What The Critics Are Saying About It: Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two has been screened for select
critics, and while there’s still an embargo on formal reviews, many of them have taken
to Twitter to give their hot takes. So far, reactions are mixed, but most observers
agreed on two things: the film is wildly ambitious, and features an amazing performance from Bill
Hader. The movie and its predecessor, 2017’s smash
hit It: Chapter One, are adapted from Stephen King’s masterful 1986 novel. The first film followed a group of young outcasts
who dub themselves “The Losers’ Club” facing off with an ancient, shape-shifting, evil
entity appearing most often in the guise of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. It: Chapter Two focuses on the Losers’ Club
as successful adults who are all called back to the small town of Derry, Maine, when “It”
emerges from Its slumber eager for a rematch. Initial critical reactions mostly praised
the flick’s ambition in tackling one of King’s most dense, challenging works, and largely
pulling it off. One Collider horror editor wrote, “[IT Chapter Two] is big and ambitious and
can’t quite handle the weight of its aspirations, but it’s still a fine piece of heartfelt horror. The parts that work, work REALLY well and
Bill Hader is every-bit the scene-stealing standout we all hoped he’d be.” Hader — who plays the motor-mouthed Richie,
portrayed as a child by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard — was the cast member most consistently
singled out for praise. The Saturday Night Live alum and star of the
HBO’s dark comedy series Barry has never taken on a role in a horror project before, and
by all accounts, he absolutely kills it in this one. Fandango managing editor Erik Davis was also
among the chorus of voices singing Hader’s praises, writing in part, “[IT Chapter Two] plays heavier in tone, dealing
[with] defeating the burden of childhood trauma, [and] I definitely teared up at the very end. Bill Hader steals it.” Even those critics who weren’t particularly
impressed with the film were quick to lavish praise on Hader, with CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell
offering up pretty much the highest compliment that could be paid. He wrote, “So, [IT Chapter Two]: it’s [very] good, but
not great. I liked it, but didn’t LOVE it. First movie is a tough act to follow. TWO is gruesome, strange but rarely scary. Nails important aspects from the book, but
feels overlong. Cast is aces, though, [and] Bill Hader SHOULD
be in Oscar convo.” Of course, there were some critics who simply
panned the film. Critic Scott Menzel wrote, “It: Chapter Two is the biggest disappointment
of the year. A dull [and] bloated mess that spends too
much time rehashing things from the first film. While there are a few good moments, the film
ultimately lacks suspense and scares. The performances are also a mixed bag.” Uproxx senior entertainment writer Mike Ryan
had a different gripe, and although it’s apparent he’s not the biggest fan of the novel, he
should probably take that up with Stephen King. He wrote, “I am not an IT expert but I get the sense,
even in the book, IT’s powers/motivations aren’t always well defined. That vagueness works with the kids, but I
wish this one had some basic rules? Because it feels like IT could kill any of
these people at anytime and just doesn’t.” For the most part, though, critics acknowledged
that the one-two punch of the It movies constitutes a feat that very few filmmakers have been
able to pull off over the last few decades or so a very successful King adaptation, one
that sports a deep knowledge of and affinity for the Master’s writing style. Fans will have to wait for the actual reviews
to come rolling in before they can get a more detailed analysis of the flick’s strengths
and weaknesses. But, two things seem certain: It: Chapter
Two swings for the fences, and Hader is the film’s MVP. In addition to Hader, the movie’s impressive
cast includes James McAvoy , Isaiah Mustafa, Jessica Chastain, James Ransone, and, of course,
Bill Skarsgård. “haha.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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Reader Comments

  1. LYON

    Pennywise motive is fear. He feeds on their fear. And in order to do that he needs to play with his victims. Im guessing the critic that wrote that. Didnt really read a book or understood the concept of pennywise. So his critic is basiclly invalid

  2. FanaticalDrummer

    The stronger the fear is in the prey, the more potent the feed is. Why is this so hard to understand? Why do these liberal critics always have to “understand” the rules and motives of a monster? lol They always need to be spoon fed everything. Like the rest of the idiot population does.

  3. Carlton Wilson

    And how many of the critics actually took the time to read the book in order to properly understand the film?
    My bet? Not many. Today's movie nerds are, for the most part, not readers of books.

  4. Diogito D

    the critics didnt like it because it lacks silly jumpscares like modern horror movies , it is psichological horror and cosmic horror that suspense

  5. Luis Castellanos

    I hate the “IT is too OP” argument, like they’ve never read/ watched a horror story done right, the unknown is suppose to make you uncomfortable, even scared.

  6. Peaches N Screams

    Almost always the critics are wrong, they also said the first one was bad? Now they are praising the first one and disliking the second part? Yeah okay buddy bois

  7. shockwave2291

    These are the same critics that praised the hell out of unoriginal Star Wars sequels, and generic Superhero movies like Wonder Woman. I don't really give a crap what these paid "professional" reviewers say these days.

  8. Greg Rogers

    Who really cares what the critics think? They’re just a bunch of movie snobs who’s opinions are as predictable as the sunrise. If they had any talents at all they’d be able to find valuable, useful jobs.

  9. Doctor Octagon

    Read the book years ago and it has cool images.
    But I also had no idea why it just didn’t kill them. IT seems to be omnipotent in Derry & kills people whenever it wants.

    Any hero or villain with vague powers always sucks.

    As for hader..Hard to not stand out when u are with annoying people like Jessica Chastain

  10. Insert Funny Name Here

    Lmfao! It must be an amazing movie if critics are saying things like that. I never trust a critic. Too busy smelling their own shit to know a good movie. Look at some of the great classics that critics hated or panned. They hated the thing or Hook 🤷‍♂️ wait for the best reviews you can get!…. real everyday people and their reviews.

  11. Michael Martinez

    Criticism is lame if you go in with an open mind and no expectations you'll enjoy alot of movies that are being made but going in expecting greatness only leaves you with disappointment and hearing bills performance was amazing lets me know its gonna be entertaining

  12. Destrate

    Does anyone really use critic reviews to choose if they're going to see IT, or other films. I usually pay attention to critics after I see a movie.

  13. KL VR

    Hmmm…Critics? You mean those who can't create, just try to tear down? They are totally irrelevant, Mr. King himself gave this movie the thumbs up. Which is extremely rare! That's good enough for me! Can't wait to see it… just 3 more days!!!

  14. Hollie Moore

    It’s good but I hate how they just take the piss out of Stephen kings writing style the entire fucking film, happy endings are overrated and I love an ending that leaves me shocked and mildly betrayed when the ending isn’t happy

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