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hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at why it’s illegal to be named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 now you may be wondering
why it’s illegal to be named that name well believe it or not there are some
names which are banned throughout the world and that’s exactly what we’re
going to be looking at in this video you won’t believe what some parents actually
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the notification bell – so coming up first we have BR f x XC c XX m NP CC CC
ll l m MN PR x vc l MN c KS s q lb 1 1 1 1 6 i’m sorry you guys had to sit
through me saying that whole name out but don’t worry i won’t be saying it
again so where in the world is it illegal to call your kid that name well
the country which has banned this name is Sweden Sweden actually has very
strict laws when it comes to naming your kids that all dates back to a 1982 law
passed to prevent non noble families giving their kids noble names the law
had various different aspects to it and one of these aspects says that names
shall not be approved if they cause a fence
another reason for not getting a name approved is if it causes discomfort to
one trying to use it or if someone’s called their kid a name which is
obviously not suitable as a first name now because this law was all about non
noble families giving their kids noble names some said this was very elitist it
seemed like Sweden Sallee didn’t want their kids having the same names as
regular kids so in protest one couple named their kid
that name now they said that’s only how they wanted the name written out the
name was actually going to be pronounced Albin which is a pretty normal name in
Sweden so in response the Swedish government not only didn’t allow their
kid to be called this but they banned the name then that their parents
responded by trying to call that same kid a again they said it would be
announced Albin but they wanted the name Albin written as the letter A but their
protest didn’t work as the Swedish government also blocked this name and
banned it too so if you live in Sweden don’t try calling your kid that name or
the letter A next up is Nutella I am sure we all know that chokolate hazelnut
spread Nutella it’s from Italy but it’s super popular in many countries but it’s
undisputed that the most popular country for Nutella is France
it seems the French cannot get enough of Nutella and supermarkets in France or
even known to have riots when Nutella is on special offer well in 2015 one French
couple loved Nutella so much they wanted to name their daughter after it that’s
right they actually wanted to call their daughter Nutella
they said they hope she could be a sweet as the delicious chocolate spread but
one judge clearly was not a fan the judge insisted that the name would lead
to mockery of the child in France parents used to have to pick from a long
list of approved names but since 1993 that law was abolished parents can now
name their kids whatever they like but not Nutella that name was bound by a
French judge as it would lead to mockery the parents then came to a compromise
and named their kid Ella I’m not sure if around their house they call their kid
Nutella but legally she’s called Ella to be honest I think this is best
I like Nutella but I wouldn’t want to be called it next up we have Tallulah dust
the hula from Hawaii you may be asking Charley’s that a real name or he just
going crazy well no that is actually a real-life name but is the name great or
terrible in New Zealand in 2008 somebody tried to name their nine-year-old
daughter to let us the hula from Hawaii that’s right they weren’t even from
Hawaii but New Zealand now not only did the judge bound this name they also took
the kid away from the parents they said this was a form of abuse and they took
the kid away but do you guys think Tallulah does the hula from Hawaii is a
great name or abuse coming up next is Chief Maximus
now this name really does sound like a movie character well this is yet another
parent from New Zealand who tried to call their kids something very
interesting but it seems the judge was less enthusiastic the judge didn’t want
this kid to grow up sounding like some kind of hero soldier from a movie so
that’s why he ordered Chief Maximus to be renamed to just Maximus and luckily
for the parents in this case it didn’t lead to their kid being taken away by
the government coming up next is Robocop if you thought the previous name on this
list sounded like a movie character this one actually is a movie character that’s
right a couple from Mexico actually wanted to call their kid Robo Club after
the movies they loved the movies so much they actually wanted their kid to be
named Robocop so in response the Mexican government banned it this happened in
Sonora Mexico which borders Arizona USA the government there realized this was a
problem after the name Robocop had to be banned so that’s why the state made a
list of 61 banned names names on this list include US Navy Burger King a Rambo
and terminator so if you’re a big fan of movies and naming your kids after them
then don’t go to Mexico coming up next is at we all know the @ symbol found in
every email address well it seems one Chinese couple found email addresses so
catchy they tried to name their kid at and I don’t mean spelt a T they actually
wanted it written out as the @ symbol the couple wanted it to be pronounced a
tie in Chinese this sounds similar to a phrase meaning love him they felt this
was a very loving and nice name for their son but the Chinese government did
not agree in response they banned the name @ but not only that they went ahead
and banned every symbol and number in a name they said they would have done this
before but no one tried to call their kid a number or symbol before next stop
is Sarah you may think why nerf would you want to
ban the name Sarah it’s a very common name and I’m sure some people watching
this video are called sarin well one day in Morocco some parents wanted to call
their daughter Sarah but Morocco has a law saying all names
must be in line with Moroccan identity they banned the name Sarah with an H
because it’s the Hebrew spelling however they did let the parents call their kid
Sarah without the age that’s right in Morocco you can be called Sarah but not
Sarah that’s because Sarah spelt SAR e is the
Arabic spelling which is fine it’s kind of crazy how one letter can make a name
be banned but I guess that’s how they do it in Morocco next up is full stop depending on where you’re from in the
world you may know this as a full stop or period mark well in New Zealand one
parent tried to name their kid full stop I’m not sure what it is with New Zealand
parents and naming their kids weird stuff but because this happened it had
to be added to New Zealand’s list of band’s names this happened in 2013 the
parents said they wanted their kids name to be written as the period symbol but
they said they would have it pronounced full stop clearly the New Zealand
government were less than enthusiastic so they banned the name entirely next up
is Harriet Harriet is another name where you would think does that really need to
be banned well in Iceland Harriet is actually a band name you see two
Atlantic parents coolest surprise when they’ve realised that their daughter’s
name was bad Iceland have an approved list of names that parents can give
their kids but if you want to go off that list you can pay a fee and apply
for government approval however the name must only include the letters of the
Icelandic alphabet well the name Harriet does not have the
letters of the Icelandic alphabet so that’s why it had to be banned not only
that her brother Duncan also had a band name that’s because there’s no letter C
in the Icelandic alphabet now the parents refused to change their kids
names and because of this they were unable to
get their kids passports so now Harriet and Duncan don’t have their names on
their passports instead their passports simply say girl and boy next up we have
Metallica I’m sure many people love the heavy metal band Metallica that was the
case for a couple of parents in Sweden they actually did succeed in baptizing
their kid under the name Metallica but eventually Swedish officials found
out and they banned the name I’m not sure what they had to change their kids
name to but the name is no longer allowed in Sweden and finally on the
list of banned names from around the world we have Linda so you may think
what could possibly be wrong with the name Linda it’s a very common name
especially in the Western world well that’s exactly why it was banned you see
in 2014 Saudi Arabia released a list of banned
baby names and one of them was Linda that’s because it’s so popular in the
West and Saudi Arabia said they didn’t want Western ideologies coming over to
their country I’m not exactly sure how the name Linda could change their
ideology so much bad Saudi Arabia was very fearful of this so they had to ban
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