Wolfpack – Deck Gun Convoy Attack and Destroyer Escape [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

While everyone focuses on that i’ll look out for Destroyers. Yea, so am I. Get out of my head! Look at the 2h, 2.30h. Far right side contact. Hit! The small thing? Hang on, i’ll try to ID it. That’s not a Destroyer… No, that’s a Trawler, a small… That’s a fishing boat! Bringing Sardines to England! not any longer, once we’re done with him. We even sink the Sardines?! Dear god, we’re war criminals! No, we’re saving the fishes! Look at it this way: we’re saving fishes! But all the oil in the water! I think oil… We caused enough oil spills. That was a hit! He’s burning i think. Nice hit on deck! What’s the three-master over there? Which one? Hang on! Right of our current target. Passenger transport. Three-master right… Oh yea! I’ll try Identifying him. I think it’s a Type 3… Passenger Ship. Should be Type 6. Has this multi-legged front mast. That’s 12.000 tons! 12.000 tons of harmless civilian lives! They are crossing over, oh or not. You have to readjust regularly, that’s the problem. That’s a Type 6 for sure! 12.000 tons! 12.000 tons of Corned Beef and Lee-Enfields! To the bottom with it! But all modelled like passenger dummies! Corned Beef glued in between the rifles… Gonna put them onto Dover beach. To impress us on the other side! Tube 1, go! 2.30 min, Ship on 030! Let’s see. Shoot onto that Passenger ship! Shooting the one in front! Still? Ah left of it! Yea, the right one is already burning. Let that burn. Too far. Let’s see. Too short. Try shooting at the same wave height. Boys? I try shooting at the same height. Destroyer! 340°! Shooting! We’re getting some! Destroyer! Oh crap! Alarm! Dive! I’ll go last! Racoon, in? I’m in! All right. Flooding front! Wait for the Commander! Hatch closed, go ahead! Front flooded! This is gonna be… Another story! Dive dive dive! 100m! Worked out last time. I’ll man the Hydrophone. We do the valves. Handle the diving input. We’re being flooded! Got hit? Apparently. Why isn’t the hatch closed? Who got down last? I, but it closed… It’s closed! Hatch is tight! We have a leak! Pump going. He’s got a bearing on us! I’d keep the pump off… Pump off! 90° left input! Got it! Silent running! 47°, closing in! Silent running! Diving depth 100m! All right, hold it! Pray! I don’t hear pinging. I hear it! That’s good. Coming back. Yea, he’s got us! 50m more! 150m! depth. Suri, how’s it looking? Can’t hear the nice ping? Only faintly, quite reassuring! Less reassuring: He’s following us! Depth 140m! Propeller sounds, faint! I said faint! We’re not off the hook yet! Yea, faint is a good start! Now the bad news: getting louder! Oh shit! Diving depth 150m reached! Alright, hold it! New course: 030! Other way. We’re rising very little. Can’t give more rudder. No, right. Half speed ahead! Cool, the Enigma is modelled! Yes, you can really use it! Like the sim i showed you? You can pass on radio messages through Enigma! I sent them unciphered but no answer. Now you should rise! Come on girl! Propeller noises 270° and 280°. Contact to Destroyer is gone! What are you plotting? Our course? Let’s wait for the magic 180°. Course is 180! Alright! Blow the tanks! Surface! Engines full speed ahead! Blow it! Opening aft tanks! Why open them? Let water in? Yes! Oh ok. We had too much spare air? Depth 5m! Alright, that’s surfaced! Compressor is running! Pump as well! Get the excess water out! Tanks are blown! Switch to Diesel? 2 men on deck lookout! Diesel engines on! Half speed ahead! Vade on deck! Load the Batteries! Right, where are we? Oh we didn’t navigate that badly! 4524. Remember 4524, i’ll need it again.

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  1. Vade

    Wolfpack is a freshly released (Alpha 0.12) Coop U-boat Simulation putting you into a Type VII U-boat during the Battle of the Atlantic. As a crew of five you have to manage all the ships systems manually, find targets in the vast ocean, track them down and sink them – All while surviving the british efforts to do the same to you! Very challenging but equally tense and rewarding! Check it out!

  2. Thomas Zhang

    2:02 U-48 captain and crews mocking disguise of British merchant ship. “WWII U-Boat”, circa 1940.
    Note the display of German humor.

  3. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    Ah very cool. More of this also please ☺️ have you checked out Hell Let Loose Vade? Seems promising maybe ☺️ my highlights of YT have now become when you upload a video. Thank you for the entertainment 👌🏼

  4. Niklas7779

    Ach da fällt mir ein teil von einem Lied ein. ''Under fire,
    Under water. May 42 when, Bury did fail the test. To their own shore, Came the world war. Gleaves and the Ingham, Leading them into death.'' ich würde auch gerne mehr von diesem Spiel sehen da ich mir am überlegen bin ob ich es mir auch holen soll

  5. DionysiusvonAug

    Ich bin der Meinung, dass hier irgendwie die Proportionen und auch die Designs (der Instrumente und Geräte) nicht stimmen.

    Davon mal abgesehen, scheint Wolfpack recht cool zu werden.
    I think that somehow the proportions and also the designs (the instruments and devices) are not autentical.
    Beside that, Wolfpack seems to be pretty cool.

  6. Blaukriton

    Wieso ist das ein kriegsverbrechen wenn man offiziel vom BDU benehmigt bekommt englische Zivilschife versenken zu dürfen? Es handelt sich um genehmigte Kriegshandlungen somit kein Verbrechen.

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