Why Does France Control The UK’s Border?

In June 2016, UK citizens will vote in a referendum
to decide if the country will stay in the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron
is urging the nation to stay in the EU — and this is one of the major reasons why. This
is the Calais ‘Jungle’ — an expansive migrant camp in Calais, northern France. Here
many attempt to reach the UK everyday by illegally crossing the Channel, by ferry or through
the Eurotunnel. Though Calais does have one of the most secure borders in Europe, Cameron
is concerned that this could change if the British Exit from the EU or “Brexit”,
should go through. So why exactly is the Calais border in jeopardy and what does it mean for
the UK? In the last year, wave after wave of migrants
have arrived at the Calais Jungle, and thousands have attempted to illegally cross the border
into the UK. Migrants from war-torn countries like Syria, Sudan and Afghanistan, try to
scale or break through fences in order to climb onto trains or trucks going across the
Channel to England. Life in the camp is hard and people here live
in squalid conditions, with very little food and no access to basic amenities. The camp
is now being dismantled, yet many migrants are still risking life and limb to try and
reach the UK. Like France, the UK government offers allowances in housing, healthcare and
education to refugees. But because many migrants speak English, the UK is more desireable as
many believe that finding work will be easier there. But few ever make it across the Channel because
of the the strict security on the Calais border. The border is well financed and that’s attributed
to a pact between the UK and France, called the Le Touquet Treaty. Formed in 2003, the
treaty allows British immigration officials to conduct passport checks on French soil
and allows French immigration to do the same in the UK. As David Cameron points out, what
this technically means, is that the UK border falls in France. …It’s an agreement that means that our borders
are effectively in Calais not in Dover. That is good for Britain. I want us to keep that. That is why we’ve helped with fencing, that’s
why we’ve helped with finances, that’s why we’ve helped with border guards and cooperation
and all the rest of it. In fact, it’s estimated that the UK government
is set to spend 12 million pounds on Calais border security over the next three years.
And some of that money has already gone toward expanding security fences and monitoring,
conducted by heavily-armed French riot police and CCTV cameras. So why is it so critical for the UK to maintain
their security measures in Calais? Well, in order to claim asylum in Britain under the
1951 Geneva Convention, migrants can only apply for refugee status if they are on UK
soil. So if the Calais border, complete with UK checkpoints is maintained, migrants have
virtually zero chance of ever setting foot on UK territory and therefore can’t qualify
for asylum there. And this is what David Cameron is afraid Britain’s
exit from the EU, will destroy. He’s concerned that France will dissolve the Le Touquet Treaty,
meaning the UK border in Calais will have to return to British shores. The fact is there are a lot of opposition
politicians in France who would love an excuse to tear up that treaty and would like the
border not to be in France but to be in Britain. Essentially, he’s worried that there will
be little stopping migrants from entering the UK. And French President Francois Hollande
has certainly added fuel to Cameron’s fears over the Brexit, commenting, “there will be consequences … especially
in the way we handle the situation in terms of immigration.” In other words, Hollande is issuing a warning
to the UK. Which is why Cameron is being so outspoken about staying in the European Union. If we can get this deal in Europe…You know
that the borders stay in Calais, you know that we have a seat determining (sic) the
rules when it comes to the future of Europe… Though Cameron continues to argue that he
is trying to protect the UK from having it’s own Calais Jungle, some critics say that he
is merely trying to scare the British people into staying in the EU. Whatever the case
may be, the Prime Minister seems determined not to move the UK border from France. David Cameron may not want to leave the European
Union but there are many others in the UK that would like to go. Check out this video
on Why The UK Wants To Leave The EU. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to

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Reader Comments

  1. Dave Von Saunder

    lol it's so ironic. The British vote for Brexit so that immigrants won't invade their country. Because of Brexit the French will probably care less about immigrants invading the U.K.

  2. Ctrl-Z

    Go to the border. It is necessary to go through French customs AND British customs. France does not control the UK border. UK Officials decide whether you get into the UK. The UK has an agreement to conduct the border controls in the same location, that's all. Some people can't even check things on Google before they make a stupid upload. Thumb down.

  3. Daryl Kemp

    france do not control uk borders they police it on their side but if they try to be funny after brexit and pass all the terrorist benefit seeking trash on to us we could take control and just blow the channel tunnel up and sink the banana boats that try to cross the channel

  4. Fraser Hughes

    The UK is actually pretty easy to get Asylum in. These migrants, clue is in migrant, are not from worn torn countries. They're often from places like Pakistan or Central African countries. Some are actually well educated or rich, hence why they can pay the $3K Per-person smuggling price tag.

  5. Woopert

    The Channel Tunnel should never have built. Part of why Britain has always had a natural strategic advantage throughout history is that it is an island separated from the chaos of Europe. Why would you want to compromise that and forge a physical connection to the continent?

  6. cmolodiets

    if only the french would do their job and prevent the migrants from entering. I guess they're too busy going on strike.
    The UK must take that controle in charge



    DO to the Brits WHAT they have been doing to ALL people they INVADED and CONQUERED !

    PS – they are so ARROGANT that they do NOT consider themselves as…Europeans.

  8. Unjo Gratis

    What i dont understand is if your fleeing war in you country, you go to the nearest safe country you dont travel a few 1000 miles to get to france or Britain

  9. Erwin Rommel

    How much power does the UN really have because it seems that fascism is rising in traditionally non fascist nations especially first world countries.

  10. Mickeyminime

    Maybe we should just end asylum once and for all. After all, staying in Europe gives us no control over our boarders. Leaving will give us more power and more control, we just need the right people in government to get the job done and to put the British people first!

  11. imnotdeadyet

    Those poor immigrants, all they want is a happy life (which they could not get due to war in their home country) and the government won't do anything! How is this ok?

  12. Dakota Doggo

    When people keep coming into your country illegally so you put some money into protecting your borders, then immediatly get called a racist and islamaphobic fascist

  13. Joseph 1960

    UK should change or update its law, with regards to housing, medical put a ton of condition…. my the country have those to but a ton of condition like in medical.. one of those condition is that I must not get sick or injured or I lost my medical, housing I must pay them full before I can live in the house…

  14. MercyReaper

    England is already over populated. We don't need more backward muslims! 4% Muslim population and 87% white British is what I want to keep. France can keep her 10% Muslim population, look how great that's turning out!

  15. One more

    Just use the Channel Tunnel guys. Longer but more legal.
    If you disagree, I respect your opinion.
    EDIT: Or seek for asylum in France.

  16. Chivalry Wright

    I'm not a millennial, I'm not xenial, I'm not generation x, I'm not baby boom.. But I'm imperial.

    Just think about this: during the imperial age, it's Europeans who were migrating to backward nations and many of those backward nations became great once European settlements were established (North America, Australia, New Zealand)

    But now that people no longer want imperialism, it's the reverse: backward nations are the ones colonizing Europe. It would have been completely okay if they are making Europe improve the way Europeans improved the lands they colonized. But people from backward nations are making a "Calais Jungle" all over Europe.

    The only way to reverse this is to start another age of empires!

  17. Denise Bundy


  18. Alex Merrill

    They're already in France, a safe place to live. If they try to get to Britain, they're no longer refugees. They're economic migrants.

  19. Kamel Mebh

    The only one benifit from the chaos in the Muslim world is the Zionist state.the new world order
    And the arms dealers and the oil company seven sisters like BP and total….

  20. Cassandra Lynne Rose Sullinger

    Losing the Calais border is the equivalent of, say, Mexico taking back it's former territory of states Arizona and NM. Would you expect America to shrug its shoulders and just let them have it? Absolutely not. Why would the UK be ok with losing some territory? Hence where the borders are. You guys are missing the point.

  21. Arsenic Poisoning

    here is a tip migrants, I'm trying to help you here just go to a place that actually wants you like Germany because they need a labor force due to their decreasing population and birth rate


    It is true. We get a lot of tourists due to france. They come to Plymouth and in some ways it helps the southwest as it relies on tourism and trade. It is how the southwest gets most of its income in my opinion.

  23. Adrien M-J

    Okay there is a lot of confusion on who control what basically since the Euro Tunnel opened or the "Channel" France and UK signed a treaty really short one and basically when you arrive from the UK to go in France via the Tunnel you first cross British border patrol and after it French border patrol in Dovers then in Coquelles (France) you are not checked by french border patrol this gain time for tourists and workers, same for France when you go to the UK you firstly cross a French border patrol then a british border patrol excétéra


    So the country that colonised most of the other countries now wants their borders to be closed. Remember they are here because you were there.

  25. Emilio Vargas

    👍👍👍👍👍 send em back everyone has problems we just cant run from ours to another country creating a bigger problem if your illegal your breaking the law period this is why theres no jobs this has to end immigrants work for peanuts and employers rather pay them peanuts than pay a citizen their$$$ send these ppl back asap

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