Why do we Play Minecraft?

So I’ll cut straight to the chase. I have been playing Minecraft for a very long time. I mean like a really long time almost Seven years now in fact I started playing Minecraft when I was 15 which makes me feel Really very old and when I first started playing I went up to my mates and I’d try my best to explain to them what this awesome game that I’d just discovered was I said that it was a game made up of randomly generated worlds made up of blocks, and you could you could break those blocks, and you could place those blocks and you could you do other fun stuff build things and everything like that and Although it probably wasn’t my most eloquent description. I wasn’t really expecting the responses that I got which was that looks absolutely terrible the graphics look awful. I don’t really understand what the point is. Now I know that Visually Minecraft isn’t exactly a market leader, it doesn’t have the best graphics of any game it’s not exactly visually stunning is it? but I hoped that they would see past that and They would play it with me. Still I didn’t really care I kept playing I was doing my redstone bits and pieces and I was just in the process of kind of working out if I wanted to start up my YouTube channel. But then while that was happening something very very strange happened probably around about six months later Minecraft begun getting popular like seriously popular! Suddenly everyone of my school was talking about this brand new game where you could have randomly generated worlds of blocks And you could break them you can place them, you could build things. Do fun stuff I kept quiet about it because I didn’t want to be that guy who goes ohh I was playing that before it was cool. Even if even if I totally was playing it before it was cool There is something very satisfying about being in total control of how you play If you want to build a castle then you can, if you want to adventure And carry all of your items and resources on your back without any home or base to go back to than of course you can if you want to horde as many resources as possible by building gigantic industrial farms, then of course you can and if Like most teenage boys have already discovered you want to build a giant megastructures of Male genitalia Then there’s nothing stopping you from doing that either Minecraft is real creativity in its simplest form it’s not complex like cad software It doesn’t cost money like building and designing things in real life It doesn’t need trained professionals advisors or a strong understanding of engineering, maths, and physics to do cool things, the scope of your project Depends on how much time you’re willing to put into it and of course yes, it does take some skill and practice, But what doesn’t? So the reason that I still play Minecraft is that it’s a constantly evolving outlet for me to be creative So I come up with ideas and then I have to put those ideas into practice using skills that I’ve learned over many years of playing the game. And Now the best part for me is is that I didn’t have the absolute pleasure of sharing these things with you These ideas that I’ve come up with and constructed and spent many many hours on, with the Incredible community That exists around this game. And you guys give me feedback instantly some of it is good Some of it is not so good, but that’s just all part of it now before I go, I just want to ask you guys a little bit of a question, and that is why do you still play Minecraft? I mean I’m sure everyone has different reasons for it one set of people will have one specific reason Another set will have another specific reason I would just love to hear all of your thoughts And I would love to see all of that happening down in the comment section. We’re gonna have a proper discussion going on right here. Now I do understand that this video has been a little bit different to my normal style of things and I can promise you it will return back to that on the next redstone video, but I just thought this is something that I wanted to throw out there as Something to think about. But anyway if you did enjoy, please be sure to hit that like button if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo, and I’m out, I’ll see you later.

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  1. sima sandouk سيما صندوق

    I love minecraft 'cause I'm completely free when playing it and there's nothing spicific to do like a duty or something like that

  2. kit_nine

    I play Minecraft mainly because I always know I still have something to learn. Whether it be redstone or building techniques or pvp or whatever, I always can find something to do with the game. I'm also becoming wayyy better at the game, and most of my friends are confused about some things, like why I like to play the game and try to beat the ender dragon or find a nether fortress when it's already been done by someone else. To that, I say that I want to experience the feeling of accomplishment that the people who I've seen do those things must have felt. I play Minecraft almost every day now and I don't think any other game will overtake it, at least in my mind. To me, Minecraft is partially also a stress reliever. When my brother is annoying me, I go on Minecraft and build some insane redstone traps, even though I know he's never going to play on that world. Minecraft is an amazing game and I'm sure this isn't really what Notch had in mind when he first created 'Cave Game'.

    If you read all the way to here, have a nice day.
    And even if you didn't read to here, have a nice day anyway.
    Sorry I elaborate so much and sometimes I repeat the same point when I write. Please ignore any weirdness in this little comment.

  3. Ilham MH

    Your points are awesome. and the background music is awesome. love ur video. I will be an active subscriber towards now this moment. thanks!

  4. Tagged Inc.

    legit i play because it is by far 100% the best video game ever released. Yeah sure I get bored of it and I play other games like battlefield V. but I always come back to minecraft no matter what.

  5. Carishma Akhauri

    I Play I always wanted to go on Adventures on millions and billions of blocks. I've Been playing for 1 Year on my Phone on Java PC on Phone. 2018 to 2019

  6. Nova Sky

    One day i was chatting to a guy who asked me if id try out a java based browser game and give some feedback. I opened it and a seemingly infinite hilly plain of green and brown blocks loaded in, i could pick up and replace any block. At like 6am the next morning i had a castle made of dirt and a desire to dig more blocks. In the feedback i wrote very addictive but it needs trees.
    Im still playing cause they listen to feedback from the community.

  7. Bricen stewart

    Well i stoped playing minecraft for a longtime but i started playing it again cause it was a game that most of my friends had, so really i play it to get together and build a stronger relationship with my friends

  8. wesley cox

    beta, 1.11 or 1.14. they all have the same thing. its classic. it may never beat pong or pacman. but as a 12 year old i remember when minecraft was all the rage because of being free. doing whatever you want. even making redstone contraptions. after about a year or 2, minecraft kind of died out. mojang worked so hard to get people back to playing. and they did. not because of mojang, but because it is a classic game that everyone enjoys. people think fortnite is good. i'm not saying that's wrong, but fortnite will never have what minecraft will have. and that's creativity, classicism, and generally being better.

  9. Shadow Bear

    I play it because it calms me down , makes me happy and its just i love it i cant explain why i do i cant campare any other game with it ( fake minecraft games are just stupid but if youre looking for a free similar game like minecraft go play i dont mind even tho i hate them bcs their fake , copies.. blah blah blah) anyways its the only game i like and love i play it sometimes

  10. MaSDog509 _TTV

    I play Minecraft with my friends when I get upset I when im mad and it just makes me feel better so that's why I play minecraft

  11. Palathaxx

    The simple graphics are what make Minecraft what it is. If Minecraft looked like Uncharted you wouldn’t be able to build anything extravagant or complicated. The freedom would be stripped away and the game would lose its identity

  12. Gravity Jony

    I still play Minecraft because it’s an escape from reality, I can be who I want to be if I want to be a king in a castle that goes for miles then I can do that, if I want to be a chicken man that annoys people by throwing eggs in their face then a can, and if I just want a way to make my own world make it how I want, my home away from home to be then I can.

  13. Ethan Brunnett

    i play minecraft because when my dad died then he said life is to short to waste it on work you should enjoy the things that make you happy. in my case it was minecraft.

  14. farkon

    I started playing Minecraft when i was 10,with my friend. Now im only 11 but i didnt had opportunity to play it before, so i play it 1 year and i love it!

  15. Gamer Like Games

    Minecraft gives me confidence and skills I can use in the real life , Minecraft is just a game though but for me I find it useful and inspirational , I've been playing Minecraft since 2013 and yeah I still play it now cause on how creative I've been on this game and even though Minecraft lacks some of logic , I still like it as it was , I hope Minecraft can dethrone all games again like how it did before

  16. Nelly

    😊Why do I play minecraft? Well I enjoy playing with friends and family and making cool stuff like a Castle or a custom village. Ps Tanks for Reading this comment😊

  17. Ludwig Cools

    I play minecraft because of building,exploring,adventuring,enjoying the landscapes and the peace (i would love to live in minecraft someday)

  18. Woofy Potato

    I still play because I’ve played for 10 years now, and it hold me with so many memories and friendships, I just can’t let it go.

  19. Yuma_ 04_

    “Why do you play Minecraft?“

    Cuz I'm autistic hahah

    Its just so cool and satisfaying (did I spelled that wrong?😅) And all these updates are so fresh and new

    Its Minecraft.
    And its amazing

  20. L K

    OR….you can build real world wealth by working hard and control the world around you. There is something FAR MORE "satisfying" about that.

  21. Itz Frosted

    I came back to Minecraft because of you and I realized Minecraft can change your personality I said that because I watched your first video and you are way different person now

  22. Utkarsh Mishra

    I play minecraft because its interesting to see beyond possibilities
    It makes me feel the creativity that lies within people
    And i get to see other people play it and see what is possible in a world of endless possibilities
    I get to feel the love from more than the people that know me
    Its almost as if u are in a world where u can do anything u feel like
    It bittersweet and strange how this game has been a life changer for me

  23. Pdking Pro

    I had a Xbox 360 version but I wanted PC Minecraft. Sadly, I have Minecraft Education Edition. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I really want normal Minecraft. I have a family computer that I have to share with so I have to download it in secret. I dare you to try Education Edition. So my reason is because falling edge monostable circuit is a cool name.

  24. Klassisk

    Minecraft is such a simplistic game yet when you're in that world it suddenly becomes complicated outside of your world all you're doing is pressing keys on your keyboard but in the game you're building massive structures of ingenuity or even a small shack made of dirt with no windows and a door if you don't want to be fancy. Minecraft is a game where your imagination is your limit there's no right or wrong way to play it. The game comes with so many options, PVP, Redstone, Building, and so much more! In the end the way you play Minecraft is your decision you wanna play it technical and have tons of recources with massive structures then why not do it, if you wanna live small in a tiny base with no massive mob farms or structures made with tons of recource gathering machines (sorry SciCraft) and a basic survival world then do it! no one should ever tell you how to play Minecraft because when you first generate that world it's yours and yours only and what you do with it is your decision, that's why I love Minecraft.

  25. Inferno Kitty

    I still play minecraft so when I'm stressed out with a project for school or I need a break I can just hop on my pc and be launched into a whole new world when I don't have 10 page assignments.

  26. Player0ne

    i play minecraft because its fun.
    i get to build things on my own and be as creative as i want…

    ..even if it means playing survival on peaceful mode. that's still cool.


    I play Minecraft because I like being creative ,and I have a joy taking on challenging builds and overcoming things that feel impossible to create.

  28. Bekah Smith

    I play Minecraft because I find it to be the only place where I can feel alone but not lonely. With anxiety its hard to feel like im not being watched but Minecraft gave me that.

  29. Huntin_for_life_12

    I hopped on and played in the early days then creatively burnt myself out and rediscovered it last year and have been playing ever since

  30. AAstr3N

    I started watching Minecraft videos since I was 12, my family didn’t have the money to purchase any versions of the game and I really doubt that they’ll spend money for me on a so called stupid game. Now that I’m 17 and have a job, I recently just bought both the Bedrock and Java versions and have started to put in time into playing this wonderful game.

  31. Marshal Wilkinson

    I still play minecraft because it is a endless game there are so many things to do, like building flying machines or making Red stone creations I also just play it with my friends no goals nothing just going with what happens and having fun.

  32. Sloppy Doppy

    i don't even know the exact reason i still play mine craft to be honest ive just been in love with the game ever since i opened up minecraft lite for the first time… yeah i was a PE player dont bully me 🙂

  33. volatileEnchantress

    i play minecraft bc it like ive got this whole world that i can do whatever i want with. i have all these places and people and stories in my head and with minecraft i can make that real. its like an escape from everything where i can be whatever i want and do whatever i want and nothing and no one can stop me 🙂

  34. Frank Halliday

    It's a way to escape reality. In minecraft it's my own world. I don't have problems and it's very enjoyable and gets me through rough times.

  35. AceThePhoenix

    I play Minecraft because it’s fun, and like you said everyone has control of what they want to do in their own world. You can mold your world into whatever you want it to be. Again, it’s fun. Need I explain anymore?

  36. Destroyer Army

    I play Minecraft because I can do anything I want build anything I want and troll my friends by putting combination locks on my friends doors

  37. Destroyer Army

    I have been playing since I was 7 and now I'm 13 you do the math I'm actually playing Minecraft as I'm watching this I remember punching sheep for 3 wool and spamming the bow like a machine gun (why did they have to fix that glitch ☹️

  38. Tyler Bourne

    I Play "Minecraft" cuz You can like build huge stuff like you and you can make maps and severs too and you can try to break it and make huge thing like redstone piston house and command house it like a sandbox hence it is =/

  39. Winterealicsplayz

    I still and LOVE to play Minecraft is because its basically freedom itself. It allows one to be creative and gives challenge once in a while and it is just extremely enjoyable to play. There is no limitations to the amount of stuff you can create or the scale you want to make it in. Minecraft is like a second-home and I feel very warmly to be playing it. Minecraft is a game that keeps evolving and really attracts more and more people to play it. It is not just a game where you can generate worlds randomly and you can break and place blocks in it. It is a whole community where people can have fun and relieve stress. It is the GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD!

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