Why Command Block Tools Don’t Exist – Minecraft

[whimsical, classical music is playing throughout] [deep, scary classical music plays] I’m so close… I can feel it! The server’s maintenance room must be around here! [whimsical music continues] This is the place! Open up in there, it’s the admin! What is your password, sir? It’s “I love my mom” A combination lock… Wait, what if… lol (laughing out loud) Well that’s obvious. Time to have some fun!>:) WHAT’S GOING ON?! / WHERE’S THIS LIGHTNING COMING FROM?! / HELP!!! / MAKE IT STOP! Finally, it’s over! 😀 / phew… This here be quite a peaceful day I sure do love my cattle! I couldn’t live without them! Umm Where’d ya’ll go?

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  1. ASSB MUI Gogito

    Me: Uses Command Block Pickaxes to destroy command block

    Friend: Where did the command block go?

    Me: I used to block to destroy the block…

  2. 01 01

    Meanwhile me:building auto command block system with full diamond armor zombie’s /replaceitem entity @e[type=zombie] slot.weapon.mainhand 1 diamond_sword for just a single sword…

  3. Hard Working Simulator Man

    Anyone in this month this year this day that means
    6262019 likes for everybody hope everybody's happy for likes like to get triple

  4. Quinn Oconnor

    Why command block tools don’t exist:
    You could use them to fly,
    To have no fall damage,
    To delete a mob when you hit it,
    To completely destroy your world as you know it.

  5. SillyRhys7 Gaming

    Mom: Billy you need to clean your room.

    Me: No I’m trying to figure out why command block tools don’t exist in minecraft.

  6. Minh Triet OSTM Tran

    Cheating helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots:
    Host & Hackers only:
    All positive effects
    Water walking hack ON
    Through the wall: You can walk through any blocks (except negative blocks)
    Flying: You can fly in Survival mode (fly look like in creative mode)!
    Resistance ∞: You didn't get damage.
    Robbers steals
    Instant death
    Curse of Vanishing ∞

  7. Anon Ghosh

    Can you please help me find the cave of the command block. I will help you destroy that man who killed you just join me in Minecraft my name is Mehaan

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