UNBREAKABLE WALL in Survival Minecraft! V2!

*Music* Ladies and gentlemen today the unbreakable is about to get even more unbreakable. On August the 23rd of 2016 I uploaded a video called the unbreakable wall in survival Minecraft and I have to say that’s absolutely terrifying because it feels like just yesterday that I uploaded that thing but it turns out it was almost two years ago now but it was incredibly popular, everyone seemed to love it, but even when I uploaded that thing straight away, I started recognizing some flaws in my system. So I’ve spent a bunch of time upgrading it and today we are going to be taking a look at the new improved design. And for those of you who are familiar with the concept the idea is pretty simple. It’s a wall that really can’t be broken by anyone. I mean if I try and mind through this thing and even if I walk forwards, yeah, I’m not making any progress Even if you have some ridiculous efficiency 5 pick outs with haste two – you might occasionally see some sunlight peeking through the gaps but realistically your not going anywhere. So this is the original design that we created and I have to say I still, I still absolutely love the way this they looked we’ve got all of the cobblestone generators staggered down the sides like that they’re generating the cobblestone which is then pushed up and kind of funneled in and knitted into together, until we get this unbreakable wall up at the top right here and the actual concept itself is solid. It’s just the timing circuits, they were all over the place. I mean, I didn’t really have any rhyme or reason for choosing the timings that I did, I just kind of flicked through the repeaters until something sort of worked and then I would roll with it and that meant that we got a lot of piston fighting, we got a lot of loss in efficiency where the pistons really know what they were doing and we definitely lost just some speed there. Whereas now all of those issues should be fixed up and we have got ourselves a new and work- *laughing* I forgot to turn off firetick, hang on. We have got ourselves a new working system, which is considerably faster and should also make a lot more sense on the timing front. We should actually have things knitting in properly and working together as opposed to, everyone kind of trying to push everything all at once. So I think the best way to test this thing out is to actually clear out all of the cobblestone from it and just see how we go. Now I have no clue what this is going to look like because I haven’t tried it out before in my head it is going to look really impressive and really satisfying but I guess there’s only one way to find out and that is by flicking that lever there and as you can see all of the cobblestone is being generated at the bottom and now we’re going to start seeing it being pushed around by the pistons so you can start to see how These piston mechanisms actually work and now things are speeding up on the cobblestone front and there they go they’re going up the middle there, and, there is our unbreakable cobblestone wall. I was right that was incredibly satisfying and also relatively impressive. In fact bank to the satisfaction point there’s just so many satisfying things in Minecraft. I mean I could probably make one of those satisfying things in Minecraft videos once every three days. Now if you want to know the logic behind this thing and how it all functions the first place that you should look at is the redstone clocks out the back here because out the back we’ve got ourselves two 15 redstone tick redstone clocks, which correspond to 30 game ticks now the reason that we need 30 game tick redstone clocks is because every 30 game ticks cobblestone is generated in one of these cobblestone generator. So it used to be random, it used to be a random amount of time for the cobblestone to generate sometimes would happen really quickly, sometimes you’d be waiting and you kind of had to pick a redstone clock speed that was in between that to get the most efficiency out of them now. It’s actually reliable. It’s a reliable 30 game ticks. Boom. You’ve got yourself cobblestone, so that means that if we set up a 30 game tick redstone clock we can actually sync that up and push the cobblestone out the way immediately as it’s generated and then it gets pushed through into this system And these pistons are synced up with these cobblestone generators, so once this fires then 2 ticks later, this piston fires and 2 ticks later, this piston fires and 2 ticks later, this one fires, and this one fires, and so on and so forth and then we have to sync up all of these things as well as all of the cobblestone fits in nicely and then eventually we get these pistons going absolutely crazy with redstone pulses, pushing up cobblestone as fast as possible. So in reality the system itself and the actual concept behind the system isn’t actually that complicated. You have some redstone clocks which run into some Pistons which fire in a specific order which just happen to push blocks upwards and into an unbreakable wall. It’s actually it’s relatively easy, but this is where you guys come in because I mean I’m pretty happy with this thing, I would say it’s about as fast as I can go, but there are some real wizards out there. Ok, I know that there are some real wizard out there and there are some people that absolutely insanely good redstone, so I want to issue you guys a bit of a challenge. Can you create a wall that is more unbreakable than the wall that I’ve created here? I’d love to see your responses, send them to me on Twitter and emails and YouTube comments the whole nine yards because I love seeing things that the community creates. But anyway, ladies and gents. I hope that you enjoyed this quick little redstone video, It was a lot of fun to create and if you did enjoy it, Please be sure to that like button, and if you really loved it the make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys, this has been Mumbo and I’m out. I’ll see you later. *music*

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Reader Comments

  1. chris11sholtz

    Would it be possible to make this system produce a cube of "unbreakable" cobblestone with the generating mechanisms inside? It would be like a minecraft shield generator.

  2. SkyReaperOne

    I know about an even MORE unbreakable wall then any other! Even admins can't do a thing to it. Here it is! "Points at empty space"
    Can't break it if it's not there!

  3. XxMewah ChanxX

    I don't want to be rude dont hate on me but, can't you mine under it and destroy the pistons and then get in, or yah know mine over it?

    Edit; or break one piece of red stone lol

  4. John Vitha

    Couldn’t you just build an obsidian wall and use sticky pistons so it constantly goes up and down? With the obsidian moving, it would be almost impossible to break

  5. Sho Minamimoto

    Question is, can you protect the machinery?

    If you want to make an unbreakable wall that can dissuade invaders you want to make sure that the hardware is also safe from attack.

    Let’s say that scenario played out after they realized the wall would keep being replenished every time they broke it, what they would do next is to bipass the wall by trying to find a hole, in this case- the inner working of the wall generator.

    Then, there is the question of what would happen if they packed in bunch of TNT and secured it so that it could go only one way- at your base, would the unbreakable wall and it’s generator survive the explosion?

    Overall, it’s a good design for keeping out mobs and the more easily dissuaded attackers but, when faced with a more determined individual or a horde- it can start to be overwhelmed.

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