Vamping On The Passage | Season 1 | THE PASSAGE

– We’re going to vamp on [music playing] I mean, it’s like
a roller coaster. It is based on a trilogy. It’s a dystopian thriller. I think it’s a
really scary show. It was written
by Justin Cronin. There’s so much happening.
There’s ups. There’s downs. It takes us on a journey
over 900 [inaudible].. There’s highs.
There’s lows. There’s moral dilemmas. There’s a bit of love interest. There’s a heart.
There’s a soul. It will keep you wanting more. It deals with a science
experiment that has gone wrong. It goes up.
It goes down. It’s really like
a roller coaster. On a search to save
humanity, they’ve actually found a way to destroy it. Have you ever
been to Six Flags? I’d say it’s like that. [timer goes off] [laughs]

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    They have ruined a great book series. Turn the main character of the books into a black girl? What the fuck. What if they took the Harry potter movie's and changed all the characters to black people?

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