Visiting Area 51

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  1. Mac man

    Talking to the Dead: Talking to Demons:

    Aliens are in reality demons.

  2. 200IQpro

    The guardians dont know what is inside area 51. Why do they stop people to get into area 51 and take a look. Even the guardians themselves. Why theyr so septic.

  3. DJ Maier

    Hey guys did you know our own President would be shot dead if he landed at Area 51’s S4 facility in papoose mountain because he doesn’t have the clearance to know or be there??!!!! Let that sink in and think really hard. That says our Presidents were and are not in charge and we have a shadow govt. So I say FUCK THESE MOTHERFUCKERS and charge this fucking place Sept 20th 2019. They won’t secure our border but makes this place all secure. Think about it!!! Yes we need top secret stuff but not this shady shit. There are 320 million of us. Maybe only 2 regiments TOPS of them at this place. The perimeter Guards are not even military, they are contractors FUCKING MERCENARIES!!! People need to wake up.

  4. James Marconi

    Sign says anyone trespassing will be shot on sight so I jumped the fence and hollered what gives you. Bang bang bang bamm. Bang bamm bamm bang! Nuff said

  5. mr.ak111

    Thats so dump video. Military has stuff they don't want to share for the whole world. And I'm not talking about ufos or aliens just regular military things. They propably have so strict security because there are so many tourists and explorers.

  6. Veni Vidi Amavi

    9/20 is coming for 9/11s thunder, & I wanted to join Air Force to maybe be stationed here. You get in by two ways: military route or by being an alien

  7. jerry wizman

    The Moon is a Draco Reptilian Space Station…

    Ask yourself why is there 34 Dragon statues that surround the City of London. Why is there also a Obelisk in every city on the planet. It's the phallus of the Dragon, the actual word is derived from Basilisk. Which means King of the Serpents. In the Vatican they have St. Peters Basilica where there are three Dragon statues and Obelisks.

    ALIEN ARCHONS HAVE BEEN RULING THE SURFACE OF PLANET SINCE BEFORE THE "BUY BULL" The IllumiNazis are but a predecessor of an older and even more cruel order. They've been running this planet since the dawn of time…Dragons aren't some mythological being…The Draco Reptilians came from the Alpha Draconis star system out of the Draco Constellation… They were know as the Atlanteans, Satan, Baphomet, Archons, Draconian's, in the bible they were known as the Seraphim, the Burning Ones/Serpents also the Nephilim or Elohim, the fallen angels, those who were casted out from the heavens. Both words are plural and feminine, meaning there were many gods and were androgynous. The Sumerians knew them as the Anunnaki… Anakim in Hebrew means giant…Because they are very tall 7ft-15ft and have shapeshifting abilities. In the Indian culture they were known as the Naga. Dracula in Latin means Dragon, The Order of the Dracul able to shift physically into other creatures or into the aether via the quantum field.

    The Mayans called them Quezatcoatl, and Kukulcan the Feathered Serpent King and incorporated their images of dragons in their pyramids … There are dragon statues all over the world, throughout the ages…
    The coat of arms for the city of London is two Dragons holding a red shield, which in German is Rothschild. There are 33 Dragon statues in the City of London to quell consciousness. The slaying of a Dragon by St. George. The Muslims knew them as Dajjal or Djinn or Genies… After your three wishes your soul is theirs to keep… They were also known to the Buddhist monks as the Brotherhood of Two dragons… The Red Dragons in the east and the Yellow in the west… Same goes for the native American Indians all the Aboriginals knew them as the Brotherhood of the Snake… The Egyptian knew them as Horus, Anubis and Amen Ra…. That's why every religion says amen after every prayer cause they are paying homage to Satan Baphomet/ Draco Reptoids… Santa Claus is actually Satan's Claws both wearing red, both come from the fire, both have minions working feverishly. All religions and holidays are based on satanic doctrines and pagan dogmas. And if you don't believe me than you're being quite draconian about it.

    Basilisk in Latin means King of the Serpents, as in St Peters Basilica where there lies two Dragon Statues in the Vatican as well as Obelisks, the phallus of the Dragon that is why there is at least few obelisks in every city on the planet the Freemasons put them there throughout history in order to control consciousness…The Chinese, Japanese, India, Indonesians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas all worship the Dragon in antiquity… There are Gargoyles adorn every church and cathedral…. The Watchers… The biggest trick the D-Evil can play is making humanity believe that he does not exist :/



    There are over 10 thousand pyramids that align with each other on a global grid system with gps accuracy to the millimetre. In the Aegean Sea there are 13 ancient Megalithic sites that represent the 13 Illuminati Families that control the world, that when you connect them dot to dot, over 1000km area makes a perfect Maltese Cross. This is the symbol of the Monarchy, Freemasonry, Vatican, Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Templars, even Hitler's Germany. Megalithic architecture on geomantic energy sites, in conjunction with an occult esoteric satanic Freemasonry religion of Kabbhalism, aka the Lucifer experiment in order to control humanities consciousness and why there is an obelisk in every major city on the planet… The pyramids also create dimensional portals into Agartha/Hollow Earth, hence disappearance of boats, planes in the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's Triangle…

  8. wuant

    Bro aliens exist. A small part of the goverment (12-18 people) have a lot of lies.. and is not only about aliens.. 11sept, schools, fake atacks, and others.. you guys should research all of this situacion that is happening in the wolrd.. raiding A51 its a stupid thing. Because there is a LOT but A LOT more underground bases.. raiding A51 can also be a step for the new plan of the New World Order. (61K5 1L91 1T13K)

    They can do whatever they want..


  9. Michael Charlton

    Is it just me or Area 51 doesn’t seem that well guarded, especially IF UFO’s are stored there? No real fencing, the odd white SUV and some sensors. If it was THAT secretive I’d expect a much heavier military presence to counter any threats. RAF Menwith Hill appears more guarded than here.

  10. Alexander Weinhart

    U don’t half to go in Naruto running all you have to do is sneak past the sign in a shrubbery. Shrubberies are endangered and can’t be shot and they’re bulletproof in grand theft auto v

  11. Ed Turner

    lol all ya have to do is be a worker and find out and not tell anybody even ur family and i swear lots of people want to know whats going on in there 🙂

  12. Andrzej Dabek

    Nie wieżę normalnie takie gówno ktoś zrobił zamieścił z datą 3lata wstecz dodaje kilka komentarzy co jakiś czas ale z datą wstecz z 16 roku a w nich i odpowiedzi reszta innych komentarzy są bierzace z miesiąca wstecz normalnie trauma ktoś to rozumie????
    Jaki idiota to zrobił????

  13. Edwrx 413

    protect area 51 more then anything else in the U.S. Just send in all the children they wont shoot adults sneak through the other side .i call that distraction.

  14. Kelli Adkins

    I’m not a kid anymore and but I too wanted aliens to come take me away. When I was 6 my daddy took me out in our back yard and looked up in the night sky and showed me Halley’s Comet. He said……the next time you see this in our night sky, you will be an old woman. I was in awe of it and have been obsessed with the cosmos ever since. Now as a middle aged adult, I still want them to come take me away. I want to see other worlds, space and time. 🤞🏼 here’s hoping😂

  15. theCreator 3000

    It dont matter if you storm it or not. They have underground transit systems from Area 51 all the way to the Denver airport and maybe even the white house.

  16. Stan Mrak

    Waste of time…. The good stuff is all underground, where not even survellence satellites can see it. We're talking huge underground hangars hundreds of feet down.

  17. Carlos Oquendo

    To me area 51 is there it belongs to the government, and I don't need to know what they do there. Is very simple they went to the middle of nowhere there have never been a human or sivilian life ended or lost because of this instalation, my grand father use to say to me learn this and you will always avoid hardship "let that, which is still remain still"

  18. Nehemiah Ethaniel

    Yeah right dude flares moving left right up down them are some awesome flairs I think the only thing going on here for reals is the Aliens balls that are smacking him on his chin

  19. Nakul K Mohan

    trust me , Area 51 has created soo much buzz now that am sure people in there are doing nothing important. 10 years from now we will discover the new Area 51 or whatever its gonna be called.

  20. Jason Smith

    There is definitely something important over there but you need to infiltrate it not raid it. Were they coming armed? Because otherwise they'd get mowed down. Even if you incapacitate every guard, how will you get in without codes? You'd need an insider or some of the best hackers in the entire planet to get in through the doors.

  21. Franki Santos

    ATTENTION: To those who will storm Area 51 > > > I will pay TOP DOLLAR for an Alien-Human Hybrid woman. Dead or alive, I want her. Yes, I know, I'm a sick bastard.

  22. 2Legit 2BReal

    Just wait until they get the controls worked out, "Spaceship Rides" $5 !!! Step right up boys and girls, and view a "Intergalactic Alien" for .10 cents! Look what we did with the "Bungee Cord"! Ain't America Great?!!!

  23. James Purdie

    Only the most important thing in world history! And the source of the Shadow Government's grip on the whole planet! Reveal this truth and all the dark energy that has suppressed humanity will be released because it speaks to the much greater potential, mystery and significance of reality.

  24. Thomas Phillips

    Yeah they use flares up there which are easily identifiable. But can you explain what type of flares zip miles across the sky from stationary in an instant with no sonic boom? Can you explain how they negate normal atmospheric interference?

  25. Dave Otuwa

    I live south of Area LI. If aliens were real, they would dwell there. They sure have a cool fuckish voice! And they talk like son-of-a-bitch faggots from an asshole of the universe!

  26. Happyhighvangirl

    I'm friends with a friend of yours who is a flat earther. That's all find and good about the earth being flat, square or diamond etc…
    What she believes is Sandy Hook, Boston bombing was a Hoax. All the children who died are actors
    DO you believe in that stuff too ??

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