What Can You Buy With 5.7 Billion Dollars? (Trump’s Wall Cost)

5.7 billion dollars is a lot of money and while some propose it go towards a wall, or gate thing, we started wondering what else can you buy with 5.7 billion dollars? Well, if you’re feeling hungry, you could buy 34.2 billion strawberries. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little less healthy, like 1.14 billion Big Macs. Of course, the cost to fix Flint Michigan’s water pipes is estimated at 55 million dollars, so they could be fixed 103 times. Speaking of health, we could fully vaccinate 2.6 million children from birth to age 18 which could have prevented every death caused by Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Whooping Cough, and Measles combined in one year. The Avengers: Infinity War could be made 17.75 times, and around 73% of Americans could get a Fenty Stunna lip paint. Come fall, 1.2 billion around the world could get a free pumpkin spice latte. 15 million Americans could have their dental insurance covered for a year, or 543 thousand wouldn’t even have to pay tax. While 142.5 million Naloxone kits could be purchased to help prevent opioid overdoses. Feel like going green? 200 thousand homes could be fitted with solar panels, which last up to 20 years. Or, 84,000 people could get a Tesla Model S. Change that to one of the cheaper electric cars, and 228 thousand people could be sporting a gas free vehicle. What would other countries think? 5.7 billion is more than three times belize’s entire GDP, or you could buy more than 14 White Houses in America, which is valued at 389 million a pop. Speaking of houses, 5.7 billion could pay for every homeless person in America’s rent for nine months. We could pay off the student loans of over 150,000 US graduates, cover the cost of more than a quarter of NASA’s yearly budget, keep Wikipedia running for 228 years, and make every science article published in the U.S. over the next four years open access and available freely to all, that would be pretty cool. Of course, most economists predict that the wall will cost much more than 5.7 billion.

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  1. Jon F

    How stupid. Permanently secure the Border, OOOOORRRRR buy everyone big macs and latte's? FYI, even if anti-vax moms had money they still wouldn't vaccinate.With illegal immigrants costing us 134 Billion annually, even a semi-effective wall would pay for itself within a year. Lost my subscription over stupid political BS.

  2. Klydes Mcfrearson

    Oh man. That's rich. We could buy Teslas or solar panels for a select few. I'd rather have a wall since I'd never see any of these benefits.

  3. fraud insanity

    Well a wall would save American and non American lives which is more important than the points he makes… studies showes that walls work.

  4. littleG Gaming

    oh pls… I hate when people say that this money could be use to end this,cure that, improve whatever. like Yea the money could be used for other things, but come on! the money was always there, so why all of the sudden when trump wants to build a wall with it……the left only, NOW wants to use it for "other things". like why didn't they use it before.

  5. Anthony Ross

    Question- What if our population were to double over night. What happen to the planet. Also what pros and cons would happen due to the sudden change. Would people over populate the planet or could we think of a way to save both the people and the planet. From things such as pollution and or maybe an increase in violence?

  6. gretchen eddy

    Dude, you can pay rent for every homeless person but you can't pay back everyone's student loans. I think that says a lot about our education system.

  7. Truebornseeker

    Long story short: $5.7 million is a lot of money that could go to much better things other than a massive wall-gate-fence thing that'll be useless anyways since illegal immigrants usually come through airports and not land borders…. 🙃

  8. Wejacks2

    Watching this I just keep hearing it's not that much money. I mean I know that the politics of the creators are opposed to the wall, personally I don't care either way. That said the 5.7 billion can be covered by individual taxpayers, not corporations just people, paying about 73 cents per week for one single year… how much do you pay weekly in taxes?

  9. donfs

    What could our country buy with the $6,000,000,000 billion dollars that went missing, unaccounted for, under the crooked hillary State Department, eh? Oh, maybe a wall / fence to protect the Americans citizens.

  10. Bradley4ever

    the wall will be good because it will prevent illegal and terrible importers and illegal immigrants from getting to the USA. Trump isn’t saying that all Mexicans have to get deported, he’s saying that illegal immigration is horrible and should be stopped.

  11. Allisson Ramirez

    Wow it's really sad howthey're using that money to keep people away when really we could use that money to prevent death and Safe lives😤

  12. GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

    If that's how much a wall costs, imagine how much you could get with the annual payment for Israel.

  13. Owen and Anna


    Anti-Vax people: bUt ThEn ThEy WoUlD gEt AuTiSm AnD lEaD aNd AlUmInUm PoIsOnInG aNd DiE.

    Brace yourselves for stupid replies

  14. Bell's Theorem

    And only 5 and a half miles of border fence apparently. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-21/federal-wall-funding-of-1-57-billion-yields-1-7-miles-of-fence

  15. MagnificentMarigrace

    Why do people get so mad at the cost of building the wall? Yes, building a wall is expensive but how about we stop spending tax money on stupid studies like why lesbians are fat. Yes this was a real study.

    I’m waiting for the hate 😂

  16. giantsquid100!

    Um, this is an anti-Trump video. You're saying NASA is using four times that money a year. The wall sounds cheap at this point.

  17. Ermhs Parasoidis

    5.7 Billion Dollars is as much as Trump's Wall Cost 🤔
    6,2 Billion Dollars is as much as illegal immigrants cost the taxpayers money every year(!) 🤨

  18. TheBloodVodka

    I'm sorry… 5.7 Billion dollars? How much money did Obama want to give Iran in that deal? Can you do a video on what I could buy with that?

  19. The Duke

    We just cut Israel a check for $40 billion dollars! How much wall could we have built? How many students with debt could have been foregiven? 2.7 million students.

  20. EG

    It seems to me that we pay a million times more treating drug addicts, destroyed lives and families, and associated social violence costs. But that is a price the Left is prepared to have this country pay to get the power they crave

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