Why Wool Tools Don’t Exist – Minecraft

I’ve Got So Many Sheep! I Have 20 Chests Full Of Wool Of All Colors But I Can’t Do Much With It Imagine If Wool Could Do Something Else yeah. Like Being Crafted Into Tools Thats A Cool Idea! Thanks sheep number #2043219! DID THAT SHEEP JUST TALK?! I heard wool tools were added I wonder what they can do! I want to try out a wool axe Time to craft one! Time to try out this axe! Imagine if it can cut down a tree… ..with a single hit So.. now there are wool tools in the game… I should try out a wool pickaxe! I wonder what it can do woohoo!! Found diamonds! I wonder if my wool pickaxe.. ..can mine diamonds! Let’s find out! NOOOOO!!! MY DIAMONDS!!! IT TOOK ME A WHOLE 40 SECONDS TO FIND THEM! I HATE THESE WOOL TOOLS! Oh man… My iron sword is broke.. ..and there are monsters around All I have is wood, sticks and wool I would go for a wooden sword.. But I wanna give the wool sword a try Nice!! I have a wool sword now! Time to try it out on the skeleton I saw back there! lololol You’re not scary anymore! You don’t look scary at all xD hahaha!! You look like a friendly mob now! NOOOO!!! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO US?! Wool tools would such a mess xD

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  1. Dajuan Boyer

    And why didn't the creeper burn like the other monsters?! And it just creeped out of the water and went right into the house!!! That was funny! 😂

  2. Diego Gonzalez

    Bear miner Found the diamond, hr turn into Wool and he is mad Reason: Turn diamond into Wool with Wool pickaxe And he Set fire and TNT and Making That Cave exploded

  3. Munawar Hiussain

    What if quartz tools were real
    Make sure that video will be a better one
    You will go into the nether then you will find some nether quarz and you will craft some tools and then you will try

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