Wargame Airland Battle: Deck System Presentation

Hello I’m Alexis Le Dressay, I’m the creative director on Wargame AirLand Battle, And I would like to talk to you today about how you can create your deck in the game. More than 800 realistic units coming from 12 different countries are present in the game. We have a very large amount of infantry, vehicles, tanks, helicopters and aircraft. A deck has a limited number of activation points. The more units you add in a category, the more it costs in terms of activation points. When you add a particular unit to your deck, you add a group consisting of several units of this kind. The number of units in this group depends on the level of experience you have chosen. You can also decide to specialize your deck, to get some very interesting bonuses. For example, a national deck will grant you more activation points, but you also have other ways to specialize your deck. For example if you want to play an armored deck or an infantry deck, or whatever, you will get even more bonuses.

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