Zebra DEV { TALK } – App Opportunities in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and T&L

hello everyone manager of developer outreach welcome you to today’s dev talk we were happy today to be able to have Jim hilton director of vertical marketing strategy, manufacturing talk to us and give us a perspective on what application developers should be looking for across zebras primary vertical true vertical areas i’m just gonna be in a diving into healthcare retail hospitality transportation logistics and manufacturing I said talk about the trends that are going on and really giving you an introduction to what zebra seize the opportunities across those now this is all going to be a leading to zebras at form we’re having our first platform session in Las Vegas targeting north and latin america going to be made nine to 11 and everyone Jim this team will be at the event and really giving a much more detailed presentation talking about verticals in addition to a lot of other I my software development oriented topics so a form is a foot is a conference series he has been putting on the last six or seven years and we’re really excited this year or expanding these sessions or having more industry experts now we’re going to have google and microsoft giving our keynote sessions at the Americas session we’re targeting some other industry leaders to really give some great perspective and thought leadership on talks as we go through and enterprise software market as well as diving into real specifics for developers on how to implement a lot of these capabilities we have lost to see you guys attend you can visit the website to learn more about it at zebra dot-com / at form and I registration having quite open up yet going to be about another week for America’s our session but you can go up there and sign up to get some notifications when that registration is open and I as a reminder we do have our developer portal at developer.android.com where you can find a lot of information we will be posting the slides and the recording of the session up there as well as the recording will be on our youtube channel also if you have any questions throughout the session please enter them into the chat box or the question box and i will be saving those until the end to ask Jim so thank you very much for joining us now turn it over to Jim thank you very much Dan and thank you for spending your time with us the Sun this day this morning a good day to everyone from north america and other regions of the world thank you for dialing in and shining in for this and then talked about i’m going to go at high-level very crisply across all four verticals and speak to each one of those individually obviously we will talk about right now about the critical movement worldwide in in healthcare that’s respective is given by our team lead Chris Sullivan for his background is literally comes from the industry’s on the board of directors of a couple of entities of in north america and he drives vertical marketing strategy for that so these are perspectives not by me but by Chris and again he will be dancing he will be in Las Vegas to do a much deeper dive I healthcare challenges and opportunities everyone can read as well as i can so we will i will skim across and talk about the main points of about each one of these slides as we as we go through essentially this is a box of six areas if I were doing development which in my prior life I did uh right kind of set in your chair match a couple of decades ago as it was but uh I said that we built this presentation and discussion I we all tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the pure developer to say what is it that we should be looking at focused on next and these are the four are the six areas that are most critical to today’s environment of whether it’s access to care population the population of the healthcare community chronic diseases I’m very much in the research side for ventricle preventable spit out preventable medical errors is a highly critical area you know in in the other verticals that we’re going to talk about it’s kind of interesting in this perspective if I have a 95 two ninety-eight percent efficiency and productivity and accuracy rate in the UH in one of the other verticals that’s a great number that’s a great metric 22 to aspire to if I have a ninety-eight percent of productivity and error-free area that in medical in the hospital or in the healthcare industry i have a very big 2% problem so in preventable medical errors this is where visibility is absolutely critical in the breakthroughs and the capabilities that he brings to the table in this regard with your development on the other side of that is because the great powerful discussion patient experience is another one that’s very very strong if it’s that that care and attention to the patient the moment they walk through the door until they walk out of there and even post post care and then economic environment this is where compliance restraints and compliance issues come into play so this is kind of high level where you should be thinking now as far as medication security if you think about patient safety regulation this is just kind of a rundown of where the various regulations shit today by country so if you’re predominantly in the United States of this is already advice there are a tremendous number of regulations and compliance issues that have been put in place that were the hospital doctors office or other home character now facilities essentially every one of them are required to manage to data capture associated with that and you can read as well as I can down through there are you ti that unique that device identification this is in progress today in the United States of this is a here if you’re not familiar with this essentially think about the last time you went to the doctor’s office the serialization of everything that we don’t ingest also required there to make that thinking if you think about the everything from uh insertions for all the way down the tongue depressors and these various ages anything that is young on or around our bodies that we don’t ingest and there’s a requirement in several countries going on right now that in phases that will require the serialization of that now that goes will go all the way back to my manufacturing space as well for healthcare manufacturers and then patient identification is coming to our clinical workflow workflow unmet needs as far as causing the productive movement of a patient from the moment they walk through the door until the moment they leave any of us that have set impatiently in any one of those facilities knows the importance of this so as far as a data capture data visibility of platform development and movement of that individual through the process in our in a speedy manner that’s where this is becoming a very powerful discussion particularly when it comes to of the the movement of that data in that clinical work for the prioritisation areas and again this is us writing as if we were sitting in your chair i’m not going to go through all these but if you look at this chart and come back and review this later with your king what you can see is our Christmases of impression of in each one of these considering that they are a use case capability maybe even a full application you can see the business problems and where Chris is stated that the need is either high moderate or low obviously if i’m developing application i’m going to focus on at least the hot and certainly some of the moderate out when it comes to that so again this is for your digestion as as you come back and review this but if I if I had a team that was in a development stage for application in the healthcare this is certainly a great place to start because this becomes a check office to get that accomplished now libra enables better connections through this better care so as you think about everything that you develop around healthcare please one reason why we’re on this call together is that we are complementary to you so think about it did those terms this is a splash of the point solutions or the hero of solutions associated with health care that you would want to fold into or certify your application to work with whether it’s wristbands and supplies mobile computer scanners etc that Rex healthcare so now you get a picture for the next three of how we’re going to walk through talk through every one of these environment of rapidly evolving retail and this is Robbie can Gotti’s I impression of the retail its dramatic and all we need to do is think about the last time we click through a button on our smartphone and made a purchase to understand just how dramatic that is the retail environment I is just going to change that to change xchange almost look so to start that let’s take a look back it 2016 the winners the evolution of e-commerce of twenty-one percent from 2016 amazon says thirty-eight percent of all there on all sales are online or grow help drive that electronics and appliances are up eight-point-five percent and that’s in online sales and then off price retail growth of you can see the stores that have shown great growth in net as well so if you look at these charge the physical essentially think about that is brick and mortar and the online if you think about that is as uh we just clicking through to make purchase you can see that the dramatic difference in the growth down below two forty-six percent growth in physical brick-and-mortar stores which is a more or less flat but it’s a positive anyway but on the other shot online of seventeen percent change from prior year there there’s removal so the transit tacking retail customer engagement and think about this in the ways that you develop your application uh that’s customer we consumers I want to be known when I go in that store i want that that person to be able to help me and provide me with relevant offers in a proactive manner in some cases if I aki and that means I’m saying you the store you the online shop if you will essentially reach out to me and be proactive in my customer experience make that be a very positive session and I the consumer reward that retailer for that that good service inventory visibility extremely important this is the foundation for retail is to know what we have where we have it and how that half-assed we can move it from wherever it is to the place the final resting place in the consumers and the mobility of associates that’s primary to uh not only efficiency in the retail brick-and-mortar but also in the fulfillment of that supply chain and then that on the channel fulfillment in court in store or cooking collect these are high level area that if I will honor the is nice side of our equation i would be developing to that framework alright so what is mobility is a platform in in store operations three of the top for IT investment areas or mobile mobility of the store manager get that person out of the office and down on the floor that’s it that’s it in a nutshell but when they do that don’t restrict them from data that they need to run the store and how you do that is with mobility mobility of those associates in other words have them packed with the knowledge they need for customer service without having to leave the floor and then mobile want to say these are just some categories are some examples of how that looks in the force so some of the more exotic or more advanced loads of that technology of our technology today and here’s some united kingdom activity can maker uses beacons so imagine that imagine that you the consumer have opted into this particular store so you’ve said you’re a frequent shopper there so now the store knows you’re in there in there in there facility you walk up to this mannequin and essentially executive vote our information about that jacket that apparel that is all that mannequin and how that encouraged by that beacon they’re sitting inside that mannequin knows that you’re opted-in smartphone is within proximity that’s extremely powerful extremely that also can log data as to the frequency that that mannequin back to this to the the the retailer the frequency in which that mannequin actually interacting let’s say with the consumer say the mannequin and say that the same sentence alright so uh savory on the other side of the UH if you move your eyes to the right I essentially provides for message that check out to speed up that process and then down below are just some examples of superior self-service keyword self-service experience and technology if I am a and is be focused on retail this is where I get out ahead of the skis quite frankly if you think about what you’re going to bring to the retailer that they can put in place they are always intent on driving the positive experience to get that test consumer to want to come into the store this is how that’s going to occur ok now let’s say what if they don’t come into the store ecommerce click and Collect operations are attracted but they’ve got to be efficient and cost-effective to the retail they also have to be accurate quite frankly so click and Collect must utilize the same efficient processes e-commerce distribution except in that area there’s got to be a guy who received good way there’s going to be a efficient order location picking packing shipping staging and and dispatch sends a whole lot like a warehouse doesn’t real-time inventory visibility is critical in e in the e-commerce embark store serve as experience to fulfillment centers I won’t spend a lot of time on this because that’s essentially what i just talked about on the prior slide of the huge opportunity to develop applications into this area augmented reality essentially can cause the of the the speed up if you will of the picking process and the accuracy improvement of the pitching process as well as recognition character animation then fulfillment of that so if you notice we moved from quick from brick-and-mortar out through the distribution into various and sundry ways that we consumer can actually receive good think about i’m going to go all the way out to the end think about making a purchase and having that good actually delivered to the trunk of your car that’s being up if I’m developing in north america i would take a strong look at how your is is making some of these advancements in some in many cases they’re they’re cutting it there how the head of our ski if you will and this is a good regular to look at that and then finally I’m going to talk about hospitality because that’s part of retailers well our food safety is critical so you know you’ve heard them the buzz of farm-to-fork what that really means something to be able to know the day the time the picker of a head of lettuce much shape and know the condition and the location of that head of lettuce as it moves through the supply chain and to then also know the moment that it reaches that restaurant that it has had a proper pedigree meaning the ownership of that head of less has taken care of that all the way through the supply chain to where it is absolutely consumable and healthy for us to when it reaches our table as at the restaurant top that is what food safety is about little round black almost haha up to thirty percent of produce coming from the less college that supply chain uh is small world when it arrives thirty percent if I’m developing for that network i’m going to be conscious that there is a strong are live in those checks and balances through that process its like before here come here and the hero product to that you can come back and view as to how we compliment you in that process now let’s move through the en el área and i think i’m actually doing quite well on time so hopefully we’ll have some good time for some questions at the end of this movement through the transportation logistics i know i just talked about retail and i ended up talking about transportation logistics this is Bill Cusack perspective of the purity and L market and if you look across else quite a wide area is actually if you think about the vertical there’s and in the middle of the name of the vertical transportation and logistics that involves travel we consumers going through the travel process of moving us from one point A to point B that’s terminal operations that’s warehouse that’s filled the net enterprise couple of the high-level trends in this area essentially not only is retail driving a strong press into trash are strong movement into transportation and logistics but in other factors the there is a diversification product there’s a diversification of sales channel and there’s a decentralized effort going on around the production and the storage of goods for us that’s one way that t it the TL is keeping up with weak consumer demands if we want something ordered we don’t we no longer the idea of waiting for 3 weeks or two weeks for that good to land on our doorstep is just unbelievable ah all you have to do is we’ll listen to the news and you’re here here same-day delivery of whatever it is that that is being ordered certainly next day delivery and the idea of two to three days is a stretch on that the visibility of that good that person that asset throughout the tnl supply chain is how that can get accomplished in other words if that order of kurz that visibility of order placed take made a pact made ship in the process of delivery to our front door every day that that is a visibility chain that is uh it needs you and it needs up to market changes and opportunities that just kind of talk about it right place the right product and right place at the right time a track right cost to focus areas pickup and delivery warehouse operations what we need always test faster this I need a mobile warehouse that equals maximum productivity what that means is you develop you need to develop for efficiency in other words i want my workforce as productive as they can possibly be I don’t want the system slowing them down so as I build that solution out for the TL space i want that i want productivity to occur visibility I want to know every step of the way just wait to talk about and then flexibility the more a job the more effective that organization then here’s some numbers just a matchup with that 40-cent space-saving design through dynamic staging 99.6 percent orders are shipped complete by a warehouse in a in a fully visible operation and then twenty-seven percent reduction in downtime in warehouses that implement mobile collaborative solutions what is that that means flexibility that means that orders can come in even if they’re late and still get billed for customer service person now that visibility drive pickup and delivery as well now that’s pretty take it right to that the front door of our front porch accuracy avoiding missions traceability asking you guys can read as well as I can asset optimization maximization scanning and efficiency every bit of that goes into that accurate delivery of good what is multimodal what in the world is that historically in the picking process in the logistic area if you think about the data capture generally there was a a mobile computer with a touch dead are key set of keys okay well that’s one way of doing entering in another way is the touchscreen that’s another way another way is the voice that’s a third way remote from multimodal data entry there’s not any want to be fully optimized there’s not any one single method of entry that can get at maximum optimization but if you put them all together and have that worker and have the environment dictate how the data gets into the the handover how this uptick occurs you get simple as in moist 0 voice training you get smart as in business intelligence data you get flexible and you get reliable so read touch scan photo keywords talk and joystick talk me talking into the mobile computer joystick is essentially having that voice that mobile computer talk back to that picker white before here’s some hero product going across that fits squarely into that space purpose-built as you can see and sitting here ready to complement your application as you develop them for this ever-growing space I let me finish up with that I’ve already talked about retail I’ve already talked about G&L we know that i need this team vertical marketing strategy i tell people this all the time in retail if i had the headcount to add a another retail experts like Robbie I wouldn’t add a retail expert i would add a TL expert reason why is because that’s where tomorrow’s retail sits is in logistics think about it ok advancement is manufacturing true is truly about visibility and again they divide perspectives on on the manufacturing space now manufacturing is made up of several environment that’s the plant floor we manufactured make it we ourselves are manufacturers and zebra warehouse that logistics again and then field field shows up in several aspects he’ll sail DSD direct store delivery i should say merchandising fleet management taking care of those trucks and then field service operations the the the management of externally placed assets and then there’s the enterprise areas as well picture here that kind of late if you were overlooking a manufacturing area this is inside the four walls you can look at the various process and so if if you are developing for a plant for environment it’s not simply a plant for environment you’ve got good in raw material lying side parts also raw material then he got the manufacturing the assembly and the industrial control systems that manage the whole production process over to the over to the side you’ve got a set made another word all those machines that can be kept running you’ve got quality assurance traceability and then packing and then goes out and finish them torch so even in this management process manufacturing process you’ve got three different warehouses happening there I straightforward if you can’t the cage over at the over on the mainland side if I’m developing software i’m going to develop software for those unique business problems because every one of them are in fact unique iot is making a dramatic entrance into manufacturing space these are just some third-party of pieces of information that will be great for come back to come back and do some spare time reading we provide these uh of various documents your sales are your cam can actually get them for you as you work with us but the range of IT enabling technologies are giving manufacturers deeper visibility into every stage of their supply chain and their supply chain think about the manufacture their supply chain is actually that network of vendors that supplies them with the raw material throughout their production process all the way out to that final resting place with the retailer who in many cases in their customer ok that connected more work connected network uh you want to enable real-time workforce communication that you’re developing for this space you want to track the cast of that inventory those goods you want to monitor the status of those good so where is it and what condition is it in and then finally the dynamic connecting field I okie and trent is transforming show is really it think about the last time you read an article or had a conversation about IOT it is defined differently by nearly every person that you talked to is is everything from controlling the temperature in your house or the lights in your house two of two areas in this rugged industrial environment like this so what are what is it amazing in our Terms to have I OT of what it involved well certainly involved Wi-Fi activity location where is that good i’ve already said that once where is that person its location of security fences or production centers or heat section or asset center so very much a you you seen as we walk through this there was one area where there was something called mobile hdmi well that’s human to machine interface that says that there’s an intelligent machine now that is telling emerging that human as to how everything’s growing if it’s going within parameters no noise it is starting to go outside parameters yeah there you know it that’s a function of sensors and there’s mark OT label printing passive rfid for data capture this is essentially that that mix of our components that are needed for this is some other food for top and a cliché onwards there if you think about tracking both locations and goods of the condition of goods already talked about that over on the over on the retail side but it’s critical I want to know the location of my track top the objects i want to avoid those containers are those containers expensive i want to know the condition I wanted over my people are and i want to know the contents and you can see the message here of the survey that this was the supply he was the most desired functionality delivered by IOT in the food and beverage industry pause to digest that that’s very important think about every one of those metrics and look at idea i gotta know where is ninety-one percent of those surveyed said I need to know where it is eighty-eight percent said I want to know where the containers are 82 and 82 said of what’s the condition of my onion and our those people then the contents what’s inside that contain and then there’s numerous ways to that companies that can benefit miss this if I’m developing software on your side of the table essentially here are my value props i want to build something that improve these five areas if I do that I went and then uh another third-party discussion the strategic outcomes again this is what your customer our customer our joint customer is looking to do over the next five years with their next mobility strategy it’s got involved i OT and their outcome not ours but there’s they want to improve customer service they want to automate their control processes identify those that and condition though that sets them where they are they want to enable their workforce and optimize inventory levels that’s kind of holy grail of why money is spent if I’m developing software if I stand up to this test then i can probably and quickly walk into any manufacturer and point to that now and this is like before like the other three here r is a splash of hero product knows how they got suddenly more rugged uh in the in the environment whether it’s a high-speed label printer for that duty cycle of that high-speed production line ultra-rugged scanning etcetera etcetera and with that its shape we have done about 40 minutes i think we’ve got some time for questions that excellent Jim that was great thank you so much you know a lot of different information for us all the process we go across the different verticals identifying the trends in the areas for growth thank you I’m we did have a question around food safety tracking temperatures of that food you know through the supply chain and you know once in retail space what offerings does ever have in terms of I in terms of you know solutions that we sell so that companies can track me of the metrics around that food and the temperature and safety ok what’s the first thing we have is is you you the isp quite frankly this is a an area that the industry is trying to get their hands around its complex industry not temple and the reason why it’s not simple if you think about that good and that supply chain will the I what did I say the word pedigree what does that mean that means the owner the record of ownership of that good coming through the supply chain it’s not a simple exercise because not one single enterprise has has chain of custody of that are has custody at good so too and i have an ISV such as our audience here develop something cloud-based almost got to be cloud-based because of it’s got to be above those enterprises that can stitch together from of the coffee sealed think about that the coffee field in a central america beans or cake there Luke to a manufacturer words are sold roasted packaged and they go on a truck or on the ship and then they move into of the location where there’s North America Latin America wherever that retail supply chain goats what we bring to that table is the data capture we are the edge of that you are the ISB development community to develop the the glue if you will that stitches that together so we can provide sensors that of that shine a light on the condition as well as the location of those goods wherever they are throughout that Network we can provide the scanning in the data capture associated with or in rfid tag label that to wear whenever it goes through whatever portal or choke point so that we can know that stage of the process we are your edge you are the developer of the glue if you will that can stitch all that together in a cloud-based food safety tracking system from truly farm 24 field to Fort thanks jarrod and what you want what yeah what’s the best place for someone to go to find information on the devices that we have in terms of attracting the data capture and things like that that’s just searched our dot com absolutely there’s no better place are in fact our I had fairly proud of it our zebra dot-com websites essentially are vertically centric if you will so it’s pretty easy to drill into of the manufacturing space or the retail hospitality space of within our website and with that you can see product offerings that are the edge offering thought that the edge offerings and the services that we can provide that complements the is nice community alright I’m you know 11 minor here i am going to be posting the slides I back on our developer portal so under this developer community section and developer events we have the post for this session and i’ll be putting the slides up there you guys can see all the date of the gym collected there an actual back in terms of other types of equipment we offered to is that any power over ethernet thermometers on point of sale cash boxes or receipt printers ok actual question and it’s going to be yes and and through our ecosystem of conditional yeses as well as that was question essentially take about how we collaborate with various and sundry components so there was a i think if you look out on the web with bosch uh major manufacturers of of mature technology we collaborated think about 12 months ago with Bob to create some of these highly critical centers that can that can acquire the information that we need those paler to and my mind my mind just went to the back of the truck is when I talk about payload that environment to which we need to know that condition is always in the right parameters generally that’s a sensor that needs to sit there and monitor those good so in some cases that’s in the palette or in the case or in the package but in other cases in most cases it’s uh it’s essentially in the cargo area of ship cargo area of a of a truck and we collaborate with quite a few marshes a wonderful example of that’s ok so in terms of you know working with zebra partner vs zebra actual products on to find the ones where were kind of working with partners the best way to do that is connect with your account manager and they can help put you in touch with that but for some of the zebra products like the receipt printers on the place to go for that I you in terms of a receipt printer if you’re looking for something mobile that would be a product like rzq 110 the IM Z or this EQ 500 is the stationary printer we have label in receipt stationary printers with the GC series g kg x so those are ones that you can you can find on bb.com how we as just that we do have things outlined by vertical so if you want to look for items that way or by-products so you can look under printers under scanners rfid mobile computer things like that I hope that answered that question right we just got another question let me be to this real quickly for an skits all right in terms of the IOT side of things that what does ear offer in terms of IOT types of I kind of product offerings and platforms that would help connect with our customer devices are customer devices meaning so out of my favorite products if we wanted to look at yell at someone else’s thermometer or someone else’s I no refrigeration unit or something like that what the super offered jobs those up my blast an excellent question alright show and I way to turn that right back around to the is me but part of that is is where you provide that glue in every nearly every one of those cases those providers offer out and I API or what let’s put that in english and the the ability to access that data I and it’s the developer that would pull that data just look just the same way that it is with with our platforms of our equipment there is the feed into and the feet out of for the Sprint drivers coming into our label printers or is linked OS our label printers access to that or going out what is the output of our of our scans rfid tags and and other data capture for mobile computing but everyone of we manufacturers that live on the edge and I you can’t see my hands but if you think about the supply chain or the manufacturing environment think about it in three levels of the edge the point the the original point word that David gets captured is either that sensor or that person with a mobile computer or a gps location or something to that degree wherever that is that interface is our job we manufacturers that can provide that to you the ISB the middle layer what’s called us the system of record you’ll hear told the erp whether it’s a warehouse at whether it’s a UH cost controls and industrial control system of a production line or a distribution system there’s that system of record and then there’s the cloud above that show three kind of layers and that the capabilities the evolution of the cloud is very saying that allows these operations the enterprise to stitch every all these disparate systems together and quite frankly that’s a place where you come in and now we provide tools there as well so as a receiver contribution to this whether it’s the tar or our location middleware uh we can provide that layer of us for you to you like and we can provide that edge below and if your part to this puzzle effectively is to develop the line-of-business applications that didn’t exist before this was all possible as a long answer hopefully answer the question actually saw Jim I’m and you one other question that came in is is there’s a request on and they asked about gps for a warehouse but the the need is tracking devices down to the centimeter and what types of solutions do we have for that real-time location on solutions oh that’s boy that’s an interesting question if it’s inside states under the umbrella of the Wi-Fi system essentially our devices can provide that right now uh and quite frankly we have an application that they called workforce connect that one of his jobs that you can’t IQ cool from AA and and c2 quite frankly is uh is an application that would sit on she quite a few of our devices today that one of this test is to I don’t know which is within the centimeter but it’s certainly within a very close range of exactly where that mobile devices or that mobile workers with that mobile computer in their hand I so well that’s inside outside obviously I outside of that umbrella of the Wi-Fi that same capability is there but it’s actually accessed via GPS I’m and then so that they talked about devices what about non on zebra devices that they wanted to do more than real complications solutions kids a real quickly give on my level / Dzhokhar I guess you know pure you know there’s active i’m actually thanks yet yeah so if you think about a no one zebra assets suddenly you end up talking about the deep breaths that if you look at an active or passive rfid tag the moment you tag that i am i’m thinking about a heavy asset as opposed to maybe someone else’s mobile device but the the moment your tag then you can track that that individual that asset that good of within within centimeters and this one I don’t want a make the skills scattered and away from these four core verticals but you really don’t even have to go much further than watching an NFL football game to know that and I think you heard our story but we essentially have two active rfid tags and the shoulder pads Joe every NFL football player on the field we can track that individual i forget the exact centimeters believe it six inches but uh I go home to that it might even be closer but the we can track that individual on the field that performance of that uh person first 20 yards second 20 yards 1st half 2nd half as well as quite a few other metrics if you think about that the reason why I bring that up is it that saying active location in technology with active rfid tags that we do quite a few of local serious location application in the automotive space the exact same team I exact same edge of of peripherals and with our middleware shelter great thanks for watching so we did have we have a couple more here that questions were coming in fast and furious at the end so let’s see here there’s one here around 10 resources can is fees and other developers use to help jumpstart ramp up their familiarity with the solution development hon to read zebra devices I’m the chance that that sounds like a teaser right there the first thing i’m doing here at this screen and make sure that i’m sitting in Las Vegas and may or may not that’s my 1st quick answer because everything that we skimmed across today they will be far more resources than you been Dan and I sitting in that room with a depth of knowledge that is just phenomenal around each one of these areas whether its technology for this hardware with its software guidance and so forth show my first answer to that question is booked a flight to make to las vegas on my got excellent and I would add you know outside of our aflam which you know Jim’s going to be a great plus but really zebra on is going to have our product managers are vertical team under Jim we’re going to have our architects and developers there so if you really want to you know meet with the people who are building and influencing the the products and development tools it’s a great place to go as well as we have a couple people from google confirmed to be there microsoft and other industry leaders so that’s a great place on developer.android.com is our developer portal that has a lot of huge resources to help you out on on that site we have things broken down not only by zebras product category but also even there’s dropdowns at the top so if you’re just looking for getting started guides there’s a drop down there you can look across our mobile computing are printing enterprise browser we have our API references code samples SDKs tutorials there’s just a whole host of information there that should really help out so that if you’re it a developer you’re really wanting to learn it but we also have an isp program that the partner program were we give you access to zebras business development resources are marketing teams are technical teams on and you cannot learn more about that at tv.com / is be you know if I can add i could add one more thing but let’s move down the pike just the a bit down the cycle and just a bit let’s say that I put my help on the ISB side I’ve got my application developed and I really want to have a a an efficient and effective way to prove it out and I don’t have a customer yet well we have a solution center that these applications you can bring your application to have it certified on our particular that particular devices that you’re thinking about for you and your account rep for your while ah our representative and management for you can collaborate and actually set up a visit where your engineers can work with our engineers in that solution Center to have that app certified so from idea to reality we I think we provide a nice set of tools and facilities and resources for you absolutely so couple couple asked questions one was just really around using scanners a particular boat in particular wearable scanners and whether we have an open interface that allows i’m using a keyboard pro culture bluetooth to share that data with devices like phones iPads etc but don’t ask whatever i can now oh you’re either yearly answered or that’s a nice and really down into the weeds question that we probably want to have an SE take care of okay yeah so on that one we do have keyboard protocols for scanners on so that capability is there and I we have a lot of good documentation for those scanners to show exactly how that works there are SDKs we also have tools such as one called data wedge which allows you to pull in that data and on either do it programmatically or you just kind of pulling the data to use in an application in terms of connecting with iPads on that requires a mayfly phone connection unless you’re using bluetooth low energy and so the the number of mfi I scanners is on it’s more of a subset of what we offer focused in on the cs 4070 but I’m that’s Lauren Apple limitation so I think that’s all the main questions that we have so Jim I really want to thank you i gave us some great information here and we’re looking forward to meeting a lot of our attendees and learning more at aplomb I’m a 911 in Las Vegas thank you very much

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