Very small LEGO city update — I added a cargo port fence

hello everyone and welcome back to New
Jang City it has been a very long and tiring week for me especially right at
the very end but I was not going to let the weekend come and pass without giving
you at least some look at some sort of progress on New Jang City here because
a lot of you been asking for some progress here and I’ve heard you and I
feel you I’m with you I’ve wanted some progress out here it’s just not
something that can happen automatically it’s something that requires time it’s
something that requires work so I went ahead and did a little bit of work here
on something that was to some degree substantive and meaningful I don’t want
to just give you a video that doesn’t have anything you know it’s really worth
seeing so I did a little bit of work over here in the harbor area on
something that I’ve been needing for a little while now I spent a lot of time
working on this harbour one thing that’s been missing since the beginning was a
fence some sort of definition for a border for the outside of this space so
here we go I got some fencing here and you saw me get some of these parts in
from brick link over time so I can get in here get a little bit closer but yeah
you’ve seen me opening up packages that had some of these in there and you know
that the main pieces main kind of grille style pieces and I finally put them to
use fortunately I got more than I needed the idea here is that it’s like
chain-link fence and has a large rolling opening section so normally that space
between the you know the open areas would be filled up and if you look at it
from the side over here you got to see down there oh it’s doubled up that’s
gonna the gate part the the rolling gate part and there’s a little suggestion of
of the rollers at the end I got the studs facing towards the back because I
just wanted to see the the anti stud sides of these 8×8 pieces just to have
something a little bit different a little different texture to see also got
just a little bit of a stub of the next piece that
continue on beyond the edge of the table but that also has a little rolling
rolling I guess I guess it’s okay I need to push those pieces back together a
little bit more but I just wanted to put a little bit of detail up there at the
end also obviously I need to finish up the the ground over here you know I did
most of it but just this corner I was kind of mostly waiting to see what I was
gonna do for these edges for the border for the fencing so now that I know how
that’s going and actually have that in there and go ahead and fill in the rest
of the space but that’s just one more thing that was pretty important to get
in to get this this whole area this whole space towards being you know where
kind of where it needs to be to be happy I do want to get some more vehicles in
here at some point and also definitely more people but now that at least I know
where what is and just kind of how far things will go out it just helps a
little bit helps a lot what I want to work on next is definitely that mountain
hill again you’ve seen me again getting hauls from mostly brick link over the
past some number weeks just off and on and a lot of them have had dark gray
pieces and those dark gray pieces are gonna be put to use a lot of them over
here and that’s something that I’ve been looking forward to obviously for a while
they cut you know a lot of this mass put together pretty quickly but I need to
start moving towards what’s gonna be on the inside so I’m gonna be curving off
the tops all around the edges and moving towards having a little bit of a proper
interior space where the inner walls you know the man-made walls will come up and
also be able to put some foliage up there some trees small trees maybe
little bushes and things don’t just help things to look better over there because
it’s just been unfinished for oh wow but that’s it for this one sorry I don’t
have more to show you at this point but like I said I wanted to get something
done and I wanted to share something with you both for my own kind of know
just the feelgood’s and also just to show you guys something that you’ve been
looking forward to absorb that was then hope to have more to show you very
soon stay safe out there have a good weekend I’ll talk to you as
soon as I can

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Reader Comments

  1. Gary Evans

    This is awesome, I wish I had the time to create something that fantastic. Good job. Great video as always, keep up the good work

  2. Defender Prime

    We all have to remember, progress takes time, so I'm looking forward to the next city update. You do a great job, Jang!

  3. AjRed 17

    I have a good idea for a moc you could maybe make. You should make a moc of your house and put it in the city. It does not need to be exactly to scale I think it would be a cool addition

  4. GalaGade

    Thanks for the update Jang looking amazing as always just wondering have you done a tutorial on that Blue harbour bldg yet love to see how you built it.

  5. Eric Richter

    I love any time you give us a city update! You've got such creative ideas it helps me when it comes to building my own city!

  6. Fredko

    Dear Jang bricks, I really like your Lego sets review videos, but your city updates and work in progress are soooo good and even better IMHO. Each time I am in haste to see what will bring the next update, what you have worked on and built. Your city, your layout is so awesome… Thank you again for sharing all this with us.

  7. Tim Terrell

    I’ve worked for the railroad for years and the Navy. All of the ports I’ve been to I’ve never seen a fence run over the tracks. The rail traffic is way too high for a fence.

  8. Jack Viner

    Hey Jang, just wondering how people will get into the planetary defence force base? Can’t see an entry.. if it’s part of the big end secret result I understand 🙂

  9. Kevin Okada

    This is awesome! I don't buy LEGO sets anymore, but I still find creativity and fun in this channel. Thanks Jang, you're one of the first youtubers to whom I've ever subscribed!

  10. G&K SNK Dynasty Killer USR

    Si il y a des français moi je dis waw trop cool
    Par contre il faudrait trop qu'il y a un pack de cette ville dans lego worlds

  11. Leroy

    Hey Jang, what's going on with you're fireplace if I may be so bold as to ask?
    I know you don't really want it there, but don't want to get rid of it because it would devalue your house (also it would cost money that could be better spent on Lego and disrupt you're city building), so you've just been putting larger display models on top of it. But now they're not there and instead there's some sort of little green display/diorama looking thing on top of it.

    I've always personally felt that it would be cool to incorporate it into your city by making the mantle a peak of a mountain or something, that's suppose to be near the city and building a little bit up there. Like a forested area with a walking trail leading up to a look out or something. Maybe an observatory.

    Is that what you're doing?
    Or am I way off and you're just moving stuff around at the moment and still just using the mantle as a shelf?

  12. RNKFanArt

    I've been trying to watch this video all day and it simple won't buffer all the way. It shuts down after about 30 seconds. I've tried my laptop, my phone, and my smart tv and it won't finish loading on any of them.

  13. GJBricks

    Your "small" updates are epic! Thanks for keeping us up to date. It's definitely a worthwhile thing to do if it gave you closure. And it looks great! I do love how thoughtful your updates are.

  14. Halo Legend

    I have a question Jang
    Is making youtube videos really your job? What is or was your job before?
    Something revolving aroung city planing / construction I would think ;P


    Folks, if a video buffers try turning down the quality to better match your connection and/or device speed. There is nothing different about the format or rendering of this video than any other I've done in the past year or two. It looks like for some reason YouTube is defaulting more people to a higher quality than their system can handle.

  16. Gaming For You

    Hi Jang!
    I've been watching you since I was 7! You inspired me to create my own epic city which i will be restarting in my new house! I love your vids and help make me happy! I truly hope you will make 1 mill on yt! I will be here to celebrate it! Have a great day!
    Ps. Can I please have a shout out in your next video? My main account is Venture With Sean!

  17. moon night bricks

    Yup, just getting the hamster running around on his wheel… Not had it on any other of your vids, before or after.

  18. daniel bailey

    Jang, mate! your city looks great! If you have some time; please give us a fly through of your city without the "official set" stand ins. Really want to see only the original Jang's Own Creations. Show us JOC City!

  19. Molly Miller

    Jang I know about your “other LEGO channel gnajbricks. I think (for your Mellemby district) u should have the fairground mixer, carousel, Ferris wheel, and the amazing loving beautiful Lego Creator expert roller coaster off to one side for instance where the NEXO Knights area is and then have your Ninjago city and docks sets off to another area along with what u call ‘cyber punk’ . Your city is amazing! Could u show us a video of your studio and that clear mini fig stand

  20. Sascha Köppen

    Hei…i am looking for a while youre videos. And i am alway impressed how many bricks you are using. I also start with collecting "just some of them" but i am stille impressed how much time it took to collect so many bricks.
    Youre own Mocs / Buildings are so detailed with rare bricks and with full interior. Must be cost a lot of money.
    Anyway.I like youre videos. Youre City and Mocs.

  21. Carelli Collectables

    Know this is an older video – but it looks like you put a good deal of work into finishing off the backs of some of those recent 3-in-1 modulars like Modern Home and Family Villa, and also did some modifications to the LEgo Friends houses to make them more full buildings…. would you ever be willing to make a video just going over some of the custom modifications you've done to those builds? From what little I can see, they look pretty fantastic! You've got a lot of unique little modified houses and such I don't think you've actually put the spotlight on before. 🙂

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