Would you walk away from Romeo

To all horse lovers, animal lovers, and friends – many of you
know or have met Romeo, my beautiful sweet, silly, goof ball Palomino- whose personality was identical
to the horse Maximus in the Walt Disney movie Tangled my neighbor ___________________of Bigfork Montana agreed to keep an eye on
my horses while I was thirteen hundred miles away. When he noticed Romeo hanging from the
fence he went fishing and left a message on my
cell phone “Serra this is ____________you’ve got a horse that is caught in the round pen, and it’s not the big horse I he’s got his leg caught in there and he’s down on the ground. So you need to
have somebody come and try to get him loose. Uh, I’m not going to be available, I’m just… I’m going fishing today and I saw him when
I’m, was, leaving in the morning. Uh, I hope there is somebody that you
can call that knows what to do. Uh, but you need to do
something cuz he’s on the ground. Uh, Uh, I hope you get this message I’ll
try once more too. Thank you bye. When the tears
momentarily stop from the loss of my best friend and my mind
wanders back to my neighbors ability to just drive away from the scene (that’s his driveway in
the background of the picture) I’m just horrified . He went fishing leaving Romeo thrashing around on the
ground. He didn’t call 911 he didn’t knock on close by
animal-loving neighbors doors to alert them of the problem, he left me
a voice message which I didn’t get until I woke up – and then
it took over an hour for my efforts from over 1300 miles away, to wake
neighbors, friends, and relatives to rushed to his
side. After futile efforts from two veterinarians, his body succumbed to the shock and he died. The vet said his only chance at survival
was earlier intervention. He had no broken bones. Necropsy showed
no colic, no twist, just edema from his
inability to absorb the IV fluids they were administering,
because his blood protein levels were toxic low from biological changes due to being on his
side for so long. His organs essentially shut down. I search and search for the answer to
what kind of person would just walk away and go fishing? What kind of person actually believes his
ethical and moral obligation is satisfied by believing it was
sufficient to leave a voice message to someone 1300 miles away, regarding an
animal’s horrific predicament, without seeing to
it that the animal receives the quickest help possible? Words cannot express my sorrow- my
anguish- for the suffering Romeo endured. I’m heartbroken.

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  1. Heather Clemenceau

    It seems clear that he knew something must be done, because he says so in the message. Unfortunately, that *someone* was not going to be him. He does not sound too dysfunctional to have known to call 911.

  2. Temoc

    Can I ask were you or are you able to take any action against your neighbour for this? What did he say to you when you returned? I am very very saddened by your loss and it is very upsetting some one could leave an animal like this.

  3. Carrie Wilmer


  4. horsesofcourses1

    Yes, that is exactly why I feel so much for you! My Zander and your Romeo seem so similar, and I can't imagine how horrible I would feel if I lost Zander that way.

  5. Bobbie Jo Dawson

    My heart goes out to you .. I lost my mare of 12 years due to a careless barn owner that stated " she was stolen out of the turnout pen and no one saw anything" <— at a barn where she was a grade mare turned out with several other purebred Arabians, Gypsy Vanners and QH's..4 years later I still find myself in tears wondering over her fate.. I know that it will never ease your heartache but I truly hope with all of my heart and soul that there is some legal steps you can take towards this man.

  6. Heather Clemenceau

    You're assuming he suffers from dementia and that no one other than you have experienced it. And I never suggested he had horses at any point. My mother has Alzheimer's and has started shoplifting!

  7. Heather Clemenceau

    You did exactly that. Assumed that nobody else responding to this video had exposure to dementia. If he had left a message that made no sense it would be reasonable to assume some form of confusion. He sounds quite lucid, and she probably knew him to be lucid. Would anyone ask a person with obvious dementia to look after their property while they are 1,300 miles away?

  8. Robert Drollinger

    S. Cruz…I would never even dare to imply it takes a horse person to care about animals…but if I were to leave my horse in the care of anyone, the first thing I would look for are pets they own and how they are taken care of…I would prefer and try everything to leave him with a person who HAS horses. Let's face it you cannot take care of a horse the same way you do a dog or cat. This man obviously said all the right things for you to leave him in charge of your horse and sadly he failed bad

  9. Robert Drollinger

    It just takes a person who cares about animals.PERIOD. Even a mentally challenged person with the IQ of a baseball bat would know to call 911, or someone they know who has horses nearby to come help a horse in distress and by the pictures I saw that horse was in distress. That man is as callous as they get when it comes to animals. I guarantee that no fish is worth catching if it means saving any animal's life. You hunt or fish for what you need and there are always other times to do so.

  10. Jackie Rodgers

    What kind of person does this??? You stupid man!! The fish would have still been there tomorrow you idiot!! The horse was obviously in distress and you could have done something meaningful that day. Now you're just the man who could have made a difference, but didn't.

  11. Susan Egan

    Not awesome. I just couldn't walk away from an animal in pain. It's not the way I was raised. I can not imagine how anyone could turn their back on your horse. It's unimaginable.

  12. Naketaa

    :'( So sorry for your lose. Romeo was so gorgeous and you could tell he was very much loved, and happy… I don't understand people like that. All I can think is that your neighbor is not human, and there is no light in him. It's not natural or normal to have no compassion or empathy.

  13. holly m

    If you figure out the "why" or "how could you walk away" then your doing better than me because I can't even begin to figure out what was going through his head. I guess he thought he did you a favor with the call. I suppose If I saw a Badger in trouble I would try to do something. Poor Romeo, rest in peace and he was quite the Romeo. So sorry for your loss.

  14. S Cruz

    Hey Calusa, Im not assuming anything… its proof positive in his phone call. His call, that he left, will hang himself. He has no dementia, He just bought a new house, he just bought a new pick up, he drives, he pays his bills, he lives alone… This man, failed to obey the law. No judgement… just read it your self Montana code annotated 45-8-211. No defamation of character… I said nothing about him I didn't prove with his OWN voice message. Write whatever crap you want Im done responding.

  15. Billy Horky

    Face the truth, this guy needs to be responsible. He failed to render aid to an animal that was fighting for it's life and could have been saved! It really does not matter if S Cruz left him in charge or not. He should have gotten help for Romeo.That is the honest to God truth

  16. XxEpicGupxX

    My blessings go to you and Romeo. R.I.P Romeo. That man that was supposed to take care of this beautiful horse should go to hell for leaving him behind suffering just to go fishing, he should be ashamed for the rest of his life..

  17. Bonnie Bansbach

    Words can't describe how sad this is. Something is mentally wrong with this man!! May the memories of your sweet Romeo live forever in your heart!

  18. jessica harris

    you had such a great bond with that horse and if i was your neighbour i would have called a vet and tried to free it or do wat i cud to hav saved im so sorry for u

  19. firefallnow

    I was walking down the street the other day and I saw a butterfly who had a wing that was wet, and couldn't fly lying on the sidewalk in the hot sun. I picked up and put it some tall grass in the shade. It's little feet wrapped around a blade of the grass and it started flapping it's wings slowly. I cannot even fathom leaving a horse or any animal caught in fence or some other dangerous situation like that. I am so sorry for your loss.

  20. Marnie Hornsby

    I am so sorry for your lose I am a really big horse lover and for someone to do that to a horse should be put away for life RIP Romeo you are a beautiful horse

  21. Drew Kreis

    that man is soooooooooooooo STUPID! I foreal hate people because of this kind of stupidity. he could have easily at least unlocked the panels and let his leg down and locked them back and then go fishing wow I don't even like fishing soooooooo stupid!

  22. loverbabe68

    Im so sorry for you're lost 🙁 Romeo was a funny sweet horse i dont know how anyone would walk away from a horse that needs help..if i was there and saw a horse like that i would do anything and everything to try to help it as best as i can! R.I.P Romeo<3 🙁

  23. S Cruz

    Seems like the longer you live the less tolerant of 'stupid' people you become. I agree with you. Unfortunately, there are an 'amazing' amount of stupid people in this world. And he calls himself a 'Christian'.

  24. Liz Nitz

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Romeo was gorgeous and looks like he was very loving. I can't imagine what you are going through, the anger and sadness must be overwhelming. I hate that man, I consider it abuse that he just left him there, I don't know what kind of uncaring …idiot is too nice of a word, but I won't say the word I'm thinking, would think that was okay. I'm sorry this is your neighbor and you'll probably be seeing a lot of him. RIP Romeo, best wishes to you S Cruz, I'm so sorry.

  25. Albert Johnson

    Some day, when he calls YOU, saying "HELP I'm having a Heart attack" or the like.. tell him sorry, you're leaving to go fishing….. and hang up. Then, go ahead and call 911… because you're NOT as low a POS as he was. But let him sweat.

  26. Jenelle Muller

    OMG, how could anyone leave ANY animal in distress like that, honestly, I feel he should be had up for cruelty to animals. I'm a horse lover, but I don't care whether it was a horse, dog, cat or a wild animal, to leave it in that sort of situation and "go fishing" is just disgusting, at the very least he could have called 911 and alerted the authorities to the horses situation. I am seriously appalled that any person could do that. RIP Romeo you deserved so much better.

  27. Sarah Miller

    i hope the guy fucking dies excuse my language but that is flipping rediculus!!! im so sorry for your loss 🙁 what an idiot dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Janet Schultz

    He could have knocked the panels down, what is wrong with him? He should be charhed with animal cruelty. No child should witness the carelessness of walking away from an animal in distress.

  29. JoeLin59

    That is so sad what your poor horse went through, because of a lazy, ignorant human who didn't t want his precious plans disrupted. I hope karma is on her way to get him! You are suing him, right? The best to you.

  30. Michael Russell

    It would of taken him about 2 minutes to fix that problem when he way it…. what a selfish jerk… not a Montanian act…. RIP Romeo, I had a similar incident with a horse that suffered a broken leg while an employee was watching my horses while I was out of town, my mare also was in foal… had to put her down after 7 days of trying to help out.

  31. S Cruz

    Oh my that is just awful about your mare. People can be so stupid. I swear… there should be a law against stupid people. Thank you for your support. I'm just devastated.

  32. Carole Dion

    I am so sorry for your loss. Romeo looked like a great horse, well-cared for obviously. How can someone be so careless and heartless to leave a horse stuck in this position knowing how much weight this entails to parts of his body. I was just wondering, who took the picture?

  33. kat auc

    I can only offer this.. Romeo had a wonderful life, full of love and care,, try to hold onto that and let those memories be the one you recall.. I do the same when my animals pass, from the diseases they get – I dont try to remember that as it hurts too much.. What your neighbor did, not taking care of the horse is just not explainable and never will be.. let the burden be his to live with the rest of his life.. though II dont know how you could live next door anymore, a wall or trees helps, Sad

  34. Angela Downing

    It was so sad that it made me cry . Some people can be really stupid jerks and I feel so sorry for you . But at least Romeo had a wonderful life and had love , care and happiness he is now in a better place.

  35. Heather Mancini

    So very sorry for your loss… And I hope justice is served to this beautiful horse ! I've seen this happen a lot with those pin style round pens…. The best round pens for horses are the chain style pens they hold the panels together with no gaps most dealers will warn you about the pin style and horses….. Hopefully your video will help educate horse owners and they can protect their horses from a terrible tragedy….

  36. Luana Kelly

    No I wouldn't. I'd go find a pair of wire cutters, and go cut him out of the fence. That's plain rediculous that her neighbor couldn't help that poor horse. That's why I never ask anyone to watch my horses. If I can't stay home and watch them my self, then I don't need them. Once in a while my son will take care of them for me, or my hubby, if I'm sick, but the rest of the time, I'm there to take care of them myself. I don't trust too many people with my animals.

  37. Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS

    Oh my goodness, my heart is broken and the tears and flowing….. I can't understand the why? 
    He just drove away….. I can't wrap my mind around that. 
    I am so sorry. 

  38. Dana Shipman

    Bless your heart! My first barrel horse as a kid was a Palomino TB, they do have personality and will always be my all time fav <3 God Bless you! I am so sorry you had to go through this and even more so that this wonderful animal had to endure something that could have so easily been prevented…I am glad that he was found guilty….I hope and pray that this will make someone else think before they just walk away…. Love Light & Peace to you my friend!

  39. Dorothy Garrison

    Unbelievable & this person has no heart or soul!!! Im sooo sorry for your loss & how he had to suffer!! This just breaks my heart as I know yours is too! Sending prayers to your & your family!

  40. Stephie Lilley

    There is nothing I can say. Nothing really anybody can say, other than I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. I had something happen to me with the horse I rode for 8 years. He's still around but I do know the heartbreak when something or someone is torn away from you. Especially in the worst ways. I'm so very very sorry and I wish that someone like you (even though I do not know you personally) didn't have something this cruel happen. Something that could have been so easily prevented. They say all of the best people get taken away but it's more like "The best people suffer" It's not fair. Romeo was a extremely gorgeous horse and you two looked like you were made to be a team. He lives on in your heart and in paradise.

  41. Erica Huyck

    This is so so sad and tragic! :'( I shared your tears … listening to your words and felt your loss. I can't believe our world has such heartless idiots that would actually drive by and think this was an okay situation to drive away from. Sorry for your loss , BIG hugs from another horse mommy ♥ I can only imagine how hard it must have been on you to compile this video

  42. J Beckett

    I hope he doesn't get off!  I recently went thru something similar.  I had entrusted the care of one of my horses to a lady and she starved her to death.  She was impaled, broken, missing an eye and her hide missing by the time someone found her to put her down.  The judge dismissed all charges.  I hope Gary isn't that lucky.  So sorry for your loss.  May your Romeo rest in peace.

  43. rosedead2010

    So sorry for your loss..the tears were rolling as I listened and watched…I could feel your love for him in every word, and picture…God Bless….

  44. 1999MichaelMyers

    What kind of sick person just leaves an animal like that to go do something like fishing? My God! Didn't he even think twice that animals can feel too?!?!? I am so sorry for your lost. :'(

  45. Ginger Hanson

    So glad to meet u. My heart goes out to everytime i watch this video. Take care and keep in touch.
    Ginger from the horse trailer

  46. Ginger Hanson

    So glad to meet u. My heart goes out to everytime i watch this video. Take care and keep in touch.
    Ginger from the horse trailer

  47. MrPedruska

    HOW can someone go fishing while he is aware of the fact that the animal is left in a hopeless situation in a horrible shock and obviously injured? and he is the only one who knows about it? Charging this idiot with animal cruelty is now important for other idiots like him to be aware that they just cannot get away with such cruel act.
    He did not even make a single attempt to free and rescue the poor horse. Sorry, it is just too hard for me to put up with it, I share your sorrow for your horse and his suffering while he was left to die. 

  48. Patricia Winkler

    I am in tears seeing and hearing this video.  I can't imagine your pain.  I have never owned a horse (though it was my greatest wish to someday do so) and the loss of such a beautiful soul is such a tragedy that I can't see how you stand it. I am up in years now, in poor health, and will never attain my fondest wish but I would rather never have had the opportunity to share my life with a horse than have to go through losing a good friend in such a tragic, senseless way.  What a poor excuse for a human being this person is.  Someone like this deserves the maximum sentence possible– and even then the punishment wouldn't fit the crime.  I am afraid if I were you I would have gone off the deep end and done him some extreme physical harm and they would have to find me guilty of deliberate homicide….but perhaps I would get off by virtue of an insanity plea because I would certainly be insane with grief. I know it has been some time since this happened and my heart goes out to you, I pray you are doing well.

  49. Valerie Gallagher

    so terribly sorry for your loss personally i would never leave an animal in that condition this is an alert to friends and neighbors please be responsible this just breaks my heart

  50. Meredith Drennan

    This just popped up in YouTube yesterday, I watch LOTS of horse videos and I had no idea what I was about to see! My heart is so broken I can't stop crying! I had to leave work because I can't get this out of my head. If I could only have my way with that foul piece of garbage he would NEVER again have to worry about going fishing again, he would be wheelchair bound sipping his food through a straw in never ending pain! I know this was years ago and hopefully you are doing much better and I send you my heart felt love and to Romeo on the other side. Don't know what else to say, just be well dear lady.

  51. Janice Whedbee

    I can’t believe this l was going through racehorses and found Romeo a week ago and how happy he was part of your life and how absolutely beautiful Romeo looked after u took good care of him lm so so sorry 😐 l love horses and he was your neighbor! My head and mouth can explode along with my fist ! Your beautiful Romeo and you were his Juliet
    R l P sweetheart Romeo 💘🌹

  52. Diana Russell

    That is horrible! That poor beautiful Romeo. I feel your pain. My horse was bored 30 miles away and I was exaggerating from surgery complications. The people boarding her came home from a party at 3 AM and found her dead beside their dirt road. They couldn't tell me why my horse was outside of the fence when the gate had a padlock. My mare was not a jumper because she was born cow-hocked. To my knowledge she had not been ill but I was unable to go check on her at 4th he time I trusted these people to keep an eye on her.
    I raised and trained my mare since she was born. For her first 2 years we played together and became best friends. I was 12 when she was born and we schooled each other as I had never had a horse before.
    When she was 3 she had colic. Even when the vet gave up on her I didn't. I stayed all night in her shed, praying and talking to her, although it was the middle of December. She pulled through.
    Angel was 4 when she died. I had just turned 16 and I was devastated. We were best friends, adopted sisters (I even drank some of her mother's milk.) I was so heartbroken I have never had a horse since.
    I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful palomino (one of my favorite horse colors) boy. My answer to your question "Who could leave a horse like that?" I just don't understand that guys thinking. You can go fishing anytime. He obviously isn't a horse person or even an animal person. I have a friend who missed a doctors appointment because she came upon an accident where a horse fell out the side door of the trailer and was dragged. She and her daughter stayed with the horse and comforted it until it passed because the owner wouldn't put her down. I call that a horse lover (my friend not the owner.) Yeah, she had to reschedule the appointment but she kept the horse calm until the end.
    I just don't understand your neighbors thinking. I'm disabled and couldn't physically do anything but I certainly would have called as many people as I could to get the help Romeo needed. So sad such a waste.

  53. Sherry Traveny

    What a total a## that guy was I am so sorry for what was done to your horse and dumb a##could have called people around you for help . Not to mention the vet and your pretty boy would have had a chance. When I watch other people's horses,dogs, cats. I CHECK ON THEM OFFTEN and have a list of people to call for help, two phone numbers to cal 2vets for emergencys. Love and our fathers light to you and your family and friends that helped your pretty boy Romeo. 😙😢🐎🕊🦄Stardust 🐈Pepper

  54. Darlene Tuura

    My heart breaks when seeing what happened to this awsome horse. He is so beautiful and personable. How horrible that anyone would just walk away and leave him struggling.😰💔 My heart goes out to you. I always wanted a horse, but couldn't. What a special friendship you had with him. Thank you for sharing your heart. with us. It blows my mind that anyone would do this and not even try to help him. The tears are flowing and I don't even know you or your 🐎. 🌼🌺💞🌺🌼

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