VisualARQ 2 tutorial – 2.10.2 Ground floor stair railing styles

Once the railings have been created we
can take a look at the railing styles so we can see the different options to
edit existing styles or creating new ones. So we can open the railing styles doing
right click on this icon (_vaRailingStyles), or from the VisualARQ menu, going
to Railing and Railing Styles. Here we can see the list of styles that
come with the VisualARQ templates. Basically each style is a combination of three different
components, the rail, the post and balusters. That can be added or deleted at any time… and from the right side of the
dialog you can edit their features. Just combining them you can
get a wide range of designs, so you can take a look at the existing
styles to have some examples. And taking a look at the railing style that
we have been using for this stair, we can see that it is composed
by two rail components… one for the handrail and another for the wall, and
also another component for the balusters. And for example we can change the
alignment of them to “Middle”. So just by selecting each one of
the features of this component… we can edit for example the profile, the
dimension of this profile, or other parameters. So I will click OK to apply the changes… and all the railings using this style will update.

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