Windows and A Chicken Pen! | Minecraft Survival #7

Hey guys! I am Twippet and welcome back to
some more Minecraft. So what we’re gonna be doing in this episode is, if the
chickens will let us get out of our house, we’re gonna make them a little pen.
That’s right you’re gonna get your own little place to live instead of inside my
house. That place is mine you, can’t have it. So I figured we’d- *creepy noise* Ooo,h that’s not good…figured we’d put it somewhere around here. Should have- Oh? Oh…oh yeah, that’s
right, E is the button you press for the inventory, not I. So we should have a fair
amount of materials that we need to make the fences and stuff.
I need a crafting bench though so- what is wrong with you? Why do you just want
to hang out by the door? You’re not getting out, not until I’m done with this.
So let’s see if I can remember the recipe for fences. Something like that? No. I may
have to go and look this up. Pretty sure I know how to make ladders but…hang on, hang on,
I think- oh, I need- I’m gonna need more sticks. Think I’ve got it, so what about
that? No, no, no no no no. That’s wrong, I’ve got it wrong, okay, give me a second while I
look this up. Okay so I pretty much had it right except you don’t do the full
three blocks tall I guess, there you go. So there’s a fence and then to get the
gate that we need we just do that. So there we go. Now we’re gonna need a bunch more
sticks. Thank you. And I’m gonna need more wood.
Okay fine, fine, okay, we’ll just, we’ll just make one. So put all this back in
there and we’ll uh.. oh, oh! It’s nighttime. Well then. Oh there’s
zombies. Oh! Okay, well, guess we’ll have to stay inside for now but once the Sun
comes back up we’ll head out there, we’ll start working on the pen with what we’ve
got so far and then we’ll go chop some more trees down get some more wood and
yeah work some more on the pen. While we’re here let’s throw all these eggs
and see…do we get any more chickens? Wow, we don’t. That was eight eggs and not a
single chicken came out of it. You know all of you guys are grown up
now which means I can eat all of you which means I may have to eat some of
you. Just look at you, there’s so many of you. You guys are all over the place
I only really need one chicken and then I can make as many as I need so we may…there may be one less of you guys by the end of this. Alright well I’m just
gonna wait here until the Sun comes back up we’re not gonna go out in the middle
of the night, do anything risky and crazy and end up getting ourselves killed in
the process so yeah I will cut to when it is morning.
Okay so I realized that instead of just wasting a bunch of time here waiting for
morning we can actually do something useful.
We can cook this sand up and get ourselves some glass so we can make some
windows and make our house look a little nicer and at the same time give us a
better view of the surrounding area and what dangers
lie outside. So yeah, we’re just gonna wait for this, already got some glass, they
definitely changed that. That is different. I am still not sure if I’ve
got a resource pack on or not… Minecraft is telling me I don’t but I
don’t know why they would go and change every last texture in the game so let’s
see if I can remember the recipe for glass panes and that’s gonna need some
more fuel so yeah that ought to do. Alright, one more glass and then…is that
right? No. May have to go back and look that up as well. Maybe it’s more
like that, it’s like a glass furnace or chest. Okay
well while we wait some more I’ll go figure that out as well.
Okay so we just need to do…get off my crafting table you stupid chicken!
You’re gonna go in there. Oh, don’t throw my glass, give me that.
Glad it can’t break from that. So, oh! 16 glass plain, uh, not plains, panes yeah
that’ll…that’ll do that’s all that we need
so we’ll put one right here, whoa. There they are. No let’s switch it out with the
granite which I think I will put in one of these boxes since we don’t really
need that. Oh! Nononono! Did I just- did one of the I think one of the chickens just
got out through the window. Oh, don’t do that! Okay we have to go out here and we have
to get him back. Where’s my seeds? Where’s my seeds? I hope I was wrong
about that, I hear a zombie already. You there, are you my chicken? I think you’re
my chicken. Where’s my seeds? I though I just- give me those!
Aahh, there’s three zombies! Chicken get over here! Come on! Follow the zombies except
move quicker because if you don’t then they’re gonna get in the house.
Oh these chickens are the stupidest creatures I’ve ever had to deal with,
come on. Come ooooonn. See those three things behind yo- *boom* AAHHHHHhh!!! Yeah,
this is why it’s not safe out here. Alright fine, if you’re gonna be like
that I’m just gonna leave you out there. I’m not taking any chances.
That’s right. Oh there’s a witch too. Oh this is just all kinds of bad isn’t it.
That’s right, you, hey you can either get in here…that’s
right, that’s right, there you go. Okay, now none of you try anything like this ever
again you understand me? I’m not gonna have any of this nonsense from you guys.
Stop jumping out windows while I’m trying to get myself a better look at what’s
around me. Maybe we could do two openings for this, that’s a skeleton. No, no no no no no
look at ’em all! Look at ’em all go. Get back in here, back in here, what did I
literally just say? That’s right, back in and all you guys come over here and
stand in this corner, you like hanging around near the trapdoor don’t you? Just
stay there. That’s not where that was supposed to go! Wasting glass, can’t be
doing that. You guys are just pooping out all kinds of eggs aren’t you? Alright
we’ll put another one right here and quickly quickly quickly…put that there,
looks like the sun’s gonna be up any minute now. Hopefully these chickens will
stop being so chickeny! Okay and then our last one we’ll put right here. And
there you go. So there, now I got windows…thaaat’s a creeper.
Hooooh, do not want to go out there. It’s gonna be dangerous.
Do we have any arrows? Oh, that’s the wrong button.
Uh, no but I do have feathers so I can make some. Do you guys get- do you guys, like,
molt or whatever? Or did I accidentally walk past a dead chicken? I’ve already
got eight eggs again. Okay, so uh well no we can’t make arrows because we also
need flint or something I believe or maybe coal?
Well, we may as well try, I’m pretty sure that we can’t but yeah. No. No, we can’t, oh well.
We’re just gonna have to use our sword and hope that it works well
enough. Where can I put this? Yeah place the door. Chickens? Anymore chickens?
No, okay, I’m fine with that. The less chickens I have the less problems I have. Okay, oh that’s a big problem right there.
Oop. Those skeletons are hiding under the trees. They’re smart. They’ve got
smart. So we got to be careful of them. I’m not sure it’s safe to go out quite
yet, we’ll probably need to wait until this rain clears up. I’m gonna do it
anyway cuz I’m an idiot. Oh yeah, look at that. Creeper. I knew it wasn’t safe.
Probably gonna die now. That’s right, you stay over there. Is that…is that zombie holding an
egg? Did you steal that from one of my chickens? Oh, I though he was running at me
for a second, I thought…I don’t know I was scared there for a second. Hi Mr.
Creeper. Ooooh, no you don’t! See guys? This is why I hold you in here and I don’t want
to go out there because there’s bad things. We just don’t want to do it. Come
on, if the rain could clear up that would be great. Is that the sound of him, like,
catching fire and then being put out by the rain? That’s weird. Alright well we may just cut the video
here to uh, to when the rain clears up and we can actually safely make it out of
this place and get some more work done on the outside but until then, see you
guys in a minute. So it FINALLY decided to stop raining now that the sun’s going
down so we don’t have a lot of time. We do have some. There’s the zombie holding
the egg. That’s right, come on out into the Sun, there you go, your dead. I’ll take that
egg. So I will build…uh, we’ll…let’s see how far out do we want this to go? I
feel like that will work so that’s as far as we can build it for now
so now go ahead and chop down some more trees!
Yeah! There’s plenty of Oaks over there as well I don’t have a lot of time so
we’re just gonna get as many logs or whatever these are called
and then we’re gonna head back to the house, start crafting all of our fences
and stuff for them and yeah hopefully that’ll pass the time enough so that
when morning comes again we’ll be able to finish off this pen and get the
chickens into their new home rather than having them run around and be crazy
inside my house. Not allowed in there anymore. Okay, I think we have enough time
to grab this last one and my ax is gonna break. There it goes and luckily I managed
to get all of the wood blocks out of that, out of that last tree, there’s another
tree down there. Uhhh…yeah okay, so here, we’ll clear up some of this so that we have
more room to walk through here. And there we go, and there’s a zombie right there so it’s
time to go. Hi chicken! Okay, so now we’ll go ahead and,
yeah, turn all of this into planks. There you go. Aaaaand there you go.
Now we got plenty of sticks so just… put you there… and there we go, plenty of fences, that’s
wrong, there we go so…need to make a bunch of sticks now. That oughta do, yeah, that’s
plenty. So put all of those there, I’m not entirely
sure that we’re gonna have enough to do this, enough normal wood. In fact we’re
definitely not so I’ll just make as many as we can,
this ought to be enough to complete the little pen but we’ll see. I’ll have to
see how this goes. So we’re just short of the 20 that we wanted to get so this
will…this will give us quite a bit though that gives us a full stack and
two left over of oak fences that ought to do, that’ll be plenty.
That’ll almost certainly be enough to finish off the pen there so we’re good
to go. Now we just have to wait for the morning
to come again. Yaaaaayyy…. Okay tell you what we’re gonna play it
real risky here- no we’re not! No we’re not, he’s right there. Another thing that I
need to do and actually what would really help with our night problem and
all the monsters and stuff would be a bed! We need to get a bed. So I believe I
have a sheep over at my old base so maybe we’ll have to head over there and
get some wool off of him. We’ll need to make shears though which means we can
just start up a mine so that we can get some iron so I guess we’ll get all of that
started up in the next episode, cuz, kind of running out of time on this one
and we’re mainly focusing on the chicken pen. So these guys can get out of my house!
Alright, any new chickens? Not even a single one…I’m surprised because
we’ve gone through quite a bit of eggs this episode and so far no more
chickens. No new chickens. There’s another egg. What about you? Nope. Alright then, well, guess we’ll just
cut to day time again and yeah, then we’ll start working on the chicken
enclosure. Yeeaahh!! The sun’s finally coming up again. Alright! So just give it a few
more seconds here, that sounds like- no! It is not a burning monster, ehhh. Why aren’t you
burning yet? Give it a minute that guy back there’s burnin’, now you’re burnin’, alright! Everybody’s burnin’! Alright, so now we can finish working on this.
Oh hi, what’s going on man? You, you stay over there that’s right. Don’t you get close to me. More
rotten flesh, that’s lovely. Probably gonna have to move that sapling somewhere else,
let’s put you right there, there you go. Ok, so let’s start building over here too.
Get rid of all of this grass stuff, there’s no need for that. I’m trying to make this even
but it’s not going to be unless we make another fence which there’s really
no point in having but let’s do it anyway just because I have OCD. And we
need more wood. Okay we’ll just take one more block of wood from you, maybe
two. Yeah we’ll take two. Hehe. Okay, so now we’ll have enough wood oh
look an egg. Give me that egg. So now I’ve got enough
wood and we can make…finish making our little pen for them. So I believe it was
like this right? No we don’t want to make sticks…yes we do want to make sticks.
Okay fine give me the sticks, there we go there you go, and there you go, okay. Another problem is gonna be getting all
these chickens to follow me out here. Okay, hey guys, you want the seeds? You want
the wheat seeds? Everybody come on out and get the wheat seeds! Yeeaahh, everybody
wants the wheat seeds, yeah! Come get it, come get it, don’t they look so tasty? That’s
right, come on in. You’re not getting any seeds…Hey! Get back in there!
You need to stay in here, you got that? Look at him,
just trying to get out again. Alright, you guys too, you’re coming with me. I’m
gonna grab these eggs real quick. Alright, oh, and there’s one right there too. Give me that as well. Come on out.
That’s right. Don’t you want the wheat seeds? Don’t they just look so tasty? They
look so delicious but you’re not getting any. Any more chickens? Ow, that hurts my
eyes. No, you’re not getting out, you’re staying
in there. Alright, we got the pen done, we did it.
They’re all in here now instead of the house. What’s up Mr. Spider? How’s it
going? Hi. Hi. Fine. Okay so yeah we also have some more holes to fill up. Believe
I have some dirt though, oh I have plenty of dirt, alright, let’s take care of all of
this then since we can. No, not there! Don’t put the dirt there…alright so…there
we go, cover all of this up too…and that’s all cleaned up. Now for this, cover up all that
stone and whatnot. Hey! You pushing me? Get away from me.
Stupid spider. Alright, so that oughtta at least…that ought to be good enough
for now. So yeah, so, in the next episode we’re
gonna head on over there again, I think I can just barely see the island from here
and actually before we do that we’re gonna start mining, get ourselves a mine
going here so that we can start getting some iron and stuff to make iron things
with like pickaxes you know armor and all that good stuff so that we can
survive a little better and easier and maybe stand a better chance against all
the horrible things that try to eat us at night. But yeah. More eggs.
They just love pooping out the eggs don’t ya- no more chickens, I have no idea
why that is. But well fine I guess you guys survived this episode, I can’t
promise you’ll survive the next episode however, one of you guys might get eaten
it depends on how long this rotten flesh lasts. Buuut that’s gonna have to end this
episode up here guys, if you liked it please hit the like button and the
subscribe button to let me know that you liked it and leaving a comment would
be nice too if you have any criticism or anything that you think I could do
better on or maybe another game you’d like to see me play please let me know in the
comments below and I’ll see what I can do. But thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye.

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  1. Stephanie Mckenzie

    The chicken looking at you in the window was 😂😂😂😂 and the zombie walking around with the egg 😂🤣😂🤣 glad you got the pen finished!

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