Yeah, so if I was given the ability to craft anything in the world once, you know what I would craft? I would craft my mother a heart, so she would finally love me. Hey, what’s going on guys Ssundee here. And welcome back to ‘What is Minecraft’ with Madeline. H-hello Madeline. – Hello. / – You’re looking quite beautiful with your wings. – Oh, thanks. – So dudes, like I said, welcome back to ‘What is Minecraft’. Madeline, in between episodes as you could tell. I drained your house. There is no more water in there. You are welcome. / – Thank you, now it’s just wormy. I put worms everywhere. I took out the water and put worms everywhere. I am the best husband ever. ‘Best’ So dudes, like I said, welcome back to ‘What is Minecraft’. If you remember where we left off last episode, Madeline, we summoned the one and only Kehaan ,right here. So, if you guys remember what we can do with Kehaan, we give him a stack of soul sand, and in return, he’ll give us an item that allows us to craft any recipe, correct recipes, for five minutes and myself and Madeline have been working on a list of items that we want for this series, so Madeline, we have five minutes to do this do. / – It’s gonna be so fast even with the writing we have. Do you even have everything we need? We need we need to get the crafting recipes. We need a wool, we need iron and everything for all these crafting recipes Let’s put a chest down with the I guess a crafting table and whatever he gives us next to it all here because we only have 5 minutes Yeah, let’s grab some chests put over there. We have time but once we get this item from Kehaan We are all out of time, so let’s go get these recipes. We need wool. So, I’m going to kill this sheep and sheep jirozo. Sorry Madeline I’m a murderer, okay? Let’s kill Sheep! / – What’s new? Again guys, like I said, welcome back to ‘What is Minecraft’, if you’re still enjoying this series, Of course, hit the like button down below Also, hit the subscribe button, turn on notifications. You guys know the drill and uh yes, okay. Madeleine murder is yet? murder them, Madeleine murderer them That’s such a harsh term. Is it? / – It is. / – It’s a way of life You know you you’re born as a little kid, and then whenever you get older you get murdered. Oh Okay. / – Isn’t that the circle of life? Lion king taught us all about that. I don’t remember Simba getting murdered. / – Okay, Madeleine, so I have to wool in here I do too, I have eight. Okay, yeah, throw the wool in that chest there, this can be our little corner of five minutes in crafting Heaven Put in some oak wood too, okay, and then this august so what I’m going to be doing we’re going to be crafting some Necessities and then the main thing I’m going to be crafting Madeline It’s going to be an automation system If I could cobble no, it’s not for Cobblestone but if I can get this to work It is going to be insane if I can get it to also on crafting recipes having rotated yeah let’s look at the crafting recipes really quick, and then I want to go look for a Desert biome Okay, I want cacti a bunch of cacti Okay, okay. Let’s look at these recipes really quick. I need an anvil for anything. I was just looking at that grab I’m going to grab two of those grab two of those those anvils so you go in that direction I was going that back into my pouch. I’ll go in this direction and look for Cacti look for a desert biome okay, so we finally found cactus back in that direction But Madeleine found this village okay, okay? Let’s see if there’s anything cow wait Cow what are you doing up there cow? How give me give me your cooked flesh. Thank you, cal If you hit, did you hit animals with this pickaxe it sets them on fire? And then when they die it drops their cooked food. Oh, there’s wolves and dogs over here and can we tame them We do have any bone are there any treasure trends here? Yeah There is so so since this is a modded village there might be different things Our crafting table get the crafting tables get all and I end up bookshelves, okay, okay? Let’s take out I got vibrant alloy some iron some redstone alloy. Don’t know I need out of Vibrant alloy Well, let me check. Oh this so you were in here. Okay? Okay? Let’s see. What’s in here. I? Already got it. Yeah. I’m not seeing anything Different in this village neither except for carrots that’s pretty much it alright, so let’s get back home I Think we have everything we need Or this network we have our five minutes of crafting so you ready to go back home which way is home I? Was hoping you knew? Well, then let’s have fun Well that was fun Well, you know so can we have so we just need to give him soul, Sam. Let’s put everything in This chest get everything organized once we once this five minutes starts Madeline I’m telling you we are going to go insane it looks so fast Like if something kicks in in our brains when we’re under a time constraint and we lose our minds It just happened okay, okay, so I’m going to get 64 so stay clear your inventory completely are you ready? I’m nervous. This is going to happen so fast and we’re going to probably mess something up I know I was just looking through the crafting recipes to see if there’s anything else that we need I Know there’s going to be something that people in the comments are going to flame us. I know this oh yeah What else is there I? Don’t know I’m looking um Well, I mean we have all of our tools. We have a sword we have an axe. We have pickaxes We have shovels like we have all the tools and we have all the essentials right we have all of our armor Okay, I’m gonna click on can here. We go. Okay. Okay, okay? Here. We go click that Ok New Quest stack of souls and we got it complete quest Congratulations here is your reward complete Hold on. What is this? What is it I’m over here getting ready to make stuff I? Got something in my inventory right here. You see it in my hand. Yeah Once I right-click this it is get a reset the recipes for five minutes Madeline Okay, I’m ready. I have this open I have own recipes Drink water let me drink water, but a drink water eat some lemon heads I got to get ready Madeline I got to get ready got any coke a sugar study about using it It sounds like you already had enough Hold on What are you doing over there? Meg Lana has him get my sugar in all right Madeline look Okay, okay. I’m all sugared up. Let’s do this three Two one Go, okay. It’s never stored. It’s not restored. Okay, all recipes read restored for 300 seconds, okay? Tomato Tomato, I’m scared, I need an adult an adult breathe Just breathe. I don’t do I freak out. Okay. Look see that I know let’s grab sticks okay, so fences. They were gonna. Make it up. I’m making up Oh, you made beds nice okay, okay? I’m Gonna make More fences, how many fences do you want Madeline? How many fences do you okay? So that’s very good as many as I can okay. What else do I need to make I have beds I have buckets chess make up cracked on a chain okay? Uh Hopper, okay, I need a hopper hopper hopper. I’d need hover okay, okay? Do that do that do that? How many hoppers do we need how many how many hops do you want a grab time okay boys you think? Any chest any chest any chest okay? Hold on hold on hold on I? Don’t like inside Do we watch shears for? Yes, hey cheers make them make you faster. Okay, okay? I am I am I right there we go We have chest we have chest we’re popping out. Okay hoppers are transferring those we have fences we have Anything I’m a ttle. I can’t make anything anything else you can take up okay? So here’s what I need to make with this I Am going to make a crap-ton of these items here, okay make that make that Redstone Torches right I Actually need more pipes also You didn’t lie. That is okay. Okay? So what I do you lasso that? Lasso. Oh look it up if you if you type it in lasso, and then press R on it, it’ll tell you the recipes Okay, okay. Do that do that do that? and then throw Danny partridge don’t Any more redstone ore yeah, okay? Hold on hold on okay? I got right showed up here. Okay. Do that Do that okay um put that there om sell tell me there’s other Occasions I know I’m not yet make those okay. I got more transfer point. How many marks all right into the chest It’s in the chest okay Okay, okay, okay, okay? So if I type in or if I do this recipe Right here, okay crafting tables there. We go. Okay, okay? That’s work. I hear fireworks okay, so if I do this this I’m Redstone Torches Yeah, what else do I need little anymore planks, whatever works okay? Okay? Josh of Okay, do you have any chest do you have any chest? Yes, I do. Okay. Can you throw me them throw me them throw me down quicker Gregorek there you go? I feel I threw my dream. Okay got him okay gotta put him up there there we go oh You make something am I proud of you I just Made four of these items hold on I’m going to make more. I’m Gonna make more I’m gonna make more, so if I put redstone there there we go matalin That did you or did you break the bookshelves? Did you make the bookshop making as many more as I can now okay? We have nine we just made nine of the things What? These things right here are called auto Crafters So check what this thing can do open that up open that up, okay? Let’s say up top I put the recipe of redstone right it shows on the right-hand side what that creates so any time? Redstone is put into this auto Crafter like in the input, right Mm-Hmm it auto Crafts Redstone So it’ll always make the correct thing It doesn’t always make the correct thing, but it will always make something it’ll always auto craft oh Madelyn Our five minutes is up Did you least make everything you wanted I did make everything I wanted but there could have been we got buckets We got shears. We got bookshelves for we can now enchant things for with our enchanting table But naked we could have made so much more we could have done so many more activities so many more activities Okay, at least we got the crafter the crafter and the hoppers were the main thing that I wanted so okay The reason why I wanted that what we’ll do since we have the bookshelves We’ll set up a nice enchanting area somewhere. I will get that go we have shears. We have buckets for water We’re going to need this water. We need the transfer nodes the cacti and the transfer pipes, so what we need to do Madeline, let’s grab a Bunch of sand if I can set this up properly, okay? We’re gonna have a crap-ton of items, okay hold on let’s grab a bunch of sand yeah, I guess we could build it Rage here, okay, Madelyn. Can you go grab? two buckets of water okay, I Can do that okay? So I’m pretty sure we have everything we need if we can get this to work We’re just going to have endless amounts of items. We are literally just going to be the richest person and we can be well What’s Donald? I’m swipes name Vodka is longest You can beat Donald trump, and I’ll be a beer vodka. I’m good, okay What’s his daughter’s name I? Don’t know. I think that’s his daughter’s name is it. Yes awkward Okay Okay so can you down there Create an infinite water source really quick. You know how to do that Yes, did you guys need a blocker for and put one in each corner? Oh madelyn recipes. Just changed well while I’m building this can you look at the recipes let me know if anything Let me know if anything’s neat anything is neat. I need neat things I don’t know what you consider me, but okay, okay, so let’s do I Need to get rid of this tree. I’m sorry mother nature. I need to remove your tree. So sorry it’s for that tree there I am removing mother nature for Machines that’s how humans work right? We remove nut mother nature for machine Okay, so under here. I’m going to throw underwear under She’s make an underwear throat joke No And when you wonder why you don’t have many friends. I don’t wonder We want to plan steal oh No, yeah, go ahead and make one actually go ahead and make one. Sorry. I’m a confused individual go ahead and make one of that Okay, so if I do that put the hopper right there and then under the hopper filter all the items from the hopper into the Auto Crafter right there So what let me test this so if I throw let’s say after a glass in the hopper Dang it Madeline’s not working Oh, I got it working so I just had to put up top the recipe that I was looking for and then the glass filters in from the Hopper So there we go. We got that working okay? So now what we need to do Valon, you’ll see once I’m done. This is going to be sick okay, so can you throw? Water back here where I just put that bought worm Horrible name for that poor worm I’m sorry just put water there so madeline. Do you see what’s going on here? We have there the water is going to catch the items right, okay? Then it’s going to filter down all the way to the hopper and then the hopper is going to throw the items into the auto Crafter which is going to make things for us yes, so you’re getting okay, okay? Hold on. Let me tell you that part okay? What items are going into it You’ll see hold on let me make this can you help me? Are we making a what a mob spawner? No, we’re not making a mom’s photo Let me put this all the way around this can you do that. Help me do this give any cobble? I have one okay? Well, that’ll help put one down Okay, so if we put signs down all the way like this Okay, okay this should be good, so We have all the signs there to block water now Can you put water in every single where all these but worms are can you put water there? I? Can and then in the exact same thing on this side, too Okay, so that should be everything now. I just need fences Sand so if I put sand There you go there you go look at that So all the water filters out go ahead put all the water all the way down, so do you see what’s going on here? so the blocks will fall in this top portion Slowed down to this portion flow into the hopper which flows into the auto crafter so Madelyn. Do you know what I’m doing yet? Oh, I have absolutely no idea and I don’t know What don’t you understand? I have a you know pools of water flowing down, and then I have illustrated I sort of new version of a mob spawners. I have a sand on a stick Do you not like my sand on a stick? It’s like a popsicle okay, I Like it. I don’t know what it does so I just need to keep expanding this right, so if I break that throw down more sand we just keep expanding all I do is expand and Then do it again this way Ben are you just so confused right now my poor like my four face everyone cleaned me out here Just like staring a I don’t know what you’re doing. I have no idea I Don’t get this at all. I mean it looks nice. I guess, but it’ll all make sense soon enough What let me finish expanding this to the clock Cobblestone it is not Cobblestone I? Like playing Minecraft with rubies. It’s so much fun because the viewers are all like in trying to yell at you explain to you What’s going on because it’s so simple But you’re just so confused. It’s cute. I don’t have any idea It’s so funny, okay put sand there We just we just got to expand it madelyn. I don’t understand what you don’t understand expand what what is it? It should it should all be working you get it No, I think so. I’m going to stand at all So they’re all there now the last step Madelyn this is going to give it away What we’re doing? Hold on. Are you watching? You get it yet No, I don’t I all Do you don’t understand? I just always always been doing I have no idea okay, okay, okay? When I watches you’re here come over here come over here. Come over here, okay? Come down here. We’re yeah, it’s like some sort of torture device that you’re creating and it’s an obstacle course So if you put cactus in your crafting inventory, it gives you Look at it. Go ahead put it your crafting station. It can do a random item right? Yes, okay? Put that put that autec tie back down put that cacti. Yeah anyway. It doesn’t matter When cacti gross when it grows if there’s any blocks next to cacti it auto breaks There we go, so endicott. I supposed to know that So when the cacti grows it auto breaks falls into the water Flows down to the hopper which then throws it in the the auto crafter Which hold on let me grab one of these cacti let me grab one of these cacti or break this and then down here I’m going to throw this in the recipe chamber with everytime Amnesia hit it changes, right interesting So this is an auto cactus Farm which the cactus is going to give us an endless amount of items which then I’m going to filter out with the Transfer node Into a chest I’ve never heard of an automatic Cactus farm ever Is that very? This is a thing so every time one of these cacti breaks it is going to give us a random Crafting recipe throw it in this chest so by next episode who knows what we’ll have in here Madeline We may have an entire law we may have an entire large chest full of October compressed Cobblestone to use to our will Don’t get your hopes up but Anyway soon. We’re going to end this episode here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below also I hit the subscribe button if you’re new turn on notifications You guys know the drill and all right Madeline Pray to the Cobblestone that it’ll enter that check by next episode Spousal abuse you saw it here

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