Yes, you want to know where I store my porridge. I store my porridge in my storage wait what? Hey, what’s going on guys sunny here back with Madeline and what is Mike look at us We’re both all pinked out with our guns Straight-up gangster, we’re pretty awesome. So dudes Welcome back to what is Minecraft we have some plans for today. We heard from Kehaan I’ll tell you that in a second and Madeline remember. It was last episode once we finished that quest We got all of these storage blocks right here. I have finally figured out how to use it. I’ll show you that in a second,ok good cause I have no clue ,it is pretty Op So what we’re going to do before we start this episode. Let’s Enchant. Something how many levels do you have I have thirty how many do you have? You have Thirty. I have 36 I have 36 level so I can I can put,I have 78,oh so you can enchant two things. Yeah, okay, okay? Yeah, enchant your sword Enchant your sword and Enchant. Maybe your chest piece Okay, okay, okay. Which one is important sword or chest piece for the highest? Uh you can put 30 on both you can put 30 on both so do both Yeah, 30 is the max. I got looting two and sharpness two.you got looting two and sharpness two. Yeah, I don’t know what looting means .on a level 30 enchant Yes. [laughs] is that horrible, that is terrible, I have protection four nice Unbreaking 3 and thorns – so I’m gonna Enchant my boots. So ok here. We go 30 levels I would deduce Creek stellar if you think I can get prep for on breaking 7000 on my boots people like blood down below right now quick sellout moment Let’s get your sell out 14 wipes Ok here. We go here. We go. Let’s put our boots of their 30 level Go ok ok ok ok rot for on breaking 3. I fire rash just 70 oh? What’d you get? I got front for Unbreaking strength, but I did get thorns too. Dang it let’s proc for pratt for is you take less damage? Significantly less damage when you so I have two pieces of armor that have prot four on it. That is good, okay? so before we Do the kyun thing let’s go now let’s look at that storage stuff. Can you throw me that storage stuff? I want to show you what that thing does it is pretty sick so Madeline before we look at this oddest storage unit I got some bad news What did you do? I heard I was coming down to you. What okay? I? Heard from Kyun he tweeted out a picture on his Twitter Our cactus farm is literally breaking the server how? How can something like this small breaking entire server? He said we have to fix this cactus farm this episode, or he will delete it It is breaking a server too much – I is Falling into the water, and it’s not crafting fast enough in all of our chests are full So the cacti just piles up right there and just crashes the server with how many entities there are so that I’m going to fix that this episode so so check this out if we do math, right? There’s a basic math a double large chest can hold let me get a calculator out it holds nine rows, so nine times six it holds 54 spots of items and then let’s say you multiply that by 64 per stack one double chest can hold 3400 items in it right does that make sense? Okay So just you need to know that one double chest can hold 3400 items 3400 items now check this out. I’m going to set up this system here a storage box input box crafting box with a Search box a hyper storage box and a storage core now matt always speaking a different language Check this out. Whatever. You click the storage core will get the number up top That’s what Matt only click on the storage core right there and looking ya Own you can scroll through it. You’re good. Well, that is a Madeleine I’ll protect you I’ll protect you, okay Click on the storage core look at the top right look at that number Wow, you see number. Yeah 800,000 do you remember how many items can be stored in this chest? 3,000 yeah can each spot hold 64 this chest can hold eight? hundred thousand items Wow Looky here, and you’ll make it quicker my plan is to connect this system up to this and This system up to this end what I want to do is I want to take all of our chests Yes, no matter what I want to do. I’m if you hit Ii go to your inventory screen, right? We’re only going to do this once If you guys want to tell crater and tia that they can do this once also Look at the top left and you see a little magnet No, I turned all of that off because I’m really bad at Accidentally cheating dang it okay well
I made sure that I wouldn’t accidentally cheat Probably I got ya turn that out for now now check this out watch this watch this watch today whenever I break out Ama turn it off for now. I’m gonna break This chest right here, right all that craps all over the ground. Oh, you turned it on so Well, then what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna get a magnet mode Everything okay, okay? I’m getting magnet mode everything to over to here. I’m with no the cactus mag about everything Okay, okay, so if I if I throw this out, it’ll magna mote it there we go I just got attacked by humongous swords So much fun. I love the magnet mode. I wish it wasn’t considered cheating. I would use it all the time Beam yet, then with you who do this hold on look? Inventories Mulligan oh Goodbye inventory adjust constantly filling up ok thank you Well nobody pick up let’s stop having fun with this crap. Let’s move on to having fun Are you talking about? I so that should be everything in our base? Ok ok the rest of my stuff out, and you’re ready you’re ready for a teacher. Oh They might at all out of it Looks good. Hopeful good. Do it fast enough That’s right. I’m just hitting the same spot You just you just keep hitting this egg. You just hit it Never stopped it just keeps going into your inventory. It’s never an egg – we have so many. Thanks Vanillin Ok is that it it looks like it. I think that’s it okay, okay? Well, let me break this we have a few more chests here comes, okay? Is that it yeah there we go, okay? That should be it now. I one more spot over here. Oh I forgot about all the potions oh My goodness Rebecca is open. Yes that we have it’s glitching out my inventory. They like all disappears This is so amazing Can this was good I like this can and it is really not good and then if we connect this to the input port That should be pumping into the system Can you click it to see you know it doesn’t work? Oh, no? I’m sorry. Oh. Yeah, it is working there We go so everything that you everything if you look in the click the transfer node you can see stuff leaving right there and It’s all open so that is all This system should never back up Never crash the server and can will hopefully not delete this cactus farm can’t please okay now. We just have to connect our Main foot or our wheat farm to this so now that we have our system Set up and look at this we only have 20 thousand out of 800,000 storage taken up, that’s crazy I love how it does multiple things like way more than 64 that is awesome. Okay, so now we’re going to do Madelon do you have any souls hand yes you know Gotta Gotta get it out of here Oh yeah, we have it in here. Just type in soul. Okay. There we go You can grab that out if you want to So you know we got to do he told us he had something for us we got to summon the one and only key in how many do I need to – okay, oh yeah Madeleine remember we have these things to remember we got this last episode the idea And we have this division sigil I want to show you soon, okay? I don’t know what that is Another book you’re gonna. Love it. Okay. Go ahead spawn in the one-and-only can Hear Ya vomit in the water Okay Well, that’s a whole new effect Yeah, I thought it was gonna be bats or something what the heck okay? so ken said he has a new quest for her let me click this ah Hello. Oh hello now. I remember what I was supposed to tell you last week when we spoke my brother Keihan is back from his sleep. He wants to tell you about something called block of memories That should help in the battle against the Amnesia that causes that curses this world he can be found In the tower up and okay, so we need to write down these words, so we need to go find King’s brother Kin. I Think their parents are really creative with their names They were something hold on let me take a picture of these cord if you can fly, okay there we go Ash, Ordinance are all you okay? So we need to go I want to say in this direction You’re not driving my horses out wait meadow get your horse Yeah, horsy. Where’s you go back? Where’s you go back, baby? Come back? How did you where did you get out? Right here these fences that don’t combine is that it no Madeline? You need to take care of your horses wrong gugu jump in okay. Yes, we said it’s in this direction ah About a thousand blocks away in a tower in an hour We’re at Currently X500 We need to go to x eight one three so we need to go 300 more blocks and our z needs to be 919 that’s at fifty Coordinates are way easier to use and you’re not having to go through walls. Yeah, that’s true. That is true So we’re on the correct x path Okay What melon I see something I do feel What is that huge floating Island? It’s a ladder What is this? Okay, look at the end. Oh We could make this our new hole and it’s got a huge tower of stupid Soulsand. I don’t know what it is Yes, okay, so we need to find I like this. Yeah this looks really cool gated Oh my gosh kid if you’re not key in know any brother is huge key han He likes soul sand too, and his massive kid Why are you so keen Ii haven’t beaten it in don’t don’t he might kill us, okay? Hold on hello. I am thien Many Years ago a curse filled this world with Amnesia Who did the curse in the first place? We don’t know however we have discovered something called? block of memories collect these hard-to-get blocks by completing challenges And quests from Cannon I and you may be able to win over the Amnesia and with curse but Beware There are others that collect the same blocks only the team with the most blocks of memories in the end Will win over the Amnesia Okay, so I did it. That sounds really fun We need to collect Blocks of points to win D. Amnesia and we need the most we need the most I’m guessing we’re going against Craner and Kia That’s my guess too. You just went invisible and shrink I did okay So the in this first challenge go to the Twilight force and defeat the nagas boss Get the Nagas trophy from him and then return to me to get Madeline Madeline We need to go to the twilight forest, so we need to go okay what the heck you say let’s use cloud of cobwebs That’s what I was thinking, so We need to go to the twilight Force. Do you know how to get Madeline make a Twilight forest? Is room make a Twilight forest portal their battle doing mushrooms around water I? Didn’t think you would know that you are. I love this why I light forest. It was actually really fun No, you were very smart. I am proud of you. I think that’s like the last map. I ever played okay, okay? Let’s go back to our base. Let’s go back to our face. Let’s make a twilight for portal anything It’s so bright up here and then let’s go Let’s go kill things. Let’s go kill a nagas boss. That sounds hangar. Let’s do it I don’t know what that is, so if we get? Saplings okay, okay. There’s normal saplings, and who do we have diamonds which okay? We have four times, okay, okay? So metal while I watched you take this diamond there you go. Take that. Okay? Now. Do you trust me? You always ask me this and I always tell you know You’re always cheating you’re always trying to kill me you just want to laugh at my event Okay, so what we need to do let me make this an infinite water source Just like that put that there around in it so throw Saplings all the way around this now what I want you to do is stand in the water And then throw a diamond in it so we don’t need mushrooms I Did what hey didn’t fly above it fly above it fly above it? Battle what you doing? I didn’t do anything I’m so confused to this how you make the portal Hello game so Madeleine I think we had to remember what we went down into the mines those there’s all those troll ores like the the ores that crashed a game and stuff like that well diamond I Think this is a troll diamond. Isn’t the only one we have no I have a real one right here ready there we go There we go We can now go the fighters We can now go to the twilight board, okay, you ladies first. She already went in All right, so let’s go in here Okay, so if we want to get the points to beat Tia and craner To beat the Amnesia we have to get more points in them. I believe faster. Oh look at the cute little squirrels I’m going to murder them Why? really mean Sorry So our goal is to get more points than t and craner and beat the Amnesia We will beat the Amnesia before here. We go. It’s right here. It’s right here. Okay following you I’m already behind you battling you. This is all you I am going to watch you fight this giant thingy It’s good as a beat. We have to beat. It first okay. What mattala. Go kill it no, budget Go kill what I don’t see any oh I see it Is it Gonna kill me in like one shot. I would kill a battle right. It’s not even coming at me I Don’t like kill it I’m gonna shoot it with the gun let me shoot it with the gun so much damage. I don’t know that oh You’re killing deer look it over damn it this does. I’m sorry Bambi Robbie. I’m han Let me do it. We do so much damage with this gun And there you go Madeline – rumpy put that trophy on the ground Look at that We have his head okay, so let’s go back home. We have to go back in taka Ki head Right okay, that’s odd to do dude Not only do we know the portal that What about it okay? Good it disappeared for me? As I try to ask what you were just up and away well, we press F3 Let me take a picture of these coordinates really quick okay? So there’s the coordinates Take a picture of that okay, and the way we know we got those pitch okay, okay? Let’s go back home Let’s go. Talk okay. I just went back in I Push you back. Let’s go back and talk to Kihei So we have qian aka? Say that with an accent What kind of an accent any just try I need a direct accent so I can try it okay try to be british? Alright What is British sound like and don’t ask me I can’t do accents. Okay try to be country or southern okay? I’ll try to be country optech okay. Hey How y’all doing, my name is Pn Alright key hand. We got okay? Okay? So if we click him. Yeah, I have the trophy okay Cool. I was watching the mobs jump off of the island okay complete Okay, uh-oh. I got another recipe reset, but what are you doing? This one is long realized only lasts for five minutes. I said it’s another one, and we have it at a hand before accidentally ah Remember, please don’t die. You need to stop dying. We have this a block of memories So that there we go that is a point before we could break it okay. We can break it okay, so we now have a block of memories which means we have a point towards beating the Amnesia and More importantly beating crater and Tina our tia your Tina Crater and Tina, Mr.. Tina But anyways dudes We’re going to end this episode here You guys have enjoyed of course hit the like blood down below if you’re new around here hit the subscribe button for Madeline’s face Also her there being nice to my face, please. I thought 19 occasions ahead Madeline oh she looks funny I’m just kidding

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