Well Enough Alone~DJaxhn (Official Music Video)

The dye on dices fade over time and I find
my antics, make me hard to put up with but that’s human dynamics. I’ve had it up to here, do you see how high
up my hand gets? Maybe you’d understand if you could , see
where my hand is. I don’t feel I’m from this planet I’m feeling,
alienated. Maybe no one has said this, me and an alien mated. I was abducted recently and my main alias faded. Apparently I’m Canadian, look at how insane
he is. The situations I find myself in is fugazi
bitch. I believe I said thank you to those of you
who gave a shits. I’ve always been a crusader which, always
left me disappointed because I never got what my retinas pointed at. It was only till recently I felt, I was awarded,
the greatest thing in life that could have ever been rewarded. Then it was like it was totally voided. A human destroyer shot and destroyed it. Future went down the toilet. But that was only because I really let shit
get to me. Me at my best you’ll see my specialty’s especially
special when I mix this recipe, for disaster. I’m compared to asbestos, the rest knows,
i respect those who come respectfully. If you don’t know me, then show me a little
decency. I fucked up in the past, but what have I done
recently? Frequently I feel like I’m speaking a different frequency. Maybe it’s that my vocals aren’t at the level they needs to be. That’s the price you pay if you’re
being, over dramatic. I’ve been, withholding magic. Got that, pole with the static. Went from a full blown fanatic. With what? What with this rap shit. Didn’t even know I had it. I was, a flowing addict. Till hope? I no longer had it. But soon opposites attracted. With how competent his actions weren’t, showed
pompousness. He acts as if they’re isn’t any positives. Even though it’s obvious, there may be a few
of you who’ve been giving lots of shits. I’m not spittin I’m coughing hand me done
lozenges. Some thoughts of his may lead you through
a dark abyss. They may be provocative depending what the
topic is. But you can’t get pissy when his opinion sits
opposite. Which always seems to happen whenever he hawks
and spits. So those can whiff what comes out his ass
when he squats and shits. Once he had no pots to piss in, now I’m
using other people’s. I was fairly normal till I fell and I discovered
evil. Which led to my lack of optimism. My position left me with a load of pessimism. All in all and not to mention all of which
is causing tension and to be honest I know it is. Y’all don’t think I notice this? Just imagine you were there when I was lying
motionless, the image is blurry only just until it focuses. I’ll be honest at times, that’s where all
my focus is. I hope I get my hope back and that is what
I’m hoping kids. Catch me, losing my kind as I try to stay
copacetic. Hope this headache goes away and the bad I
hope I forget it. Sometime you have to go if away we are going
to send it. That goes for the people that said they love
when they pretended. So many counterfeits, hold on to the authentics. You don’t have to give in, just ’cause against
they are going to bet us. Sometimes you got to forgive, even though
we know they won’t let us. Even though the world’s against us and holds
us against the fences. Same people claim they’ll defend us when our
times be getting harder. Sometimes I’m feeling this presence when I’m
surrounded by fathers. Every muscle tenses when they’re talking about
what they fathered. Takes everything to make sure I don’t show
them that I am bothered. Oh well, maybe that explains why I’m such
a sociopath. The rain has frozen my path and what I’m knowin
is that, as long as these toes in my ass, keep me close to my past, I’ll keep groping
my nads. Keep me closer to lashing out, on those of
who are near me. I’ve been explaining everything, I feel no
one can hear me. Been tryna over come this image that is disappearing. Lately some positivity daily keeps on reappearing. Somehow pulling me back from the edge in which
I’m nearing. I told you I was thankful, I know that’s all
you’ve been hearing. You jolt me with volts of electricity when
you’re near me. The moments of serenity we share keep need
thinking clearly. I’m centered when you’re around, ya, you have
me steady breathing. Even the drum up in my chest at times does
some heavy beating. You make me feel like you need me, even though
you see I’m bleeding. I feel every step you take as I stand here
watching you leaving. Nothing in life is easy, for sheezy, even
breathing sometimes ain’t easy. Guess I, should blow this smoke out. Fuck I just had a blow out. This is, why I don’t go out. I know luck will surely go out. I don’t wanna make a wish, nothing happens
once these are blown out. Only candle I wanna see has a name and I call
’em Roman. I’ll throw ’em, in the sky into data that
I am roamin’ while I’m, phonin’ home. E.T where the fuck are you going? You told him you’d take him with you. Fuck I’m not believing no one anymore If,
even from any orbit. Take my candy I forfeit. Insanity is horseshit. Not sure how much more that, I’ll afford to
absorb if you cant stay up out of my shit since I stay out of your shit. Please

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