keep our land Glorious and free, O Canada we stand on guard for thee, O Canada we stand on guard for THEEEEEEEEEEE!. Graham's Going to attack it, he's going to be the cop who stops this.

  10. David Dormhnan

    I don't mind 2-6 years for mugging the elderly. My grandfather would die if someone did this to him, he would undoubtedly succumb to his illness's and be unable to sustain any quality of life for the last year he has. I don't mind it at all.

  11. RagdollRalph

    @cordelamieE Yeah thats so strange. I didnt like her being on the show before (dont know why, i was stupid i guess). But now i cant imagine TYT without her. She`s a great counter balance

  12. Professori

    It's been studied why girls do better than boys in school.
    Girls start developing earlier, they go to the school readier.
    The school system favors girls. Boys and girls learn differently, girls more cooperatively and boys more competitively, and competition is being removed from classes and school yards. Group work, essay writing and fiction reading also favor the girl pattern.
    At 15 girls read far better than boys, but there is no gap when they are home schooled, which alone proves a lot.

  13. draws

    Cenk: "Just because your kid wears a Transformers t-shirt doesn't mean he's going to turn into a car later." That had be bursting out in laughter.

  14. Surlish

    @hcnuup – I think the home school point suggests what my experience is… boys don't try as hard at school. You can't coast through home school. Getting the top A grades mattered hugely to the girls I knew at school, whereas I (and most of the other boys I knew who have all since graduated university) did what I needed to go forward. I've now got a very good degree and a high flying job. School grades are massively over hyped when it comes to full-time graduate level jobs.

  15. unamaxify

    coloring book:
    Muslims have used up all the believable offended.
    If this book is in agreement with all the laws, he can & should sell it, that's the end of it.
    By the way religions have no right to interfere with the real world, those are made up stories !

  16. vividDrive

    @patrikthegreat wow, thats the problem with text. it was meant to be humorous not offensive. But nonetheless fuck your opinion you filthy trekkie. STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. BlueOceanBelow Lives

    @cordelamieE Given most of the types of comments about Ana, yours was refreshing. Figured I'd say that instead of just giving a thumbs up alone.

  18. Eseress

    Partly societal? I'd say it's more than half. We need to stop raising boys and girls the way we do. There's too much repression and not enough acceptance and praise. Are boys and girls different? Of course they are; not the point. We need to stop encouraging sexist behavior and traits. It's okay for a boy to be lazy. It's not okay for a girl. Little things like these need to stop.

  19. Mike Borrebach

    oh my fucking god, get rid of that goddam kid doin the pizza pop commercial, kid is so retardedly annoying. I have never wanted to punch a child until I saw that commercial, at least put a skip option.

  20. CBPfilm

    I don't understand. Where are all the democrats at man. Look I want to run for an office and show these dems how to really fight for what u believe in.

  21. [email protected]

    WOW how interesting, the same thing happened in Kissimmee Florida. A former commissioner who was JUST a housepainter making normal money, becomes a commissioner and next thing he buys property for a couple of 100 thousands of dollars and then sells it for $5 million. So this house painter is now a millionaire and his wife divorces him and she gets $4million dollars settlement. I wonder what she knows. Something funny about this shady deal that is being duplicated in the GOP.

  22. [email protected]

    WHO writes the caption on this video??? Funny as hell, Is it a machine or someone who speaks NO ENGLISH….. pay agnew??? crotch???? assail??? opt 18 month stretches??? between the end of the satelite??? 38 becomes a budget?? when it heads to see it coming??? watch it again with captions and get a good laugh.

  23. Sarah Smith

    @TerminalRhinoVirus the funny thing is (even for an atheist) the bible has some meaningful, beautiful, stories to teach a good ethic that can be used to teach a good perspective of the world (when taken with a grain of salt) But I dont think you can come up with any such logic or rational to justify ever giving this coloring book to your child.

  24. Sarah Smith

    @TAz69x ok i am the first to say we incarcerate way to many people too harshly for the crimes committed but this was a violent act with violent intent and was not the only crime committed. regardless of anyone's age, this is what the system is for – violent offenders. Now the standard of juvie centers – that is up to us – if we ignore the conditions that is our fault (as a public, a comunity, as united citizens) The court's punishment has nothing to do with the conditions of the holding facility

  25. mexicanexalted1

    This is the 1st time I thought Ana was a dumbass. For Christ's sake, they beat up a 73 year old man. And you want to show these little shits leniency. wtf? Ana.


    I'm not so sure. Yes, I think TYT are misguided, but they have a lot more integrity than most of the liberal media. If I'm going to watch a liberal news source, it'll be TYT. It doesn't happen often though.

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