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To be honest with you guys I love amusement parks like I love roller coasters gives me adrenaline also have an adrenaline junkie for sure but i might not be after this video. This is the 10 craziest amusement park accidents and those of you guys that don’t want to watch this click away right now but for those of you guys that you think you can handle it we’re gonna get right into this so let’s go ten crazy amusement park accidents ride of steel darien lake US Army sergeant James hackemer wanted to try every roller coaster and darien lake theme park provided it was suitably safe to accommodate a double amputee such as himself the Iraq war vet and no reason to worry after receiving assurances that he’d be fine on the right of Steel sitting right in the front offer fell through the harness on the rides first inclined and fell to a brutal tragic death needed a laugh are nor the CTL restraints were able to sufficiently secure hammer action park that’s so stupid the guy doesn’t have legs most of these rides they have the bar that goes down and it presses your legs and that’s how you can’t slide out but the guy had like one leg half like why would you even let him go on do unless they have the best that’s the only way over the head bar not the lap bars it’s a wonder that action park even lasted as long as it did the park represented a perfect storm of unsafe rides some drunken and belligerent patrons and plenty of disinterested teenage employees Alinea incidents as the park resulted in at least six deaths from a variety of causes that range from heart attack to electrocution to drownings in one particular incident a man was killed when the car he was riding and came off the tracks of the Alpine Slide causing to smash his head on a rock below 0 clone Coney Island the cyclone roller coaster has become such a historic fixture with in Coney Island the ride isn’t a stranger to nominate although to Rider deaths in the eighties both came as a result of reckless rider behavior one particular rickety ride on July thirty-first 2007 however left fifty-three-year-old California man Keith share asawa in pain with numbness in his fingers after being admitted to the hospital with was later diagnosed as a broken neck Shira solid died days later due to complications of his injury dragon lagoon what the heck your arm hurts because you had because you broke your neck that is so scary next time I armors I’m gonna be like ways my neck okay I know I time to think about this one I’m actually on the roller coaster instead I try to think about how not to you know look like a pussy because people around me like is why this guy screaming so much now i feel like i’m actually getting like pussy out of these amusement park sadly it isn’t just the high-impact coasters and can result in safety what I first notice relied related death long history of the lagoon amusement park came on the popular children’s ride pop the little fire dragon on May first nineteen eighty nine and six year old ryan vexed and medical rest himself free of the rides restraining devices and stuff as the ride was leaving the station he quickly fell out of the moving car but wasn’t seriously hurt by the relatively short fall however he attended to climb back onto the tracks just as another car was arriving and hero truck and is my dog only six years old but how stupid can you be? first of all, you release yourself from what protected you from you know falling out of the track and then now you fell out and you decide to go back on the track oh my draw that’s so sad he’s too young he doesn’t understand believed to have died on impact Superman six flags Kentucky the Superman tower of power vertical drop ride at Six Flags Kentucky probably felt more like it was based on the character spider-man supervillain Doctor Octopus for a group of teenage girls in july of 2007 at the girls ascended on the ride maybe am horrified if I’m noticing a number of support cables breaking loose and beginning to without freely they’re cleaning things for the ride to be shut off fell on deaf ears and the cables viciously snapped back and forth as the riders were dropped in a freefall many passengers were injured from the cables and one girl was 47 both feet amputated like more there’s an old adage to introduce me as bad publicity but you still have to wonder whether an amusement park really wants to host the sci-fi program ghost hunters and it’s rumors of hauntings the haunted reputation of kings island stems from a tragic deadly to incident day at the park on June 1991 first William heathcote park employee Darrell Robertson were fatally electrocuted while trying to save another gas with fallen into a pond about an hour later thirty-two-year-old candy Taylor was killed when she fell from the park’s flight commander despite my god same day open haunted reputation and all back i’m not going I’m not going to six flags anymore that’s it that’s it the ride Six Flags Over Georgia the park bears the brunt of the responsibility in making their ride safe and secure but guess also have to know not to put themselves in the line of fire that lesson hadn’t been passed down to a young park going on jun 20 $YEAR 8 2008 the batman ride-on six flags over georgia happy earlier lost his hat on the ride he opted to jump to fences to retrieve it soon getting decapitated thanks to his dangerous proximity to the ride Fujin Raijin you know how I’m telling you guys like some of the way these people died it’s not even the parts fault they’re just stupid but you can ask someone to go get it for you don’t just go don’t go near the track and you know try to get your hat is your life worth a hat oh my god that’s the worst way to you know die land for 37 years taka japan expo and is a popular driving amusement park with more than 40 rides and attractions then game tragedy on May fifth 2007 the country’s worst amusement park disaster occurred when the food and rajan to roller coaster derailed killing one nineteen-year-old university student and injuring 19 others what an investigation into the accent revealed a broken axle it was revealed the axles haven’t been replaced in 15 years the park reopened a month later was closed permanently shortly thereafter unaccounted for attendance hydro oakwood theme park the hydro water roller balls around sorted in park in wales was known for its signature drop on April 2004 four sixteen-year-old hayley williams faced a tragic plunge of an entirely different nature while riding hydro Williams fell out of her car and dropped 100 beats standing internal injuries that ultimately led to her death the park was fined almost $400 000 for negligence after discovered that employees had eventually failed to check the bars and seatbelts that hold riders in place the Big Dipper no but I mean this is totally the employees fault obviously they have to check why won’t you check yourself either like I always check I always check to make sure it’s secure because i wanted to let loose when I’m like in the middle of the roller coaster ride for the waterslide you have to check yourself to don’t listen trusted employees RC funfair England’s battersea funfair has the infamous notorious distinction of being home to the worst roller coaster tragedy in history in 1972 the ever-popular wooden coaster known as the Big Dipper Service apart signature attraction in spite of his readiness and high level of required maintenance that demanded constant and meticulous attention in May of that year a rope that brought the cars at the top of the hill smashed and the anti-roll back feature failed leaving a chain of speeding cars to smash into a wall at full speed the accident you’ll drive children and injured 13 more width apart closing two years later on a kind of it James associated with the disaster oh my god guys like it’s not something you usually think about when you’re an amusement park gee I wonder how many people died going on roller coasters to be honest I actually don’t know if I go now like I’m really scared none of these you know rollercoaster like theme parks wanna get sued but it makes you think like how much they actually care like maybe there should be more safety measures I don’t know guys thank you for watching hopefully not too creeped out if you are let me know so I don’t feel like I’m the only one but that’s gonna wrap it up hope you’re gonna have a good day don’t think about this too much but it’s gonna be kind of hard to know i’ll see you next time and peace out *Hard Pause* Jesus Christ -.- *Hard Stop*

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Reader Comments

  1. Asia Sanders

    I will be honest with all of you, Ive never been to a carnival roller coaster or anything and I will be fine with that after watching this video.

  2. Abby's World

    I almost died on a ride on my 8th birthday when I was at Disney world and I almost jumped off because I was scared but I didn’t

  3. Adriana Rodriguez

    2:22 my cousin told me about it wen we were at te park today June 23 219 and I didn't really believed her and then I come up with this video and it's so sad

  4. Meme King

    I went to Kentucky Kingdom and hurricane bay thinking about this video in the part where it showed a thunderstorm in water and then a storm came

  5. Leah Mandarano

    Darien lake is my local park and the restraints are so safe like how did the guy not consider maybe it'd be unsafe? And how did the employees not consider him being unsafe?

  6. Collin Champagne

    This reactor is basically me tbh, and 3:24 I rode the same ride in Dallas/Arlington, I honestly feared for my life a little bit on that, even though everything was fine

  7. Brent Swartzlander


  8. Dimentio Girl

    What happens if Amusement parks/Water parks didn’t exist?

    We’re safe for Watching these tragic moments,Bacterial contamination by Derivative Miku,also Hatsune Miku and Dimentio is amazed to see it banned forever

    Sadistic music8factory

  9. Leila parisi

    I LOVE THE RIDE OF STEAL! ITS MY FAVORITE RIDE AT DARIEN LAKE!! (I live about an hour from Darien.) I’ve been to Darien lake so many times and I love the Superman (Ride of Steal, not the other one) so much! I’m not scared of it cuz (I know this sounds dark) cuz the guy that fell off had no legs. I try not to think about it to much when I ride cuz with the stuff we have today, they do safety checks all day before it opens. I don’t want anyone to be afraid to ride rides. Sometimes when people get hurt, it’s cuz of stupidity, not safety issues.

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