Worldshaping – A Minecraft Guide / Tutorial [Episode 002]

Hello my friends and welcome to episode
2 of Worldshaping, a Minecraft guide. We are going to be working on expanding our
base here, our farm and getting a little bit more food production going we’re also
going to be looking for a cave where we might be able to find some iron to sort
of build some new tools and I think that’s actually going to be our first
priority and we’ll come back to working on the farm a little later for two
reasons number one we we don’t have any food yet we haven’t grown any we get and
until that gross we can’t really hurt any cattle or sheep and so so we’ll be
relying on that we growing before we can cancel use it we have a little bit of
food and think enough to go into the caves let’s go ahead and make some
protocol we have 20 lunches that should be enough
I think I might is that a cave that I see right over there in front of us it
is look at this this is an excellent start so we’ve got a sort of two caves
here let’s go over here this go ahead and dig into this side here and get out
our torches now our primary objective here is gonna be to get higher because
that’ll let us do things like expand for my face oh well this this cave is a
little bit of a fiscal I’ll say that there’s not much here
we’ll go ahead and take this Cole family may check out the other students cave
and if we aren’t able to find luck in the caves themselves then we will we
might do a quick run around our little plateau looking for more kids just
because when you find a good cave the amount of resources you can get from it
is just astronomical it’s amazing and it’s definitely one of the most fun
experiences in Minecraft however if we have a hard time finding OVA Dombey all
right well this one’s caving expedition is already already started off with a
note of excitement so if we have a hard time finding a good gym this one looks
like it might have cooling it might be a little bit deeper oh and we have some
iron here already excellent excellent let’s go just a little deeper down make
sure that we don’t have anything sneaking up on us come back up here and
grab this iron now our we have sort of three goals for how much iron we want to
get three tears for what we would consider a good iron mining expedition
the first year is around ten iron that’ll let us create some basic tools
and the next one is going to be around 20 iron that’ll let us get some basic
armor set up and then around 40 sort of give us everything we won of everything
we need to get started and enough iron that we should be able to find some
diamonds this cave is definitely much larger and much better find that’s why
hopefully we’ll have luck finding more iron here looks like we have two paths
here lots of zombies coming out of this path so let’s go ahead you go that way I
think I see a creeper up of the hill there so we’ll go ahead and just kind of
ignore him and go ahead and just place a real quick torch over here I’ll try and
light this place up so it knows ahhm be anything will spawn very close to us and
they shouldn’t have an eat very easy time getting there zombie here thanks
we’ll slowly make our way down it looks like we have a cave downward here as
well as a path upward let’s go ahead and just both of those and let’s head upward
first see what we have here so or coal up here a little bit more iron I had but
nothing else okay so we’ll go ahead and take this iron it’s like this cave is is
going to be very good test give us lots lots lots and lots of iron we’ve already
hit sort of that minimum threshold we’ll be able to build our very first basic
tools we’ll be able to build a bucket and some shears and an iron pick and and
a shield and once we have that then we can go ahead and expand into an armor
and other iron tools and I think we’ve already already up we’re already off to
a great start go ahead and mine out the rest of this
coal and then we will head into a part of this cave early on while mining it’s
important to gather up any resources that you can that might be useful
storage is very easy especially if you have a plentiful supply of what if you
start out with single tree then you can build a forest out of that you can get
some saplings and grows much wood as you need and the more wood you have the
easier it is to do things like build new structures build new chests for storing
things in so that nature looks like we have another zombie down there up here
okay so that it looks like there is a path
down so we should be able to take care of the zombie and want to light up this
area just to make sure we don’t have any sort of surprise zombie spawns around us
go ahead let the Sun we have another other little pathway or channel here
let’s go ahead and just let up the entrance to that we want to make it so
that nothing is gonna spawn close enough that it it sort of spawn so straight
away but if anything spawns that we can and sort of be far enough away from it
we don’t really need to worry about okay so that caused the collapse now let’s go
ahead and make some more torches here and relight this okay so that was just a
bit of a gravel collapse there ahead and light lay down this path just a little
ways and light down this other path that we found behind the gravel claps just a
little ways some more iron here okay so this is actually a dead end for it so we
can mine out some more of this iron gather that up that’ll be that’ll be
good looking around for any more resources we’re actually making it quite
far down we’re down thirty blocks already from um
where we started which is excellently getting into the sort of depths of the
world war we’ll start to see some more rarer materials and more rare resources
and look at that we have found oh my goodness we have found a zombie spawn
look at it that’s oh that’s that’s wonderful that’s crazy
I had no idea this was here but that is that is excellent unfortunately lacking
any sort of armor I’m not sure that I really want to get down there right now
we’ll go ahead and see if we can’t light it up a little bit and maybe stop new
zombies from spawning looks like there’s a creeper there we can’t quite reach
them I don’t want to go down there I’m pretty sure if I tried going down there
right now I would die but this is this is quite a fun so we’ll go ahead and
light this up just so that we’re sure that it’s there do you have any blocks
yet we’ll go ahead and and also use some of our Oakland planks and she’s sort of
amorphous as as dangerous and I think what we’re actually gonna do is we’re
gonna craft a sign so that we can remember so what we’re gonna do is we’re
going to take some of our open planks make a crafting table make some sticks
because we’ll need those and then make a dark side so take this dark side be
I’ll be spawner below that’s quite hard to read on the dark
oak but it should trigger fun all right we’ll just sort of leave that structure
there that tells us what’s going on here and this is a place of importance for us
to come back to later a little bit more iron right here we’ll go ahead and line
this out and carry on with our caving expedition to other areas I’m quite sure
that night has fallen outside which means that the outside is going to be a
dangerous place and and so we may want to stay down in the caves until a comes
a returns to the land and the monsters that are outside are all consumed up so
it looks like we have two paths again plenty of iron down here and just do a
start there and just a little start here again the goal here isn’t necessarily to
fully explore these paths straight away just to make sure that nothing is gonna
spawn close enough that if they spot us they will charge us right a little want
to make sure we’re far enough away from whatever could be coming our way in
order that they can’t get to us this is another dead end all right check this a
little bit more hole here probably are doing pretty good on coal we probably
don’t need to mind out this entire vein as you can see coal veins can be quite
large and quite plentiful we’ve got half a stack of coal 32 coal and that should
last us for quite a while so I think we’re okay there let’s go ahead and grab
some of this iron but it’s just a single piece there and oh this goes down quite
a quite a lot further there’s actually two more branches down that rock so
let’s go ahead and take one of those go ahead and go down knows what we’ll find
oh and we’ve got looks like this might actually take us down all the way to the
lava level at level 10 which is excellent news
means we we have a chance of even finding some more rare or valuable stuff
not that we’re prepared for that right now
but cool we’re up to 27 iron arm a little bit more one of the one of the
cardinal rules of Minecraft is that you never dig straight down so want to stand
on a block that you’re mining out go ahead and pick up this iron so that’s
uh it’s for more iron redstone there we can’t actually mine redstone with the
with the stone pickaxe we need at least an iron pickaxe to get most of the other
materials that are down here just one of the reasons that it’s it’s very exciting
that we have a path down here and we’re getting so much I will be able to come
back down if this I’m not seeing any more iron
just yet ceiling is an important place to look for iron when you’re down the
slope and you’ve got to be very careful not to fall that’s right oh and we look
at that we have our first diamonds just a single piece o four piece of three
pieces at least over on the other side a lava let’s go ahead and take a
screenshot of that and we will we’ll use that a little later let’s go ahead and
dig out this iron second rule of Minecraft is never dig directly above
you so we just dug that out and jumped in before it fell into the lava I think
we’ll head back we’ll have to come back here once we are a little better
equipped and are able to take advantage of some of these other materials that
are spawning here climbing this waterfall is always gonna be a little
tricky waterfalls are always a little slow to move our way up
that’s alright let’s head head back on up aim so we’re keeping our torches on
the right though always always guide us home took we have another another place
here actually want as we explore we place our torches on the Left EEP our
torches on the left for them and follow them on the right will always take us
the right way home I learned that from a youtuber named pixel rifts who is an
excellent youtuber and I recommend you check out his channel if you like
minecraft let’s go ahead and gather up some more of this iron we are doing good
see some more down here and then I think with this we may may call it a day so
this iron is actually gonna be a little trickier to get because it’s nice to be
flowing down into was more or less lava that’s what we’re gonna do is we’re
actually gonna make our way back up here we’re gonna block this water source off
when we go ahead and close it building a brick there that should cause the water
to slow sort of fall-off should make it much
easier to gather this iron because I’m never being pushed by the current and
the iron itself when it falls won’t be pushed by the parent now later on we’ll
build some pretty cool contraptions where we can actually make use of that
water flowing in order to sort of move materials around into places where we
want them but for now it’s more of a nuisance than anything else so we’ve got
we’re up to 41 iron ore I think that’s an excellent amount let’s let’s make our
way back as we go back we’ll keep our torches on the right and that’ll always
guide us home and we’ll keep an eye out for any iron we may have missed as well
as for any monsters that might mean us harmless got quite a quite a nice haul
here with a little bit more iron here and whenever you get lots of materials
like this it’s always you’re always tempted to go further or almost tempted
to keep on digging and keep looking for more and that’s that’s a very bold move
the problem is that you end up taking lots and lots of risks and and often
unnecessary risks and so here I said we were going back home and and I find
myself exploring a new branch of this of this cave so this is an excellent cave
and we’ll probably come back and explore it more fully
next time especially since we found that zombie spawner but go ahead this little
bit of iron here got another piece there other piece below that’s find out some
basic stairs at peace right and our stone pick has broken we do not have any
more I think we have a crafting table just over here nearby but I think we’re
actually just gonna head back to the surface at this point so we’ll equip our
sword that will protect us better than anything else and I think this is where
we went up so this way and go on up keeping our torches on there right and
that will always guide us back to the way we came in so there’s another branch
of the mine we didn’t explore I think there’s may still be a creeper a zombie
up there oh well we’ll leave them be and we’ll head back to the surface so we’ll
make our way back this way and head back to the surface I feel
lucky it’s like it’s like it is still night
time and it’s raining if we’re lucky we may have gotten a little bit more growth
out of our each oh oh we’re being overwhelmed by monsters this this may
not end well darn it and they got us all right well what we can do here is if it
is still night we can go ahead and go to sleep and this is what I’m talking about
we risk you took more risks than we needed and we ended up dying and so now
we can come back out here all of these monsters should be burning up in the
sunlight and hopefully that means that we’ll be able to very soon make it back
to our stuff now when you die or when when you leave anything in the world it
will persist for five minutes and and five minutes isn’t very long since we
died in a cave very very near our home very near our spawn hopefully we can we
can make it back down there get our stuff back did and now we just want to
get out of here poor wee wee guys these skeletons again
so we’ll sort of escape their Eva leave the skeletons to fight each other some
now we do want to sort of regain the rest of our stuff I’m not sure we picked
everything up so let’s go ahead and drop back in here let’s see the skeletons
have dropped a few things for us so that’s very nice of them and so we can
sort of defeat them reclaim the levels that we dropped and make sure that we
have everything that we sort of came out of the caves with looking for oh I think
we have we have everything back we didn’t actually it looks like we may
have picked up all of our stuff on that sort of original initial push it’s okay
I’m back we’ll go ahead some figures and damage so yeah I need the rest of our
mutton because over near our base which is in this direction we saw a couple
more skeletons skeletons are going to keep taking shots at us we want to make
sure we have full health I need to take them on
I saw them fall into the water here jump into the
here so if we come in here a it looks like they may have burnt up or at least
he spawned which is good for us for now now one of the things the skeletons that
we were fighting down in the cave did for us is it dropped some bones and we
can use those bones to make bone you know by placing it in our craft
interface and bone meal is used as a fertilizer so if we come over here to
our wheat farm you can go ahead and feed this bone meal to these plants and that
will let us gather some wheat now we can take that wheat so when you harvest
wheat it will give you seeds and it will give you one of those a week you can
plant replant those seeds to expand our farm and we can use those bundles of
wheat to capture some animals so it looks like we have a few cows up there
we’ll go ahead and capture those oh it looks like there’s a key another cave
right underneath our base here so this is it’s actually a little dangerous ok
I’m gonna go ahead and fill this in just a little bit so we don’t want to
accidentally fall into that we’ll use some cobblestone where we can just to
reinforce it against creeper explosions because that’s the one of the dangers of
creeper explosions so that when they destroy the landscape if you find
yourself over a tunnel and you’ll also take fall damage and paired with the
sort of inherent damage of the creepers you can find yourself in a very bad way
go ahead and get this iron ore smelting so we’ll go ahead and put it looks like
we’ll go ahead and put eight coal in there it should be enough to smell all
of the iron ore and then we’ll go ahead and construct a fence a cait or a pen
for our new animal friends so we’re going to make this pen out of
sort of dark oak wood so we’ll go ahead and make some sticks come on over here
make some dark oak fences so this will give us 24 dark oak fences I think we
may want just a little bit more wood so we’re run on over chop that but I
think I like to make my my pens out of around 35 fences plus a fence gate a six
by six pen which will give us plenty of room for expanding as we get more and
more animals you want these fences to look nice we’ll stick with the dark oak
theme here gather some more of that wood I think ten or so should do it let’s
gather looks tree to about ten wood sixteen will do it that’s that’s
excellent all right let’s head back to house turn that woody fence now once
we’ve captured these animals will actually be able to breed them as well
and that’s it that’s one of the main uses for we is to breed animals together
you can use wheat to breed cows and sheep so we’ll go ahead we already have
24 fences so we’ll go ahead and make a few more sticks and then we will craft
three six twelve more fences so that’ll give us 36
fences plus a gate 36 months is plus a gate and we go ahead and do this just a
little a little removed from our house as I actually find it the sound of all
the animals a little annoying they very loud and they definitely like to tell
you all about life in the pen and sometimes you just want to sleep so
we’ll go ahead and build this so this one was 8 on one side that means we have
sort of 6 in the middle there it 8 six there and that should just about
work there are a couple of ways you can do this I I’ve experimented with it I
think we actually wanted to do this a little bit further on one side so we’ll
go ahead and chop these back up and expand this pan just a little bit more
it’s like we have some sheep nearby and there are a couple ways you can do this
I’m actually going to show you guys an advanced technique that I use for when I
make these pens and we’re gonna go ahead and fill this in all the way
expand this out just a little more here so like we do need to walk there so
that’s a that’s a nice size pen rather than using our gate like I’d originally
planned I’m gonna do is I’m gonna place a couple of blocks just on the outside
of it not a couple of blocks just inside and this will allow you to from the
outside just jump up and sort of walk over your fence and that’s also how
we’ll bring animals into the pen from the inside we can jump on this block and
then jump over the fence to the SF fences are actually more than a block
high and you can’t just sort of jump over them naturally but by placing that
block one space in you’re able to jump out of the pen but animals cannot and so
that that makes it much easier to sort of gather animals into the pen because
they’re they’re perfectly content to just sort of walk over these blocks and
you can make them multiple spaces wide whereas if you put just out a single
single gate I’ll for example then they will I’ll be a pain about it and it also
makes it easier to jump over and you can see I put the wheat in my hand and that
has caused the sheep and these cows to sort of fixate on and while they’re
fixated on me they’ll follow me wherever I go as long as I don’t get too far from
it so here we want to gather up all of
these cows well slowly start working our way back down and
we’ll place them with had with the sheep now I most often like to separate out my
cows and my sheep and my chickens and my pigs and any other animals their sort of
farm but early on our materials and space are
a little more limited we want to sort of take advantage of it so same deal here
just walk this way cows will follow us gladly into the pen after breathing so
you need at least two week and you can simply right click my agent won’t give
them hearts and then if you do that with two of the same type of animal they will
breathe will get the advancement for the parents of the bats and a baby animal
will be once we have a brand new baby cow in our pen here and that is
wonderful we’re gonna need lots and lots of cows
they’re gonna provide leather for us and meat and the sheep will provide lots of
wool for us I think our our iron should just be just
about done it is smelting but I think this is where
we’re actually going to leave this episode so we’ve gathered up some
animals we have an animal perform starting our our wheatfields is growing
nicely and we’ll expand that in our next episode and it’s sort of deck out and
some new iron armor and iron equipment and we may head down back into that cave
and get those diamonds that’ll do it for this episode thank you everybody for
watching hopefully you’ve had a great time my name is Dakota and I hope to see
you again soon

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