Why You Can’t Jump Over Fences – Minecraft

Don’t forget to Subscribe!!! What?! Why can’t I jump over this fence?! NOOOOO!!! The next day… I’ll show those zombies… These fences need to changed! I’m gonna make it easy to jump over them! Notch:Who’s that guy?… Why you can’t jump over fences
Made by Orepros
Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 Welcome everybody! Today i’m giving away diamonds! All you have to do is jump over that fence! And you’ll get free diamonds for life! 😀 lol they’re so stupid! You can’t jump over fences! Plus, that fence is unbreakable! (How dumb he is lol xD uhhh.. Did I say that out loud? You can go take the diamonds now! Pro:But there’s no way we can get over the fence… how did it work for everyone?! Meanwhile in a farm… I’m so good at this! I have hundreds of animals! I’m the best farmer in the world! My stomach doesn’t feel so good… A few minutes later… Meanwhile… The Final Jump… I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment. This is my chance to show my family that I mean something. Yeah, I’m the best of the best! I knew i could make that jump! Fence parkour is no match for me! Why didn’t the fence work!?! Meanwhile at a village… Ha, stupid zombies! Targeting me through fences… You can’t catch me! This is my moment! This is my chance! My Bretheren will respect my toenails. I will get over that fence! I can’t believe it!! This is the best day of my life! I did it! Later… WooHoo!! This is the best update ever! I can’t believe i can finally jump over fences! Where is the guy who did the update? Where is he?! When i find him… He’ll pay for this I believe him changing fences deteriorates the classic rendition and originality of Minecraft bbestowed by it’s creator. Have you seen him? Are you the guy? Guys!! Relax! I know who you’re looking for! And i saw where he went! He went that way! I don’t believe him Lol noobs et’s find him!! Yeah!!! We’ll find him I’ll paint his fingernails pink! I’ll annihilate him! He’s as good as dead! I forgot who we’re going after I actually like the update… MY bunny is lost because of him! Guys There he is! Get him! What?! No, Not, me!! That’s what you get! Yeah!1 Get him! Noob!! The best defence is a good offence. Leave your video idea as a comment down below and you can be responsible for the next video T^hanks for watching! Remember to leave a like 😀 SUBSCRIBE>………… Previous video

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Reader Comments

  1. MWB Gaming

    1:59 orepros is likely somewhere in asia
    they are the only ones who use the term WC/ water closet to describe a toilet

  2. Sally Bellamy

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  3. Sheldon Webb

    What If Water Tools Existed In Minecraft Like If You House Was On Fire By Lava And You Had Water Tools On You You Would Survive And The Swords Can Kill Blazes Those Fire Things In The Nether Anyway Oh Also Crops Can Grow Faster When You Use Any Those Planting Things What Is Used For Planting Crops (What Is The Name Of Those Things Again?!) Anyway PLZZZZ Make A Video About This Anyway Byee!

  4. Franco Rodriguez Animator Stick Nodes

    If you can't jump over fences. All you need to do is:
    Drink a jump boost potion and you can jump over fences.
    Anyone agree? Like if you do!

  5. Tammy Lo

    the reason why you cant jump over fences is actually because the height of the fence is 1.5 and our jump is 1( 1 block) so neither a player or a mob can jump over unless you place a block or something beside the fence

  6. Kian_derman YT

    I actually feel bad for the farmer took so so long to put all those animals in the pen thing and then they just hop over it

  7. Cool Tours

    Both of those are Trespassing! No no no! Very very Impossible to jump through both of those also in Real Life or in Minecraft too as a matter of fact.

  8. Austin Tracy

    You cant jump over fences is bc they are a block and a half tall but if you place a fence down and next to it you place a block and a slab and the on the slab you can walk on the fence ;D

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