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[music] [laughs] [groans] [music] [electricity] [beeping] [WALL-E sounds] WALL-E! [WALL-E sounds] Wee! [laughs] [music] [beep] [music] [WALL-E speaks] [laughs] [music] [laughs] [music] [sigh]
So many stars. [sigh] Oooh. Hey! Hey, that’s what’s his name. [crash] Hey!
What the– [screams] Look!
Look at that! Wha…huh? Hey! I know that guy! It’s, uh…uh…WALL-E. -That’s it. Hey, WALL-E.
-Right, WALL-E. -Hi, WALL-E.
-Hey, it’s your buddy, John! Hey. [gasp] [music] Hi. Hi. [music] [WALL-E sounds] Define “hoe-down.” “Hoedown,” a social gathering
at which lively dancing would take place. Auto, Earth is amazing! These are called “farms.” Humans would put seeds in the ground,
pour water on the them, and they grow food, like, pizza. Good night, Captain. [grunt] [music] Psst! Computer. Define “dancing.” “Dancing,” a series of movements,
involving two partners, where speed and rhythm
match harmoniously with music. [music] [WALL-E speaks] [music] [WALL-E speaks] [electricity] [door shuts] [Droid speaks] [knocking]

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Reader Comments

  1. J Hyourinmaru

    I just rewatched WALL-E and this came out, what a coincidence! My favourite Pixar movie and favourite movie of all time! The message in this movie so good! Let's together care about our earth 🌏

  2. Colbert Awesome

    Wow this flim came out almost 10 years ago I'm feeling much older I was 11 when this movie came out and now I'm 21 best pixar flims of all time

  3. Gogetto Darkness Z

    I think Wall-e doesn't needs other movie, but i will appreciate something like an short, or an "movie" like Toy Story from terror.

  4. That one dude who posted stuff

    I hope we never see a Wall-E sequel, some movies are just great being their own self-contained adventures.
    But man, do we need some more Wall-E love in Epcot and Tomorrowland

  5. {LucyFluffyDenDecor} AJ

    I feel like the only who who has never cared for this movie…. I mean it's not necessarily bad to me, but I just find it very boring… I fell asleep the first time I watched it until they finally went into space and things started to actually happen. It's just a high tech robot falling in love with a trash disposer robot. Only part remotely interesting for me to watch was the fight between the captain and the auto pilot to get back to Earth. I don't understand the hype this gets. What makes this so loved? Is there some deep message in this I'm missing? I've heard from so many people that this is their favorite Pixar movie. But… why??? What makes you pick this movie over all the other (far more superior) Pixar movies? Someone explain? I'm curious.

  6. kxmode

    Amazing! Screenwriting was one thing I've always wanted to try when I was young lad but hard to pursue without guidance. These videos are invaluable. Thank you, Pixar. ❤

  7. Mohana M Shivashankar

    I have this DVR'd on my box and every single time this scene plays, I boost the volume up simply because of the accompanying soundtrack (Define Dancing). Thomas Newman's score is outstanding and elevates the film to higher ground. And, props to Pixar for including "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" as well as "It Only Takes A Moment" from "Hello Dolly" in the OST.

  8. Anas Abdul Aziz

    I just love it they made every character Wall-E meets/touches, he sparks some sort of self-awareness, opening their mind. This happened from Eve, the captain and even the simplest robots like M-O. They've made Wall-E like some sort of Prometheus figure, bringing fire to humans and enabling progress. Absolutely brilliant film.

  9. TalonDarkfire

    I'm so baffled at how Pixar managed to convey such a great story using so little dialogue. WALL•E is still to this day my favorite Pixar movie.

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