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  1. Adam E.

    Literally, they sawed through all the prototypes. What a waste of time and money. Also folks…. most illegals dont walk over the border. They fly,drive, sail over. Laughable how dumb you Trump fans are. Trump before country.

  2. tim ahlf

    Once the wall is up 40 million more jobs for the u.s.,corporations can't leave the u.s.,the wages will immediately go up to 21st century level after being suppressed for 35 years.

  3. Peter Andrews

    What garbage. You are saying our best of the best couldn't climb it? How about digging under it? How about cutting the chain? How about a grapple? Were the Special Forces allowed tools or just climb it with just their hands? I mean who's to stop illegals from bringing ladders or a shovel?

  4. Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil

    I know critical thinking is gone out of style these days but the drugs and a lot of the stuff is coming in through boats people are digging tunnels under walls Israel's having those problems. For, the material of the wall isn't that strong so you can just cut a big hole in it. and people can go around the wall when I go over when you can just go around something. Some of you remember history the French made the Magnot line and the Germans just went around them and the French got f*****. The money would better be spent on the Coast guard and and paying FBI agents money so they're less likely to be bribed.

  5. John Purge

    Gonna tweet trump, have him CIA regime change Mexico, merge it with Texas call the new country Texaco, let Texaco pay for the wall at the red river to keep yankee tagged migrants pulling Uhauls north our red line.

  6. Ryan Simmons

    One minor flaw… if a pregnant Mexican mother can squeeze a litter through the hole in a pair of panty hose, I'm pretty sure that wall will be like Brett Favre tossing pigskins through tireswings…

  7. Mike M

    Boy this REALLY IS like one of those infomercials… "Golly you're right! No one, EVEN special forces couldn't climb this 30ft wall. I feel so much safer. BUT WAIT! THERE'S EVEN MORE!! Why these 30ft walls are even rocket and radiation proof! That's right, mary… even grenades wouldn't scratch the paint on these scientifically calibrated walls. BUT WAIT!! THAT'S NOT ALL… ORDER RIGHT NOW , in the next 20 minutes AND RECEIVE TWO WALLS! Get one wall ABSOLUTELY FREE! (just pay shipping and handling for the second wall)(installation extra)
    That's right! Feel TWICE as SAFE! Order now… while supplies last.

  8. Duane Pigden

    If the special forces can’t get over the wall, their not be very special. Might be high but Mexicans are great at digging tunnels.

  9. Howard W.

    Berlin 1987: President Reagan says "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!"

    Wash. DC 2019 President Trump says "Fisher Concrete, Build This Wall!"👍👍👍👍👍

  10. Michael

    Of those GOP members who refuse to cooperate with our elected president I think it’s time for the states that do back the president should Balkanize from those GOP states that don’t then we’ll see how they get along without being united with the rest of the country

  11. don198769

    Now take that wall and build it along the entire southern border! Use our tax money to truly protect our country!
    And maybe while we are at it, continue that wall up the west coast!

  12. Madd Maxx

    Just like traitors to their party, John McCain and Paul Ryan, there are those GOP members who pose as Republicans but wear Democrat clothing.

  13. Jordan Otterson

    What’s the wall gonna do to stop people from building tunnels underneath it? I think they should have some sort of sensor that detects the sound of digging or something like that so people can’t build tunnels underneath and sneak in that way

  14. Trigger Man

    Mine fields on our side would not only keep them from coming over but it would stop them from digging under too. Place a few signs to warn away trespassers and they'll get the idea.

  15. Legion

    The wall..the wall..the wall…it's a deterrent but cutting off welfare,major fines on companies that hire them,and loss of buisness licensing,immediate raids and mass deportation , prison sentences with permanent loss of any chance at citizenship will do far more

  16. Das Macht

    A simple fence dropped Hungary's illegal immigration by over NINETY NINE PERCENT! 99%! Walls work. Every civilization in human history used walls. They work.

  17. Charles Long

    But did the special forces go to HD and purchase about $30 of lumber and nails, build crude ladders, out of four 16 foot 2 X 4s nailed together and a bunch of rungs? Did you see how Santa Ana’s soldiers scaled the walls of the Alamo? Those walls were 20 feet tall.

  18. M Taurus


  19. Ryan Simmons

    All the illegal aliens will need to do is steal 2 of the largest mirrors they can find, point the reflective sides at the nearest observation post, then place their stolen ladders in between the stolen mirrors and prop it up on the wall, then dig a tunnel back to the Mexican side to tell the crossers not to stop at the taco truck on the run to the ladders… Izza a treek! I suppose they could just use the tunnel to get to the ladders but I'm curious to see how many still get nabbed by the taco truck even after being told.. Holy cheet! Pinche huevos Y pelotas! Si! Viva Fiesta! 👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👦👦👦👦👶👶👶👶👦👦🧒🧒👶👧👧👧👦👦👶👦🧒🧒👶🧒👧👧👦🧒🧒👶👶👨👨🧑👧👦👦🧒👶👶👶👶👶👶👨👨👨👧👧👦👦 Holy cheet!

  20. ocho cinco

    amazing . a country litterally created BY immigrants Fought for By immigrants defended BY immigrants is now closing its doors on people who seek to do the same and live in the greatest country on earth this is not what america represents this is an immigrant country we ALL came from somewhere ELSE !!! LETS DO BETTER AND REMEMBER OUR ROOTS our families struggles and what they had to go through so that the people in power were given the opportunity to even be their DO BETTER AMERICA!!!

  21. Oscar Alfaro

    This is Fox using relatable information ( knowing who special forces are) and then trying to give credibility to the wall. A wall will not solve anything. The GREAT WALL OF CHINA didn't even stop Kublai Khan from invading and taking over southern china lmao

  22. mindyschocolate

    Soooo who wants to break the news to Trump and his ilk about the two 15 year old girls who scaled the wall freestyle? 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂

  23. Crystl Fire

    THEY would have to dig 10 feet down to hit a cement block. Unless they are going to use dynamite to blast out these walls, these are impenetrable.

  24. Jim Nielsen

    How stupid, just look at the Vietnam tactical team go up a 30 foot wall with a bamboo pole. On you tube.
    Where there is a will there is a way. Fox is so dumb.

  25. Frank Gary

    Wow this is shocking, and sad for our special forces.
    Just read an article that an exact replica of this wall was constructed.
    A trained wall climber scaled it in 18 seconds.
    A 8 year old girl, admittedly with some climbing training..scaled it in 40 seconds

  26. Frank Gary

    Mexico may be 3rd world, but they have 30 foot ladders and bucket boom trucks in Mexico. The cartel also has plenty of money to buy equipment able to scale wall

  27. Steven Shapiro

    Can't believe there is a $1,000,000,000 and no jail time contract to any that clears out FOX News. It's alot of money and with the no jail time guarantee I'm sure many are going to attempt it.

  28. Trekman 01

    Too bad everybody involved forgot to bring even one camera for even one photo of one instance of one special forces guy failing one time to scale one wall prototype. Our guys are the best in the world and I guarantee even the dumbest, fattest, slowest special forces guy could figure out how to get over the best designed wall prototype while chugging a six pack of beer, wearing a straight jacket. I call 100% BS!

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