Wall Street Warriors | Episode 8 Season 3 “The Fallout” [HD]

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We’re in a full-blown depression right now it’s a matter of survival you just want to get through the day
without doing anything catastrophic and we are witnessing history wow this is then it’s just down down
down oh my god is 20 million hours you couldn’t defend this move no matter
who you were I’ve got clients yelling at me like I actually control what’s going
on what I’m making money for my clients they love me but when they’re losing money underneath
the shoe they say you scumbag you little pieces and the investment
community here in the US there’s no interest for investment in
Russia and this is a one-time opportunity when the Russian market is
so low to get into the Russian market you’re not getting in the topics you’re
not understanding where i’m conversations over we’re moving ahead yeah yeah the history of Chicago and finances a
fascinating one it goes back to the mid eighteen
hundreds with the founding of the Erie Canal in upstate New York and they need
to ship grain from the mid west to the east coast and threw that in 1848 the
chicago board of trade was formed as a agricultural hedging market and then the
chicago board options exchange followed in 1973 the CBOE created a way for the
first time in the history of Finance to have a secondary market an option
trading 500 up from a traditional standpoint New York was always equity
trading in chicago was more commodity trading a half Chicago launched the
first equity options and subsequently options on ETFs and pretty much anything
that the equity exchanges list will list options on chicago is revered as the
real center of innovation in futures and options markets as it turns out these
products are really the high point of the markets right now that has become more and more evident
that as part of the brought up financial system not only be west of the world Chicago is a very key component Chicago
has always been a secondary market to New York now I think you’re starting to see a
shift especially in electronic world it was right there everything between
chicago new york i think there’s huge personality difference and character
difference in the way they operate New Yorkers have they have an attitude
don’t let you know you know that but they’re the ones with the big stick so to speak I think there’s more street
smarts in Chicago you know you’ve got more is Uppercross kind of traders in
New York the guys who come out of the best universities they go right to New
York you know here in Chicago you got the guys who came up in the streets
honored with everything happening in the markets
and the credit crisis it is very stressful a lot of stocks are
trading a lot lower multiples lower than where they were even just a year ago customers are reacting to what’s
happening and a trade desk is over land by transferring it that you’re not you
know why i will pick that money out there’s a lot of uncertainty and so you
have customers who are getting out of their positions or they just you know
they just want to be in cash people call and look to the brokerage
firm thinking we might have the answer yesterday like realizing that we don’t
know if this is the bottom yet pretty much everybody who has a 401k is
taking a real big hit if you’re transferring an IRA and it’s already
existing nodes and we’re just trying to help our customers monitor the risk and
minimize your losses as best we can we have had a number of people who have
broken down a few tears people who you know a good amount of money no one’s
immune to it including thinkorswim here with you the old you see brokerage firms
going out of business that were literally pillars of stability were
there again everybody’s feeling the heat it’s an
ugly world are seeing different level of them activity and a lot more concern now
we’re dealing with the same number of clients but a much higher ratio of
stress clients secondly last month kind of numbers my
biggest concern is that it’s going to be a long time before we were able to
realize value again now but but we’re machine as far as open house market has
not been defensible on any level so whether your retail customer or
institutional customer or hedge fund investor it is essentially a bloodbath customers
are scared in general across the brokerage industry oh my god so we’ve chosen which day to
switch offices it’s also election name it’s just so much better than the old
office I think this is my desk I’m pretty sure
I’m gonna find hair clippers i have some here in the office i keep for emergency
purposes I guess I guess my Barbie was sitting
around nine ten o’clock to give me a cut today is election day and he hasn’t
called me see if one of these guys can give me a haircut Tariq do me a favor could you could you
give me a haircut I’m serious however my partner is my is
easy my Barber’s you’re always you know him
to cut her or you I don’t know today is always yes 10
minutes yeah you owe me big time for this don’t
worry about it yeah don’t don’t screw me over you looking we take each other right
here and there listen can make it like really like a nice haircut and what good
is better than the guy cuz everybody I got you those are mine either they go it should be a very very interesting day
I think everybody’s just ready for something different they may look like a new guy already wow
you did the excellent job uncertainty is never a good thing for
traders to have on their minds tonight we’ll find out who our next president is
I kind of hope that the markets will rally but the reality is the markets are
going to continue to churn and try to seek a bottom right the silver lining in this is there are
opportunities for anyone that has cash for us the board yeah okay I got it that sounds great
today I have a meeting with natalia sokolova her expertise was Russia and
she’s very good at it is very well connected I’m very excited to actually have this
opportunity because I really believe that russian market is a great place for
investments right now there’s some fear with the current political situation but
those who are don’t mind taking a little risk to actually enter the market right
now I will rip great returns and then the future right yeah talking about apparently it holds
out of us satellite okay thanks a million what I just heard
from my trading desk is that there’s some kind of saber rattling out of Putin
it’s not going to be invested friendly so I think Natalia has to change your
focus if I could refocus her to an area where deals can close I think it could be a very profitable
for all of us good to say it isn’t it everybody’s going crazy new office
there’s a lot of running around we’re getting wired up phone system the
internet system what better day to do it but on Election
Day everybody’s kind of on a high and we’re all very excited but we’re also
very distracted just something in the air and you know
new mean it’s changing we’re turning offices you know country’s going to be going to
change stressful we have a historic election going on today either we’re going to have our first
african-american president our first female vice president to make everyone
proud to be an American and seeing that the political system actually does work we like a new location here I got a
great view of the Chrysler Building and the new york stock exchange again is
right downstairs from us so everything is looking really good here she never have windows that open up on
Wall Street right I’m telling you man if it gets bad
that’s why he’s brokers jump out of the jump out of the window got something for you all man that’s beautiful thank you very
much so just come back from Moscow yeah with everything that’s going on in
Russian us i thought it was appropriate codes and bring how was your trip what was the overall feeling a little
tense it appears that Russia is reverting back
to the old days in a cold war though I mean I’m gonna see matter that really
it’s more about the current set all the Russian trading is based on US dollar
right so that’s why they’re blaming us for no question that the US export of
this financial crisis the conclusion is definitely there is an opportunity is
because russian market crashed harder than any other market in the world and
across sixty percent I was kind of hoping that we could get
you to retool and refocus and start to look at some of the projects that we
have here in the US and some of the some of the other emerging markets with
lesser political risk yeah but maybe political situation got
worse by the opportunities got better because the prices of everything great guys not an opportunity if you can
cash out in two years from now the customers gonna be up to three hundred
eighty dollars stock price but it was less than a month ago and already
holla’d uniting in 18 mins dollars so VI don’t think there’s any urgency for a
resource play when we’re going into a global recession yeah but at least unlike us Russia has
all the natural resources Russia has all the mining and gold and oil and it’s
breaking up all their assets based upon the natural resources that they have us
doesn’t really have that much she’s very determined but just to retool
her and refocus her is absolutely killing me yeah everybody in the trading crowd is
basically on top of each other I mean 200 grown man packed together with that
much space so any motion you make in anything you do is going to affect
somebody near you and if that person just had a bad trade
or something just went wrong during the course of the day for that person
suddenly that inadvertent little twist you’re doing becomes a elbow to him and
then we got a problem people get heated you’re negotiating how
to split up trades which translate directly in the money well how many do you have in the crowd
we’ve got 300 he’s talking about and we’re here we’re
looking for your job is to trade with the broker so if you have a guy in front of you
that jumps out of his spot and jumps in front you would get on the trade he might have just taking food off your
table so right now you have a problem with him
and you might have a problem with the broker for not trading with you
originally when you thought maybe you were first 26 – not only are you made it the broker
you’re bad at this guy but the bottom line is you know you’re going to hear
from your own company earlier this week there was some
hostility between myself and another broker who have stood next to for three
years and never had a hit but the market dictates that you’re trying to do
something for your customer and he’s trying to do the same thing for his I
want the best price for my company they want the best price for theirs and
if you get a couple guys in between you have four different problems you have to
deal with animator 30 seconds it’s a dog-eat-dog world that’s what
capitalism is about you know there’s so much Eagle so much competition in the crowd
so these could get heated up real quick you know it’s hard there’s a lot of
money involved there’s a lot of pressure a lot of pride to do well if you gotta
get in his face because you know you have to do what you have to do yes I’ve had two separate many guys
myself included I mean I didn’t separate myself but all
the guys have separated me definitely have to be someone that can just roll
with the punches but those days that I’ve snapped yeah thinkorswim it’s got my up you were
probably the only 500 plus million dollar company that has their largest
shareholder sitting on the middle of the trade tips ya know I say let me so long wow it’s not often that you can say the
year witnessing history this has been a
couple months of just constant just down down down and it’s like a slow torture oh my god is 20 million dollars and how
much is that hold on until he calls up and says I
belong the stack that my grandmother left me and you know it’s lower than
where she bought it you know what can I do you know it takes
a little more hand-holding – I talk people out of more trees and I
talked them into because my interest is the same as yours i want to see you make
money but they make money and they like our service and they like the
suggestions that are going to leave which is great for the Union yeah i’m
going back to back y they still havent about thirties I don’t think there’s any upside and
selling tickets to a show that nobody’s gonna go to just today I understand that
Putin has threatened to take a us satellite out of the sky why would anybody possibly want to win
best when this man is running the country so say that we should just block the
whole international investment in live within our country and there’s no
question i have no question that there are opportunities but there are
opportunities that we’re not going to take advantage of at this time the problem is in the investment
community here in the US which is really where I focus there’s no interest for investment in
Russia this is a one-time opportunity when the Russian market is so low to get
into the Russian market because a year from now the price is going to be triple
of that ok you’re not getting in to tell you we
have zero appetite in an investment in Russia today look at the china investing
in reston the rest of your allergies I think you’ve got to just totally refocus
and look away which perhaps i can understand where you’re coming from but
you’re not understanding where i’m conversations over we’re moving ahead yeah there’s a voting poll and I’m registered
at right here at trinity place just down the block in a few minutes when the
market closes I’m gonna head down there to the pole I’m gonna flip the switch Mack yeah are you ready to go up vote of
course after you after you I’ve all elections this is one that I
really feel and I think the entire nation feels it because we’re totally
de-stressed this is a very important day today of
course of history history is a little bit I’m a little nervous how do you feel
about it back I feel great okay well eternity is that work being here on Wall
Street we watched the bottle of the housing
market and also of the financial markets can say we never did anything to be part of history I’ve seen my home value diminish my
retirement accounts diminish and we need change ok culture in any right here and i would
make a right it’s got to be that way yeah there’s
nothing nothing back to having behind us man
they will find it hope so and it’s getting dark one nation right now is at a standstill
and that’s why I’m going to do what I have to do to bring change I’d rather sit back here you guys want
to go sit inside of our game the markets been down significantly
eight days in a roll there is obviously a lot of stress it’s sometimes real good to go out after
work relieve a little bit of pressure and talk to people that you went through
it with all right Gary since I want to sit by you were sitting outside groups
you I was worried about it and I couldn’t yeah yeah the only table to serve me but
ok with this kind of financial meltdown the country is experiencing right now
it’s not it’s not gonna get any better for us the question because it’s our ball mount
makers if you say I’m a trader don’t you crazy sometimes you’re out socially and
you don’t know somebody and the question comes up what do you do for a living
down here if you have anybody you know what I mean if you say the word traitor it’s almost like your look down and is
you’re doing something wrong and I mean I know she did you bust your asu bust
your ass that’s what we do down here yet the connotation is we’re lazy stuff in
our pockets with money and that’s what we do you have been glorified through
movies and through news items in this neck with this guy you know billion
dollar company blah blah blah but yeah here we see is definitely one of the
only people been watching right always forever yet greed is good greed is great
you all you want to watch a movie is a boiler room the bigs action with the
ones that just took what took wall street down and then we’re the ones that
are paying the price as traders are you one of those guys it’s not fair to
everybody I’m sure everybody sitting at this table has a hard-luck story whether
it’s a family member whether it’s you yourself were affected by this to our
families are affected by just do we want a solution just like everyone else when the market goes down everybody
loses money it’s not like a trader his different parameters in his account I mean if the 401 K goes down for one
person goes out for everybody else do you know what I mean no sir – when things was good didn’t we take
care of you things are gonna get better all right
take care so each client’s don’t know what to do they don’t know whether to keep their
money and pulling money out and we’re the ones getting kicked in as for do you
look like you just this is Wall Street man you gotta have
those batteries in your back and free can be I eat nothing the last thing I want to
get is a an aggravating phone call I got clients yelling at me all day long you know like I actually control what’s
going on listen I got people constantly every
single day screaming and yelling at me when I’m
making money for my clients I’m the best friend in the world that’s how much they love me but when
they’re losing money guess what you know I’m right here
underneath the shoe but they say you’re freaking scumbag I can’t believe oh yeah oh yeah you
little pieces I get these I get these things to me
sometimes and you know what I have to be respectful and I keep my composure
because right now i could understand the psyche of what’s going on throughout America everybody’s hurting
right now everybody’s got a problem families are getting thrown out of their
houses were in a full-blown depression whether anybody want to go i like that
word you know what to do with the big three
start laying people off but I think we’re officially may as well make it I mean Obama gets in what do you guys
think I don’t think Obama should come in and change the world is divided in this
country obviously though like you’re saying that would be nice they have
governments at least accountable for what they are doing obviously we’re gonna get some optimism
but I mean I don’t my feeling it’s going to be short-lived there’s still three auto companies in
trouble and there’s still a couple of financial firms failing I think it’s
great for Chicago if he gets in at least this presents gonna know where the state
of Illinois is it’s not gonna be a bad thing that allows and presidency there’s a sox fan take the clog and
everything else is going to come good out of this presents a degree do this is
like heart-wrenching right here i got clients bitching and moaning to me about
the for one case in the pension plans this freaking election has given me all
sir this is stressing me all out man you
know look at this guy john mccain’s already taken West Virginia he’s got Oklahoma Tennessee Kentucky
south carolina west virginia this guy’s taken all of the states that
he was predicted to take Barack Obama has so far one Illinois’s electoral votes wait a minute things have changed oh that’s because
he’s that’s because he got Illinois he just got it annoys the noise is how
many 21 electoral votes he’s got a new jersey he’s on a roll the guys on a roll now all right I feel
a little bit better I feel a little bit better 8139 all right only smokes this is like a sport right
now ok a Virginia needs about another 168 to
go if you get Pennsylvania it’s in the bag he’s got and up he’s got Pennsylvania I told you it says
okay it’s right there like a drink to that right there well into that and I’ll take this shot home I was given this pen by client and the
ax me too i believe when changing Wall Street and i said i do believe in change
the wall street and that’s what we’re trying to provide to everything the same
way mr. or should I say now President Obama is providing to the
world america is the place of opportunity
where you can come from anywhere and you can make your dreams come true and i’m
glad to be part of history today hello and i’m not sure if there was planning
to really bulk up this winter or what it just seems like an ungodly amount of
protein over there so I think someone is planning on walking up it’s not me definitely

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  1. Leggo My Ego

    19:36 This guy is a horrible actor, and someone should have taught him how to tie a tie. He looks like a goof ball with his tie so short.

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    23:29 Gazprom was at 86.60 got to 243 three years later Now its at 136 Wonder if he feels stupid for passing up on that investment.

  3. ID Free

    Am I the only one here noticing that these brokers were in fact trading options and other derivatives naked. They are crying whilst the market is falling whilst some trader somewhere else would have been cleaning up!!

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    This bloody sensationalist clown…..if Putin will be shooting down amerikkan satellites he will feel and know it immediately run to some foxhole instead of seating in some office worrying about greed

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    And this is what the fuck is fundamentally wrong with this rigged global economy….of being at the mercy of imperialists who decide your destiny and fate in life

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    Thank me later.

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    lol no matter where that heavy set guy works he has to wear a backwards beanie with the logo on the back…oh brother. he's also a founder of employee of "tastytrade"

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    Poor rich lost out, Russian markets in 2008-2012 were going sky high at time with the high oil price. Gazprom and Rosneft became the worlds largest corporations at that time, fool slept on it.

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    the greatest shit of the "lame duck" (Obama) was, that he didn´t connected the minimum wages to the inflation rate again. Fucker x-president George W. Bush cut them for his greedy big corporation friends. EXPLOITATION. And look at the numbers: we are having of the US population a 4% middle class – that´s no middle class anymore – it´s a MINORITY. The presidents fucked up our peoples future.

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