Yard Fence – Should You Get One?

Your backyard is looking beautiful, with new
sod or bright green blades shooting up from carefully-tended grass seed. But how do you keep the local fauna from nibbling
on that beautiful new grass, or the neighborhood kids from running through on their way home
from the bus stop? A yard fence is the answer. If you live in a covenanted community, the
first step to deciding on a backyard fence is to check the architectural guidelines of
your homeowners’ association. Most associations have very strict guidelines
about types, sizes and materials for fences, and you don’t want to put the time, effort,
and money into a new fence only to find out that you’ll have to tear it out. As for types of fences, there are so many
available. A yard fence might be chain link, wood, wrought
iron, or composite. Chain link fencing is the most affordable. It comes on rolls, which you unroll and fasten
to posts you bury every few feet around the perimeter of your yard. Wrought iron fencing is very expensive, but
when it comes to aesthetics, you get what you pay for! A wrought iron fence provides an old-world
feel that can’t be replicated in any other way. There are even plastic versions of these available. Perhaps the most popular type of backyard
fence in recent years is a wooden privacy fence. These are typically six or eight feet tall
and may be out of one of several different types of wood. Some are even treated against the elements. If you choose a wood fence that isn’t pretreated,
you’ll need to seal and weather-protect it on a regular basis, perhaps once a year. A recent addition to fencing options is a
composite fence. It looks and feels like wood but is made out
of a synthetic material that stands up to the elements better than wood ever could. Whichever type of materials you choose for
your yard fence, you have the option of installing it yourself, or hiring someone to do it. If you decide to put your own fence in, make
sure you research the best method first! And, of course, you can hire your favorite
handyperson or someone from your home improvement store instead.

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