What’s the Difference Between Goldenrod Fence Stretcher-Splicer Models? – FAQs

The Dutton-Lainson Company offers three variations
of our Goldenrod fence stretcher-splicers- the 400, 405, and 415. All three models make wire fence repairs easy
through their strong, one-piece handles that are comfortable to use, and they all have hardened guides and clamps
that firmly grip wire over a large area. Since we introduced the original model 400
tool in the 1940s, though, we’ve added two other models, each with a
unique feature. The model 405 tool has a controlled release
holding ratchet that allows for a gradual release of tension, which reduces the chance of your wire breaking
after you’ve stretched or spliced it. The model 415 tool features a three hook design- while a second stationary hook holds the wire
tight, the ratcheting travelor hook can be moved
down the bar to grab another bite of wire, allowing you to stretch an unlimited amount
of wire without having to reset the tool. Thank you for watching this video! What D-L or Goldenrod product do you want
to see in a future video? Be sure to let us know!

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  1. Don D.

    Thank you for showing what the 415 3 clamp set up does… I had it for years but never use the unit… Now I have a few projects to stretch with it…

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