Why You Can’t Craft Command Blocks – Minecraft

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  1. PrevosHD

    so Bad.. if you craft them …..you are 99% in survival mode..and if you know.. cmd block can only used by players in creative mode.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahab

  2. Zamzam Muazam

    yes we can craft anything in minecraft!!
    to craft a Command Block,you need to kill the EnderDragon 3 times,the recipe is 4 crafting table [in the dirt position],4 redstone and 1 iron.
    just like the picture.
    goodluck Crafting!

  3. Timothy VanBuskirk

    You can craft command blocks I guess you guys don't know if you could craft command blocks… Without a crafting table you could craft command blocks… It's hard though…

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