What Does Dreaming About Your Ex Mean?

– Hi I’m Hillary. And one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is interpret
the dreams of others. So Alex, what’s going on? – All right, so this is a
pretty traumatic dream of mine. (suspenseful music)
Traumatic. It starts off and I am under arrest, I’m in a jail. I don’t know why I’m in prison, but unfortunately, I
don’t have my phone on me. Then guess who shows up? – [Hillary] Who? – [Alex] My ex girlfriend. – No. – Yes, it’s her. And I go, “Hey, this totally sucks. “I know things didn’t end the best for us. “Have you seen my phone?” and then she says, “No, I don’t
know where your phone is.” and I go, “Do you know why I’m in jail?” and she says, “‘Cause you’re a liar!” She goes away, I’m still in jail, I ask everybody for my phone, I can never get it, and then I wake up. Oh, and then also sometimes
I see celebrities. I have this dream recurring. – Yeah. – I see Paul Giamatti in there, a lot of Italians, I guess. Tony Soprano’s in there,
that’s someone who’s there. – [Hillary] Okay, is Mike in there? He’s Italian. – Yeah, no. (crowd groaning) I’ve had a ton of dreams
with Mike in them, but he’s not in this one. Just me and my phone. – [Man] I want to be ten feet– (phone ringing) – In jail, everything’s
been taken from you. Your friends and family, your possessions. You value them so much, you fear losing them. Fear losing them. (sentimental music) Consider doing all that you can to keep what is so dear to you. (sentimental music) Fear losing them. (ghostly music) (static buzzing) (static buzzing) (woman screaming) (woman laughing) (woman yelling) – Oh, I feel a lot better. Thank you so much. – [Announcer] Click on
the left to watch another This is Mythical video. – [Announcer] Click on the right to watch another another This is Mythical video, – [Announcer] And click
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    Its 545 am right now i dont know why youre uploading this early, for one and two, i havnt slept and im drunk so deal with it! . But i feel like someone snuck into the office to upload this video as another joke for the guys being gay for eachother. Like this was never suppose to see the light of day. and i mightve just hallucinated the entire thing im not sure cuz i havnt slept all today or tonight?? Idk but owell choices were made shut up you have to read me k im donee …..yaaaay…..goodnightday ima sleep right here someone help take pants offme pplss its really hot here i need water im so dry gotta plug charge phone in cant see hole straight this is hard got it fuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Justin Atkinson

    I have a recurring dream… Or more a set of dreams.

    IRL I have two sons by my ex wife, a shared parenting agreement, and residential status (they spend most of their nights here, they go to school in the district I live in). My younger son has a peripheral nervous disorder that affects his ability to walk.

    So exclusively while my kids are at their mom's house, I dream that my younger son dies a horrifying death. Walking out in front of traffic, jumping off of tall buildings, cloven by an axe murderer, fed to sharks. That kind of thing.

    I actually don't think he's safe with her, and I'll readily admit that. No need for interpretation.

  3. SweetDaydreams

    If I get thirsty while asleep, I spend the entire night (every dream) trying to drink in my dreams. I chug gallons of water in my dreams, but it is never quenched. My mouth stays dry. It's interesting how my dream self confuses what my real body feels as part of my dream, then tries to solve the problem. Before this had happened to me, I didn't think my dream self had any control, that everything I did was preplanned and controlled by the processing of memories. I wasn't thirsty when I fell asleep or during the day. I still have the reasoning and control to notice I was thirsty and drink water, then to realize it wasn't helping me, be frustrated, and eventually wake up to get a drink. Even while asleep, I am able to notice things and deviate from my dreams, the recognize when something I do everyday changes.

    Or maybe my dream planned me to drink all along, but that doesn't explain me still being thirsty if it was all in my head.

  4. LandAhoy

    So in other words, the ex represents someone he lost or maybe even someone he lost because he didn't do everything he could not to, and maybe more specifically, because he lied?
    And he might be afraid of losing others that way?
    At least if I'm going with her line of thought..

  5. マンゴー柴崎

    I hope Hillary interprets more dreams in more videos! Maybe she can even interpret GMM Fan dreams that we all comment? 🙂 I love GMM and TFT~<3

  6. DyNaMiC KhAoSs

    Fear is the path to the dark side,
    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

    If anyone can tell me who said this kudos to you.

  7. John Smith

    in my opinion dreams of ex's happen during times that your stressed and your mind while asleep brings you to a time that you were comfortable and happy or at least how you were WHEN you were comfortable with them

  8. Viddy Man

    Seems to me the dream is about 'not being given the opportunity to defend yourself'. Your ex appears and accuses you of being a liar and then disappears, but you don't have your phone, it's been taken away, and so have no means or opportunity to communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas to the outside world. You're punished, like the criminal you know you're NOT, because by being accused of something you can't express your position, maybe you're too scared of speaking up, maybe you feel that opportunity was taken away by another. Make sense?

  9. Saffie Love

    When I have dreams I remember it usually is linked to some pretty strong emotional state I've been in or felt. Today a sales assistant approached me and asked if I needed help. I said yes and started explaining. A few moments later he said 'oh sorry, I've got to do something, I'll be back in a moment'. He ran off while I was mid-sentence and never came back. I had to ask someone else for help. I bet that feeling is going to haunt me tonight in my dreams lol.

  10. mc1019 lp

    What means if i dream of an ex dressing like a Hobo actin wiht no class, when he is really is gentelman, in the dream he even has tatoos i his belly, and a tupe , he is bald by the way

  11. LighTraveler

    In most of my dreams about my current bf his essence is also that of my ex.. who died some years back. But they seem to be the same person in my dreams. And actually my bf reminds me a lot of my ex and both of their names begin with B 😮

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