Yu-Gi-Oh! Thunder Dragon das BESTE Deck – Warum?

Thunder Dragon. Yes, that is a good deck. Konami sparked an idea with this one. We go back to an old monster
and invent a lot of new cards to support it. They are all Thunder-Type
and we make one half Light and one half Dark. Then, we need two new boss monsters
– we use Fusion for those – And done.
Now you have a new meta deck. But then it’s not enough
that those Thunder monsters have a dicard effect, no! They all get an additional effect when
they are banished or leave the battlefield. I mean, sure thing! Only by banishing.
That alone happens way too seldom. I mean, such weak cards like Allure of Darkness
or Black Luster Soldier hardly ever do that. And there are such slow cards like Gold Sarcophagus. You banish one card and get it in two turns.
So what? That’s how their effects trigger! Recycle, improve hand. Search, add.
Special from grave, special from deck, search… Speaking of triggering:
Yeah, Colossus is a real nice boss monster. Don’t ever search again.
In the year 2018, how OP is that?! With 2,600 ATK! But as if that’s too weak,
they had to give him a protection effect. Just banish one Thunder monster…
AND DONE! And sure, if that was just once per turn,
it would be really bad. That’s why you can do that over and over again! And if it was difficult to summon, you could say
“Sure, that’s balanced.” BUT NO! All you need is
to use the effect of one of your Thunder monsters. And then you just have to tribute any Thunder monster. ANY one! Of course! And that’s just Colossus.
I don’t even want to start with Titan. Of course it can protect itself. And it doesn’t even need monsters. Just two cards! ANY cards! And as if 3,200 ATK weren’t enough yet. NO! It can repeatedly destroy one card your opponent controls, when a Thunder Dragon activates its effect from the hand. And again, not once per turn! Are you nuts?! But if your opponent somehow manages to get rid of all Fusions, you just shuffle them all back and repeat the process from the beginning. And there’s more: this deck has enough room to play handtraps. To prevent your opponent from searching and destroy their cards in their turn sure isn’t enough. With your handtraps, you prevent your opponent all other options they have. And why? Because Thunder Dragons are good.

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