Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (Full Length)

First and last name? My first name is Jessie My last name is Snodgrass Have you ever sold drugs at Chapperal High School? Nope You’ve never sold drugs to any students there? No sir. No? Okay. Do you know who this is? Nope You sure? Yea, I’m sure Daniel? It was the first thing he said when I spoke to him on the phone. It was… not “Mom I got locked up” But he said: “Mom do you remember my friend?” And I said “Yes” And he said: “He’s a cop”. The war on drugs is still going strong in America. Even though states like Colorado and Washington have legalized weed federal grants still reward local police departments based on the sheer numbers of drug arrests they report incentivising local cops to target the most vulnerable on December 11, 2012 22 high school students were arrested in Temecula, California a sunny suburb just east of LA It was the culmination of what authorities called Operation Glass House. A twenty one jump street style undercover sting. Adult police officers posed as students in two high schools. They went to class, did homework, and tried to get kids to sell them illegal drugs on campus This is the story of Jessie Snodgrass, an autistic teenager who was one of the students arrested that day At the beginning of his senior year Jessie thought he had made a new friend. A fellow student named Daniel Briggs But, this friendship was a sham Daniel Briggs was in fact Deputy Daniel Zipperstein, a cop in his mid 20’s. Ever since his arrest Jessie has suffered from PTSD So he didn’t want to talk to us on camera. But he wants his story known. His parents: Dug and Catherine Snodgrass; welcomed us into their home to talk about how Operation Glass House affected their son. And what they are doing to fight back. This is the story of how the war on drugs prays on the most vulnerable. Did Jesse have many friends growing up? Well that’s always been a big challenge for Jessie. He has no friends. Senior year he made a new friend right? Yeah it was huge progress we felt it was a milestone in Jessie’s life. It seemed like God sent to us. On one of the very first days of school Daniel asked Jessie to get him some marijuana So you do know who that is. Yeah. Do you know his name Daniel Briggs Have you ever sold Daniel Briggs drugs? *shakes head in denial* We know that you’ve sold drugs. But, I just gave him some cause he was just all like I need this. So, Daniel asked Jessie to get him some marijuana. He also gave him some money, 20 dollars to get it from Jessie didn’t know where to get it. It started texting him relentlessly making requests. You know bugging him. He agonized over this for some time. He decided to go to a dispensary, a marijuana dispensary. and He found some guy who Jessie says he thinks was a homeless guy who was near there and He gave him the 20 dollars and got a very small amount of marijuana for it. And that ‘s what he supplied to Dan. He was charged with two felony counts of selling marijuana. Oh and there it is. That’s the amount of weed. Ha! 20 dollars, .6 grams *chuckles* that’s outrageous I think he was really worried about how am I going to do this because if I don’t i’m going to lose my friend You know his only friend. He was desperate. This is the beginning where he just sort of starts to retreat. And, you know it’s really hard to get his attention. You know you would kind of clap your hands loudly in front of him and he wouldn’t flinch. At around age 2 his speaking just stopped he just stopped. Being aware of things is just not here He’ll start noticing he is looking away from the camera almost all the time.Where he would just sit in the corner, by himself and kind of wave his hand in front of his face like this for hours. His behavior was becoming more and more isolating. I went out of my way to find him play dates. Kids would come over and I would make sure they’d have a really good time because I’d want to kind of encourage any friendships not would be one time only. I don’t think he would ever have more then one play date. Did you at all feel like the betrayal that ended up happening with the undercover cop was kinda like there’s echo’s of various things that happened through his lifetime. Absolutely, well it was the biggest betrayal. But it was one more. You’re right. He wasn’t even upset at being locked up. He was just so so upset that this person betrayed him And he said: “Mom. I was only trying to help him. I thought I was doing the right thing.” And that people who do this are viewed as heroes. That’s beyond me. What and that seems almost so. So insidious about his that he was reacting out of empathy. That he was showing it by his actions. He was trying to help out a friend Yeah. Which I suppose for his condition is quite remarkable Yeah. Yeah, that was for him to be able to do that. Was you know would be considered a break through in anyone else’s circumstances He was being bullied for being different the word “retard” was used at him a lot. He still reacts really strongly to that word In response to all this bullying that was happening, He was trying to make himself unapproachable. He cut his hair off. Cut it real short to like a buzz cut. Started wearing T-shirts with metal militia type logos. Gave him a tough guy persona. Most of the students knew Daniel was a cop. On campus his nickname was Deputy Dan. He was always asking for drugs, always asking you know like where I can get this and if he would hear he would jump into conversations just asking for drugs. Did Temecula have any sort of history being a drug town like where kids get high all the time. Not that we’ve ever heard of. Temecula was named the second safest city in America.

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  1. Mac Faerwald

    The thing is most ppl become cops to ARREST EVERYBODY…..
    Not to protect and serve the community; caring for the people who are vulnerable, for the animals who can't fend themselves or the Forrests that need watching…

  2. Jimmy Lewis

    I praise this family for seeing their own way through to justice.
    Their son was lucky to have them
    Many kids dont

    These parents went beyond their own kid and are working for others'

  3. Killer Snail

    Jesus Christ, America is twisted as shit! There is no way they’d get away with that in Australia. Just the fact they are arresting kids in class whilst suited up is crazy!
    Kids are kids man, go after adults selling to kids, not kids themselves!

  4. Trav904 Gaming

    illl kill that cop on my fucking mama give me his name if i run into him ill kill em take that life charge fucking stupid fucking pigs i hope his family gets fucking cancer! piece of shit hope his mother n everyone including him go to hell

  5. John Dimambro

    That piece of shit cop should have his fucking skull caved in, trick an Autistic kid into buying 2 flakes of weed for you and arrest him after pretending to be the only friend he ever had, i hope that jerkoff gets shot in the line of duty

  6. dizzle1119

    This stupid fucking shit is still goin' strong today. Just saw pics of about a dozen "hard ass" officers who got some dealers off the street here locally.

    In their lame ass, stupid fucking pics….where they were trying to look tough as their "bust" was laid out on a table in front of them. It was a few EMPTY pill bottles, an old ass flip phone, about $400 cash……and MAYBE $200 worth of shitty ass brown weed.

    Fucking joke….

  7. Joe Lee

    This enrages me! Shame on that piece of shit cop, I hope he’s proud of tricking some autistic kid into getting him less than a fkn gram of weed then arresting him!!!
    Is he a threat to society??? No, but the cop is!

  8. Vortex

    Fuck man I get that there are good cops and I'm thankful for that and I have mad respect for them. Than you have majority of Cops being fucking pigs, fuck the ops bro

  9. Official MaMa Love

    This is OUTRAGEOUS!! So the cop can't do his job and probably didn't even KNOW how to talk to the REAL drug dealers bc they'd KNOW he WASN'T a true student so he LITERALLY picks a kid who is a loner and barrages the fuck out of him till he gets him to go buy him some weed for ONLY $20 then turns around and busts him in an ATTEMPT to LOOK like he's a great cop but in REALITY this cop is a fucktwad that doesn't DESERVE to wear a uniform!! This cop DESERVES to sit in jail for a LONG fucking time!! There is SO SO SO much wrong with this and what happened!! WTF!! Lazy ass little boys who if they TRIED this shit with my kids I WOULD beat the piss out of them and GLADLY go to jail!!

  10. Clayton Kusaj

    Damn, I thought the thugs were low when I got popped. They must go to a special fucked up college to learn this asinine shit. These kids were not part of a drug ring, it’s purely an entrapment scenario. Deputy Dan has no friends. 43 million in prison and all of the destroyed families and broken lives. Cops are addicted to power. Thugs.

  11. Angiebear

    Wtf is wrong with our country? Don’t our officers have ANYTHING better to do? It’s stories like this that have made my very intelligent son want to be a defense lawyer. ‘War on drugs?’ Hopefully this will change! The class divide is getting ridiculous and prohibition doesn’t work….. thought we learned that in the 1920s

  12. G Lopez

    They have cops undercover at dope houses provoking the sale of drugs. Why don't you do that in a gang infested Mexican neighborhoods ???You don't because you crooked cops are coward just hiding behind a badge!!! Im calling every single one of you out.Coward ass false crooked cops I have respect for good cops but this also falls on them. If they're just sitting back and not doing nothing about all this. They know what's going on. The system is just corrupt. More power to the rich man as always. Im proud to be Mexican 🇲🇽 , born here and believe in God.

  13. jamie macaombao

    Its funny how people think marijauna is a gateway drug and how its bad even tho its not and if you made it legal everywhere in america it would cut the profit of cartels by 25%

  14. Cameron Fitter

    What a disgrace! You took a child, a child with a disability and pressured him to buy weed and then charged him with 2 felony charges for .60g of a substance that in many countries including the US considered a medican. This is so sad! America has 5% of the global population and 25% of the incarcerated people in the world, what do you think you are doing wrong?

  15. Alex Beebe

    Makes me sad for Jesse. He was bullied his whole life for being different and nobody ever befriended him. Deputy Douche Dan saw this as an opportunity, he read jesses file and new he was different, so he became the only friend that Jesse ever felt he had. Then knowing how much Jesse valued his only fucking friend he’s probably ever had, made him worry that he may lose his only friend he’s ever had or trusted in his life if he couldn’t find him weed. Knowing just how important it was he knew he could manipulate him through desperation to keep his friend. It’s just sickening to think about how somebody could do something like that to that poor guy. Abusing the mentally challenged. Dan Zipperstein, you deserve to die a slow agonizing death for this.

  16. Dig Mar

    Entrapment does occur if a police officer persistently entices, persuades, or intimidates a person into committing a crime, and then arrests them afterwards.That is what happened here. What it made even worse is, that the victim had been targeted on purpose. Get an autistic student, force him frequently to get weed for you. Presenting yourself as being his 'only' friend. That undercover agent was working like a predator, searching for the right victim.

  17. m3tthew423

    operating a drug ring?! it was .6 of a gram the kid wouldnt of even had if the cop didnt pressure the poor kid into it. what a fucking piece of shit no good scum. he can rot in hell for all i care. hes gonna be traumatized the rest of his life probably. how could you live with yourself? insane

  18. Marko Lovrenc

    Another dangerous criminal arrested. Dangerous drug lord,imagine if some kid died from that awful awful drug. I bet that the cop would be beheaded,if they found out. Good job officer. Standing ovation,what a hero ;( it restores my faith in humanity,and my faith in Jesus Christ ;( Look at that 2 awful cartel members sitting on a bench,DO YOU SIT O NA BENCH AT HOME !? SHAME ON YOU! Why are they out? Did you hear them ?? "We don`t have any friends" what a bunch of psychopaths . They clearly work for the zetas clearly.

  19. allen lebaron

    Man if a cop did something like this to my kid, i’d most definitely be in jail for the rest of my life. These people are crazy to do this to kids, i hate cops. If i could do it without consequence i’d get rid of them all.

  20. Tim Sawyer

    This is typical cop shit… Addicts and people like this kid really don't need to be arrested and ending up with felonies… It's not helping anything, other than making life much more difficult for people that were likely already having a difficult life..

  21. Keith

    Senior deputy district attorney of Riverside county telling the parents that he's looking forward to seeing a young and autistic person in court and he can't even get the year right? "2003" when this was in 2013. All of this is gross and my heart goes out to all of the youth that were entrapped by the law enforcement that they thought they could trust into keeping them safe. In high school, are you kidding me?


    Police luitenant who okayed this mission was evil "Let's target the nice family w the special needs son!" Instead of trying to clean up the school,they prey on innocent to get grant money..??? That's who's running their police precinct??
    Not enough real crimes in the suburbs to pay the bills?, over there they have to manufacture them..
    That kid deserves a shot at a happy life, put the guy behind bars that manufactured that project Glass House

  23. SRC

    Did you sell drugs to a student at school?
    Do you know him?
    He was an undercover cop at your school and you sold him drugs!
    No…. he was a cop disguised as a student and therefore not a student but a cop..
    So no, I didn’t sell a student at my school drugs… I’d like a lawyer now jackass 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  24. beserk

    If a cop came to my house and I live in a neighborhood and said is there anyone called (name) I will be like oh he went to his house but idk where he lives he came over to grab his box of water and his watermelon
    And then get ready to run and think the best possible way to escape and make it seem believable

    But that if I'm not innocent but if I'm innocent I will say that is me

  25. Greg Sieracki

    I thought all Cops were good and honest people? It's not like they kill black people for no reason!! Police are just a legal gang that think they can do whatever they want!

  26. CanAmRydr

    so the cop was a fuckin pedophile too?! He should be arrested for sexual misconduct of a minor, dragged down the street behind a car, and publicly hung at high noon for what he has done to these kids.

  27. NeickhaSuPRA

    There was a drug bust at my school but I'm not sure if they used the same method. All I remember is they handcuffed a bunch of the potheads and led them out.

  28. Ryan Cleveland

    Seems like entrapment. Mostly because the amount is stupid small. the cop should go to jail aswell for soliciting to buy pot and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  29. Wytse Dijkstra

    20:55 how are you going to basically force a 15 yr old to sell one of his own pills to you for 3 goddamn dollars and arrest him for it… sad, just sad.

  30. Real Frosty The Snowman

    What a fuckitn piece of shit. Any cop that feels good about getting someone innocent in trouble doesnt deserve any kind of authority or respect at all.

  31. Lafe Denton

    Can you imagine how stupid the d.a. or county attorney would have to be to actually charge this kid? I mean he would have to be dumber and dirtier than the 2 dirty cops in the video.

  32. Marc Cooper

    Mom. Do you remember my friend? Well he's a cop. So f…ing wrong. They need to find something better to do with there time. This poor kid finally felt let he made a new friend and this shit happened. He even went to a homeless guy to go to a dispensary. 20 dollars worth and he gets felony charges!!!!!!! Trying to help his only friend?!?!? I support the blue, but this is just WRONG!!!!!

  33. Ryan Singrossi

    The same exact type of bust happened at my HS in Florida when I was a freshman. They ended up dropping the charges on all 13 students because the NArc was having people go off campus to get the drugs from sources they wouldn't otherwise have known about if the cop wasn't involved. All the kids were expelled, but none of the charges stuck.

  34. Henry Hess

    This should be illegal, he never did anything before and he was pushed by someone in the law to do something bad and he was not a bad person.

  35. Trey Indica

    pow420.com we have people serving life sentences for possessing a PLANT! Legalize cannabis and expunge all marijuana convictions and release those who are incarcerated

  36. Media Haven International

    school to prison pipeline. Another reason I will never send my kid to public school. What they did was totally entrapment. The officer forced the kids to sell to him. More Victims of the War on Drugs. You can't have a war on a concept. You can only have a war with people

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