Vinyl Fence Installation : Vinyl Fences vs. Wood Fences

Hi, I’m Tyler with MidWest Vinyl Fence, and
I’ll spend the next few minutes with you discussing some important questions that you might ask
yourself, prior to purchasing and installing your vinyl fence. First off, why choose a
vinyl fence, over other materials, such as aluminum, wood, chain link, and wrought iron?
Perhaps, the most simple reason, would be the low maintenance involved with vinyl fence.
Whereas, a wood fence requires sanding, painting, and staining. The vinyl fence requires none.
Aluminum fences and iron fences might rust, or corrode. Vinyl fence does not have those
issues. You’re able to install it in the ground without having any worry of cracking, warping,
peeling, corrosion, disintegration, and so forth. Also, vinyl fence has been known to
be a more durable product. For example, in high amounts of wind. A wood fence, if it
has too much stress from a wind, will snap or buckle. The vinyl fence is able to handle
the, the high pressure and wind, and flex. So, that you never have the issue with your
vinyl fence of falling apart or snapping over. Also, perhaps the most important reason why
you choose a vinyl over other building materials, is the fact that most manufacturers, offer
a life time manufacture warranty, which covers defects such as discoloration, cracking, warping,
and peeling.

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  1. sizedoctor

    you have to show the pros and cons of each system to be fair. otherwise it will look like an infomercial. I love vinyl but wood is cheaper. Aluminum rod fences looks much more classier.

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