US Border Patrol chief has update on border wall progress

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  1. straight exteriors

    Thank you border chief,president trump and staff,homeland security and Pentagon this is the greatest gift you could have given Americans and Mexicans alike it will be a boon to both nations in there own right

  2. Patrick LaBelle

    The left: "Let everyone in, the immigrants are all law abiding and peaceful and wonderful people!"
    Border patrol: "Our agents have been assaulted over 600 times this year, we have even been fired upon"
    The left (who are brain dead): "Let everyone in, the immigrants are all law abiding and peaceful and wonderful people!"

  3. Driver Man

    “Donald Trump promised to secure our border with insane, unrational immigration policies to make American communities fearful and that’s happening everywhere the wall is being built,” Gidley said. He called internal criticisms of the president “justified"

  4. Mary Kat

    Wow wonderful keep up the good work and hopefully it will be completely blocked off someday soon. We have a right to secure our country

  5. Robert Chow

    may God bless all the CBP and their families. they are at the front line and doing their duty to keep the terrorists from our country.

  6. Joshua Matthew M. Samarita

    I hope America wakes up on 2020 and voted Republicans. We don't need more people in America, because we can't even protect our own citizen. Stop saying that we still have a lot of jobs in this country. If we do, why unemployment rate is still in 3%?

  7. Moeketsane Sethojane

    This African clowns here in Africa have made us to hate Trump. We appreciate what you are doing all the way from South Africa . We salute your bravery. You are doing good things for U.S.. The markets have proved

  8. Ray Jan

    As said at the beginning its a replacement. It's not Trumps Wall, it does not even look close to the prototypes that Trump looked at.
    No wonder FOX news does not said when this fence exchange did start and when it was approved.

  9. Tulare County Oscar Cop Watch

    USA needs a another WALL! Going down 🤦 Chapos tunnels are shipping the drugs with no problem🙄 The WALL will do 10 percent No BS

  10. Steve Farris

    The democrats and open border freaks hate the Border Patrol Agents. Well I love the men and women of the border patrol and ICE for their sacrifice to keep this country safe. I want the government to hire at least a thousand more. Of course I am just a regular working stiff that loves the greatest country in the world. The U.S.A. Come legally or stay home!

  11. Cal B

    "WE THE PEOPLE" love our border patrol men and women and support them 120% … We pray to God to keep them and their families safe and bring them many blessings for helping make American safe … keep up the good work but most of all be safe … GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ITS PATRIOTS !!!!! …

  12. SAR SAR

    It is really difficult to hear this person refer to the BP agents as "my Men and Women". This is indicative of an overbearing control freak person. The agents work for the citizens of the US not for this overbearing Chief.

  13. Joseph Schwarzkopf

    DemocRats think a wall is immoral. REPUBLICans think murdering millions of innocent babies is immoral. Who is correct and who is corrupt? MAGA LOL

  14. Judith Elledge

    Look out Texas the libs are after you and you too could become another Calif. Texas is going down, to the blue, don't cry about it you people did it to yourselves. Yah, your bigger and dumber in Texas.

  15. Barry Frank

    It's doesn't matter if we build a wall. People are still going to come to this country one way or another. Your all fools for believing it won't happen. Look at China the great wall didn't help or the Berlin wall

  16. Norman Cantrell jr

    Our Congress sucks,Everyone needs to be replaced and can only do 2Year streches.These Bastards in Congress are too old and be made to retire or loose their pension plan.

  17. RevEvangelist JOHNSON

    The walls prevents the influx of illegal immigrants across our Southern border. The protests reveals the deliberate and intentional breaking of our immigration laws.

  18. Earl Harman

    What’s to keep a grappling hook from being thrown and hooking the edge on the top. I thought they were going to put a round edge topping the fence to prevent it.



  20. Pat Garrett

    It sounds like those protests are by the drug smugglers! OF COURSE, the smugglers don't want the wall, they would really prefer Welcome Mats!!

  21. Jeff Motter

    Holy Bible (ILLEGAL immigration)
    John 10.1 Verily, verily, I say unto You, he that ENTERETH NOT by the Door into the sheepfold, but Climbeth up some other way, the same is a THIEF and a ROBBER.
    (Legal immigration) see Leviticus 19.33&34

  22. KuyaJetJet

    To all the people who are anti-wall. Are YOU willing to adopt these illegal immigrants into your homes, take care of them, and help them live a better life? NOPE I KNOW YOU WONT. So stop asking the federal government to decriminalize them. The least we can do is peacefully send them back home for their hostile action of illegally crossing the border.

  23. Hugo Garza

    Overall, $9.8bn has been secured since January 2017 to construct approximately 509 miles of "new border wall system", according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
    A total of 57 miles of replacement barrier and nine miles of new secondary barrier have been constructed – a total of 66 miles.
    However, no "new wall" – any extension to existing structures – has yet been completed.
    The first construction of new barrier has begun in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where 13 miles of "new levee wall system" is being built in Hidalgo County. The construction of an additional 11 miles is expected to start this year.
    A further 15 miles of "new border wall system" is also planned in neighbouring Starr County.
    The money for the barrier has come from previous funding approved by Congress as well as extra cash Mr Trump has been able to access since he declared a state of emergency

  24. Bruce Edwards

    deport 30mill illegal aliens !!arrest all sanctuary officials !!! ARREST BLM ANTIFA !!!!!!FINE COMPANYS WHO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS 50,000$$$ PER ILLEGAL ALIEN !!!!!!TRUMP 2020 MAGAKag donjr2024 !!!!!

  25. Dientera - The Raging Gentleman

    This is NOT "new" border wall… It's REPLACEMENT of already existing wall. Stop saying "xxx miles of new border wall". That's factually inaccurate.

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