Witness In Amber Guyger Trial Fatally Shot

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okay we should be good hey cleaving in the live chat how you guys doing yeah
Boss Hogg in full effect tonight you want to talk about a conspiracy don’t
you huh you want to talk about a conspiracy
oh yeah boss nigga were you up literally this weekend close to 30 emails about
this young man Joshua Brown he’s now out of here I say that respectfully where do
you want to go what do you want to go huh the case is over with in case you uh
you missed it I say that respectfully the case the murder trial of a amber
Geiger mammy the judge hugged the shooter gave her a Bible bottoms brother
both in my bath I forget it both them both them’s brother he took a bag he
took a bag he’s pushing too far and now he’s he’s woodgrain Ripa teased
probably in a Dubai with some whores you know and a couple of eight-balls you
know allegedly respectfully we take a sip hang on okay Sunday night I deserved
that okay that was relaxing I don’t even shave look at me I’m kind
of rusty tonight but you want to talk a conspiracy where do we start um I did
not pull notes uh I don’t want to get too deep into this you know to be honest
with you because again amber Geiger has been sentenced
convicted what’s the conspiracy if any I’m gonna
fall back tonight this young man Joshua Brown I wrote a few things down he was
from Jacksonville Florida he moved to Dallas in 2008 his last or last jobs he
was managing for Airbnb ‘is 2016 he was convicted of a controlled substance
I guess he liked a little coke you know 2011 he was convicted for theft but
we’re not talking about a drug dealer you know just a guy who maybe like to
get high a little bit and he met both him this same day I mean they were
neighbors lived across the hall from each other the same day that both them
got killed that’s the first time he met him and prior to that he heard him
singing in his apartment of singing gospel music singing Drake if I say
thing wrong correct me and who killed him let’s get right to it bone lands
open cash app super test who killed him what’s the conspiracy oh I’m sorry
the second title on the screen do snitches really get stitches give me a
second give me a second now excluding Mexico because in Mexico you know they’re
killing people just to maintain order you probably can’t even get to the point
of snitching in Mexico you know because who would you snitch to the cops the
cops are corrupt for the most part in Mexico respectfully I don’t know if we can include um Japan
home of the Yakuza because they live by the whole death before dishonor thing
don’t they know seppuku killing yourself and so on and so forth
can we put China into that your home of the triad what do you want to go today
uh hang on a second I think Bostick Ronnie’s gonna call in I did text Moe
Moe’s a conspiracy theorist Moe’s watching the football game tonight I
wanted to relax and watch football but you know you you’re hitting me you’re
emailing me and I mean I appreciate being kept up kept up to speed on some
of the dumb shit but you know where are we going what’s the conspiracy let’s do
a conspiracy show hey also absolute to the three people who sent me a video it’s not it’s not funny and I’m not sure
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food pulling the head let go my hair let go hang on let me look in the live chat
you guys up to speed on that video oh that was some beautiful monkey shit huh
thank you Jesus whoever sent me there yeah d-block Diaz what up homie yeah
somebody hit the baby the baby’s the lip or the nose is bleeding something Lord
Jesus okay give me a second boss shit my knees calling it where’s my pipe yeah
I’m smoking a pipe on a Sunday you know give me a minute okay hang on a second
you want to talk about conspiracies do snitches really get stitches or do the
police reinforce stereotypes if I can just say that before I go to the phone
lines somebody killed Joshua Brown
in a four-door sedan before can you see it a four-door sedan who rides around on
four-door sedans huh Stevie Wonder could call up and tell you who killed that
poor guy Joshua Brown huh let’s get to the dumb shit tonight it’s go to area
code five one three hold on a second good evening five one three conspiracies
tonight with regards to this this young man Joshua Brown are you there
five one three are you doing I’m good Matt was relaxing this weekend and yeah
just a bunch of emails about this story yeah what do you think do you care man
up I think the whole thing is a conspiracy you know coming straight off
the bat it was all it was all weird the story behind it from the very beginning
when I heard it you know the fact that amber tiger sir both them’s taking a
dirt nap that’s not a conspiracy he’s out of here so what do you mean the
whole thing are you saying that that they’re all actors where you going
I’m yeah I’ll entertain the dumb shit come on we did it yeah yeah I’m gonna go
ahead and say that they’re all acting okay into this okay
when Wendy see a judge step off of the step off of this the stand and hug the
defendant you know I’m saying it was very unprofessional from the sheriff
from from everybody but this is a very beginning how does Amber Geiger get a
key to the man’s apartment I’m gonna spin and kick down the door he didn’t
kick down the door she gets the keys his apartment walks straight in it ya think
they were lovers and something happens something went wrong there was a
misunderstanding and she came in looking to get freaky and he rejected her and
then she clapped his dumb ass yes yeah listen I’m on that monkey shit tonight
so don’t worry about me speak your piece you say they’re all
actors it’s a conspiracy I’m your last word please conspiracy I mean they’re letting their
letter off basically you’re not going to see another fit you’re not gonna see
amber tiger anymore and the stirring up stuff that the start of race war okay
well the hang on hang on you just you interjected a race war so what was the
purpose of the conspiracy to start a race war that is that what you’re saying
yeah this part civil unrest you know to keep the black keep the black community
angry arm keep why we publicist up all these black people niggas die every day
why they keep showing all these these individual stories to rise to Roger up
for you know okay thank you for the call sir you’ve enlightened me thank you so
much yo boss nigga where you at yo today I
was at the mall and I have to stop hanging out at the food court that’s a
little creepy for a man of my age you know I just I like to go to the food
court and sample the little you know the little chicken you know stuff that they
have and they have those really really nice middle-aged women that you know are
holding the little plates you know I should resume Thome now give him a wink
I get a couple of numbers sometimes I had a beautiful day let me just say that
let’s go to every coat um for two for grieving for two fathers take it slow
the conspiracy Joshua Brown he’s now with Jesus yes no yeah but yeah I just I
just looked at up cuz you know I just be listening to you so I looked up you know
whoever this person that got got it fascinated you say and assassinated or
murdered and there’s a difference he was
go figure and he was about to he was about to unify the black communities and
that’s what he was assassinated come listen good but I what the fuck shit
tonight I saw that it was a black dude that was a witness and he got his way
explint and I’m like damn the only witness did you see his testimony can we
start there Joshua Brown did you see him understand no I did you really are the
loop no yeah you make sure you stay away from books you don’t need to be read
nothing we have mean okay I know this all I know is a white female cop might
kill the innocent black dude the witness is a black dude he got he got his way
exploited and out of all the cops out and killed black people wide wider
government court or let me say the Illuminati for whoever what you go in
there you said Illuminati come on come on Talk That Talk you go ahead why they
make the why why they fences out of all these killings a woman a white one yeah
what’s up with all these men who’ve been these these these man that our times has
just been killing innocent black people in my north yeah why they make a white
woman in the face of this okay okay sir can I ask you a question before you go
respectfully yeah how long have you been on the down low keep it real thank you
sir nigga in denial okay we’re being silly tonight emailing
me oh and let me just say this respectfully a couple of people text my
phone this weekend folks please do not text my personal phone about news
stories I enjoy my weekends I try to pull away from you know social media and
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bothered with you know some some business shit on my phone
please keep that shit via email alright I don’t have to block anybody but I will
block your fucking fast so whatever you killed three four seventeen three four
seven do snitches really get stitches three four seven no no somebody’s high
picking up the phone not paying attention
area code two four zero two point zero are you there good evening hey how are
you sir hey what’s going on hey hey hey hey I’m still laughing at when you say
to the other caller you was like are you on the down-low no I just asked him a
question no disrespect you knees no I’m in
Atlanta sir and you know I think I haven’t checked any real consensus but
you know I think that 80% of the males in Atlanta are gay okay we’ll get to
that another night anyway oh all right so listen uh do snitches really get
stitches that’s one of the questions here tonight and the witness in the
amber Geiger trial killed in Dallas what say you sir yeah I watched the whole
trial man I’ve watched everything from the from the judge from the witness
people getting on a on both sides and the prosecutor and defendants man and I
really think man to be honest I’m with the shit’s mine this is because you know
they’re gonna try to retrial the whole situation so I think they got rid of him
because it was a possibility she might have really got some more time other
than that ten years so they they had to put him out of there you know for him to
keep talking but what about that other girl when I hang on a second stay with
him stay let’s stay with him Joshua Brown from Jacksonville Florida niggas
from Jacksonville taking a stand like that
Jacksonville niggas well I don’t think his back the feel I think is the
department is the police department no no sir sir you’re not hearing me hang on
a second Joshua Brown was from Jacksonville Florida he moved to Dallas
in 2008 asking you do Jacksonville niggas be
snitching like that I mean he was up on the stand crying I’m not trying to
disrespect the man but you know who who convinced him to get up there and to
tell who but Benjamin Crump well I think every state guys snitches man so I
really don’t you know I don’t really matter where you from but at the end of
the day I don’t consider that snitching because he you know as they say gqo if
you’re not living a street life your civilian so he is civilian so if he got
on the stand he’s considered as a civilian not a street thug it’s not a
street dude you know I’m saying so I don’t hang on sir stay with me I’m in no
rush let’s take our time you you sound like a real real nigga where you’re from
and how old are you awful DC well forty years old
perfect okay now never mind Street niggas the G cone all that oh you
know bumblebees shit from the perspective from the perspective of the
police the most dangerous gang in America from the perspective of the
police was Joshua Brown worthy of death and was he a snitch from the police
perspective come on man let’s go there tonight man to be honest
i’ma say I’m gonna say yeah because she probably was one of the teacher’s pet in
that in that department and that one of they all known was got fried so they
never had in ever experience some to this type of magnitude of of sort of one
of them getting jammed up with getting punished so I think it’s a one semi from
the police department and for him to want to get you know for him to be
executed like that it was some I on the outside it was connected to the police
department to go and get them out of there that’s just my opinion man I
really I really look at it like one of them cause it at the end of the day how
many times have we looked at cop and police officers actually getting away
the stuff a lot of times we thought you know sure that’s the gang I tried to
join four times I know what I’m talking about
the police will send in a shooter like it’s nothing
fuck you doing talking up on the stand nigga hold this slug in the mug yeah
bang all right I gotta go no I gotta go man thank you ma’am we’ll turn it off
right now who’s my water am I making sense in Miami you guys are emailing me
about this fucking story okay so let’s talk do snitches really get stitches or
do the police enforce the stereotype niggas be telling on a regular you watch
first 48 hours don’t you you give a nigga nigga a Newport and a fucking 7up
and he’ll tell please out there giving out dirt naps until you tell on a cop hang on a second maybe I’m doing too
much is this bullshit Ron it was one yet hold on a second 7:32 is that Bostick
Ronnie in the building hey hey hey hey I’m a little extra right now but how are
you Ronnie good evening glad you came aboard pretty
good where do you want to start I’ll fall back you know close to 30 some odd
emails yo boss new GUI okay so I’m here is there a conspiracy or it was this man
killed over some dumb shit what do you wanna go Ronnie you know I think it’s
really sort of early to tell or to speculate as to what happened to him
I think it’s very very ironic that you know he was a key witness and now he’s
dead and like the previous caller just said you know if it were a situation
where the police had him killed that would you know certainly help if
amber does appeal her case one of one of the key witnesses not being available
that you know would help her but his testimony didn’t make or break the case
you know each testified that he heard the moment when
she entered the house and it sound like they were meeting for the first time you
know so his testimony isn’t that crucial but if you know without it it certainly
does help her well the police are here to let you know they’re here to let you
know that you know fear and propaganda will keep you niggas in line now I don’t
want to be too reckless you know tonight I’m sipping you know it’s Sunday I’m
relaxing I’m entitled to it but you know this man was not a drug dealer again he
was convicted in 2016 of a controlled substance not convicted with the intent
to distribute he’s not a drug dealer convicted in 2011 of some type of effect
probably a misdemeanor theft if I’m not mistaken so he was a hard-working guy
who would want to gun him down oh right and when I looked into him another thing
I found very to be very ironic is that you know he moved because he said that
he lived in constant fear of being killed of being shot to death yeah so
when he cried when he cried on the stand you know he mentioned that that he felt
like what happened to both them could have been him so you know it’s really
sort of ironic that now here he is dead do you want you want to take a crazy
guess Ronnie it’s Sunday night that I might delete this file anyway crazy
guess what do you think you know what you think gave no slugs I think if it
was supposed to be a professional hit it wasn’t it certainly doesn’t appear to be
that way to me because there are eyewitnesses who saw the getaway vehicle
but that doesn’t mean that you know somebody didn’t get sloppy so I don’t
know if you know well there’s no witnesses and it was a
four-door sedan great hang on a second Ronny uh Malmo sends in a cash at police
snitches get stitches let’s go there let’s fucking go there
tonight you emailing me interfering with my weekend let’s go there mahmu who says
boss is let pay attention yeah Adam on the check-in via cash shop he
says Bob and his fellow cops did it allegedly Mamo again says conspiracy or
not nobody’s fixing to riot ok ok hang on a second uh let’s get some
more calls in here money and folks you can join the conversation via cash app
super chat if you can’t get thrown the phone lines you know you’re all
donations are appreciated okay it’s go to area code four zero seven good
evening 407 do snitches really get stitches 407 yeah let’s go I really
think they get stitches because over time when you know you start snitchin
you know mean you gotta pay the price for it ok show me I’m listening I’m
listening and then the neck so I the next questions you have is alcohol was
it a conspiracy I don’t know sir black people love a conspiracy black people
love a conspiracy the unseen hand you know Illuminati yadda yadda yadda
sometimes I’m throwing it out there saying let’s go there tonight let’s go
there you have any conspiracy so do you think that Joshua Brown was killed for
any other reason than the fact that he told on the on the top we call from Sir
you from the hood hello and no reason hello can hear me
yes are you from the hood are you from the hood no I’m not okay
hood niggas always have a conspiracy so thank you for the call Thank You Man oh
but the fuck run either bullshit granny did I cut running off by mistake fuck
Ronnie are you there no 6 1 0 leaving six one six one oh hello hello you hey
how you not bad not that ace man Joshua whatever the fuck they call them yeah
man taking it bird net no but let me ask you this would you agree that black folk
don’t move like this on a political level everybody else do it
cops white folks Asians and Malaysians you smoked what hours we come before
your fucking neck okay it’s a fact okay black folks really
folks that don’t move like that it’s nigga George Zimmerman still out
here Pereda daddy killed Trayvon Mario and they could walk in the street and
ice cream and cereal is Monica that’s just what it is
okay well you may be talking about African Americans but you know in Africa
they get down for the get-down everyone around what machetes hacking each other
up been doing that since the dawn of time you said it yourself yes I’m
talking about African American okay but you said you said you said America a
white woman oh you said that right Indians were slaughtered and niggas
women chained oh what a white woman bag it niggas like
I said you got some nerve get up on this stair and let this awake
girl cry with her bleach blonde hair on though you guys to go come on in Tok Tok
I’m not hanging up on your clone Hulk Hulk that’s all them niggas hated em
nigga said good night hey yo let me let me spit some isms real
quick and omegas coming out with reports talking about talking about this shit
still under investigation awesome gene lived in a nice apartment
unit they got cameras within 5 miles of the entire premises what he’s talking
about is still under investigation yeah you fill me it ain’t no conspiracy it’s
over okay thank you Miss Liu thanks for the call okay yeah now we’re
doing conspiracies tonight let’s take our time let’s all get focused on a
conspiracy and the question on the screen
dude snitches really get stitches or do the police and force the stereotypes
elbows up and haul them taken taking selfies with niggers bullshit Ronnie are
you there I’m sorry I think I hung up on you by mistake
Ronnie oh okay okay all right so um anything else that you want to put on
the table do we take more calls Joshua Brown how old was he 28 29 I forget he
was a young man let me check 20 and he moved out of the complex or widowed did
he get killed at the same complex I just I was I wasn’t focused on this this
weekend you know I just I’m doing some other shit you know no he he was he
moved to a different complex so this is a completely different complex that was
about five miles away dem boys went and got him allegedly teach you to take your
Stan nega area code seven one six good evening seven one six are you there
hey hey hey who’s this hey it’s going will you call in front from Buffalo New
York okay no I’m a little extra tonight I’m sitting here having a cocktail it’s
Sunday I was relaxing do you have a conspiracy or do you want to chime in
what do you want to go with this well it’s just like you’ve been talking about
it it’s strange wasn’t it strange that the family was acting all wacky and
nobody could understand why but you know I mean it was almost as if they were
afraid they didn’t want to do nothing they were you know praising her for some
reason there’s gotta be something going on did
you say the family was acting wacky did you say wacky yes yeah like they were
acting off like they were like kissing her a SS but I want to swear but there’s
just there but and and you know they don’t want her to go to jail what normal
person acts like that it somebody murdered my family member I’m coming for
you know what it means can I ask you respectfully are you
Caucasian Hispanic what are you a malicious in right um I’m Caucasian but
I grew up in like the hood okay you’re Caucasian so you you already have it you
know ingrained in you and I for and I fuck all that forgiving shit right no
but actually you know what I I learned that from growing up in the ghetto don’t
forget people like be honest and straightforward like I feel like white
people are more fake and once I don’t know forgiving them I don’t know
african-american well the white man is the original gangster or don’t get it
fucked up white man’s regional gangster but here’s the thing we’re talking about
and I say this respectfully mystified a mystified family and that’s fine if they
find forgiveness with the shooter and they want to exemplify if I’m even
saying that right you know a passion compassion so on and so forth that’s
fine but now we’ve got the witness John Joshua Brown he’s out of here
so somebody ran down on him and gave him that smoke any thoughts on that something’s going on I’m like it doesn’t
make funny hey hey I felt like I was more angry about this man’s less than
his family and I don’t even know I’m so sure I mean like I just feel like like I
started from the get-go I’m like this family was afraid or something’s going
on but they’re not speaking out and now this man’s killed a witness so that you
know I mean they’re saying it so he can’t testify when they appeal it so
stay with me and how old you user Melissa held you okay can I ask you to
dig into your whiteness dig down deep and do you think that some white cops
said we’re gonna teach that nigger a lesson let’s go get him
dig into your white net never mind oh man where you were raised
Oh digging too deep this do you know where I was raised
no it was because me personally grown up I went to school that weight was the
minority 90% were colored I know that story but listen I’m asking you to dig
down deep into your white crotch and ask yourself no yes
there like that I believe they’re like that yeah the people of white boy said
let’s go get him yes I know yes or no I think this race over and stuff like that
I believe it’s all I don’t know I just I’ll give that nigga that smoke over
race but the last word but if it was I just feel like if it was I don’t know
because it was somebody that was african-american
the you know a mean they didn’t get more time the cops didn’t get more time and
that poet was Lutheran Ronnie do you want to jump in Melissa’s on the line
she’s uh if you talk me she grew up in the hood
that’s okay stay with me mothers it’s okay it’s alright who’s Ronnie foster
Connie white go Ronnie young here she she mentioned the family being afraid
afraid and maybe that you know explains why that they acted the way that they
did I don’t think that they were in fear at all I think they’re under you know
the spell of religion and you know that is why they reacted the way that they
did I don’t think they were free they had no reason to be afraid
I just I don’t know I just thought kind of strange that more people like maybe
it is that but I feel like it was a strange that complete strangers are more
angry about the son his own family like this this black man’s life didn’t mean
more than 10 years if it was you know a the different like say for example let’s
just put it out there like okay let’s bring up the Takashi six nine all these
black men got indicted for shooting guns off in the air they didn’t murder
anybody they robbed their own person like they kidnapped and robbed their own
person and they got more time than this wake up get shot and killed
Takashi’s down with the cops Melissa he’s down he’s down with the road gang
Trey from way way was just kidney Gordon uh some kidney going shit Takashi’s with
the cops now you don’t even know I understand they’re getting more time
these rough men are getting more time and they didn’t even murder anybody this
is a white woman went into a stranger’s home and killed somebody and she’s only
getting ten years you’re right she killed somebody within it and that’s
just you know I mean that’s just fast and it happens all the time it does and
people act like it’s not about race and you have these white people that turn
their head and argue that it’s not about race but it ain’t it is really great it
is you alright Melissa thank you for calling in and it’s okay if you’re
nervous call back again or shoot me an email
let’s get you back on the line all right all right thank you and whiten up
Melissa whiten up all right that’ll help you in life get away from all that hood
shit yeah I grew up in the hood Ronnie wasn’t Joshua Brown shot in the mouth do
you know no he wasn’t shot he wasn’t shot in the mouth he was shot multiple
times that’s another rumor that circulating
that he was shot in the mouth yeah but he was 20 yeah
the police department has put out a statement saying that that’s false he
was 28 years old yeah was it was in a silver sedan yeah
four-door cop car hang on a second Ronny stay with you Johnny ditto ugly being so
he says nigga it’s nice like this that make me say all praise praises to that
nigga uh Makai Johnson oh wow okay he’s talking reckless about Dallas police mm
then he says fu star okay thank you sir sent in a goddamn super chat Thank You
Man salute to you yeah okay talkin reckless a purple love good evening says
I think white supremists are letting their feelings be known and being
painfully obvious about this star why can’t black peeps mobilize and protect
ourselves okay that’s written horribly but sorry
listen black people in this country had been
rebelling for a lot of years don’t get it fucked up but you know they don’t
promote nor do they tell you about the great slave rebellions but there were
slave rebellions don’t get it fucked up black man wasn’t just sitting around
this you know they’re taking a foot up the ass you know and I want to sit here
and promote you know black freedom fighters as we used to do on the star
star chamber holy shit me and Elliott’s used to go ten toes down and talk about
a Colin Ferguson and other people Ronnie what you’re not talking about Colin for
the other day yeah uh-huh he’s a brave man brave man bein fighter
hey there’s enough good evening sir he said star the witness was offed by
Boehm’s brother whoa smoothing things over for his new best friend he’s the
type of Negro hood that would have snitched on that Turner Wow we was Kang’s sent okay that’s a part of
me a super chat from last week we’ll catch when we should go that have a
second let me just make sure I’m not missing any cash abbs
um mamamoo mamamoo says okay talk about conspiracy or not nobody’s fixing to
riot okay thank you mama and I got Adam Ortiz
and I should text Bob the cop that’s why she Tex haven’t spoke to him in a while
well actually what well today’s Sunday I spoke to Bob Thursday pardon me
Darrell sends it a cash Shep he says story amber Geiger was a KKK come rag
Wow salute star thank you sir that was crazy
Khalid peace Khalid he says I know I love stories like this their papers
cells cells guap okay thank you sir coming to the phone line shortly guys
hang on a second prophet made nine you know I hate good evening so good to have
you back the brother did it he wants her out of jail
lol Ronny any statements from the family of the Jean family about the the former
witness Joshua Brown being killed who’s this still very very fresh anew money
it looks like they sort of made a statement through there one of their
spokesman one of the gentlemen who’s representing
them as lasting as merit let me double-check and see exactly what his
connection is to them because he has made a couple of statements with regard
to Joshua Brown that’s why I got the information from
about him being so petrified of being shot dead that gentleman gave that
statement mr. Merrit okay let’s get some real hardcore conspiracy theorists to
call in tonight and talk about do you think that the police are sending a
message nationwide profit made ninety nine okay I read that one thank you Jim
me a second text in my goddamn phone this weekend Oh multiple emails oh here
we go two to five good evening do snitches really get stitches and we’re
talking about Joshua Brown adding here what say you two to five I’m in
Louisiana my name is Shireen darlin hi how are you what’s going on so am i I
turned on the news this morning and I heard that that young man was killed and
I tell you I just broke down and I cried and I called my brothers and sisters in
Christ and I pray for his family but I also called the president today called a
Booker all of the congressman’s and I told they need to do something about
this and I had asked a question what has black people done so bad that we have to
be drugged in the street that we have to be gunned down and nobody cared and I
also left messages for mr. Elijah coming and told them they need to do something
for the black people or get off the fort didn’t get off and I also call the
police department for miss Renee Hall the chief and the police say that she
will be back tomorrow so I will start calling to all of these people tomorrow
and other people need to do the same thing as well and the question that I
want to add to everyone but definitely to the white
people we know that they’re not in charge but I asked the question who left
the white people in charge that we have to bow down to them and you really hurts
me that these things are going on and I thought the judge and I thought the
chief police they have done all they have done they’re not gonna do it
because if then we’re going to do anything you would have done it when
Miss amber Garber was on the with call and also second before you go any
further hang up do you have an Instagram page or a Facebook group you want to
promote because you said you’re doing some things tomorrow how can we help
your efforts well I don’t I don’t have Instagram pages or Facebook because I
don’t have time for foolery I don’t have time to be addressing dumb questions and
people with all in there so no sir I don’t I just make phone calls so again
the judge they didn’t even apologize to Bolton’s family nobody gave this family
hug but they gave this Amber Giger a hug and
my favorite hug and the Bible gave it a Bible all right yeah yeah I’m gonna say
if we can go back you said what did black people do what was that question
what what the black people do to get into this house the question was what
did the black people do so bad that the police have to gun us down they have to
drag us in the street behind cars and walk this man like they did in Galveston
Texas with his hands tied behind his back the police is on horses and they
were walking him up and down the street and another question the second stay
with me stay with me I I appreciate the call if I can if I can throw something
back at you not to be dismissed not just disrespectful but do you think this is
God’s will no absolutely not absolutely not this is not his will for this two to
have taken place absolutely not it’s are you a believer people in are you my
absolutely I am oh yes in crises without all promoting a
lot of God I promote Jesus and he is awesome
okay so why do you think this is not God’s
will for the african-americans to suffer the way that they are suffering why do
you think it’s not gone know that it’s not God’s will because God wants you
think God want people to die like this in the streets absolute no no no no no
no respectfully I’m asking you just question I’m a non-believer but I’m just
asking you why do you think it’s not God’s will it’s not God’s will for
people to die like this it is absolutely not God don’t want nobody to die like
this absolutely not and then cause other
people to suffer like this it was not his well it was not God’s will for Amber
to kill this young man either and no like it’s not God’s will for nobody to
die like this absolutely not God loves people
you think I’ll want people to hurt like this this is this is Ronnie can you jump
in here because I want to be respectful to the caller and I don’t want to you
know throw curve balls at her to be disrespectful Ronnie where are you
what’s your 20 I’m here so I want to ask the callers and she’s identified herself
as a believer if she has forgiven amber well absolutely I also give up I’m not
to judge God knows because I pray for her too and say I have God if it was not
her will to kill this young man she’d be the he be the judge on what she should
get you know I’m not the judge and I my heart goes out to her because guess what
it’s possible that she could have went into the wrong apartment
only God knows that I don’t know that but yes I do hurt for her because she
has to deal with this the rest of her life so you better know that I do feel
for her absolutely I do question well I mean you ask the question you say you’re
asking the question why do these things keep happening perhaps to the movies I
thought maybe maybe you’re you know willingness to be so forgiving and to be
so understanding of somebody who murdered somebody else callously maybe
that’s the reason why these things keep happening because black before so
quickly the other cheek and say I forgive you my
heart goes up to you I’m gonna pray for you I don’t want for you girl I’m not
saying that she doesn’t deserve to go to jail but you know what I had two
grandkids I killed in 2014 my brother sister my son and his family was just
she somebody ran off the highway and killed them so I thought we got a helper
because it sets you free if you don’t forgive it set you free but when I heard
that I just fell down I was punching my soul I was hitting stuff because I felt
like that was my Sunday got attacked and I’m telling you I really that’s why I’m
hoarse right now because I screamed and I hollered all this morning okay yeah
well listen I appreciate the call and thank you for your perspective and I
want other people to join in and you know feel free to address it how they
how they see it and thank you so much have a great evening you as well thank
you all right let’s get to it it’s all chiming hang on a second I’ll run I’ll
be right back cap that money blue on the check-in star you heard they killed him
with DoubleTap what what y’all niggas going man listen I’m with the silly shit
tonight let’s go there oh is it someone else’s sending in the email where’s your
cash at it’s like four paragraphs there come on stop it
we know that shit Sunday night I’m relaxing okay uh D Boris Thank You Man
for your donation sir we don’t we don’t talk sideways about people here on this
platform man I wish everybody the best thank you ma’am
I gotta stick to what it is that I do man
my numbers are up Steve you wanted to see that man but thank you anyway full
of hate on the check-in he says my opinion police killed hustle oh he’s
talking about Nipsey Hussle you know I don’t to be disrespectful but
I already did a show remember and I’m sure you maybe you do
full of hate and the show was asking did the police send in a shooter yeah hang
on my name come right back to you k2 focused star can you answer – OH –
big nigga let’s get to it okay hang on a second where is area code 202
give me a second guys I was at the scuba shop yesterday yeah I’m about to get
certified ma’am I’m about to go to Florida and Hawaii getting a water with
some fucking sharks area code 202 is that my nigga k2 focused are you there
hello k2 focused pick it up pick it up k2 where are you man you’re moving slow
k – OH – focused can you hear me yes good evening uh-oh you at 344 which
number you climb from 0 to 3 for 4 tonight baby yes yeah okay don’t say
your full number hey man thank you for your donation what’s poppin let’s let’s
talk about this conspiracy yes so so I wanted to talk about the guy down there
in Dallas you know who got killed recent lose huh oh okay basically when you’re a
material witness in a criminal defense case you don’t have a choice whether or
not you’re going to testify and so you’re only privileged not to testify
about something that relates to your your criminal responsibilities though officer can you turn the radio down in a
squad car please turn the radio down say what you said again officer hello did he
hang up running you there was bullshit morning
he hung up I think his cover was blown his phone dropped off dropped out I
didn’t hang up on him holy shit area code five zero none of
you there good evening 509 we’re talking about Joshua Brown out of here what say
you 509 hello good evening how are you sir
I’m good how are you I’m good man I’m with this shit’s tonight man let’s go
you a bunch of emails about this guy being killed let’s go man give me some
conspiracies come on come on yeah I’m just trying to let you know that there
was another witness ago I was threatened you know that she was told that uh we
know better let any witness leave and she backed out because they wanna they
wanted her to to change her story cause she got a video taken 60 minutes can you
send me a link were you getting this information from
sir I just looked at it on YouTube morning okay and I came back I came
across information about our officer Martin ma Rivera the boyfriend okay that
is true in 2007 he killed a black man in Dallas okay so
you read this or you saw a video can you send me the links to what you’re talking
about about the girl it’s a video on YouTube video I bet the link button okay
I thought she was a read nigger Ronnie can you jump in here I’m having a little
trouble figuring out what he’s saying was Bostick running well it had a read
nigga on the line yeah I think I think he’s referring to the girl that we
treated some emails about it the one who was fired from her job and they put a
gatherer he’s referring to that woman okay okay so what you can I don’t know
even know about what’s your conspiracy sir and where are
you calling from what we are you American
foreigner we / no I’m not American I’m not American I’m called Africa okay what
point I’m from East Africa Uganda holy shit well okay yeah so so your ancestors
were part of the slave trade yes keep it real no not really okay so so you’re in denial and that’s
cute alright so now what do you think about a
bomb being shot and killed in you know the aftermath now when Joshua Brown beam
out of here what do you thought sir well well my thought is also taken out cause
of the appeal that’s coming out no they’re trying to eliminate everybody
and my concern is that muscular velvety voice women or ever loved he did it
before definitely they’ve been talking together
about oh I kill it back then before and she probably say all we wanted to do the
same thing the boyfriend now you said your concern your African
sir you know you don’t give a fuck about African America what do you mean your
concern you look you look down upon African America real come on come on
nod that’s what that’s what that’s what the people do over here Peter sir sir Sir come on this yes this is the
objective perspective I want you to speak freely your East African how old
you sir a porter Kevin oh geez you bring an
african-american back home to where you’re from
your family will spit on you right no no not at all no what is wrong what is
wrong with you huh we got no actually love other than Ronnie do you want to
jump in here with Ronnie Bostic Ronnie I don’t believe this guy
I don’t think he can bring an American woman home and not have problems
hello know that conception here in America you know people are trying to
make us you know hate each other and that’s the policy and they are winning
you know so most of you people believe that anybody is you can bring an
American woman home yes Robert a lot of them I’ve seen a lot of them and you’re
not gonna have a problem with it your grandma’s still alive no is that okay maybe all sir
maybe awesome we’re sorry make sure I think that is no problem love each other
you’re a compulsive liar sir Brett thank you for the call thank you so much
god bless you nice get him out of here Rafael thank you for your donation
Rafael hashtag Rafael are from sing your name right get you on booger bear what
Oh get you a booger bear and an answer 207
hang on a sec let me get him on the line here two one seven where are you two one
seven I don’t see your your number he shorts that two one four I don’t see two
once and I see two one four are you high did you type in the wrong
number I see two one five I do not see two one seven let me bring in 200 for
Hayes that Rafael – one for rough yell hello – and four – one for Yes No maybe
okay moving slow I’ll come back let’s go to area code eight zero eight good
evening 808 are you there hey what’s up man hello
yeah believe me real car hey you gotta come closer to the phone come on man I
thank you for being on hold but you gotta come post you in a bad speaker
phone what’s going on all right hello good evening sir how are you sir
the case is over would talk about John Brown the case is over Joshua Brown has
now killed I think on them down then please gun
them down do not ever walk yeah black you know
trying to make it a conspiracy theory okay alright I have no problem with
people having conspiracy theory thoughts I’m not one myself but I can understand
why black people you know for the most part would question every goddamn thing
ya have to you can’t believe the media everything when the goddamn Internet is
fuckin skewed we’re living in the age of censorships I’m not mad at people for
having conspiracy thoughts or things like that but uh what do you think about
Joshua Brown anything killed him I think it was the police yeah I think
they got him I think I think you got her boyfriend that she was looking around
with with that had a wife got got mad cuz he’s tied whack got locked up okay oh shit you just caught me in the legs
little fucking grilling my shit listen you called me you on hold up Marin what
are you doing in the living room room sir where are you I’m in a lot in Hawaii
out in the water man oh you in Hawaiian yeah I’m trying to
get certified in a scuba diving class so I can come out there know what the
Waikiki Beach are uh sir I have to pay no no I have to face my fears that I
want to come out there with a certification and a fucking uh what do
you call those guns the spear gun and face of girl yeah no some I’m not gay
I’m not going to hate you up in Hawaii I’m gonna hollow some whores all right
baby Thank You Man Thing all right he’s gay
calling in from Hawaii he’s gay let’s go scuba diving with me no thank you no
thank you let me see if I can find a two one seven
hold on a second where is to one seven Raphael I’m looking for you man
Santana I see two one five I do not see two one seven did you type in the wrong
goddamn number it’s late you know we’re all we’re a little silly tonight it’s
Sunday wait a second I see two six seven let me see if this is him right yeah is
that wrap the l214 good evening Raphael hey Thor what’s up Jesus Matthew oh no
this is not ref yell this is uh this is Jay
hailing from Dallas Texas Oh let’s go man I’m doing okay come on come on so
check this out so I am calling from a Southside apartment now here’s the thing
it’s the outside apartment are directly across the street from
Dallas Police Department now Dallas Police Department is about 800 to a
thousand feet from the apartment complex that all of this took place at ok so
that’s the thing that that’s that’s really getting me is that the the cell
thought flat because we’re on Southside at Lamar the Southside flats where he
was shot at Dallas Police Department is on the exact same side of the street as
this apartment complex now some people may say that it’s a conspiracy
however to me don’t believe that it’s a conspiracy
i jus feel as though that whenever this shit begins to unfold that it would not
surprise me that if they start to say that well this was a drug-related issue
but it’s just too coincidental that this man just testified Wednesday I watch to
try out a lot this man just testified Wednesday and then all of a sudden he’s
shot on Friday now where he was previously living like I say this Police
Department it’s right there on the same side of the street as this apartment
complex some people feel as though well what was
he doing out in the that hour of the night it wasn’t late and he actually
moved and I’m very familiar with the apartment complex that he moved to it’s
over there off by the North Dallas a toll way I have some friends that do
that stay over there what time was Joshua Brown shot and killed I don’t
even have that information in front of me I’ve been busy all weekend Ronnie
what time was he shot and killed do we know who’s running sure so do you know
you’re from Dallas yeah I believe eight o’clock in the evening
I mean I’m checking now yeah I’m not a hutch percentage sure is what time he
was actually shot I heard that it was like a ran on that one something that
night I’m not a hundred percent sure on the actual time that it took place okay
if we could find out the time that he was killed that would be very helpful
because you know son sometimes you know respectfully the police are gonna send
you a fuckin message you can be touched you know you can be taught they would
sense me what’s that running with 10:30 10:30 p.m. on Friday evening 10:30 p.m.
okay Friday yeah go ahead so you saying my
whole thing is it so my whole thing is is that this guy was shot and killed I
don’t believe that that was just random or it was a coincidence I believe that
it was intentional I mean he testified during the trial and all of a sudden now
he’s at this point and I don’t mean to sound disrespectful and any kind of way
but I mean he’s basically about to be taking a dirt nap the same way I mean
what just really picture this I mean this apartment complex
it’s basically right there beside the Dallas Police Department and I
understand his whole reasoning from moving from where he was to where he
went to I mean which is feel cold it’s only like maybe about five miles away
off the road so I’m very familiar with that apartment complex but this is
definitely I don’t feel like there was a conspiracy many kind of wait this was
something this man was targeted okay he was targeted let me ask you the question
sir do snitches really get stitches that’s a question here you know do
stitches really good dishes I have always heard that I just felt like it
was a hypothetical thing but after this I would actually say I feel like they
get dishes and they also possibly get to take a permanent rest okay thank you for
your call sir thank you have a good one after calling in from the 204 I’m gonna
do one more scan hang on a second looking for Rafael he sent in a
nice-size donation or at the I’m looking for you man what the fuck dude or you
know lady I don’t see you I don’t see two one seven no with that whatever you
is that I tried I tried Rafi Oh Sammy Kaye
smooth historic can you pick up six seven eight
absolutely Sammy Kaye smooth let me see if I can find you in the queue Rico six seven eight
is that Sammy Kaye smooth six seven eight yeah what okay how women heard
y’all doing out there Africa before Africa talk about you know love is love
oh they don’t silly shit you know your phone sounds a muffle can you picked
your phone is going in now man picked your phone please you hear me better yes
are you saying yeah I was saying that I actually have a heart this African
American and she knows back in a little Nigeria huh that’s what my parents is
for okay know about thirty years thirty years now so yes just a couple of them
up there but anyway up to the topic man obatala
hey Ronnie wassup hey you know start you you’ve got a great co-host I even know
when she got on but she’s absolutely – the topic do snitches really get
stitches or do you have a conspiracy theory about this man Joshua Brown let’s
get right to it come on Mike yes just give stitches all the way let’s
go all the motherfucker let’s go we’ve been seeing it from from history you
know saying if you talk you know you gonna get Douglas if you had any kind of
involved if you witness if your witness talking you gonna get it too and you
know what I think that they sent the message it’s like motherfucker we don’t
need he testifies so you gonna take a dirt
nap Wow done you can never talk again
ain’t nobody gonna interview your ass you ain’t gonna have no chance to write
a book you snitch it against the wrong game
below go ahead it’s on straight away go ahead snitch on the Crips don’t
nobody give a fuck you nobody give a fuck about no minorities I’m talkin
about the blonde blue-eyed blue-eyed you know yeah cave-dweller let’s go my nigga
cave-dweller no no let’s play you good you said you said it yeah
blond and blue-eyed troglodyte whatever she is so I’m just saying bro you know
they got a big got to be gotta defend and protect themselves at all you niggas is on that popcorn shit we go
we’re gonna show you how it’s really done
exactly and they sewed it they showed and you know what and you know what you
know what me you running everybody y’all know we all know deep down inside we all
know so I don’t know I’m not I don’t know I’m just sitting here talking Sulli
drinking and talking okay his wife yeah hold on a second 708 okay hold on Ronnie
I got I got to get Rafael give me some time he’s spending scroller you spend
scrilla with me this whole fucking show get stopped
Rafael is that you sir every Co 708 hello car what up is that Rafael your
ever ah yeah okay listen man I’ve been looking for you when you spend money I I
scroll and I scroll to the guy damn kill you see that no no you show love yeah
but now streets got no lunch so you spend the money so I respect you
does look good what do you want to start looks like
when it comes yeah like when it comes to uh let us start with the conspiracies
man um the only conspiracy I see is that you know like the black man never
contributed anything to society hang around feel don’t do that president from
yep Trump already said what was it yesterday today Ronnie can you check
this I saw yeah I saw it on worldstar the president the president Donald Trump
said blacks built this nation where you going homie oh no I mean I was just
touching up on this conspiracy tip what snitches get stitches yeah that’s a fact
so like me you know I grew up in the tu-16 area man I’ve been moving around a
lot like I’ve been a lot for 32 years a runaway you know I’ve seen a lot man
these cops like they they’re do you dirty man you know what I mean okay
the same as the speech would do you but the cops there get to you a little bit
quicker come on get out of me you spent money take your time you spend money
Jake we do you want to go up while you leave no no buddy Joshua he uh he got
got man you know he they got him out the way so that he may not be able to get in
on that appeal you know what I mean um it’s unfortunate you know what I mean me
personally like I say too much but I walk around like I got a pocket rocket
it’s all legal I must be CW and all of that nice nice
yeah I got the a yeah I got me a pocket rocket revolver I got a one on a you
know on a waistband as Widow I got one that I you know in a sling god
I take it I think it’s to the to the whip you know a pistol as well it’s a
got a little bit more length on it you know about I hear you loudly
listen sir you know I I don’t want to talk too reckless but you know I’ll dump
the steel faster yeah I’ll dump the steel faster now 55 then I
would have that at 35 or even 40 just I ain’t got time I ain’t got time to
tussle with a nigga neither man like my back you know I’m
like I ain’t really trying to roll my back like and I’ll do that in a bit you
know I mean like I mean not not rolling it but you know right you know like it
it is what it is like I you know you can’t take any chances man like people
out here not they get like get two CCW you know you get to see CLO all that and
handle your business protect yourself like if you spent if you don’t stand on
the stand you know be able to protect yourself well hang on now Raphael if you
if you’re gonna stand on the stand and you’re gonna take the stand against
against the number one gang after you testify you got to get the fuck out that
statement let’s keep it real indi you can’t you can’t move across
town and think shit is gonna be sweet United State man hey stay right there
don’t go anywhere uh running you there stay right here why are you there was
bullshit money Ronnie yes I’m here can hear me yeah did you see the video with
President Trump when when did he make that speech was that yesterday he said
African Americans built this country more than anybody else did you see that
running yes and I actually just into a link it’s an article from The Daily Mail
covering that so he was he I saw the video being warned him stay out of his
mountain yes he did
it was a youth leadership meeting for black Republicans and he definitely did
say that he said you built this country he said I don’t know if you know that
but people are just now starting to recognize that you built it right
facts Raphael you wanted chime in on that because you were talking little
sideways when you first came on the line Raphael were you sir
come here so I got a book man I mean it’s your mommy’s dropping a letter it’s
free but it’s what a part of the hard copy is you have to drop like 10 sacks
man the book is America being the latest and
most accurate description of the new world you can look it up it was
published in 1670 71 okay if you were to read it man you you would like it was it
will pretty much crush everything that like a modern premise or you know any
you know you would have to read it now but I thought that was a book that you
wrote you you said can you give us the tablet table again what do you say
what’s the damage a Googler what’s it called but okay so the title
is America being the latest and most accurate description of the new world type it in you could probably download
I’m sorry but if you want you got it all right what all now you read this book
and it changed your life what I’m not sure if I even know about this blog I’m
sitting here sipping respectfully Amazon okay I see okay who’s written by
remarkable voyages okay looks like white propaganda I’ll be honest with looks
like propaganda 1600 I mean if it is Danny I mean it is you would have to
read it to kind of sorta you know get that get that sort of perspective on it
at all well I’ve consumed that I think enough
of the white man’s propaganda is this something that you you it enlightened
you or what I’ll check it out bookmark it it added
it added to towards the like the Enlightenment but at this point like now
at that about what five six years ago okay at this point I don’t even reso
user read nigga yeah use a read nigga I would I wasn’t
I got me a booger bear to mmm nice that’s kind of started early man I
started too early man I kind of envy you a bit you’re not American
no you’re you’re older cat now you remind me or like a you know favorite
uncle sir don’t envy me I need to grow up I need to stop it with these younger
on me I need to stop that dumb shit you know you ready for it you ready for it
you know me personally you know I had to I had to fall back man like I told you
man I came up in that era where you know like cops was just doing you dirty and
you either had to get with it or around that get down a lay down yeah they don’t
right yeah okay yeah I bookmarked the page I’m sorry at bookmark the book that
you referenced I’ll read into it and see if it’s anything of interest to me but
you know if it’s just more white propaganda I’ve consumed enough of that
back in the 70s and I’m okay you feel me I bet yeah have you ever read Principia
by Sir Isaac Newton you read that I’m not okay now that’s a fucking eye-opener
Sir Isaac Newton 1685 or eighty-seven I forget that’s an eye over all right what
Principia if I’m if I’m saying it right I could be wrong I’m sipping Sir Isaac
Newton yeah that’s a motherfuckin book for you but uh alright hey man thank you
for your donation and I appreciate you man have a good one no doubt take it
again sir thank you okay hang on a second guys I know I’m doing a lot
tonight I was enjoying my fucking weekend you know shorty who had the fire
who has the fire coochie for some strange reason she was texting
me yesterday and I curbed this shit out of her because you know I don’t need
fire coochie in my life you know just once in a blue moon you know but not and
I don’t not like you know twice in the same month you know I’m not trying to be
you know just lacking out here you know Ronnie are you there was bullshit Ronnie
uh when he gotta go you cool for a few more minutes or what
well yeah okay okay want to get some more calls in and let me make sure I’m
not miss any super chance Brazilian good evening Brazilian says
police ain’t risking their lives after he testified
that’s ass backwards either he old some nigga money or his pasty white wife got
sick of his ass was Joshua Brown married Ronnie no not to my knowledge I think
that’s a little bit of a reach okay okay what we’re all reaching tonight we’re
doing conspiracies and all this crazy shit Mike dirty good evening sir he says
this proves that cops are the shooters in the hood Thanks
they want it to look like just another black man shot and killed yeah Mike
dirty thank you man salute you sir wise dnc we laughing be the brother that
went ten toes down for the cracker loving family is now dead and they all
in love with the snow beasts shaking my head thank you sir
thank you and let me also say thank you to the young lady who called in earlier
said she was a grandmother and she was very much a believer I like to have
different perspectives and I respect her position even if I don’t agree with her
I like the fact that she stood firm she said what she felt and that’s what
tonight’s show is about you know in case you’re new to the show other people get
to speak and voice their opinions I don’t have to have the last word nor do
I feel the need to push my ideology and or philosophy okay
a jrx says not religious but does the caller know that the Bible reads that it
pleased God to bruise his son mmm question mark
who the hell is the black community I’m sorry who the hell is the black
community to God question mark shaking my head okay Nick G 1 1:7 says look four
four three two big nigga I’m on the line let’s get to the dumb shit hold on a
second is that Nick IG one one seven every Co 4
3 2 yeah what up star hey how are you man I’m good man how about you I’m
really silly tonight I’m sloppy but I just I’m having a good weekend you know
what’s going on there yeah I can tell but listen to show man yes he was
getting on to that African earlier I was waiting for you get him off of mine I
couldn’t stand it here in Stockholm or man let me tell you coming off real well
let me tell you man dad Dallas PD couldn’t stand to see one of their own
go down so they took one of ours you know hey come on you know come on babe
when certain when certain people got to get checked it’s what they do you know
there’s a lot of things that happen like this on the daily we just don’t hear
about it because it wasn’t as big as this no come on you know question you
how do they how do they confirm the identity how do they confirm the
identity at 12:00 p.m. saying he was killed Friday you know I’m
saying like and then they’re you know they say there are no suspects or
motives at the time well there’s no suspects or motives because they’re the
ones who did it and investigating you know they’re yeah they’re so they’re so
committed to solving this case they tell you yo Ronnie I know you’re on
the line what’s up you know I didn’t say what’s up to you well what’s up how are
you I’m pretty time to go to his Hartman to rummage through his shit to
see what we can find you know see if he’s got some more coke because he was
convicted and fuckin a controlled substance back in 2016 we need time to
go CP stole stole Moyes shit because he was convicted in 2011 pardon me of theft
and then we’ll tell you who the fuck he was come on
yeah exactly and what’s crazy is like so the Senate she got she if Perot on five
but she can appeal it that’s the way this works yeah okay so if he if he is
still around when she appeals he gets called back to go on the stand you can’t
have him go back on the standard she’s gonna appeal yeah and that was sir he’s
with Jesus now but he knows that he’s not coming back to the stand
respectfully Jesus no no no that’s why I’m saying that’s what that’s what
that’s what he often they didn’t want him coming back you know he would have
put him he would have put her right back she would have got it even longer
sentence that’s how this works yeah you know and and so that whole
snitches get interesting man let me tell you with with fuckin Takashi out here
ain’t no way that that’s true anymore it’s it’s true it’s true if you’re if
you’re black and you take a position against you know militant police force
yeah you get stitches more like you get it you get a body bag but if you help
them no snitches don’t get stitches but appear against them oh yeah you do
that’s how it’s working so I got the inside word that Takashi’s gonna be
rolling with snow Billy so he’s gonna be good man I don’t care about Takashi he
could he could get off right now he’d get he could get his brain splattered on
the sidewalk I wouldn’t shed no tears and I wouldn’t
even bat an eye okay I’m just saying snitches don’t get stitches when when
you’re when you’re helping them but when you’re against them you know oh yeah you
get stitches yeah you know and that’s just that’s just a sad thing about it
you know cuz I’m here in Texas we we all felt this you know what part of Texas
you : from soon the minute we found out he was gunned down I’m uh I’m from West
Texas okay with that new San Antonio I’m not sure was it no that’s uh weird like
the well the oilfield part okay we’re like
yeah yeah I’m not trying to get my location you know I got holy shit maybe I think I was saying you want to
dump it – tonight a man to start take it easy man yeah I appreciate you answering
the call man you put the work Thank You Man be by
mehico even man he come in yes sir yes sir all right guys you’re sending me
emails yo yo stop boss nigga will you at I’m right here I’m right here let’s talk
about conspiracies tonight who killed that poor man Joshua Brown huh from
Jacksonville Jacksonville niggers taking stands oh oh we gonna learn you do they
still say that Ronnie oh is that like a very old southern expression we gonna
learn you yeah that’s that’s very old-school yes or like or they say teach you how to
mind yeah yeah we gonna loan you right Oh John blaze on the check in John blaze
says Ronnie is two Newports short o of a trichotomy yeah John blaze went when he
went in tonight Thank You John blaze for the cash Wow
okay oh is it trichotomy or a tracheotomy how do you say that Ronnie
okay quaterly freak young yo yeah thank you John blaze okay uh okay so now
Raphael he did call back I took his call hang on a second let me
uh whoo I got a firehouse sub waiting for me in the kitchen I said I’m not
driving after I had my drink tonight stay my dumb ass in the house okay
Raphael I got you out the cash that man thank you so much okay Jay Jason where
are you man what was was Jason was white boy Jason hold on a second
I don’t think this is Jason’s number give me a second Ronny the fuck is Jason
at he’s got like seven numbers Jesus Mary and Joseph
Jason is that you five six one two hey what’s going on
Jason how are you man we’re talking about a few things tonight
where do you want to start do snitches really get stitches or Joshua Brown
absolutely here we go sad to hear about Joshua but like everybody’s saying
there’s many many scenarios a there to be a random white dude that knew and
didn’t like him it could be a black dude that didn’t like him it could be a cop
it could be so many scenarios so respectfully to that young man I’m just
gonna wait on this decision before I say anything no Jason you’re gonna give me a
fucking conspiracy you sent me four goddamn emails give me a conspiracy come
on but from a white boys perspective like this black guy is now taking a dirt
fucking nap somebody gunned him down he wasn’t a
drug dealer he was a hard-working man couple of convictions come on give me
your thoughts man come on fucking playboy tonight it doesn’t always have
to be raised I’m saying it doesn’t always have to be raised it could have
been a black op dude it’s always really it’s looking like it was a constant
welcoming it’s always race like I said hater for this one I’m just I’m just
gonna wait it let me get you the fuck out of here then this is America it’s
always race my white mother told me that she said it’s always about race in this
country carry a pocket knife and I’ll watch on your wrist okay folks I’m wild
let me slow down let me slow the fuck down holy shit Ronnie hold on let me
take a sip of what I’m doing too much my mother told me it’s always gonna be
about race in this country don’t you play with nobody and if a
bunch of I shouldn’t say this but she always used to say if a bunch of black
kids surround you pull out your knife and poke poke them and then run I don’t
know why I said that area code six one seven who’s on the
line here somebody sent in a donation six one seven we’re going is that how
you say my name is international X Excel no you say six one seven Boston heavy oh
okay hey what’s that mean have you let’s go I’m looking for Mara how they’re gone
I do you can go get them and come back to me if you want that’s fun well if you
can get to get right to the point man we’re talking about do snitches really
get stitches and Joshua Brown can you chime in please all right cool what’s up
black Ronnie – just to shout out to her before I said with what I talked about I
don’t want to thank you that was what I wanted to with why I stayed I don’t want
to give you our thanks for letting me shout out my youtube last week that’s
not like 70 extra robbers I want to I went out major you know what I’m saying
numbers went crazy too shout out for now I know you don’t do
shadows but uh anyways going through the subject I think the law took that minute
life’s next this week you know I’m saying the judge the slave nigga judge
looked like her heart was breaking giving that lady the ten year that she
gave us went over there and hubby see and everybody seen all that shit
basically you don’t you don’t do that yeah this is the white blonde chick blue
eyes crying and his feet and on him saying it was probably breaking already
heart so I probably wasn’t even police officer it was probably white militia
some shit like that come on it’s hang on a second Abby oh
hold on a second I’m very extra tonight do you think that mammy sent the
shooters folks pardon me that was wrong give me a second avianna just don’t beat
in today nah I think I think I do believe it was
you think that man means sent these shooters just swallow that for a second
entertain me do you think that mammy sent my shooters
and said now you go on and get that nigga you get him good I don’t I
wouldn’t say I don’t I’m not gonna say it was the judge but I would I would say
it could have been some black leader that was mad at them they could
forgetting that white girl locked up you know what I’m saying
uh oh yeah that was Manny wait all right okay so if you talk about black people
in general are you gonna get that right so yeah I think all kind of people could
have been mad at this dude that was just doing the right thing but that white
girl who was put in prison it was just a no no like you said the country was
built for a white woman so you don’t go and put this woman in jail after she had
murdered a nigga and uh moving right along
I just wanted to chime in on that that that lady that was talking about when
you asked her about God and that he put the judgment down on it well hang on a
second avianna I don’t want one caller to take shots at another caller I
appreciate that woman who called an earlier she stood firm on her belief
hang on you see I appreciate people that call in
here they don’t have to agree with me they stand firm on their beliefs I
respect them I let them speak so now do you have something you want to say
because I don’t want you like you know take shots at her it’s not her it’s more
about what you it’s more about the question that you put up put on it and I
just wanted to say I don’t know if I’ve said it before on your show but I’m the
evil Israelite so when you brought that question up it resonated you know what
I’m saying I’m a little unorthodox as far as you Hebrew Israelite but when it
comes to the Bible we believe we’re the children of the Israel I’m gonna awaken
conscious not conscious community but conscious to who we are
Israelite so I understand that were under curses I understand that those
stories inside the Bible were meant for us when when it said the Lord’s gonna
laugh out our pain he’s not gonna answer to our calls and things of that nature
so when you ask that question this is absolutely the Lord’s work though he’s
still punishing us the thing hang on a second stay with me stay with
me hang on hey now listen I’m an atheist you know this but when I was a believer
all things pointed the truth shall we say acquainted to the Israelites so I
have a lot of respect for your position and if I were a believer which I’m not I
would have to acknowledge that the Israelites are the truth I don’t know if
you know my history but I’ve had many dealings with them back in the days you
know things like that and I’ve got a maybe one or two family members they’re
older now but you know the Israelites know the truth I’ll give you the last
word Oh God if I were believable yeah right right so
I just I just wanted to say and on the other topic about the witnesses and the
stitches I’ll say pitchers don’t get stitches but upstanding citizens who are
witnesses do get stitches you know I’m saying it bitches 50 cent Snoop Dogg
Takashi allegedly Jim Jones PR all of these do the street bosses of hearing
motherfuckers is supposed to be gangsters and all of that and they’re
living great but the witnesses like this man who just did the right thing inside
a case was somebody’s life was taken was murdered and that’s how it usually goes
the snitches are living good because they were bad dog to the state and a
witnesses just somebody who saw something that was wrong and put
somebody in jail have y’all thank you man I gotta take
another call here thank you so much so do you know any way out thank you man
okay is international excel on the line you sent in a cache yep good evening yes
sir are you doing running good thank you for your cash that man what do you want
to turn his name when you and chime in yeah just check this out the supposedly
is on Twitter I can give you her Twitter name you can look it up the wife of who
sir whose wife Josh Brown the one who got
killed oh okay now is she white she tweeted all the
stuff she’s right she’s from Paris she’s some
fresh let me give you her name is at essence am te l li l oo can you say that
again so Bostic money can hear that because they just okay at s t is and tom
he is an echo l l i l oh oh her name is Estelle
brenton Maya she started tweeting on October 5th about how he laughed and you
know she wants to come back but the embassy in French won’t let her come
back and she has all these pictures of them is crazy so I think she’s legit I
mean you’ll see it when you pull it up run but to answer your question thank
you Miss good stitches yeah I thought yeah I kind of agree with what the last
caller said ya know number one he should he should have been smarten do that I
mean that wasn’t a good looking from what I was put up in reading he he was
scared in fact I don’t think he lived in the same apartment complex he I think he
moved over to this new one just listed to be a us safe and they moved across
town but he was only like five miles away and it’s crazy after all this that
happened what’s the end result two black men get killed too and then his mom
Bolton’s mom basically says she said when Josh got shot it was like her son
had got shot all over again so that’s crazy I’m scared for my life my G it’s
straight up I’m a member to Costa Rica what Ronnie do you see that you know how
you can avoid all that yes yeah join the police thank you come up we can’t beat
them join them no I’m not so did you see all the tweets
she wrote um Ronnie Asotin Maya is it too late for me to become an auxiliary
cop right near you there was Ronnie okay she’s doing some research hey
listen man I appreciate your your donation will do thank you so much
salute to you yes sir okay all right yeah join the
police force you know fuck all that Crips and bloods bullshit you know join
the real gang Ronnie out I’m gonna keep you on the line just in case you uh you
pick back up hope I didn’t cut her off holy shit no I’m here sorry okay so now
was that Joshua Browns wife’s Twitter that that Cola mentioned yeah and I’m
still trying to actually pull it up I do see here that there’s a what there’s a
$100,000 reward for information right now and it’s like a friend of Shawn key
yeah a friend of Shawn Kings has raised the money okay okay there you have it uh
hang on a second money I’ll be right back let me go to cash at Malibu ma’am
who says Trump for 2020 Cory Booker let’s get him the fuck out of here
yeah who’s fuckin with Cory Booker he weirds me out full of hate only checking
via Kashyap he says God created the harsh life on the Serengeti plains a
nigga talkin facts you’re right sir you’re right that’s why my white mother
told me that the the black woman is the mother of creation because of what she
had to endure on those plains of Africa once upon a time yeah mother of creation
the black woman or the African woman shall we say that Darryl hey Darryl
Dallas is a boss nigga I’m on five one six let’s get to let’s stop fucking
around is that Darryl good evening sir
yo what’s up what’s up star hey how are you man thank you for your cash and
first and foremost no doubt no doubt listen did you do kiss did you let snow
absolutely mister let’s no let’s no big minute let’s go yeah
all right listen bitches do get stitches but that cat right there he was just a
witness all right a snitch is somebody who’s in the game
who’s in the criminal enterprise criminal activity they get caught and
then they stop cooperating right all right
cooperating witness I’m well forget that just live on the block and see something
and they bring them in as a witness that ain’t really a snitch you feel me I hear
you sir and respectfully respectfully what we’re talking about the most
dangerous gang in America and we can sit here and try and break down the levels
of snitching yadda yadda yadda whoo ah but when you but when you snitch on the
race sandwiches well when you tell on the rain soldiers when you implement the
race soldiers you got a fucking problem wouldn’t you say yeah yeah I think that
boy should have had his bags packed the same day he got off that witness there
he should get out of here not five minutes away yeah
when he made that decision that he was gonna go on that stand and testify he
should have already made up his mind he was out of it you know I agree with that
but at the same time you know at the same time listen I don’t think I think
we’re gonna find out it was a dusty nigger that that smoked that key I don’t
think the cops got nothing to do with it okay stay with me stay with me
we’re doing conspiracies tonight even if don’t you want to go with the conspiracy theorist I don’t do hypotheticals but
you know people have been emailing me over Guardian weekend so even if if
there is a black guy or two black guys or even three black guys arrested for
the murder of this guy Joshua Brown you don’t think that the unseen hand put
them up to it the unseen hand so let’s go with that
they go a lock up a brother or two or whatever if they do this there’s gonna
be a bunch of people saying oh it’s a conspiracy they got the wrong person
this and that I’m not buying it police say – stupid I mean the cake the verdict
just dropped what three four days ago police don’t move like that they know
how to move in a calculated fashion all right they would have waited a little
bit longer they’re gonna happen that quick okay yeah well if you ask me hang
on stay with if you ask me moving that fast would be the right thing to do
because you you let these niggas know you know if you even think about civil
suits and all this other shit you can be touched me touch – okay I’ll give you
last word last word all right coolest I wanted I don’t want to attack many other
callers but I do want to say you know people talking about oh I don’t want to
judge you had somebody so much they don’t want to judge listen they judging
niggas all day and twice a day on Sunday well we always sitting up talking about
oh we don’t want to judge let’s leave it to God to judge when they do shit us no
I’m tired of that bullshit yeah I mean all of that mammy and shit we got to get
past all of that you know I mean that’s all I got thank you thank you yeah folks
did mammy send the shooter in Manny Manny was taping did mammy send the
shooter in Manny went ten toes down on girl fuck what you niggas think I know
I’m very extra tonight but just bear with me Calvin hey sir thank you for
your donation he said star Cassidy and that Philly crowd was terrible what are
you talking about sir did Cassidy an Arsenal battle tonight I’m confused what are you talking about sir I’m very
lost I was focused on scuba diving this weekend you know I started started to go
to Lake Lanier this morning I fucked around I started
working out in the gym this morning I’m out of the loop okay hang on a second
somebody from my area code six seven eight let me get on the line big
Nicholas let’s talk about this real shit okay something about Florida hold on a
second where are you six seven eight and then we’ll get Bostick money back on the
line okay hang on a second is that bomb and my Sigma ba um is that you so hey
baby soso Jets good evening how are you thank you for your cash oh yeah hey hey
hey I’m good was Papa with you tonight I’m
loving this doing this tonight yeah I’m really I’m a little extra children
allegedly I don’t know but regards to his testimony like his testimony wasn’t
really damning to the case he had never met the victim before he lived right
next to him and heard him sing in every morning he met him the day of the
shooting around 2 p.m. or something to that effect very quickly yeah he was he
was home and the first time he ever saw him was dead but he had never seen him
before that and he was only like there to testify that she didn’t you know
scream out the warning shots like freeze or anything like that like cops are
supposed to do hang on a second because if I’m not mistaken Joshua and
and again his name is it Brahma Brahma but I don’t I always mess up his name listen okay
they had a conversation in the hallway and two o’clock in the afternoon and
they were talking about smoking weed or the smell of the weed of something so
they had a conversation and that was the first time as you said they spoke yes
the only time they spoke okay I meant that part because I watched the part
where he was um he broke down and then I try to watch a little bit after that and
they were starting to you know questioned him about his marijuana
charges and I was just like I doubt of it okay so so can I ask you do snitches
really get stitches what are your thoughts about that not anymore but old-school glued Mexico
Japan China you know places like that where they have to try add the Yakuza on
and in the cartel through those places and just focus on America here you know
I don’t think it’s I don’t think that it’s really what we think I mean maybe
on a smaller scale with isolated incidents yes but you know we have
celebrities that have snitched they’re not getting uh witness protection and
I’m not just talking about Takashi like you know Nicky Barnes and the rest of
these guys and you know know who he is but you know it’s not what we think and
I’m just asking because asking because you know if you ask me the people who
really set the fucking tone are the cops the cops will come and get you yeah cops
came to get lighly Davis once upon a time it’s a hey you’re Wong you know I I
want to I want to believe that there is a conspiracy to it because it’s just
like too much of a coincidence but there is a
video and I could send it to you where he’s right before he got your phone
keeps going Internet baby you want some type of headset or what are you on the
Android okay will you call them I’m saying say again
Florida Florida okay okay so so you were saying the grand had little a long
telling me I mean the headset it sounds crazy I’m trouble hearing you yeah great you sing good okay
in regards to him there’s a video like right before he got shot I’ve been
rolling up a blood he was um pouring some liquid stuff that I don’t know what
the hell that was a battleship because I’m you know I look older than that
you’re talking about Joshua yeah he was rollin rollin up a fat one yeah yeah
sipping some lean I guess for it he’s pouring some like stuff on the blood
which I didn’t know what what it was and and he also had charges prior yeah yeah
I spoke about his charges convictions for 2011 2016 yes some convictions yes
so it might not be related but I want it to be mailing okay okay how old you
darling 41 okay all right listen we talked before on something like um I
talked to you on the ground okay that’s what’s that I’m from Georgia from there
from Atlanta guys gotcha okay I know you are okay have you
talked to you okay baby hey Ronnie am i Ronnie I’m silly tonight who is
this King Goldie thank you sir he says fuck you star well thank you sir I got
your cash shot Elvis the chef Rosenberg he says hashtag Tammy the mammy did it
herself Ronnie is it too crazy is it too
far-fetched is it too much of a conspiracy to think that mammy may have
sent in the shooter is that going too far yeah that’s going a little bit much I I
can’t really see that although anything is possible I did find the page Gordon
Gekko you get some good I found the Twitter page of Joshua Browns wife I
forwarded it to you and it looks like she is stuck in France okay so she’s
been tweeting saying that you know she really wants to get over here so she can
say goodbye to her husband what was she doing in friends when they separated apparently she had some issues with
customs and immigration so they deported her oh they were
married back in yet but they were married back in 2012 so it looks like
they were estranged because I see a lot of I one article or I was reading about
them there’s a lot of people in the comment section on the article saying
that there’s no trace of her his facebook page so that he has three
kids none of them look biracial so it’s
presumed that they’re not children with her and she’s fucking friends is she a
he or a transformer respectfully do we know that she looks like a she folks the
show is over goodnight I’m doing too much it let’s wrap it up hang in a
second Ronnie Jennifer’s on their chicken hey Jennifer
baby where are you let me know see baby Jennifer we tried
to get you on the other show about should black people be color new color
yeah okay she sent in a cash tip thank you darling she says black people trust
the enemy way too much well who’s the enemy that’s the question okay hang on a
second Ronnie mamamoo mamamoo sent to the cache and he
says boss boss with his Israelite power ranger outfit shaking my head man let me
just say this again in case you missed it if anybody knows the truth it’s the
Israelites I’ll leave it at that I’m an atheist
but if anybody knows it’s the Israelites or do we have some great discussions
back in the 90s down there and st. John’s and Ocean and Crown Heights okay
Ronny I’m looking at Estelle is that her name is that girl what you’re talking
about Joshua Brown won’t wipe Estelle mm-hmm yeah it looks like there were a
strange though okay okay some type of digital product manager something or
other you know you sure that’s not a transformer mm-hmm
could be but I don’t think so what we have to be careful you know it’s gonna
cook three four seven gravy in three four seven talking about conspiracies
tonight Joshua Brown he’s now out of here are you there three four seven
hello yes no maybe it’s for area code two five four
good evening – five four are you there – five four sir can you come closer to the
phone please sounds crazy
so area code two zero – good evening – OH – we’re talking about Joshua Brown a
key witness in the amber Geiger trial he’s now out of here any thoughts any
conspiracies three code – OH – no okay let’s try every code six for six I wrap
this up shortly every code six for six are you there
good evening okay and Jennifer says the pigs can’t touch real Moors fuck the
fear tactic okay thank you Oh Jennifer thank you okay hi folks I’m picking up
some calls here so if you guys want to join the conversation just be ready
area code 305 are you there 305 good evening oh good evening good evening
star yes sir how are you how are you I’m good how long that as long as they’re
dealing with the greatest weapon ever used on any race of people which is the
Bible and the Quran okay as long as they using that their enemy will always kill
them because until they break that cycle Worf because every time they see a
European they see baby Jesus snow they see sweet Jesus and once you see sweet
Jesus then you will put your own child to death to save sweet Jesus this is how
they were able once you’re invading he stopped making sure you take care that
quarterback which is that cheap that black mamba that we worship of God and
then you sketch them that pale face Jesus that being Vader gave you all that
off you now was following the narrative of Jesus which tells you to be meek and
mild and then whatever you going through your riches are gonna be in heaven and
this psychological warfare is what has kept us in bondage and will keep us in
bondage sir who is us and were you calling from
who’s us Miami cup too far I preach okay and why I don’t necessarily align myself
with you sir I don’t know what you mean by us I’m an Objectivist I don’t say I
don’t subscribe to tribalism oh I’m busy I’m just don’t don’t take my words in
the sense I’m trying to find you – this is not a black show talking in general
you don’t if you think it’s a black shows not neutral way back in the days
so I was never in the Meatpacking District wouldn’t smoke him out we gotta
meet you had a meet and greet on 14 years ago back in the days he and will
the white trash and his other brothers with DJ and it was a meet and greet you
mean pulse 87 that meet that was not not the Meatpacking District slow it down
slow it down okay so where you going what about a
14th Street I remember was all 14 over there on 14
okay anyway back to the back to you know the main the main the main up the main
point the main point I’m just trying to make is we’re the only people that are
godless on the planet because God is a concept of socializing you God is a
concept of using once I’m sure once for someone to respect you you have to use
your own indigenous traditions and theologies from Grandma and Grandpa and
your ancestors and then make that into a religious system that no one else cannot
tamper with but if you use another man’s religious systems to civilize yourself
then you’re a slave mentally you’re not one of those people claiming that Jesus
was black are you no no no I don’t believe in Jesus I go what I don’t I
don’t expire to any of that you know and I don’t believe in Jesus per se for
instance minds and have problems with a lot of my rock the fire brother well
there’s a good chance if you asked me that Jesus of Nazareth did walk the
earth even though Apostle Paul met him in the supernatural and that’s your
closest link to the Bible I’m sorry I’m not yeah I’m not denouncing him I’m just
saying do you either okay mm-hmm I mean you’re denouncing that he was white or
good are you saying I think I don’t worry I’m not trying to go against
anyone’s rule it up are you saying Jesus was black – wait what are you saying
I’m confused no what I’m saying is the God please for you
for people to be totally free they have to have their own indigenous God is it
yeah I could care less about Jesus I just lose that pathetic
there it is that came from us that came from African people
dr. narratives I was imposed to us as a council in Nicaea that was a way of role
controlling the colonies Ryan do you want to jump in on this our last caller
Ronnie were you there Boston quanti class :
I think there is some validity to what he’s saying as far as the greco-roman
origins of the Bible I mean if you look at a lot of the Bible’s a lot of the
stories and the Bible’s some of these same stories are told by the ancient
Egyptians thousands of years or yes the entire Bibles they say you’re on a
Puerto Rican bluetooth I can’t hear you where are we going come on okay never
mind all that Bible stuff are you from Jamaica where you from what do you live
now always on a slave plantation of Jamaica and respectfully do you guys
still have the buggery laws is the buggery yeah what do you call those laws
buggery buggery I hate that ain’t that word and they dad’s a bug real of
hypocritical is more gays in Jamaica then probably do you still have the
buggery laws I don’t know okay okay so so now you’ve got a lot of
Jamaican men running around trent no transitioning yes how’d you got how do
you guys lose your grip never mind the Bible yada yada
how’d you lose your grip in Jamaica because of that because um once due to
the fact that Jamaican represented that experiment Jamaica Jamaica represents
African people losing their African spirituality so Christianity can’t do it
for them you understand so Christianity is it
will lead you to homosexuality because sorry I thank you for your call you’ve
said enough and I appreciate you thank you so much
thank you all right boys shit whoo fucking head his twists around now hey
boss check Ronny I’m gonna wrap this at running thank you for being a bill but
anything else you want to say it I was very silly tonight but you know I
just the story is over for Amber Geiger you know just I don’t know any final
words well I mean everything about everything about the situation is sort
of unbelievable from the fact that this man was just minding his own business
and he’s dead I’m of course referring to bottom gene to the reaction from the
family to the reaction from the judge and the bailiff so this is just yet
another unbelievable totally incredible detail associated with this case
I guess we’ll have to wait and see you know what happened Ronnie thank you for
being available and that good talking you will talk to Moe okay you could take
care thank you okay all right boss took money on the chicken all right let me
shut the phone lines down give me a second guys shed earlier I didn’t want to do a show
I say you know I’m just feeling a relax it’s Sunday I’m really really trying to
get my scuba diving certification and I was at this dive shop yesterday like
over two hours and I have to face my fear of sharks whether it’s in Hawaii
or some fuckin island somewhere you know the movie Jaws fucked me up when I was a
kid for anybody that gives a shit fucked me up 1975 I spent about maybe seven or
eight summers on Martha’s Vineyard Island when I was a kid back nearly from
the late 60s up until mid 70s and that’s where they filmed part of the the first
jaws movie I don’t give a shit if I’m in a goddamn
swimming pool if I’m underwater and I’m swimming I think about a shark oh shit so scuba diving for me it’s not that I
think I’m cool or you know I’m some fucking great diver I’m not I’m scared
to death that’s why I want to do it I want to get my certification and go
scuba diving in Hawaii or some goddamn where the other thing I’m scared of is
fire coochie you know by a coochie makes you lose everything your mind your
finances where’s boss chick Ronnie’s banner hold on a second guys let me get
some of these banners ready for the end of the show okay hold on a second Oh mr.
Schuyler Saunders I got your new banner sir
Skylar Saunders banner coming up first hmm this man has sponsored the hater
thongs don’t get it fucked up don’t say guys I did something wrong give me a
second okay okay okay um Scylla we have to talk because
your banners not fitting it’s not the right size shit okay I’ll make it fit
this time for the show but gotta get it right okay okay you know it part me hang
on a second transcendent music sent in a super jet as soon as the caller
mentioned the Meatpacking District okay you’re talking about some another
YouTube channel I don’t want to do that man thank you transcendent music I don’t
want to like you know is anything that is perceived as you know taking shots
anyone else I don’t do that I don’t respond to people who take shots at me I
wish everybody the best but thank you man for your donation Bubba Quan says my
bad on the late check-in Boss Hogg just got done laughing at cassidy being 100%
grade-a trash in his own City the crowd made the card whack though okay are we
talking about Cassidy versus Arsenal was that battle tonight I’m lost
okay moving and shaking says yo Starr I just took another shot of b12 out here
in LA now I’m zooming like a Porsche peace star be careful man be careful if
you take a shot of b12 and a shot of suss 300 oh my goodness you will get
focused on the coochie transcendent music sends in another super Chad
witnesses to this murder say say that they saw a big booger bear bitch in a
bailiff uniform flee the scene run star mammy coming for you next honey would
that be crazy if the judge judge what’s her name Tami Kemp if she was involved I
know that’s like so outrageous but thank you for your donation
Brazilian says jury g-girl Ronnie sure should have done her
proper research correctly he’s 100 he 100% has a confirmed legally married
French whiter wife then snow white okay we’ll listen hey man Thank You Brazilian
but you know Ronnie and I spoke earlier and we didn’t want to do a whole lot of
research I said listen let’s just have some fun and just a little trolling and
address this topic I just it’s Sunday night you know but thank you Brazilian
pork chop and chunky says salute boss nigga bitches be hurting for a squirting
Wow let her take me to wing stop and reward her with a ring pop lordy she’s
begging for a pegging okay and I think that’s it okay if I missed any super
chance in cash steps I will get to them tomorrow you guys have a great night
thank you for entertaining the silly show which is I had a great fucking
weekend and if you have not seen the Joker film please do I would love to
hear your your thoughts and your um your comments right see you tomorrow take
care be safe you

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Reader Comments

  1. Damon Collins

    I testified on a the law for a friend who did nothing but leave my house and got beat down infront of his house( we lived on the same block) .. His lawyer praised my testimony as strong enough to not just get him off but to start an investigation on the cops involved which were more than 10. He disapeard in jail for 3 weeks and when he was found he was sick n had signd papers saying he did a crime during the time he was at my house. He did 7 years. They protect themselvs by all means.. Believe that.


    RoNNiE EBONY ℹS starting to sound like the teachers 👩🏿‍🏫 pet. I’m sure she brings Star ⭐️ an apple 🍏 🍎 whenever she sees him. Always producing the research when requested. Always UPP to speed on the homework. Salute‼️‼️‼️

  3. malik


  4. Nurse Brooks

    Blk Christians are so quick to forgive other races, but let a blk person owe them 5 dollars, or their child tell them that they're homosexual. Fucking hypocrites. Before I removed myself from the cult called Christianity. I remember reading about the Christian god murdering men, women, and children. What fucking bible y'all reading?

  5. Brian Henry

    The jurors are so damn stupid they said he would not want her to get 28years because of his good character what he doesn’t know her she shot him he asked her why did you do this to me that doesn’t sound like someone that would say oh don’t convict her for murdering me great white woman? Jurors were crying for her how can they have in there mind that she’s innocent and it was an accident dumb assholes.

  6. Elizabeth Cummins

    Whats messed up was the family knew they were gonna forgive, before the trial even started. They dragged people into their bs. Joshuas' blood is on their hands. Now American blacks hate foreign blacks and the saga continues…The Bothem family set us up…

  7. H. Jules

    Soon as the woman said ONLY JESUS. I do not promote any other GOD. WOW. Cut me right off right HERE> NO THANKS
    Look CHICA– this is God's will all day. FUCK that. This is what your supposed GOD DOES> he let this happen to her. Forgive her? Forgive the will of GOD. LOL

  8. ibetudidit23

    I like your show Star but you are a bit disrespect with Joshua Brown's death. He took a stand which most people wouldn't do. Put some respect on his name for real!! RIP JB

  9. felipe alem

    If this was a movie I would say the plot is fucked up. It just makes no sense. Maybe it was an iniciation and she killed the wrong person.

  10. jon henry

    This is 3rd world banana republic narco warlord terrorist like bs, that wasnt just an attack on him, blacks or a slap to the face of the judicial system, it was a home grown attack on terrorizing the nation against rule of law, in an Islamic state style ultimate rule of law, that was waged, as if its ran by these fuckers over the gov, that was probably some us version of a home grown taliban malitia, where she pretty much got off with a light sentence, but you still kill the guy, WTF?!?!?
    Its an execution plot in the U.S. version of home grown islamic state terrorism that was carried out, the same way isis goes running around gunning down people who don’t align with their radical assbackwards ideology, that this nation likes to hypocritically complain about it other Muslims this & that at the decent moderate ones in needing to step up in running things, from the radical neanderthals dictating shit, while having radical homegrown terrorist hit jobs happen in the us, where this should be investigated as homegrown terrorism and a hate crime, in the fbi looking into this murder, of it not been just a personal Or random attack and targeting him.

  11. Black_ 2Def

    Joshua Brown, was not a snitch! A snitch is someone who was involved and complicit with a criminal act, then testifies against the very people they did the crime with! Put some respect on the brothers name! Rest in Power strong Warrior! B1 #ADOS

  12. Keyser Soze

    Awww the POS got a hug you take the judge start crying with her to? Real live f*** s***,let's start with there is no police officer that is trained to shoot people in the face, WTF her explanation for that? So they seen her get convicted and before sentencing they gave the family a bag to say that he would have wanted her to be forgiving and get no time. I don't know who to blame for that one?,if my brother got shot you can take that bag and shove it up your ass, I'm going to make an example out of you, you play dirty I'm a play filthy, no MF rules just like how they do

  13. Keyser Soze

    Should have built a jailhouse 💣, s***, piss and sour milk combo sitting in a warm place for about a week , if everybody shiting on you you got to return the favor. X10

  14. kkimberly2004

    STOP WITH THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES. THE witness against Amber Guyger Joshua Brown had previous Serious Beef that most likely got him KILLED , In November, Brown was wounded in the foot in a shooting that left another man dead outside a nightclub in northwest Dallas.

    According to an affidavit, a man had waited for Brown outside Dallas Cabaret and fought him when he came out. When Brown tried to leave, the man started shooting, killing Nicholas Shaq'uan Diggs, 26, and injuring Brown.

  15. Indi LaRueDeJa

    Paris Milan says they were married, separated, stress relationship! He couldn't get a passport ( maybe due to child support- not allowed abroad until kids ate grown), she couldn't get to usa. He has children SMS baby mother had go fund me for money to raise kids. See her show

  16. Earrol Mierez

    About Joker movie, it was a absolute masterpiece. Joaquin Phoenix has made Heath Ledger's Joker seem almost cartoon'ish in retrospect.
    He IS The Joker.


    Also the preview for Director Christopher Nolan and Actor John David Washington's forthcoming summer, 2020 IMAX epic, TENET looks absolutely fire.

  17. Maria Garcia

    Sounds like it could have been a crime of opportunity considering somebody tried to clip him a year ago. All eyes are on the cops but this could have been the person who tried to clip him in the past knowing he wouldn't get the spot light…. just a thought

  18. Renna S

    Amber's White supremist cop friends killed Joshua Brown because he testified shot him in the mouth shot him in the back.. He was shot in the chest he was assassinated… Why trust what the police say, Joshua Brown was shot in the mouth….

  19. Keyser Soze

    From the police perspective in America everybody everybody is worthy of death or incarceration at the bare minimum they are non-discriminatory killers

  20. Keyser Soze

    All snitches do need stitches-69, but the ones that snitch on police need to be commended given a medal and given a reward. To protect and serve? All I see is the surve part no protection, the two of them definitely got served. These suck ass and judges need to see it that way how are we paying them to protect us and they killing us, planting drugs or illness planting guns stage crime scenes. Every police that get caught need to get executed in broad daylight in the middle of Town square then the rest might fall in line

  21. Random Ness

    Star does his best not to laugh when he says ‘he’s with Jesus’ ‘god bless you’ ‘bless her heart’ ‘for the love Jesus’ ‘for the love of the blood’

  22. Sleeping Angel0007

    Listening to some professed Christina and i do listen to what they say…do they really actual read the bible? I As for this guy's murdered, if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck… I think it's more what this poor guy did not say on the stand that got him killed than what he did say. So far he's the only blk witness killed so far.

  23. MosMoneyENT

    Amerikkka assassinated Joshua Brown the same way THEY did JFK, William Cooper, Dr. Sebi, Terence Yeakey and the list goes on. I advise those who haven't read books like Behold A Pale horse to read that, read up on the LIBOR SCANDAL and Sandy Hook, Terence Yeakey and the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the video JFK to 911 Everything is a rich man's trick. It'll tell you all YOU need to know about this world.

  24. kingmiller1982

    @43:00 bless this woman, I feel for her but ronny has a point that black folk are always so forgiving, turning the other cheek, which is why this type of stuff keeps happening.

  25. Adam Montalvo

    When you turn the police in it's never snitching. To even suggest this shit on this brave young man's name is beyond disrespectful. Salute to Joshua Brown. 💯 Melissa GD point 🤔 I prefer facts not this Christian bullshit.

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