Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 32 YCS Milan Pure Orcust Deck Profile! Davide Venturi

Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 32 YCS Milan Pure Orcust Deck Profile! Hey, what’s up guys so Donna Jeffrey here today we are with The ycs man that ended up doing top what do you play List Drops fish be fantastic There myself And certainly If therefore the cards sometimes I don’t want to see more copies because I still have a Norma summons with the Rosa and Then they are And Standardise With standard ablaze In the That’s right and there No charges today Priestess for standards and play window so I am But this weekend I did it only Joy’s Was it useful Yeah, one point I’m Artemis was useful the other time. He has the impairment were jealous remember Cool it Somebody play the screen monster Okay cosmic for the back roads if I go second Don’t you see Hurry before the garbage Sometimes annuity with This one too The listing jeweler one This whole thing is too – all marta – Dear sir, the true nightmare statements arena are good. Yeah This predicts but in this weekend Mm. Oh no more Tiago and one one the mcdhh Amager because we are The DK it’s a unexpected sometimes and Challenges to Target for instant fusion It’s going to decide that say technically it Prudential standards for artists combo decks for Assad index to Match only with this making the star player best returns strong Pancho’s for yeah, that’s great. At least everything when I go second And then Didn’t use this because more refined But I started to with sorry Yep never season Show this to my team Some of the In donation So just for the a list, okay, thank you so much. So that’s it for today I really hope you enjoy it everybody subscribe to the channel I will leave also a link of the absolute zero team in the spectrum box below. See you in the next one

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