Winter Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour & How I Use My Harvest

Alright! this is John Kohler from
doing another exiting episode for you and what we do today for you guys actually show
you guys what I am growing in my gardens. Its winter time so we are probably like near
the winter and almost getting the spring but we are not quite there yet. Some of the days
have actually been quite nice here you know high seventies lately we have it warm spell
so it’s really refreshing to be out in my garden everyday and work and you know get
things going for spring and summer time garden but bad news is because it’s been heating
up little bit you know sooner than normal expected some of my fans are freaking out
you know its getting warmer especially growing flowers and seeds so may have used them little
bit quicker. Now before we can get actually go down on the ground I wanna let you guys
know. No matter where you live you guys can grow garden. I mean I am here in Las Vegas,
Nevada. Most of my neighbors around me basically have rock landscape. You can see the fence
on that side. But my backyard is little different you know you can see there are all greenery
and all edible things you greed like we all need to eat each and every day. Like most
of us need 3 meals a day so you need to grow more. Why not have some of the food at least
some of the food you eat come from your hands from your own creation come from nature and
your space instead of growing rocks or weeds or grasses which is not being used except
if you get dogs or may be kids. Why not grow some foods so you could lower your food bill
but more importantly the reason why I grow food for myself is to have higher quality
food that money can buy. You know our food system is in search of a sad state right
now because food which is being produced is super cheap and I like super cheap food but
the problem is they are cutting corns because all they are after basically making profits
and they don’t care how nutritious food is that being said fruits and vegetables are
the most nutritious food you guys could be buying, producing and shopping and if you
do that and I buy some fruits and vegetables from the store of the ones that I don’t
grow but if I grow into my backyard so I am definitely not going to buying it as soon
as with that list. Go ahead & head down to my backyard garden and show you guys what
I grew this winter and what you guys could grow in the winter times if you live in the
mild climate like me. So now among the ground in the garden, and I am gonna go ahead and
go over what I grew this winter bit by bit now and we finally coming out of the winter
here and I know some of you guys have quite cold where you at. But I am actually gonna
get ready for my summer planting quite soon and anyways lets go ahead and go over the
beds. This bed here we had copious amounts and still have copious amounts of leafy
greens including things like collard flower, and broccoli and Brussels sprouts and the
best performing one in the bed was the Russian Kale for the winter time and these guys are
growing amazingly and then in the end of this episode I will show you like what I have been
doing with my greens like almost every night I harvest a big basket of greens and I take
them inside and I process them back in emulator in the season when they go out. Over on this
bed we got whole bed of Bok Choy. Bok Choy is tonight project, I am gonna go ahead and
harvest all the flowering tops plus some of the Bak choy by tonight into the sour krout, I
also into planted these beds with some leeks that are prior transplant when this bed comes
out because as soon as I harvest Bak choy here. We are gonna go ahead and switch over
to summer here. Let see I have all these little planters in between my beds and I have just
dandelions that would grow up as weeds and I just planted them in here so they grow so
I have nice amount of wild dandelions amount of green. Next two beds here I got a bunch
of spinach which is going to flower. The spinach is the slow grower so I have finally been
able to harvest it now its on at good point. And try gonna make may be a spinach lattice
salad tonight and producing thats actually gonna get a pulled out and then replanted
to summer two and then over on this side seems story, we got an arugula, so arugula is number
one vegetable you know if you got high blood pressure and clot arteries and stuff so thats
why I grow plus I really like the flavor, I have at least three different varieties
of a arugula in here including a standard of large leaf its going to flower here and
these were more mature when I planted them and then we have this guy one in the middle,
with the white flowers and there are small flowers compare to these flowers on this guy
if I am putting together so you guys could see. 
Flowers are actually are one of my favorite part to eat on the arugula…. Its like a
barbecue sauce. And then I got the other variety of arugula which is much smaller and they
are not bolting out quickly because they were younger when I planted them out. So I still
we are to harvest that. I have been coming in the basically topping these guys back and
using it them for making juices or what not. And still harvest nice large leaves. So I
come down to the next two beds here. So these next two beds we got some tatsoi thats best
seen in its better days and some flowering kale in the middle and I have let all these
guys grow to flower the beeslum as you guys all the activity actually right now I am seeing
a lot of native pollinator bees and may be solitary bees not the standard honey bees
this time of the day and this is the Tatsoi so I harvested a lot of it in small and juiced
it and right one of the flower I chopped all of the tops off and then ferment those and
then over on this bed we have another greens bed including the red brushing kale, we got
some cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower we got some nice dinosaur kale here. Move it on back
to the next bed. This bed has my Egyptian walking onions so these guys really got thinned
out during the winter time. There are pretty much just like nothing there but now that
the weather has warmed up a little bit. There are totally back and I come almost every night
and I harvest couple of these green onions tops to put up in my salads. The green onion
tops are much more nutritious then the onion bobs that are normally grown. So I use these
all year around because these are the Egyptian onion they are perennial onions so they grow
year around. So over on that side I think I have some clumpy kind of onions. Over on
this side we have one of my tree collard crosses. So its a tree collard cross with an ornamental
kale in my opinion. They just want the flowers started spreading seeds making this nice broccoli
like flowering tips. I am gonna let it go to seed. And this bed is just like a mixture
of a mostly perennial we got some ruwin here hot n spicy oregano we got some chives in
here. We got some lots of parsley here this is the one i like to grow my parsley in because
parsley is like perennial and we got some Swiss chard here and got some fiddle also
growing in here as well as some rosemary. So go ahead and continue on the tour.
The next two beds we got, this is my bed of lettuce that have actually been harvesting
on so its not looking totally full its actually bolting because the weather is getting bit
warmer. Prios some under watering at this point so its little bit stressed out. This
is the first bed of lettuce that I planted this like in October and November December
January February March…. I have been harvesting this stuff for a like four months now. And
now I am gonna harvesting in next couple of days and then gonna replanted for summer.
Over on this side, different story. We got some leeks and leeks are one of the most nutritious
alien family plants so I have a lot of leeks and are mixed. These guys are sugar beads
so these are the beads used to make sugar out of. So I am gona grow those and then see
what happens and then I got some celery planted right in the middle. This next bed here we
have mostly this Swiss chard and check out my shirt, see my shirt it says chard being
as awesome. I like this shirt but I like this chard too. But yeah this one has the chard
and the chard are pretty much perennial and green here and last for like over a year easily
so I have been eating this swiss chard here you will see all summer long even though the
heat. In addition I have inter-planted besides the chard with onion so these are onion drone
for the bob mostly sweet varieties. I also harvest the tops if I like, want to get another
planted with the wild dandelion. So if you go to buy dandelion in stores you are getting
chicory you know these are wild one so the leaves are not quite big and these are like
really good for you. I will encourage to eat some dandelion not only are the greens edible
but also the roots are edible as well as the flower are edible too. 
This bed here we have a whole bed of onions and this year is something little bit different
with the onions so like last year for those we got some long time for these I had onion
bobs that I saved to eat and they sprouted and then I plant those last year mostly. And
this year harvest of onion was not that particularly good like bobs was that large. I mean they produce
but they didn’t produce that well. Some of them were like ok I am really not going
to replant my sprouting onions. Although you could do that, it makes lots of greens which
are just nice. So this year we tried something different all of these onions are from basically
transplants or from starts from like six packs over on this bed and then the next bed over
those were started from onions sets that I bought so of course you know the ones from
the transplants were larger one I planted them and the ones from this sets were smaller
but they both doing really good. Let see this next bed here this is my bed of the dinosaur
kale has been growing over the year at this point. It is now finally going to flower although
it is also shooting lots of leaves. So this has provided me food pretty much for the full
year so now it’s pretty much coming to an end. These are quite beautiful. Now I encourage
you guys you know when they grow to flower you could let them grow flower and save your
seeds which I do encourage you guys to do. But you can also just break these guys off
and eat these, its pretty much like broccoli..umm.. You want to get them at young stage it will definitely be more
tender and delicious.  So these next two beds as I said this one has of the onions
from sets and in this bed here has my Goji berry plants and also some Haaa or Chinese
Chives and some tree card. Just had all kind of mint in the bottom and I totally just refill
this bed and topped it off. It took about 3 inches and to top it of. I got to plant
new stuff for the season and this kind of go on wall and I am sure some of these mint
will actually come back so left with the roots down below so I have basically endless mint. 
Lets go ahead and move onto the next two beds here. So these next two beds here and here,
this one has basically parsley planted in the middle and the outer rings or all of the
Italian flat leaf partially and they are related so they are pretty similar so if you look
close you could tell how different the celery basically kind of starting to get the ribbing
like they do and then these are parsley outside does not really get that they are more like
rounded stems. I really like parsley its mean the parsley it really good like if you are
walking by barbecue in their meat or somebody smoking thats kind of carcinogenic you know
that smoke you don’t wana breathe that. But if you do breathe that each and extra
parsley can actually detox you. Also parsley is anti tumor and I think that more people
need to eat parsley just tonight after the meal I have just harvest in like couple of
leaves of all my parsley and make big salad with the parsley leaves finally chopped up
with spreaded buck wheat that I grew myself that mashed with some avocados and some garlic. Over
on this side we have all of my Apollo Napa cabbage it turn to flower. I came in last
night if you look I chopped of all of flowering tops so they have now green bottom. I use
all of the flowering tops to make some Kimchi. That’s actually fermenting inside. I will
show you guys in the end of this episode. Let me go ahead and this has come out and
ends up harvest the plants to use those for more Kimchi or some dehydrated kale like chips
in this case cabbage chips. Let see here next bed right here. This is perennial bed and
this has some celery grown last year and some onions last year and also my tree collards
are growing above. This next bed over here is big bag bed its fabric pot now. Because
this thing like is pulled over I haven’t really topped it off in a while. Its pretty
much ignored because to me now this bed is a pain of butt so I dont really do anything
with it. I planted out originally urbs in here, this rosemary is doing beautifully,
I rosemary anytime a year. Also have things like the bee bomb growing down here and some
garlic chives and also I got some sage and of course my green tree collard and I got
some purple tree collards in this bed as well. Alright this last bed here, has more parsley I really
love parsley and I love the fact that parsley grow really well in the desert. It pretty
much last in entire year and how parsley eat the whole summer and it handles the weather
the summer or winter quite well. Different stories with cilantro if you planted some
cilantro you prior have it a little bit longer because its getting to hot so its gonna bolt
really fast. But the good one to plant in place of cilantro is the popolo which I like
a lot. All my parsley is doing quite well I harvested a bunch just a few nights ago
as I mentioned. So you guys just saw the side of my yard that has around circular 4 ft raised
beds. These are purchased at Walmart for like $10 each. And they’ve held up alright
a couple of them busted and I’ve had to tape up some of the sides because of plastic is
ready brittle so you don’t want to lean on them at all. Would I do that side again? You
know I do basically the circular raised beds with drip irrigation. You know knowing what
I know now I would probably do it in concrete blocks and do it exactly as I did it this
side. This side works a lot better. Its conserves more water and actually I have better soil
on this side so I usually get better growth on the side, in addition. So this side I have
the concrete blocks and I have videos on how I made this as well as the irrigation that
I put in here. On the irrigation you guys aren’t seeing any irrigation on top and I
have the Oakwood jet subsoil irrigation system underneath about 4 inches underneath the soil
line that basically comes out with high pressure and shoots water to give the plants the water
where they needed at the roots. Furthermore it also aerates the root zones to keep my
microbes happy. So next let’s go ahead and two are guys around this side of the yard.
I got it mostly planted it out but some of the stuff I didn’t even get planted because
I’ve been so busy. So this is my first bed and it’s kind of under the shade of the house
and I got a couple of different things. I planted Green Tree collards from cuttings
I just put some literally some sticks in the ground and then they came up and then mostly
in this bed I just got it cleared from the summer crop I have things like Dinosaur Kale
and then you got this guy coming out which actually I forget what it is now. There’s
probably some tag but only know one of you guys recognize this is we will do a close
up. Because I forget man. I think it’s some kind of like Asian longevity leafy green taste
a little bit better I know I think it’s in Asian medicinal green. But it’s done really
well and I have a lot of it. Now on my trellis wall here there I normally grow cucumbers
in the summertime. In the winter time I’m growing sugar snap peas alright that’s what
they were labeled actually when I bought them and I think they are felling out quite nicely.
They may be snow peas I don’t know these look pretty flat to me. But whatever they are I
got a bunch of peas all growing up my trellis. Alright so in this 4-foot by 8-foot bed here
I have a bunch of cauliflower and broccoli and ornamental kale that’s actually growing
into a flower and seed. They also have massive amounts of aphids I’m seeing I’m just going
to cut him off and get rid of them. In addition in the middle here I planted some spinach
so unlike the spinach the other side that is bolting the spinach is actually doing quite
well still. And then I have some of my hybrid tree collards/ ornamental kale is planted
along the back row here this bed for some reason has been ready infested by aphids and
so I’ve been coming out with the high pressure water with my bug blaster and kind of like
soak them every day and I think I’m going to be coming back with some neem oil and Dr.
Barner’s and hit this stuff because man it’s pretty out of control and especially when
you have a bug situation you want to get them under control. I probably need to spend more
time with this bed because I haven’t been and you know it’s a constant battle with them
and I don’t want them to spread to other parts of my garden because actually the other side
is actually not really affected. Alright let’s go ahead and move on to the next get over
here. So this 4 foot by 8 foot bed once again has more greens and pretty much the similar
greens as planted on the other site including the red Russian kale also some Brussels sprouts
and I think I got some cabbage in here some Swiss chard as well. It’s all doing pretty
good it’s a late planting. And in this next bit over here doing really well we’ve got
a lot of different lettuce so I think I got over like 60 heads of lettuce in here. And
you guys will notice they are at different stages because I lost a couple of plants and
then I had to replant some smaller ones so this is good. This is like staggering my planting
because if all 60 heads would be ready at the same time I wouldn’t be able to eat them
and how I normally like to harvest the lettuce is that I don’t just cut down the whole head.
Like when you go to the store and you buy a head of lettuce. I actually just come and
break off like a couple of leaves off each of the large plants and if I do that off plants
in here then I’ll have enough for a salad and the plans could continue to grow. Now
I only do this until I start to go to set seed so once they start sending up a shoot
and they got taller than I would usually just chop it down and then Harvest the whole head.
You know before it goes to flower too much because then it starts to get a little bit
etter. Oh yeah so that’s pretty much this bit right here. So this last bed here I basically
didn’t have time or I didn’t have the plants or probably both to plant it out for the winter.
So basically my dog’s been using it to go to the bathroom in. So I’ve been picking that
up all the time. And soon enough I’ll actually be prepping this bed dropping it off with
new compost and getting it growing for the summer season which I will probably start
planting out in just a couple of weeks here. Now it’s always best to kind of keep something
growing in the beds whenever possible. I just harvested took out all the roots all the leftover
decaying roots that were in this bed so I could plant my new crop. But there are lot
of earthworms already breaking down those root but I would really like to keep the bed
with something growing in it around the year unfortunately that just didn’t happen with
my busy schedule and not having enough plans to do that. Also over the winter one of my
favorite places to grow is actually my greenhouses which I have two of them. Over on this side
I have all kinds of tree collards and like 5-gallon pots. And then over on this side
I’ve got 1 gallon pot all on irrigation you know I’ve got a couple of peppers in here,
Ashitaba, more tree collards, some pineapple, a date palm, and also got some Genaro procumbens
over on this side. So I close this up during the winter, the main issue I have with that
when I close it up is that to keep it warm, I’m not getting enough air circulation so
it gets quite humid in there and then I had some issues with some fungus diseases because
it was too humid. So now that it’s warming up, I’ve actually them opened up till I get
some air flow through here. Now let’s go ahead and spin around to the other greenhouse
right behind the camera person. So in this greenhouse now which is also holding up quite
well, I have a lot of different Starch, so I have a whole couple of trays, tree collard
starch that I actually dug up out of the ground and transplanted into six packs and 4 inch
pots. Also have some onions I need to plant out. I started some potatoes that are sprouting
and then over on this side we have a lot of the tree collards, some peppers, and a lot
of cuttings from my tree collards. I got some onions. I got some Aloe Vera over here and
then I got more of the Genaro procumbens in the 5 gallon pots at their near the end. So
yeah that’d pretty much what I’m growing this year over the winter time. I think the next
thing that I want to do actually take you guys in real quick and show you guys these
maybe 3 ways I’ve been using the copious amounts of leafy greens that I’ve been growing in
my gardens because you’re probably saying to yourself, John how do you eat all those
leafy greens? Well, trust me, I eat as many as I can. Barely any of them actually get
to go into the compost because I am getting them into me which is the reason why I grow
then and if you are growing leafy greens, I want you guys to get the leafy greens in
you. So actually let’s go ahead and head into my kitchen and show you guys how I’m
using my leafy greens. So that they could get into me and benefit me and my health.
So now we’re inside the kitchen and I want to share with you guys the 3 ways I’ve been
using the copious amounts of leafy greens I am growing in my garden. Alright, number
one is the juicer. So I’ve been juicing greens almost every day now. I usually use my juicer
every once or twice a day for example this morning for breakfast, I juiced like 4 pomegranates
that I deseeded. Juiced the pomegranate aerials with one pineapple made approximately 55 ounces
juice that was delicious and super nutritious. Then for lunch, I had another juice with greens
from my garden including lettuce and bok choy, also some carrots and celery, one apple, a
cucumber, and that made probably like another 55 ounces juice that I only was able to drink
30 ounces of that. Oh, I also used beak greens in there. Drank about 30 ounces of that, have
about 16 ounces for a later so that really like goes through a lot of produce and basically
turns one pint of produce in one cups of juice on average. And then the next way is we’ve
been making sauerkrauts and fermenting vegetables so this preserves your vegetables to later
and especially now that I have my brassica family plants grow in a flower. I basically
topped off all the Apollo Napa cabbage before the flowers got too big when they were still
pretty small and I chopped them up and I put them in these little jars here. So this is
how I’m fermenting my vegetables basically I got a big colander full, I washed them,
I cut them all up, I salted them, I put seasonings in there including onions from my garden and
some garlic and I put some carrots on top. We mashed that in, the salt helps to plow
some of the moisture and then I made a brine solution like a 3% salt water brine solution,
put them in here and put them in one of these jars with this rubber seal so the cool thing
I like about this jar is because I’m not using the standard traditional air lock like
I have used in the past. This is a new way I’m experimenting with because it has basically
a clasp on it that holds pressure down, there’s also a rubber gauze which keeps it airtight
but when the pressure gets too much, this gauze get basically let some of the extra
water or the extra gas like the CO2 produced by the fermentation process escape. So that’s
why having all these little containers here so when they do leak out some of the liquid,
it goes in the container instead of all over the counter top. So that’s the standard
kraut over there, we also have some standard sour kraut more traditional over there. And
then we have my kimchi, so this one actually has pepper powder, hot pepper powder from
my garden and you know pretty much the same things that were in the other one. So I’m
really looking forward to this. Now the cool thing about fermentation is that you are maximizing
the nutrition from the food you are producing, unlike when you heat your food, you know,
cook it at high temperature to make kale chips or other things, this way you are keeping
it raw so you are not heating it and when you heat food, you basically lose all the
enzymes and you degrade the nutrition. So in this case, you know the probiotics or the
lactobacillus bacteria are actually digesting some of the sugars in the food and actually
making additional vitamins that you will now get to enjoy. Plus, furthermore this is an
really excellent way to preserve your food because once its fermented, you know this
will keep for literally years in a fridge, although it’s not going to last here long
because I probably eat it within the next few months. I mean, I like to put a handful,
forkful or two in my blended salad dressing that I make every night. And yes salads are
another way that I have been using my leafy greens almost every night I make salads and
I make fresh soups from my leafy greens. Next let’s go ahead and show you guys the last
way I really like to use my leafy greens even more than just fermenting them. So last way
I like to use my leafy greens from my garden in the winter is to preserve them for later
use especially when I travel. So I could eat home grown food that I grew when I’m on
the airplane or when I travel and plus this stuff will keep also for a year plus. Although
it definitely is not going to last that long here in my house. So what I have been using
is, I have been using my dehydrator to dehydrate at low temperature my leafy greens to make
kale chips or collard chips or tatsoi chips or bok choy chips or even you could make lettuce
chips right? How this works is, I basically take a bowl full huge colander full of greens,
wash them, chop them up, put them in a large serving bowl and blend up in a blender with
some bell pepper with some nuts and maybe some mezoos some sour krout and some herbs
and spices, blend that up and them I would pour the salad dressing all into the greens,
I’ll mix them up and then I’ll take the greens and put them in the dehydrator to dehydrate
and it just basically removes the moisture, keeps the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients
because we are doing this at a low temperature, 105 degrees is what my caliber is set at and
it could go above maybe 10 degrees, it fluctuates 10 above and 10 below the temperature you
set. So it doesn’t get any hotter than 115 and this is what we end up with. Inside I
use this nonstick parchment paper because otherwise the collard chips would get my stainless
trays really dirty and it would be a pain to clean. So on this parchment paper, once
they are done, you can basically peel these off easily and now you have the dehydrated
kale chips. Now I don’t know if you guys priced kale chips in the store lately at the
health food store or you know those gourmet food shop, you know they’re kind of getting
into places even nowadays is selling kale chips, believe it or not, but they’re like
$5.99 for 2 ounces. Yes! I said 2 ounces. Isn’t that more expensive than some stuff,
some other herbs that you might smoke. I don’t know it’s getting really pricey. But anyways,
I have all the unlimited greens I want, I mixed up some stuff and then you could eat
this, nice and crunchy. Now that these are dehydrated they’ll store easily a year but
this is not going to even last till my next trip which is coming up in a few days. I’m
going to just take all these greens with me so I could eat a few of my greens every day
when I’m travelling. Just happens to be curry style, with curry seasoning, its super
delicious. so I have, I think this is like ones made from kale on top and then I have
ones made from the bok choy and I think this is more of a Mexican seasoning. Man these
come out so good, be sure to check out the link down below this video to a link where
I show you actually how to make Kale chips, super simple, super easy. And if you guys
are looking for a dehydrator, I want to encourage you guys to visit my website where I actually
sell dehydrators at Your purchases at helps the
poor me so I could continue making these gardening videos for you guys. But yeah I mean I really
want to encourage you guys to grow year round if you are able and even if you guys live
in snow, you guys could grow sprouts and marqarnies indoors in the winters or if you erect a hoop
house or double hoop house you know even outside when it’s snowing, you could still grow
inside the hoop house the more cold towering tops so you can have greens year round because
you know as the name of my channel, growing your greens, I want you guys to grow and eat
your green in copious amounts because the fact that matters clear most Americans do
not eat enough leafy greens and leafy greens are the most nutritious food on the entire
planet with the most amount of phytonutrients and phytochemicals that have been shown to
be disease protective with the least amount of calories. Most Americans are eating standard
fast foods and junk foods animal foods in excess that are high in calories and low in
nutrients, and that’s in my opinion why many people are getting sick these days. You
guys are simply not eating enough greens. So hopefully this video has motivated you
guys. To let you guys know that you can grow your greens wherever you live and you guys
should start including more of them in your diet. If you guys enjoyed this episode please
give me a thumbs up, tell me if you want more episodes maybe with how I make some of these
foods in particular because I have just explained the process to you guys. Also, be sure to
click the subscribe button right down below to be notified of my new and upcoming episodes
I have coming out about every 3 to 4 days and be sure to check my past episodes. I have
over 1100 episodes, maybe even 1200 now explaining you guys all aspects of how you guys could
grow your own food at home as well as going and visiting other places and touring other
farms and people’s homes and urban homesteads to show you guys what they are doing so you
guys could get ideas to grow your own food at home because that is the way to get the
highest quality food it’s a simply do it yourself. So once again my name is John Kohler
with Well see you next time, and until then remember, keep
on growing!

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  1. kurlikew

    Hi John! Love all your videos. Many of them focus on growing in tropical or subtropical areas; how about some more for those of us in the more northern growing zones (I'm in 6b). Obviously nothing is going to grow outdoors in the dead of winter, but maybe some tips on how we might extend our growing season? Also, tips on container gardening would be great – I've had lousy luck with that, even with plants that supposedly grow well in containers. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Muktiism

    For gmo reverse: put your Monsanto seeds in co2 Gans plasma or seawater .ormus plasma!!!
    its better then highvoltage Genes reversing
    You will love it. please try!!! Better harvest healthier plants. and much More. try it!!! try it!!! try it!!!

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    great timing as it just starting to cool down in Australia! and I noticed that you have no mulch on your Veg? wouldn't it be better to mulch in such a harsh environment? great vid thank you!

  4. BaltimoresBerzerker

    I really appreciate the info on how to eat your greens. lol as pathetic as it is, that part of food culture is being lost. if no one prepared it for you as a child, it will be unlikely you know how to use it. but isn't that the point of your other channel john? john!!! your chard is looking great! I planted mine in a shady area in winter. grew but smaller leaves and bunches than yours. any quick tips? heart ya homie, keep em coming.

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    Also, I wondered if you sell your greens at farmer's markets or local stores because I can't believe you can consume all the greens you grow. 🙂 Thanks for an informative video!

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    Grow only in Serbia in certian area,if you try to transplant 100m around ,doesent grow.

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    I'm on 3 acres and I can't plant a garden because my husband plans to be digging all around our property with a skid steer.

    So plants won't be safe, I also have free ranging chickens who have already eaten a few of my pot plants.

    One day, hopefully soon I will have another vegie patch 😊

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    Hey John :), What do you think about Mulch or that chop and drop technique? Would you rather just compost your extra biomass in bins?

    Thanks for your help

  23. Pamela Shoemaker

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    -stuff you blender with a chopped up cucumber and a bunch of parsley.
    -fill blender with water and liquefy.
    -strain the liquid into a pitcher and a squeeze of lime and sweeten to taste.
    Best summer drink ever! I use to make this with my dad when we worked out in our garden together. he showed me how to grow food. Saddly I live in an Apartment in ND now. but have tried some balcony gardening. live you Chanel and I hope you enjoy the drink. 😉

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