Van Life Europe 2020: Channel Trailer Jits into the Sunset

We moved into a van & embarked
on an adventure of a lifetime. Living in a tiny home on wheels
travelling & making films. We’re Tania, Adam and this is our van Jitters, aka Jits. We met without knowing we had
the same dream of van life. Our third date was the summer of 2018 I visited Adam and Jitters in Montenegro
and fell in love…with Jits. It took a little longer for Adam. We spent most of 2019 saving up
and preparing for van life. and now four months in we’re sure
it’s the best decision of our lives. We’re ready to spend the whole of 2020 driving new roads in an old van that makes funny noises. Home is where we park and nothing beats the sense of excitement we get from pulling into a new parking spot That we get to call home for as long as we choose We know it won’t come without his challenges Living in such a small space, dealing with an old vehicle with next to no mechanical knowledge We’ve broken down again Managing the balance of creating and experiencing Keeping on top of resources, hygiene, fitness and all the other challenges that come with van life But that’s kind of the whole point,
that we learn to live more with less. We’re excited to bring you along in our journey Subscribe to our channel to join us on our travels and keep updated with our latest films

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Reader Comments

  1. MR P

    Loving the videos! Great quality! Just wondering what do you film on? I see the drone is DJI Mavic Pro and I’m guessing there is some GoPro? But just wondering what pieces you’ve got in your filming kit? Thanks!

  2. Kai Kuntola

    As a fellow vanlifer, documentary filmmaker and professional photographer I want to say that the material you produce is outstanding! Technically , creativly, and informativly one of the best travel vlog I’ve ever seen here. You know how to do this. I also like your attitude to this kind of lifestyle. Just relax, enjoy and keep it coming! Thank you for shareing your experience!

  3. Cambee Blogg

    Fantastics films! I have just shared you on our Twitter. Check out our campers if you get a mo, . P.s. the link to epidemicsound needs fixing !-) Hope yo are having a great day. Matt

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