We Duct Taped the GMI to the Wall for 24 hours! (Game Master Network Unexpected Prank)

hey game master Network as you guys saw
we just lost a game to the GMI it was a giant game of Go Fish in real life and
we had to give them the first digit to this code for mr. X’s true identity you
guys commented that they cheated which is not cool at all yeah they’ve been
doing a ton of suspicious things they even pretended to be a clown remember to
prank me when we said we wouldn’t do our biggest fear so right now they are
outside but instead of doing a challenge with them we’re going to trick them
today I’m just gonna be so good you’re just waiting for us looks like like
they’re on Instagram or something we know for sure that they cheated on the
Go Fish because you guys told us and we also know about the clown but comment
below what other things they have done to chief on these challenges so here’s
the prank that we’re gonna do we’re gonna trap them in the garage and duct
tape them to the wall for 24 hours what sir it’s going to be so hilarious so make
sure you are subscribed with notifications on thumbs up it’s just I
think this is a good idea to prank the GMI agents because they’ve been cheating
in these challenges and we need to get the remote back speaking of the remote
we don’t know where that went they said they put it somewhere but we
haven’t seen it hopefully they didn’t lose it no there’s no way that they lost
it that’s their only leverage right now so what do we do how we get them in the
garage so you guys know they want this box and we agreed that we wouldn’t take
the remote and they want to take this box during these challenges so we would
play fair but they’ve been cheating so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna trick
them and pretend that we’re putting this into the garage and then we’re gonna
open the garage door Matt is gonna put the box in there I’m gonna pretend we’re
walking our dogs and I’m going to take the box and we’re gonna move the box to
the Tesla where we lock the car and it’s safe and they can’t get but once we have
them in the garage we don’t know exactly what we’re gonna do to duct-tape them
because they’re not gonna willingly get duct tape to it I have a great idea what
took us out here okay to do it okay I did get you flowers but they’re not
really for you well put the stuff inside here
Oh so let’s call Daniel right now so we can figure out how to make the sleep
cloud formula exactly Daniel hey guys how’s it going the cabinet the agents
are outside right now we had a great idea we’re actually gonna prank then
we’re gonna duct-tape them to the wall for 24 hours inside of garage Oh so how
you gonna do it we’re gonna release the sleep cloud with these roses right here
but we don’t have to formal it yeah I actually left an emergency sleep cup
formula inside your cabin here in our cabin what where’s it at it’s to the
right of the stove in a cupboard perfect we’re gonna do this we’ll keep you
posted again yeah you’re still out there okay to the right of the stove is this
that you nerd it’s a three-part formula oh we hid them in these cup this is the
formula to make the sleep cloud this makes no sense
why would keep the sleep cloud up in our cabin Mac
I mean he said it was for an emergency I know it still isn’t that kind of weird
it’s a little suspicious I mean it’s in all three yeah last time we didn’t mix
all of it whoa you guys remember when we did hide-and-seek with the quadrant
you’ve released the sleep club in the flat now we have the sleep club formula
once we pour it into the Roses it’ll be released so we need to get it all set up
and then we need to sneak in and put these in what’s up with your arm okay
great we need IDs look in here yeah you’re not snackers okay I’m just set
the trap peanut that Jack let’s go for a walk we’re gonna print them okay okay
back at the bottom you tell them matter if you’re gonna take it out to the
crotch and I’m gonna take two dogs hey guys Hey okay so Matt’s gonna take the
box just to our garage and we’re gonna take the dogs for a walk yeah we’re cool
let’s go let’s go okay so here’s the plan again Matt you’re gonna go up into
the garage see if their spine hold its selfie and see if you can see anyone in
the back I’ll be by the Tesla and you’ll open the garage pass it to me I’ll take
it but in the dust all right Rebecca in dogs yeah do your walk you just go hide
that ball have a good walk all right so I’m gonna hide this case inside of the
garage probably in a super-secret spot did you get it I’m gonna walk them now
so they don’t suspect anything right okay make sure you let them know that we
did it when we get out there because they’re spying right I got stuff oh yeah
all right it’s all set hey guys oh hey we’re just checking we were seen if you
are right boys okay I’m gonna go in the house right now okay well it’s a good
one that’s a good that’s a good one okay I’ll be in the house okay guys we’re
gonna up a little bit all right great we’ll just find out here don’t
worry about we’ll be back in a second you are what they don’t in science we’re
gonna put it in out there cheap so just part on it be I open the door
and that’s right in there in there searching for right now here sir just give us a thumbs up right now
anything you worked we’re sick awkward you right this is awesome okay but the
sleep clown wears off so they’re gonna get up eventually so we need to duct
tape them to the wall as fast as possible we’re perfect with ya there
okay you don’t want to wake up remember Matt they might move a little but
there’s still a seat okay check it Matt do you think the tape is gonna duct-tape
to that the point to point is let’s hear your fake super screen look at the baby
jacket here okay look can you get him up okay
that’s fine I guess yeah you still have one more agent some
time don’t you want me to help you okay okay but not right next to each other
what we gotta pull them apart they were like best friends but this prank is but
a lot harder than they thought you step take them where we want to and then
they’ll stay asleep but now that one’s full going
hurry hurry we’re running out of time the sleep ups gonna wear off okay this
is great this is so great hurry let me help you
all right you guys we have to work quickly
no I’ve never done to take someone through a wall they’re moving not gamemaster Network
whatever we take off their glasses right now and do a video we said we would do what do you say when you wake up you
know we trapped them here in the garage this is what they get for cheating on
the child the master Network go back to the giant Go Fish game in real life tell
us exactly what they did also Matt you saw they were filming a
YouTube video where we don’t smell me this oh you know what you should set up
their cameras oh yes when they wake up they’re gonna be on thanks to all of you
guys I have been spying on them and going to their channel game master
incorporating this is great Wow look he’s so good I
think we have to say no but your stuffs Maureen okay a couple sweet rounds ready wow do you think they’re gonna be able
to get out of this picture for my Instagram story you know when I send it
again guys go to my Instagram stories to see this blue I stick to a video okay so
I’m here I know you guys look we just pranked you my agent so good is amazing
make sure you watch the video okay at Rebecca’s mall go check it out
we did it same family prank the GMI agents we trap them and then duct tape
that to a wall open for 24 hours you too but the slick clouds wearing off so I
don’t know if it will be so good all of it Oh Matt their cameras okay whatever
good this is the best way to break them okay this looks like it’s rolling on
okay you didn’t say master Network so make sure you are subscribed us turn on
notifications check out the video right here and shout out to you guys that got
our merch and tagged us on Instagram okay they’re waking up okay

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Reader Comments

  1. James Steward


  2. Sariana Aponte Otero

    Since the agents made the other challenge they knew what were the correct fishes thatโ€™s one way they cheated the second one is agent R put the remote in his coat

  3. Jaidyn Rolla

    For any one that put a ๐Ÿ‘Žon Rebecca's videos you shoudnt be subscribed to her channel๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  4. Margarita Rojas

    Rebecca you and Matt are in danger in the GMI vid where they got taped at the end of the vid they said they where going to get you back and they got out of the tape

  5. Gareth Southgate

    Tell you Something GMI trapped Rebecca and Matt GMI cheated on golf and I,and Daniel rescue Rebecca and Matt theyโ€™re Took your dogs

  6. Gracelynn Wallace

    I think they barred the remote ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

  7. Linda Fay

    The remote is in agents R suit in the last video in splice agents R the remote to the ingredients are suit Matt and Rebecca the last video evening put played was goldfish and when agents are left over by the remote he snuck it up suit of the Gemini looking in while you guys were playing goldfish so they're hiding Dory mouth in infants Egypt R suit

  8. Lois Carmo

    The GMI knows that you're in there video I will not let them know that you're in there I really hope you get the remote because they have it right now I don't know what they do with it they got Mister X is I didn't do box can I join you๐ŸŽ

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