Why Reinforced Aluminum Pool Fences are the Industry Standard

Hey guys Tim with Pool Guard of LA just want to we’re at a customer’s house we’re taking out this old fencing we’re going to install
the new fencing but this is the small pegged stuff and I tell customers all the
time this is the hardest stuff to get out! My goodness! I can’t even get it out. I might have to . . . we might have to take our grinder and grind down. But that’s the
reason why another reason why use reinforced aluminum, aluminum post
marine-grade it’s just a lot easier to take up and down and this small peg
stuff is just really really hard and as you get in closer to (zoom in) it’s actually backed by its plastic in
there so if you unhook this this whole thing side is actually plastic so it’s
actually not actually not the metal that’s reinforced its actually plastic
inside of it so the only advantage of this is a smaller hole but it’s far as
strength is in there and it starts taking up and down well that’s a little easier but most of these are just incredibly hard to take up and down anyways that’s why you should go
with aluminum reinforced aluminum it’s the industry standard and that’s what
all the major brands using and that’s what we at Pool Guard use so if you have any other questions you
can contact us at LAPoolGuard.com or you can go to our corporate website
which is PoolGuardUSA.com Have a safe day!

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