Was Our $2500 Electric Fence Worth the Money

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  1. Brenda

    Very interesting…..I remember my dad wiring the garbage can in the 1970's, and chuckling every time he heard a yelp…. In those days, neighborhood dogs ran free at night.

  2. Colleen Krall

    That is a really nice fence. I was wondering what would keep a tree-climbing predator from climbing a tree on the outside and jumping over the fence?? Then climb a tree that's close to the fence on the inside and jumping over to get out?? I ask because we have a garden surrounded with a double fence and double hot wire. We have lots of vegetables and 350+ pineapple plants. Something keeps getting inside and eats tomatoes and pineapples. Looking forward to more great videos. Thanks.

  3. Linda Hipple

    G'day Mark! Love your video. Great fencing job too! Brought back many memories, and yeah I learned electric fencing bc I wanted to..I get your comments completely especially on the payback to the dogs, foxes, etc going after your Chooks. I had a neighbors' dog try to kill my pony….didn't end well for the neighbor he got to pay the fees..dog was impounded. One day dog returned, he got zapped good..revenge served. Dog never came back.. God bless.

  4. Chelin Fusco

    Yes sir, it was worth it. You have to make repairs on any type of fence. So a small repair on the wire tape after it has done its job is satisfying. We have the wire electric fencing for our horses. They are economical and easy to maintain for us. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Trish Smith

    Worth every penny! Actually, in the USA, it would have cost a lot more. My husband and I thought all the work the electricians did was a fantastic deal! Now your chickens are safe! Well done!!

  6. mordsythe

    As a country boy, foxes are vermin.
    The fact tht they can’t get in the hutch anymore and murder the whole flock is great.
    Money well spent brother!

  7. ytfp

    Very smart choice. Most of the time we can do things ourself, but when the issue is very important to suceed and family is involved, its time to get an expert. Its great to have videos like this to at least know a little about the process so that we know what kind of quality to look for. We also gained a much greater understanding of how the overall system works from an installer (a good one at that).

  8. jeffry de meyer

    Aren't there any government programs to get rid of those wild dogs/foxes and hogs?
    Those guys don't sound like they are native to the area.

  9. Hana Kingi

    I enjoy watching your videos which you tell as a story. For people like me, this is inspiring as the DIY approach is sometimes unavoidable. The format, excellent video footage, and the results – good and bad are truly money and time-saving. Thank you, Mark, for your down to earth and helpful tips and tricks to make our lives better. I use your advice in my gardens with excellent results in the beautiful Far North, New Zealand. Not as hot as where you are, but your advice is awesome.

  10. mike dee

    You saved a lot of hard won experience by having someone who knows their stuff do the job for you…..
    For 3 years I fooled with electric fencing, only to have animals and nature defeat me and decimate my garden.
    I didnt know what I was up against until this year, when I got 2 trail cameras and saw how they were getting in, and what was getting in. Smaller animals (rats) going under and through…larger animals (racoons) going over, and all animals invading whenever the weather was dry and the grounds were less effective, or vegetation shorted out my wires…
    Electric fences are the best animal deterrent when they are working but they require diligence in their setup and maintenance….it isnt maintenance free

    You got off easy….I learned the hard way

  11. Scott M

    What is the value of the; time, effort, and anxiety of raising poultry in an unsecured yard? I'll bet that these factors overbalance the cost of an electric fence.
    When I was a kid, we had horses. They were constantly chewing the fence, and we installed an electric fence to stop that activity . It was effective. Our fence used traditional wire, and I think that the newer tape style conductor has the advantage of being a visible warning.
    I am happy that it is working well for you.

  12. Rachel S

    Thanks for this video. I agree the info out there is pretty scarce for electric fences. I had to install one to keep my dog out of the garden and compost (she can jump any ordinary fence I build). I would love to see a video on how you keep your dog out of the garden πŸ™‚

  13. joe LeGrand

    What Language, you sound like my Father! I enjoyed the video, real informative. I am putting in a pig & chicken pasture like Joel Salatin on youtube.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FafhRyKEVso&t=4s Mine pens will be for less then 20 pigs & about 100 chicken, ducks & geese.

    I need the electric fence to keep animals in as well as out. Thank you.

  14. Faye Keller

    Remember to keep a record/map of the underground power line. Just in case someone decided to dig you'll be able to ensure you don't cut the line/ power and no one will get hurt

  15. itaintmebabe99

    You could of bought approx. 1,700 dozen eggs with that money. At a dozen a week, that would of lasted over 32 years and you wouldn’t of had to clean the coop or feed them. LOL

  16. Curtis Cashen

    Thanks for the info exactly what I was looking for. I was happy to free-range my chickens inside a fence when I lost 20 to a preditor. Not sure what, a bobcat or a fox. I will now put up an electric fence, exactly like yours. Thanks again.

  17. Jacques Jacobs

    Love electric fences. I've installed quite a few before. Some to keep animals in and others to keep dangerous animals like rhino and buffalo out. Got zapped many times before and it's not that bad. Gets the blood pumping again. Well done mate. Keep the chooks safe. πŸ‘

  18. David Hunt

    I've intentionally touched my fence, so I would know what to expect and what it might do to our dogs. I think it's 7.5 kV. Unpleasant but not terrifying.

  19. Elizabeth Rowe

    Very professional installation of solar electric fence! Yes definitely worth the money as it takes some time to install. Could not imagine installing something like that. Where I lived before 20 yrs ago my partner had to install a battery powered installation and just one paddock to stop my horse from pushing on the fence. Took the horse two attempts to know what the zap was and he never tried it again.

  20. Small Wonda

    Excellent! I wish your guy was here in Tassie I think we'd be hiring him! We're in the process of replacing all the fences surrounding our garden and pond, about an acre in all, and hard work for my hubby as I'm not fit to help – he's mostly used 8-strands of barbed, then chicken wire on wooden posts cemented into the ground with star pickets every 1.5 meters – and we DO NOT have wild PIGS! I can't believe that! You guys have to be tough! We have some sheep in the paddocks, dogs & chickens in the garden and POSSUMS who want to destroy my plants & roses, and little hoppy things who dig holes and like tulips, but mostly we want to electrify the perimeter to keep the possums out. I shall share this with him to see, once he's completed the standard fence how to tackle electrifying it… You are a treasure, Mark, for making these videos and following thru' – such wonderful information & hands on viewing. Thank you!

  21. Denise Brady

    Mark what a great informative video as usual- of course my vote is a resounding YES to your question on whether the fence was worth it- anything to protect your animals as they give so much to us during their happy lives.
    I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to contact you or email etc with gardening questions some times as I have no one else near me to ask & won't ask Bunnings staff as they sometimes have no idea.
    Cheers, Denise- Geebung Qld

  22. Robert Sparkes

    Great Breakdown.
    I’m sold on electric fencing.
    We have Dobermans on one side and fox and coyotes on the other side. I no longer have issues.

  23. Warwick Merry

    Fabulous stuff. It is so satisfying when your electric fence works!!!
    Bloody Kangaroos still lob over the top of ours but they no longer go through!!

  24. David Thelan

    Hi Mark. In watching this yes you put what makes you feel the best and to know your animals are safe when you go to bed at night is comforting. The portable fence systems are great as well but as the name suggests they are portable and you can pull them down and put them back up if you are into moving your chooks around to new areas. This you could maybe look at if you want them to prepare an old garden bed for you ready for planting or cleaning up the lawn from bugs etc. Anyway mate keep working at it and happy farming.

  25. Denis

    Top job Mark.
    For 12 years lived on 40 acre bush block north of you at Crohamhurst. Around 50 poultry free ranging, never lost any to dogs, hawks, 2m goana's or fox's.
    Found no problem with the fox. As I would urinate in a bucket. Then dribble around the boundary area. The human scent defined unsafe territory.
    Had a few beautiful 2 -3m pythons who set up camp in the hen house, to pick off the rats etc.
    When one python decided 2 rats, hen, and a rat chaser. I protected the python till had completed approx 2week digestion, then relocate km's away. This allowed another python to come stay another 3mths or so. We had a revolving residency for pythons.
    I certainly investigated an electric fence, then passed as loss of a odd pet hen and the bantams bringing home a clutch's of chicks.
    We decided to allow nature be.
    In our time there, had been very high number of wild dog attacks on wildlife, stock and pets in 50km radius.
    Thankfully has reduced now.
    Look forward to your videos.

  26. Patrick

    Used to have sheep and it happened to me to but honestly Electric fence was not worth it, changed to tall solid steel fence which is unbeatable but it was expensive, and it doesnt kill animals

  27. homesteader downunder Australia.

    Hi how are you coping with no water we are on 8 scars and we have no water in our tanks and the dam is b9ne try. Thank you for shering your video.

  28. Aussie MGTOW

    I made my mates electric fence with a car coil, relay switch, a car battery and solar panel. Low amps but up to 30,000V still kick butt.

  29. Jenny Gee

    well worth it I'd say…if you love your chooks & the great eggs they lay for you….we had a big goanna used to come up to a neighbours chook pen at night & stick its head thru the wire & bite the heads off the chooks

  30. Andrew S

    Mark, an occasional watch and also ex soldier. Not sure on your view, but it may be worth contacting your local SSAA branch or have a look at the farm assist program to reduce the feral animal population. I also have had fox issues where I live in, but as I am in suburbia I use fox traps. Other than trapping the neighbors cat once or twice a year (it causes no injury to the animal) I also trap several foxes a year.

  31. Saland Findles

    The people who came in to help you were awesome and seems like they've done an amazing job. Not only installing/setting everything up but making sure you understand what they've put up for you. That plus the peace of mind is invaluable. I think you got a nice bargain, personally.

  32. Wayne Brother

    The only draw back with using tape is it catches the wind and pushes it towards the fence panel. I prefer using the round wire less resistant to the wind. Or why not use normal high tensile wire which is more stronger than using tape.. tradeperson did great job

  33. Gravefri Have

    🦘 🌱🌱 I have seen Garden Elfs with laser eyes in England πŸ₯πŸ₯ 🚧 πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ’₯πŸ… πŸ¦– πŸ™ˆ sure they are attatched to the hose in case of fire 🀭

  34. Jeff MacDonald

    Great vid! We have Red Tail hawks, Cooper's hawks, and even some eagles here in Cali, and I was wondering if you guys have to worry about raptors and related predatory birds?

  35. Scott McDermott

    Mark love you work but I think you’ve been taken for a ride, for a start I would not be paying a sparky to be running string lines the only wrong you can have with an electric fence is getting yourself zapped

  36. Andersons Road

    The fence is a good idea. I'd also find a maremma stock guard dog to keep in the pen. Eventually the fence will fail through maintenance issues or a tree branch and you'll lose your birds again . You need defence in depth. I have sebastopol geese, crested ducks and orpington chooks. I've spent thousands on geese. I wouldn't have a bird alive without my maremma bitch. You dont even need a maremma cos you have the pen. Any dog that is safe around chooks will do the job. I once had a bull mastiff Dane cross that would kill and eat roos, wombats, possums, wild ducks, feral rabbits etc yet never touch our domestic ducks ,chickens, foals, ,calves, cats etc. Get rid of that tape, it will fail. Dont use treated pine in your projects. Only steel and concrete. Orocon gal steel pipe. Auger out the hole and concrete it in. Get a mains powered fencer. Something with huge grunt that will leave a welt in your skin. Those small things like you have with the panel are a toy for some woman on 5 acres with a couple of nags she rides around in circles at the local adult riding club.
    They're called insulators not isolators. Isolators are switchers so you can turn off parts of the fence for fault diagnosis. Dont believe a fox wont climb one of those trees and go branch to branch and come back down into a pen. A fox is more like a cat than a dog.

  37. PKV1611221 1611221

    Love how you went the extra mile with the chicken wire.

    Also this is a win/win cause you got video content and extra know-how, and Mitch and his partner got exposure on a great (and growing) channel. Money well invested!

  38. Sandra Prestedge

    I have a real problem with something eating the leaves off my plants. I have no problems with foxes. mice or anything of the like. The only thing I can think of is either my bearded dragon or my cat is eating them. I am going to net my plants next year to stop them.

  39. Jen Dyson

    great video, glad you have peace of mind. Chickens look very happy πŸ™‚ growing up with horses we always had a hot wire around our pastures. It kept the horses from messing around with the fencing. As a child I touched it a few times accidentally, yikes sure made me cautious around it, lol.

  40. catey62

    Just make sure you never come into contact with it…one of the funniest (from my point of view ) things that ever happened was when I was visiting my sister and brother in law one time when they had 10 acres in the country in One Tree Hill here in South Aus…he was showing me around their property and we had to step over a fence..only trouble was it had an electric wire along the top to keep the couple cows they had away from it..and he had forgotten to turn it off..and yep…you guessed it..right between the legs…never heard him yell so loud or jump so high…was funny from where I was standing..not so much for him…lol

  41. Jeff Garner

    Great video and and the comments helped as I plan to electrify and fence in an area. How much would the materials alone cost for the fence?. Yes we have hawks too in Georgia, USA. But they weren't as bad as foxes and raccoons. Our coop is on an automatic chicken door and we predictor proof our coop. Can't free range them anymore but maybe if we get electric fence we will again. Had to use hardware cloth to keep out mice and snakes and now the hens have developed a taste for mice so they are no longer a problem.

  42. Rachel Love

    It’d probably keep people from stealing your chickens too! That happens where I’m at here in the USA at least in my little country corner.

  43. Ta G

    All for it. A fox got one of my favorite ducks and Raccoon got another. The last duck farm a few towns over the owner would sit out at night and shoot them there was so many foxes. I love animals but when they attack your animals which are like my babies I’m all for it. Do glad you got that done. Such peace of mind that all kinds of predators won’t be making it in. Hey it’s your territory.

  44. Anthony Rice

    Totally worth it and to be fair that's a lot of work for 2500 bucks. Time is money and they did a bloody good job. Happy, safe chickens is all that really matters here!

  45. Bert Clayton

    If the creatures get under, one thing I saw. Lay fence flat on the outside, then curve up where poles are.
    An animal won't think stepping back 1-1/2 to 2' back to get under the fence that's flat. They'll simply for down where they can't do it.

  46. Cazz Much

    This is hands down my favourite instructional, educational and practical video on youtube for homesteading. I love that you guys got a professional in instead of DIYing the job. Absolutely will be thinking about a set up like this on my own land one day!

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