Yu-Gi-Oh! Day 2 YCS Milan Infinitrack Trains Deck Profile!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day 2 YCS Milan Infinitrack Trains Deck Profile! Hey, what’s up guys from a delivery here and we are with Michael champ a Luger in West Milan and which day which that you Choose to play I chose to play infinite track train So let’s get to liquify So basically you play the usual train cars Which is nice Express light bullet Express heavy freight train and free pegasus This is just a normal summon. This is it revised car that takes pushback from the Train Supports excess material and an extender and this is an interesting one One from graveyards they can make two cars level the same. So these two Next we have the infinite tracklist, which is pretty Harvester – friendship – brutal those are hands This searched the card lights up the levels – and a fine you can make them seven This summons won’t roll an oath machine So four plus five to make nine Trench’s the monster. Evil. This summons want to detect Machines and this is like a photo beverage reshuffle five back and then you draw two cards It’s a bit of a break, but you have to play it like it’s about consistency the matter So three Fantasma, I don’t play I’m proud to accept this You need consistency and you need to throw it And finally one shadow beast and one dragon it’s obviously a patient on fusion so these are I’d say the best, Otis To spell course we are Research level 10 to some level It’s a pretty good card but always get snatched and I liked it videos so this is my Ashby Because I activate this partnership schedule. It’s ridiculous As mall monsters you some level 5 or higher and a level 5 Aloha from your deck The only condition is acknowledged that machines Excellent traditional fusion is the ash to field spell this is amazing because you can fill the graveyard with machines and pop their doctor like or Table with the Chanel dragon. They have to use all four pieces to two other facts 2003 tour Decatur And again Against orkest best and maybe the best part of the power at the moment mind control because I take the Galatea and Link I take their IP I take Carberry. This is everyone most astute To motive desires again, it’s all about consistency, but you need to be careful because you have a lot of one of You don’t have any And they wants to reborn As I said, I’m a multi K deck I want to extend but it’s also good against some decks that I’ll show you in my accident Extra Deck I play one second Agha is the art machine and also level 200 time. Yes. It’s very useful To Goliath this is a very weird card If it goes to the graveyard, you can attach it to a AFC’s monster as material and it can’t destroy by card effects I’ll show you how this turns really good man It’s my generic link, it’s just if I take some with mind control I just went link it away Double-headed, I’m gonna fill this is really good with the field spell because Sorry, this can summon a level 10 from your graveyard your opponent and your own so let’s say I used effects while the pills belts on a level 10 Trigger level four from my deck and this can summon another monster from your graveyard So you have this massive board that your opponent has to try and break and if they break it and continue Seasick Rangers forward machines who were just all ticketed there on their own terms. So it’s It’s a pretty booze crowd yeah Black luster soldier Everyone knows it’s a very good card, but unfortunately didn’t manage to make its Skyscrapers because they just there can only be one me as I have to go to the next guy fate played against gosh I lost all games against my strikers So one to the XTS there’s a lot they’re stupid Dora it makes The compressor But the best thing is they make the Galatea You stole the gates – Can they do Two materials on it touch one Plus one twice Galatea my Again That game So yeah easy guy Next section numbered dark infinity This is a good time card. I’m sorry, but so if you have another monster, you can gain Life Points equal to its attack So by myself, do you think it’s actually a lot of Life Points if it destroys a monster I can summon it to my field Quite destroy you instead one of their costs easy 7 to 77 students embrace that that infinite sharks can add levels So yeah, the 210 make it 12 and I summon this and punishes all their monsters on their fields so any losses Infinite trucks five in social level 1000 machine monster this back row equals number of detaches This is one of the like main Engage to as I said, I like to play mind control and I can make this with my monsters. It’s a pretty game finally Tooting of all kilometres Made up deliveries selling this They’re called interstate are Just finished I lost when I summoned this is the I chained and they between chalice and that’s where I say You only have this that makes that fragile, but it’s a one on what every game of just going so good Yes this time – didi crows Twisting they hate them out there my head Different dimensions To open this it’s an easy way Again against They always make me go first Finally It’s against a burn by the furnace for 500 Phase with this die Spell I can stomach to detect so I thought why not try some cheese See for a because our suggestion because

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