Why Pi is Awesome (Vi Hart Rebuttal)

this video is going to be a little more educational than usual OK, so there is this channel that I used to really like watching called Vi art Hart. Heart? And I say ‘used to’, because she doesn’t really post that often anymore She makes videos that combine two of my favourite subjects: Math and Art. y-you like math??? Yes, okay, I like math. So vi hart (I don’t know her real name) made videos about math, and triangles, and trans-genderism… I’m gonna be honest, I’ve kind of forgotten everything she’s talked about hexa-something, that was one of her things… but every year she’s made anti-pi videos Pi as in the math pi, remember? we’re talking about math… not the… Okay, so she posts them every year on pie day wich is today, it’s pie day, if you didn’t know that let me just tell you something interesting about pi, in 1949 we started using
computers to find pi and we kept getting closer and closer as technology
advanced and we never found the true value of pi To this day, all those PI to a million
places websites Nope, not pi. Yeah, we’ve gotten really
really close to PI and yet we’re nowhere near as close because it’s infinite I mean it’s close enough where you
physically can’t measure that accurate in the real world but it’s not the true
value of pi. The true value of pi goes on forever and we haven’t really gotten to
the end of that Okay, so back to vi hart. there’s a high
chance she made a 2016 anti-pi video today right now so go check it out link is
in the description if she’s made one so I guess this is a rebuttal video about
why pi is actually awesome but I’m going to be rebuting her 2014 video,
because the 2015 one was kind of stupid “Ah, March 14, That’s just an arbitrary number on a
calendar we created Yeah!” Man, shut up and I actually wanted to make this video
back in 2015 but I didn’t instead I just made this
comic because last year was hashtag ultimate pie day. So I’ve actually waited
a year now so I’m excited to talk about it Let’s do it! I hope i’m not breaking any copyright laws
by this. “Pi day, I’m mad about how people worship pi for being infinite for going
on forever first of all pi is not infinite” Well yeah it is but that’s not why it’s
awesome every number is technically infinite you take the number four and
you add a point zero for still the same but in theory you can
add a zero forever making it technically infinite and that’s just what PI is. it’s just
a number it’s not infinity. no one’s saying that
it is. “I know it’s not about its magnitude it’s about all those digits
infinite digits going on forever but first of all it doesn’t go anywhere” Yeah, no it doesn’t. That, *sigh* it doesn’t make
it not awesome it’s right there on the number
line between three and four it’s just a number like I said, y equals
pi is just a straight horizontal line you take the derivative of pi – you get
zero, it’s a number! It’s just a number man, just a number! “Pi is a number, not a process” Yeah, okay, we agree! but that doesn’t make
it not awesome the speed of light is “just a number” it’s
about what that’s super specific number represents “Secondly yeah so it’s got infinite
digits, so what? One-third has infinite digits.” Yeah but pi is
random numbers that go on forever and there’s no pattern, that’s what’s so cool do you know what the trillionth digit of
pi is? No! No you don’t, it’s random digits with no pattern. but I know the
trillionth digit of one third – spoiler alert – It’s three! “There is exactly as many digits in
one-third as in pi as in 9.9999 repeating…” Yeah the digits
of pi are random but the number as a whole isn’t random at all, which is another
cool thing. It is the ratio of the diameter of a
circle to its circumference, multiply the diameter by PI you get the circumference. Are you forgetting that? “There’s an
infinite number of irrational numbers. For any two fractions you can find another fraction that’s between them, and again and again and again – there’s never any
fractions that are right next to each other on the number line.” Yes, irrational numbers are
technically everywhere take the one millionth digit of pi,
change it to a three and you get an entirely new irrational number it’s not
pi anymore I mean this was never pi to begin with,
but you can’t use this to get the circumference anymore nuh-uh, not good. but it’s this highly specific
irrational number that this special ratio occurs Not this one, not this one, this one! It’s why we made this specific
irrational number its own symbol Well okay, we actually used a Greek
letter so it’s not totally made up “So, I don’t know why anyone would make a
fuss about the grand infinities and forevers of a boring little number like
PI.” *scoffs* It’s not boring number by taking such a simple ratio of such a simple geometric object.” Yes! Thank you! It’s so weird right? “Surely that never happens with other simple ratios of other simple geometric objects –
OH WAIT! They’re in everything!” What? No, okay. If you take one of the sides of
a square and multiply it by this number you get the length of it’s diagonal between the corners Ok so this is the ratio of the side of a
square and its diagonal and it’s just random numbers that go on forever kinda like pi. So why don’t we celebrate
this number? Why don’t we have a special symbol for it like pi? Well, actually we do! It’s called radical 2! Look, you just take this number, you square it you get 2! Just plain, old, boring 2. That’s not special! You can’t square pi and get something
like 10! You square pi, it’s still irrational! Look at this
triangle same deal right? This number goes on forever – but wait – it can be
written down as radical 3 over 2 just like what you did in the video! Now
this one for a Pentagon we do use the symbol for it. It’s a Greek symbol called
phi. phi. phi? That’s really close to pi. I wonder if that was
on purpose… now phi is approximately this number kinda like pi right? Totally one hundred
percently irrational I think we got ourselves another pi – but
wait we can rewrite it like this! Hey, sidenote; this number is considered to be the
golden ratio it has to do when we talk about that swirly like seashell thing
and it can actually found an art so that’s pretty cool Okay, back to pi! You can’t rewrite pi
like any of these numbers, pi is its own number! It stands by itself above the rest it’s
not radical 2 not rad 3 over 2 but just plain ol’ 3.1415 That’s why pi is so awesome. there’s a
picture going around the internet that’s like pi contains the day you were born
the day you die we give the numbers letters every
possible conversation you ever had and every conversation you didn’t have. You see now
that’s just stupid. that’s just the nature of having random
numbers go on forever. I could do the same thing on random
generator.org if I just generated a random digit forever Now what does this mean, do circles
even exist? How can you have a bendy line with just
straight lines? What is real?! Alright so just to finish things up this
is all bull crap. Well not all of it… Well yeah, all of it.
The reason why pi is actually famous and so beloved is because let’s be real
guys it’s called pi. you don’t see people
celebrating pi day because they appreciate how this irrational number is
the ratio between the diameter and the circumference. They’re celebrating it because it’s
called pi! “You can’t tell me the success of Kevin Bacon isn’t somehow tied to his name. You’re not going out to see a Kevin
hot dog movie.” And I think that’s what happened to PI. People were like, “Ahh this
boring math term has a funny name!” *Snicker* “Let’s celebrate it on our meaningless
calendars.” … That was a video… vi hart, I don’t
even know if you go on the internet anymore but I used to really like
watching your videos because you know when I was like growing up. I’ve, I grew
up with you. I grew up with your videos I know you, you know? vi hart if you’re
watching this what’s up I used to really like watching
your videos you should make more I miss you. Your’e alive, right? No, you are alive.
You have a twitter. I… I follow you on twitter Please come back! They only have reaction channels now and they’re stupid! *sniff*

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Reader Comments

  1. Larissa SPARK

    I only remember
    3.14159265358 I haven't memorized the rest yet.

    Haha. That was a joke if you didn't get it. I can't memorize the rest…..

  2. Rebecca

    Therrreessss hydrogen and helium and lithium beryllium boron carbon everywhere nitrogen all throug
    H the air and oxygen so you can breathe and

  3. Savitree Jaggernauth

    I don't know that much about pi,I'm just in highschool even though it's called Queen's College in Guyana. Don't come and kill me.

  4. 3crazykids


  5. Gamescape Gamer

    Pick a number between one and ten
    Multiply it by 2
    Multiply it by 5
    Divide the number you have now with the number you have now
    Subtract 7
    Now you have the number 3 as your answer

  6. Elvin Davis

    I am in the 6th grade and on my last question on a thing kind of like a short quiz on how much I learned it mentioned a tire, its diameter, and How far would it travel each time it spins or something.. after that, in parentheses, it said use 22/7 = pi. I hadn't even learned what it equals yet… so I grew like 19 points or something.. SHOWER ME WITH GIFTS RIGHT NOW FOR MY SMARTNESSESSDIOPEWZZZZX

  7. Jawaid Iqbal

    has nobody realised that the reason pi day is on march 14th is because 03/14 is the date of march 14th, and the first digits of pi are 3.14

  8. Trucmuche

    I love that you love Vi Hart and you're rebuttal also act as an ad for her channel.
    Now two things :
    1/ pi sound like pie only in English and yet the whole world love pi so I don't thing it has anything to do with pie (well maybe in America it does, I don't know).
    2/ vi Hart number one concern about pi is that it's the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter when a ration to its radius would make way more sense. Down with pi long live tau (=6.283…). Everything you love about pi is true about tau. Vi Hart loves tau. Just switch to tau and you could love it together…

  9. Furashu

    WTF how is it possible to hate Pi???
    I agree with you that Pi is awesome but I kinda feel sad because now I know that there are people who like math but hate Pi so it's a bummer.
    Edit: I finished the video…

  10. Alejandra Becerra

    68 digits of pi


    We had to mesmerize that in 5th hrade
    Search up pie song

  11. JacobFilms Stuff

    Well I mean March 14th isn’t arbitrary. March is the 3rd month so 3. And the 14th of March is 14. So 3/14. Looks it’s also like 3.14! 😮

  12. SuperBStream

    In 6th grade now we learn about geometry
    And so one of the formulas for a circle
    Is Pi(Multiplied by)(Radius)(Multiplied by)(Radius)
    In school my teacher told me that pi is equal to 3.14

  13. Rhea Fulgencio

    This is a cool video. I'm so happy I found this channel.

    Anyway, I don't know if you will read this but I want to tell another fact about pi. It is one of the 2 known "transcendental numbers".

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