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Hi, my name is Scott and welcome back to home improvement woodworking I recently spent a day at the Greater Toronto Area Home Show teaching people about the basics of woodworking A lot of people had questions about a miter saw they weren’t sure what it was used for or how they can benefit from it I’m gonna tell you all about that Miter saw is intended for your wood to be stationary and for that saw to come across and cut that piece It’s accurate because your wood is stable and you can get that saw exactly where you want to cut it Miter saw has been designed so that you can cut angles So if you’re putting on trim on doors or windows and you want to lie to them at a 45 degree angle This allows a very accurate angle There are other increments along the dial here and that will allow you to dial it in if your windows out of square for example or you’re dealing with different things like cutting half of a 45 degree you’ve got increments for that as well I’ll show you a square cut so you can see how that’s done And I’ll change it to a miter cut 22 and 1/2 degrees Now I have a piece of angled trim typically 22 and 1/2 degrees is what I’d use if I’m taking this trim up staircases Now the other thing you can do is bevel this control here allows me to bevel this saw And turn it over here After I take this fence out The nice thing about the size the controls at the front and not at the back I’ve got an older saw and the controls of the back So a bevel allows you to cut across here if you were doing 45s and a baseboard just like this So here you can see I’ve got my bevel on my baseboard So this tool is meant for beveling and mitering there isn’t a better tool for it Now that you know what a miter saw is used for let me tell you about some of the things you might want to shop for when you’re looking for a miter saw The first thing to look at on a miter saw is the increments on the saw Some of them are only on one side This one’s got some on both sides And the reason that’s good is if you’ve got a large piece of stock here and you’re adjusting this fence you can see on either side where it’s not blocked Another thing to look for too is the increments that lock in If I release this with this button and just slide it along It locks in at 15 for me 22 and a half 31.6 and 45 I’ve also got the ability to do fine movements all the way around Locking those in make things faster more accurate for you rather than dialing it in specifically Another thing to look for is bevelling controls On this saw, It’s right on the front I’ve got an older saw words on the back. It’s less convenient, but here it’s just a matter of loosening this off Removing the extra high fences on either side And then tilting it over to the angle that you’re looking for Here are the indicators for the bevel On higher end saws what you’ll get is the ability for that to lock in automatically Lower end saws don’t have that. So here. I’ve got 22 and a half 33.9 and 45 Some saws only allow you to bevel in one direction I recommend getting one that bevels in both directions And that way you’re not restricted in terms of how you’re making your cuts You can buy miter saws in cordless like this one or corded This is Makita’s latest model This is a DLS 110 and it’s a brushless motor which means it’s running very efficient and will give you longer battery life This runs off of two 18 volt batteries. I’ve been using this for a half-day so far and haven’t had the charge it yet One thing about buying a tool like this is it’s a long-term investment You want to make sure you’re buying a quality tool? I’ve owned a Makita LS 1013 for 20 years and I’ve only had to have it serviced once and it cost me $82 If you buy a good quality tool, it’s going to last you and it’s going to give you good results So I encourage you to look at it Don’t buy the cheapest tool out there, but buy one that’s a good quality The last thing we’ll touch on is dust collection These are notoriously dusty saws This is the dust produced from seven 2×4’s being cut once When I hooked up the shop back to this tool you can see here the difference There’s still some dust but it’s much, much better I’ve taken my old LS1013 and what I’ve done is put it inside a cabinet with dust collection That way any dust created is pulled away from me, the user, and so it doesn’t affect me and my lungs If you want to see this miter saw dust collection hood, I’ve got a video on that too If you enjoyed this video, please use the link over here to subscribe and if you click on the bell icon you’ll get notified when our next videos come out The more subscribers we get the more video content we’re going to create for you Until next time enjoy your time in the workshop!

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  1. marcin rycowski

    hi Scott. i have question i use my makita saw 1019 but the dust collection is bad.so im thinking about new makita mitre saw or festool kp60.did u hane any issue with new makita saw ??
    thanks martin

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