WATER ZOMBIES?!?!? | Minecraft #1

Hello everyone and welcome back! I’m gonna be getting back into the swing of things here and while I talk about where I’ve been I’m going to play some minecraft because
I’ve heard there have been some updates and I want to see what that’s all about. So let’s just get a world going. I’m just gonna call it middle-earth the sake of it Do I want to do survival?
Yeah I wanna do survival. Okay…and here we are. So… I have pigs, I have sheep, there’s cows. Is this just a puddle?
This is just a puddle. So, where I have been the some seven
months or so I’ve been gone is I’ve just needed some-I just needed some downtime
away from pretty much everything to kind of just work on mental health and and
pay more attention to my physical well-being. I was diagnosed with hypermobility EDS about EDS is ehlers-danlos syndrome.
Hypermobility form of it meaning my ligaments do not hold as tightly as they should and my
joints dislocate easily and I also have really fragile skin and I’m in pain
constantly because my joints don’t cooperate and I’ve just kind of been
taking some time to work on mental and physical health just kind of stepping
back for a bit but I do miss playing video games and if it’s something I feel
that will work good for the channel then I kind of miss recording as well-I can’t
find where these enemies are they’re under here somewhere, so I’m not
sure I want to build my house here if this is a danger zone so I’m trying to
find somewhere to build a house and I got to do it quick because night is a
commin’. I was kind of thinking in this field over here but I think I want to be
over here by the water can you run? Is there a run button that I’m forgetting about? Controls, sprint, left control. Okay! There
we go, now we’re movin’. We’ll see what this is like over here. Now, I did play Minecraft when
it was fairly new but I haven’t played it in a hot minute and I’ve seen
that there’s a bunch of new stuff and I’ve been kind of interested to see what
that is like. I’m kind of wanting to put my house on that Island right there. Is this seaweed?
Oh, that’s neat and there’s fish! Ooo yeah, I want my house on that Island
out there-might have to make the a little bit bigger but I’m gonna want my
house on that Island out there. or maybe that Island over there. Ooh that one’s kind of neat! Hmm… I’m gonna put my house over here. and I’m gonna need to build a boat. I like the little sandbar that’s over there. Yeah this is quaint. Let me get up here and see what the surroundings are like. Is that a shark?! he says as he dives into the water… Oh god, I think that’s a shark-unless
it’s a dolphin! Please be a dolphin! I don’t want to drown either though. I hope that’s a dolphin. What the hell is that?! Oh god Is it some kind of swamp person? What are
you? Are you dangerous? Ooo, oh! There’s more than one of you! Yeah, I think those are dolphins. Are those supposed to be like… Sea creatures or? Why are these in here? What are you? You’re like a zombie, but underwater.
Why are there underwater zombies? Will they hurt me? There not hurting me?
Oh there’s three of them!
Will they follow me onto land? Cus if they’ll follow me onto land
that’s going to be a problem. Maybe they’re guarding something because it
seems like they pop up every time I go down there. Are you friendly?
Oh you are not friendly! Just kidding! Okay, I need to build a house! “Find a tree and punch it to collect wood.”
I don’t necessarily need wood right this moment. I just need to basically make a dirt hole to hide in when night comes. I really would like to know what those are. In the days of old, when I would do survival minecraft, I would just basically build a dirt hut for me to hide in on the first night so that I would at
least have some safety… before I start trying to go anywhere. I kind of want to leave this up on a hill. I kind of like it. So… Okay, it’s this button… Umm…Okay…let’s go with this style… Gimmie Going to leave off the corners… that’s not what I wanna do.
So I don’t need as many blocks I need more dirt though. Hmm, need some more. Hmm, can I get past these swamp creatures? Oh, I know what I could do!
I could build some kind of a tower or something over there and then have a bridge to it! That could be neat! Go around these guys… Can I swim faster? Or is this as fast as I can swim?
Nope, this is as fast as I can swim. I want some dirt just
to finish off that space so I can close it around me And wait for day time, if I have to because I know gathering wood takes a hot second in the beginning. So I just want enough dirt to close myself into like a dirt bunker if night comes before I’m ready. Okay, that should be enough wood to make…something. I like this addition. I’ve recently seen this. This is a pretty neat addition. Oh I forgot I had a-I had a custom skin for myself,
that’s cool. It was kind of like an elven character. I can’t remember if I made that myself or
if I found it somewhere. I don’t remember how to make stuff…
I know I need like a crafting table, but I don’t remember how to make that.
That’s not what I’m looking for. Alright, I’m just gonna get started on building my house because I believe night is coming and I’m scared. Squids! How cute! I have a little toy squid! I’m really gonna want to explore down there. I gotta figure out a way to explore down
there that seems cool. I put my house-yep night is coming. Okay so where’s my wood?
I have ten wood. [Sigh]
Okay… Um, I think I’m pretty safe up here-I think that’s a dolphin If it is, that is so stinking cute. Umm… I’m going to attempt it, I’m going to take these off actually. Gimmie that. Going to attempt to make this island a bit bigger. I think I’m pretty safe up here.
Cut to me dying in ten minutes, but… I want to try and make this island a little bit bigger this isn’t as big as
I’m wanting to go or maybe I’ll build vertically instead of horizontally.
I want to at least…fill this in. I liked that little step there and I want to make the ground
rock. I don’t remember how to build a crafting table! Oh I feel like an idiot!
There we go! Hehe…derp! What am I hearing? Do I have company? No, I don’t have company…I don’t know what I’m hearing. Okay…I’m a wee bit scared…but I have a
crafting table. So I guess I’ll put it here now what could I make? I can build a
boat if I had more wood. Spruce planks? Does it matter what wood I make it out
of? And I do I need to make planks? I’m so confused.
It says planks so make planks. Okay I have oak planks. Now, does this build me a boat? Yes. Oak boat. I’ll take it so I have a boat. I am terrified-I need to build a bed so
that I respawn here, but I need to find sheep, but I am terrified of the bad guys over there and that is where the sheep are and I am terrified of those sea creatures. I guess this can be my boat launch right here… So can I put the boat-How do I put the boat down? How do I put the boat down? There’s the boat! Can I get in the boat? There!
Oh Geez! I gotta find food! I guess we’ll go this way. Oh! This steers differently than I thought it would! Um actually. Yeah. I can kill sheep to get-I don’t want to kill them-because I don’t have iron. I need to find stone, is what I really need to do because I need to make a stone-[Sniffle] uh some stone tools. [Sigh] I am terrified to go in that cave. Okay, home is over there. Okay Ahh! Lemme out! [Sniffle] Is this flooded?
This is flooded? Can I make a wood-shoot I should have tried to make…a… “Check your recipe book” for tools… Ah crud, I need to make like a wood
pickaxe I should have did that before I left. Can I build some kind of pickaxe? Yes I can. There it is. I will build that. I need a box, how do I build a storage box? Barrel? I don’t know what that does. I don’t remember how to build a box. Is it something like… that? Yeah, that builds a storage chest. I want two of them Oh god! Got a water zombie on me after me again-and we’re gonna put the storage boxes like this and we’re just going to put anything that isn’t super-oh god I don’t-IT CAN COME ON LAND!!! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD OH GOD, OH GOD! STOP ATTACKING ME! Oh god it’s gunna kill me! Oh god! Swing for the fences! How much health does this thing have?! Ugh, at least I pushed it back into the water! Oh I am gunna die! [Water zombie growling at me] Oh~ you’re summoning reinforcements! dude “Blue skidoo, we can too!” Oh~ get me out of here! There we go. Okay, we are not taking on one of those until I-I could probably have made a sword… Ah, but the day is coming! Good! I need to
find some wood and see if I can build a sword? Okay, come up-Oh, but the spiders aren’t
dead yet! Crud and that zombie-water zombie
creature is following me Can I please just- Hmm! There’s skeletons shooting at me! Help! I am gunna die!
Oh gosh! I’m just gonna rowboat around my little island…where nobody can get me! If those zombies can attack
people in boats, I am screwed! Come on sunlight, start killin’ stuff!
[nervous laugh] I could probably, actually… I could probably make a sword with what I have left. I think… Ugh! This boat drives like a brick! Oh I don’t want to hear gurgling!
I really really don’t! Please tell me I can build a sword?
Is this enough wood to build a sword? It is, good. I don’t know why I didn’t try to do that
earlier, I feel a little safer now.
Can I kill these things? “Monster Hunter” [Advancement Made]
Okay… Oh ho ho, but there’s more than one!~ What did it give me? Absolutely nothing!
Cool! I don’t know what they are
and they don’t give you anything! Neato, burrito! Can I just go find some food, please? Actually there should be fish, but I don’t…want… Oh god… It might have been a bad idea to put home
here, but I’ve claimed it as home so – to toughen bad! I HAVE to find some food. I don’t really want to be like murdering
sheep and stuff, but I’d rather build a- craft shears, but I think this is going to have to be the way we’re gunna have to do it for now. I think I need three wool for a bed? And then I need some pigs for food. Okay, can I build a bed now? Please tell me I can build a bed. I don’t know what this is… There’s still a skeleton over here. Rotten flesh, I don’t-I forget what I can do with that ,but I know not to eat it Oh! No! I died! Oh crud! Oh thank goodness!
I don’t spawn that far from where I was. I hope. [Fumbles with words]-I’m a
little turned around. Oh that’s probably where those noises were coming from, I need to investigate that then. Please tell me that it was just right up here-it’s not!
Where am I? I am so turned around! Crud! I.AM.LOST.
[‘Moo’s back at the sassy cow] Okay I think this is the hill with this
monster spawns under it Home should be around here somewhere
and this is what I wanted a bed for,
cuz I would have spawned at my bed. [Heavy sigh]
I’ll be right back once I find my house. Ah!
I found it! And there’s all my stuff! Cool. Where did I leave my boat? I have no idea where my boat is, my boat’s probably over there. Um…I might need to build another boat. I see squids. Okay! Home, sweet home! Sort of…
[laughs] Uh I want to make up bed…Yes…
I don’t have enough wood. I need more wood. Okay, that’s about what I figured. Hmm… [Sing-songy]
Chopping wood~ Chopping wood~ Chopping all the wood~ to build my home~ Gunna make myself a fancy tower~ Out on the beach! And then we’re gunna go see~ where those water zombies come from~ If they are Atlanteans or just creepy sea hags~ This should be enough wood, right? Seven? I guess we’ll start there. Alright sea hags, no coming to get me! That’s what I’m gonna call them for now, Sea hags.
Until I find out otherwise. Eeh! I need to find my boat! Um, I think I go like this? I’m not sure why that closed, but okay…bed… Planks? I only needed three, cool. Anyway, I
can make a bed now. Where do I-I guess the bed can go…there for now. “Can only sleep at night and during thunderstorms”
Cool, at least I have a bed. But I think I need to sleep in the bed
before that will save me to my location. I know I need to build a
furnace to cook food because I don’t think I can eat these raw. So let’s put this stuff…away for now, so that if I die, I don’t lose it. It-Is this a thunderstorm? Really? Not considered a thunderstorm, just a rainstorm. and I don’t have a roof over my head so
all my stuff is gonna get soggy. Great! Well! At least, now that I have a bed,
I can go find my boat. “You stole my boat!”
“Borrowed it!” I think I’m faster on land,
Let’s go on land. [Vocalizes a little tune] Ooo I can’t wait until I get a horse! I remember that was the thing you could have, I hope you can still have horses and I know you
can ride pigs, but I don’t think they are controllable-Oh, here’s my boat. [Lively music] [Outro music]

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