Zelda Twilight Princess: Meet Spantzz – PART 1 – Game Grumps

– [Arin] Hey everybody, it’s Arin. Our new Starbomb album
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links are in the description as well. Thanks a lot. Hey I’m Grump! – [Danny] I’m Not So Grump! – [Both] Aaaand we’re the Game Grumps! – [D] Well, hello everyone.
– [A] No! – [D] Are you ready for
a new Zelda adventure? (“Her Voice Resides” by Bullet for My Valentine) Great, let’s do it!
– [A] Mmum! – [D] I’ve told you about that right? – [A] What, Bullet for My Valley? – [D] Close, Bullet For My Valentine. They have a song called
“Her Voice Resides”, from, uh… like 12 years ago.
– [A] Yeah. – [D] And my buddy Joe and I
were sitting in a car, talking. – [A] And you both were like,
“That’s my favorite song!” – [D] Well, he just-
– [A] “That’s mine, too!” – [D] He just– no, he just
asked me a question, and then like that song started, and that song starts with a
blood-curdling scream of “no”. So- and we just
fuckin’ died laughing. So, every now and then, it’ll
come back into our lives as a thing where we’ll be like, “Oh man! Sweet, another Zelda game!” (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) Oh okay. Well… – [A] You’ve tried.
– [D] Yeah… – [A] What’s– what’s this Link’s name gonna be? We’re playing Twilight Princess! – [D] Oh, yeah! – [A] It’s the one that everyone
wants us to play, I guess. So let’s play it! – [D] Okay, sounds great! – [A] His name will be…
– [D] Oh, capital S. – [A] Yeah.
– [D] Small p. – [A] Yeah. – [D] Uh… a. – [A] This is tough. – [D] n. t. – [A] *chuckle* t. Yeah, oops.
– [D] Oh– z. – [A] z?
– [D] Mhmm. z. – [A] z. – [D] Spantzz.
– [A] Spantzz! – [D] I love it. Actually, maybe just one z. I don’t want this to be ridiculous. – [A] I like the two Zs.
– [D] You like the two Zs? Alright, two Zs it is!
– [A] I’m sticking on the– What’s the horse’s name? – [D] The horse gets a name?
– [A] Spantzz’s horse. – [D] What? – [A] Spantzz’s horse, that’s the name. – [D] Oh, yeah, of course.
– [A] The horse’s name will be… Uhhh… Oh, I know. It will be… – [D] Going for the accent mark right away, huh? (laughs) Nyohhh-ee-yoo… Oh, I’d like to buy a vowel. (A laughs) What is this, a Tool album? – [A] It’s, it’s… Nyeh-oooo-ssohhrrr… – [D] That’s a good name, right? (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) Okay.
(snickers) – [A] Oh I wanted to hit, start hero
mode, it does double damage. Just kidding, I don’t. That’s stupid. Shut up! (D laughs) – [D] Oh yay, a new Zelda adventure! For anyone who doesn’t know,
we finished Skyward Sword on stream, and it was an awesome adventure. I loved it.
– [A] Was it? – [D] Uh, I loved it. You were really struggling towards the end.
– [A] Mm-hmm. – [D] But it was great. – [A] “Tell me, do you ever feel
a strange sadness as dushk fallsh?” – [D] You know what?
Why don’t I, why don’t I take this. – [A] They say– oh okay. – [D] “They say it’s the only time when
our worlds intersect with theirs.” – [A] Whose? – [D] “The only time we can feel
the lingering regrets of spirits “who have left our world.” – [A] Hehehe!
– [D] Oh my god! I was not expecting him to look like that. – [A] My name is Ra-tha-boo-thoo-doo. – [D] Can we go back to the behind shot– “That’s why loneliness always
pervades in the hour of twilight.” – [A] Are you listening to me? – [D] “But enough talk of sadness, “I have a favor to ask of you, Spantzz.” (A laughs) – [A] Wait what the fuck
happened with his stitching? – [D] Yeah–
– [A] It’s like okay and then at the end, it was just like, brap! Missed the holes completely.
(D laughs) – [D] Yeah… That’s hi-def. (A makes silly Spantzz noises) “I was supposed to deliver something “to the royal family of Hyrule
the day after tomorrow.” (A b u r p s) You alright?
– [A] Mm-hmm. – [D] “Yes, it was a task
set to me by the mayor, “but… would you go in my stead?” (screaming Bullet for My Valentine)
(A chuckles) All right, geez, all right, fine! (laughs) – [A] Hau-oommm… – [D] “You have…” – [A] Such beautiful eyes.
– [D] “…never been to Hyrule, right?” “In the kingdom of Hyrule,
there is a great cas-tle, “and all around which is a cas-tle town.”
(A laughs) (laughs) He looks and you, “…what.” “What, cas-tle?”
(A laughs) “A community far bigger
than our little villa-geh.” – [A] Outside the cas-tle town,
there’s a cas-tle state. Outside the cas-tle state,
there’s a cas-tle country. [D] “And far bigger than Hyrule is the
rest of the world the gods created. “You should look upon it, “all with your own eyes.” – [A] And that world is flat. It’s flat, damn it!
(D laughs) – [D] The reptilians don’t
want you to believe it. “It is getting late, we should
head back to the village. “I will talk to the mayor about this matter.” – [A] When I meet him… and I go in your stead of the stead
that you’re going in my stead. – [D] Yes. Or you could go instead.
(both laugh) (both make silly Spantzz noises) – [A] Good bye. I don’t talk. – [D] Remember, just because
100% of the evidence is in favor of the world being round, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question authority. (both laugh) – [A] Always ask questions. Like what proves that the earth is round? – [D] I mean… Granted, you and I could easily do several third grade level experiments that would show without a
doubt that the earth is round. – [A] Well, that’s because
the government made it so that light bends in a certain way.
(D laughs) – [D] Yeah, but they’re really good like that. – [A] Nano machines and whatever.
– [D] Yeah. Yeah, they can’t fix the roads, but they’re capable of bending
light (laughs) in general. – [A] What the fuck is up with the horse’s mouth, it was like “Haaaah”. Hope they show him again. Her. Epona’s a girl. I’m sorry, Near-hers-so. Oh, her mouth isn’t open anymore. – [D] All right. Good luck. Never mind the fact that
if you go in a straight line far, far enough, you’ll end up back here.
(A laughs) What could that possibly mean? – [A] Goodbye!
– [D] Good bye-ga-bye-ga-bye . (both laugh) (both laugh) I just love the idea that Spantzz’s mentor is a
fuckin’ flat-earther no reason, and he’s really determined. (both laugh) – [A] Oh man… I love that.
– [D] I’m just saying we sh– We need to keep an open mind!
(A laughs) That’s you. – [A] “Hey Spantzz!! You there!?” – [D] No.
– [A] Hey man, keep it down. “Hey, you mind helping me herd the goats?” Fucking mansion dweller. “They ain’t listening to me lately!” Uh-huh…
(both laugh) Aw man! – [D] What about you pole? You got something to fuckin’ say? – [A] “Hey, where’s Nya-ehj-zi-so?” – [D] Man, that’s brutal. – [A] Over there?!
– [D] I mean, uh… Alright. Where’s an empty hallway? – [A] Isn’t this is the most
exciting introduction you’ve ever experienced?
(D laughs) I mean- oh, SQUIRREL! (D laughs)
Fuck! I gotta catch it. Aw, come on. “Come on now, hurry up and bring
Nyeh-ya-yeh-dezo with you.” (D chuckles) The squirrel is like, “HABABABBA.” – [D] Hey squirrel, you want to hang out with me? (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) All right, fuckin’ fine! – [A] “Hey hey, where are you going without Nya-a-izso.” “Hurry on up and bring her with you, bud.” I don’t know where– You pointed me towards that area when you said where’s New-oos-so. And now, and I went that way. Fucking idiot.
(D laughs) Dumbass. Hey, rocks. – [D] Hey, how are you doing?
– [A] Pick up… OOOH! Money. Just like real life.
– [D] AHH! (both laugh) – [A] I’m st-wong. – [D] That’s a really funny rock throw move. – [A] (laughs) Ahhh-ooh. – [D] He’s cute in this game. The– the art in this is beautiful. – [A] You stink– you think Link’s cute? – [D] Yeah man, he looks nice. (A breathes heavily) – [A] Tell me more, Dan. I need to fuel my fanfictions. (D laughs) (gasps) It’s ah umm… Girl… – [D] You get the fuck away from my horse. (A makes weird noise) (both laugh) That’s you.
– [A] Oh. – [D] Or me.
– [A] Yeah, go ahead. – [D] “Oh, hi Spantzz.” “I washed Nye-hehe for you.” – [A] Thank you! (makes weird noise) I don’t know… oh ok, I’m happy. It took a while. (D laughs) – [D] Processing…
– [A] How do I feel about this? – [D] Speak. – [A] Hehe. – [D] “Nyebeh works really hard,
so I thought she deserved a treat. “Oh but listen, Spantzz. Could
you do something for me?” – [A] Yeah. – [D] “Could you use a piece of
grass to play that song for me? “You know, that one that Nyoohoo likes?” – [A] …what? – [D] Oh my god, I just realized. I know exactly how to
pronounce the horse’s name. (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) (laughs) – [A] With drums and everything?
– [D] (laughs) Yeah! Oh, that’s so perfect. Ok. – [A] All right. I’m picking it up. BRRRRRRRRR. The horse loves that song, right? (peaceful whistle music) – [D] It’s “Break Stuff” by
Limp Bizkit, do you like it? – [A] Look at how jacked Link is, man. – [D] He really is. – [A] He’s got fuckin’ muscle tone. – [D] ♪ It’s just one of those days,
when you don’t want to wake up. ♪ “It’s such a nice melody. (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) “looks happy. “Well, she’s all prettied up now, so
I suppose you can ride her back.” I mean, where else would you ride her? “But don’t you make her do too much, ok?” – [A] You can ride her neck. – [D] Don’t ride her feet! You know what happened last time. One of your sleeves exploded off, and
the other one was never the same! – [A] And the stitching kind of like… Kind of like didn’t…
(both make weird noises) – [D] It’s strange. Cool. – [A] Onward to my friend, who I don’t know… – [D] So we use spurs this time instead of carrots? – [A] Oh yeah, it’s all about the pain now. – [D] Ok, love it. – [A] You win more flies with
vinegar, that’s what they say. – [D] That’s not what they say. – [A] Where the fuck is
the guy? He’s gone now. – [D] Wh– uh… oh, yell-y man? Yeah. He was like, – [A] “DUHHHH,” and now he’s nowhere. – [D] I remember that, it was moments ago. Maybe it was just to tell you
where to get your horse, like that was the point of the conversation. – [A] Got-ee. Oh, look at all these people! – [D] Ohhh. – [A] Inhabitants of this magical realm! – [D] The Ordon village. Those are my favorite type of thick noodles. – [A] Ordon?
– [D] Yeah. – [A] Mmm. They’re kind of chewy? – [D] …Udon! Sorry, I legit forgot what they were. – [A] Really?! – [D] Yeah, I was like it’s close, but I don’t know exactly what it is. – [A] Uh… Should I talk to what’s his fuck? – [D] Sure. – [A] Hey, what’s up! Get off the horse,
you rude fuck. “Ah, if it isn’t young Spantzz. “Are you going to close
down the ranch for the day? “I just closed the shop myself. “I’m sure you all know about
the mis-chie-vi-ous monkeys–” – [D] Do you say “mis-chie-vi-ous”?
– [A] Mis…misCHIEvous. Mischievous.
– [D] Mischievous, I’ve always said. – [A] ‘Cause there’s no v- “i” after the “v” – [D] Right.
– [A] “Mischie… mischievous monkeys “that’ve been coming into the village lately. “Those things worry me a bit.” – [D] A lot of people say
mis-chie-vi-ous. though. – [A] But it’s wrong!
– [D] Okay. – [A] Even though it’s the first thing I said. “I’d better lock up tight here. “I couldn’t stand to have
any more goods stolen. “Can’t trust that good-for-nothing
husband to do anything right.” – [D] Wait, can I ask you something? How do you pronounce the word, umm… Spelled i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g. – [A] Inter-resting? – [D] Do you say inter-resting?
– [A] Yeah. – [D] I’m– it must be a Jersey
thing, I say in-tresting. – [A] I probably say interesting sometimes. – [D] Yeah, like as if it was “trist,” like t-r-i-s-t. – [A] Well, that’s right because you’re dumb! – [D] Probably. Ninja Brian says, “Oh, that’s very inter-resting.” I’m like, wow, I guess that is how the word is spelled.
– [A] Yeah, that’s pretty interesting. (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) (D laughs) – [D] Sorry, that was an accident.
– [A] It’s interchangeable for me, I think. – [D] I guess so. – [A] It’s depending on how quickly I want
my words to come out of my mouth. – [D] Yeah, and how intelligent I’m insistent on sounding. – [A] Yeah. Ha! – [D] (makes car reversing sound) “Ah, great timing Spantzz. “There was something I
had forgotten to tell you.” – [A] Oh? – [D] “My son Colon is making a fishing rod, “so the two of you can play together.” Would you like to play with my… colon? – [A] My colon rod? – [D] (laughs) “He should finish it today, “so you can come get it
at the house tomorrow.” – [A] I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. Just fucking get this show
on the road, for fuck’s sake. I gotta be here for like 30 minutes. – [D] Nor do I want to wait. for a night to be o-
– [A] HABABABA. – [D] Okay. God, what is that, a f- – [A] HUBUBUB. – [D] Is that a… What’s their name? I always called the Ugnots from Star Wars? – [A] Ugnots? – [D] That’s not the name of them though. The Gamorrean guard, that’s wha–
– [A] Oh… – [D] You see what he, doesn’t
he kind of look like it? – [A] Aw man, I don’t even know
what you’re talking about. – [D] The chunky green dudes with the goofy teeth from Jabba’s palace. – [A] Oh, yeah. – [D] Yeah… – [A] And Link comes in and he’s all like… Luke comes in and he’s all… Dressed in black and he’s like,
“Oh I’ve got a green light saber now.” – [D] Oh my god. – [A] It’s like so cool. – [D] You just inspired me.
– [A] What. – [D] I’m gonna write a fucking 800
part fanfiction about Link Skywalker. – [A] (gasps) (sings Star Wars theme) That’s what
The Rise of the Skywalker… Refers to. Is Link. Oh, hey, what’s up? “Sorry to get you over here
in such a hurry, Spantzz. “These guys’ve been real–
pretty awful, been awful skittish. “They won’t listen to a word I say. “Sorry to ask, bud, but
how’s about you and…” – [D] Alright, alright. (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) – [A] “Herd ’em into the barn real quick.
(D laughs) “We ain’t got much time, so
you think you can do for me?” No. (both chuckle) Ok, I guess I gotta herd
these fucking cattle. “Much obliged there, bud. “Ok, go on and herd those little
scamps into the barn for me.” Ah, so much fun. – [D] I… Yeah, I love first quests. – [A] Goat in! (D laughs) God. – [D] That’s what I’m gonna yell next time I make love. – [A] Let it be known that, that… One of the first– – [D] Because I’m to GOAT,
the greatest of all time. Okay, sorry, go ahead.
(A laughs) – [A] Let it be known that
one of the first commands that I could do in this Zelda
game is press “a” to whoop. – [D] Is that right? – [A] Check it out. Whoop. – [D] Whoop!
– [A] Or I could dismount. – [D] or you can press “a” repeatedly to WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB – [A] WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB You’ve ever seen those uh, on the elevators, but it’s like… – [D] Oh, that little bastard goat. – [A] …where it’s like “alarm sounds like whoop”? You’ve ever seen those?
– [D] No! – [A] If you look at like the–
in front of every elevator, there’s like, there’s always a… Like a thing–
– [D] You gotta walk him in. – [A] I gotta whoop him in, dude. – [D] Oh, okay. Excuse me. – [A] Whoop! You can do it. Whoop! There he goes. Whoop! – [D] So you never have to
do this ever in the game. – [A] So…
– [D] Is that right? – [A] Yeah, it’s stupid. – [D] Have you played this all the way through? – [A] Of course I have.
– [D] Really? – [A] Dude, I played this fucking day one. I waited in line at a Toys R Us to get a Wii. – [D] No shit!
– [A] Yeah… – [D] Did you like it at the time? – [A] Of course I did.
– [D] Cool. – [A] It’s fucking like the
greatest moment of my life. – [D] Do you like it now?
– [A] Not really. – [D] (laughs) God dammit. – [A] Kind of boring.
– [D] Okay. – [A] “Spantzz!”
– [D] Ah, fuck… (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) (A laughs) – [A] “Much applies to both of y’all. “I can cover everything tomorrow
without having to trouble you “so just sit back and relax, bud! “But uh, how about today? “Want to practice with the fences?” So don’t relax, do a bunch of work for me.
– [D] Yeah. – [A] “Just wait a spell, bud.
I’ll get them fences set up.” – [D] Wait, does he want you to wait or
does he want you to cast a magic spell? That’s like the opposite. (A laughs) – [A] That’s the ap-opposite. – [D] *laughs* Ap-opposite… – [A] “Hoo, sorry that took so long. “Okay then, y’all ride, you want… “Y’all gotta– tired of just jumping…” – [D] Oh, “hoo, sorry.” Wait when– I was looking down when you said it and I thought you said, “Who’s
sorry that took so long?” and you’re like, “I am.” “I’m sorry that took so long.”
(A laughs) Don’t ask me questions you
don’t want the answer to. Unnamed man. – [A] Do you want to save? Yeah. (screaming from Bullet for My Valentine) – [D] No, I do. – [A] Fucking chill out
Bullet for My Valentine. Bullet for My Valentine needs to take a chill pill.
– [D] They’re very, very over the– over the top today. – [A] Do you think they still
perform that song alive? – [D] I don’t know how he performs
any of those songs live. – [A] Yeah.
– [D] Like that… has to destroy your throat. – [A] Just don’t eat ketchup beforehand. – [D] Some people– Ke– um… Yeah, I guess.
– [A] Or honey. Or milk. – [D] Wha– okay.
– [A] Don’t eat milk before you do that song. – [D] “Hey wake up, Spantzz.
It’s morning already.” – [A] Who died? (both laugh)
– [D] Oh my god. (A laughs) – [A] Just have a ladder that
leads up to the fucking window. – [D] Was it hot? – [A] I don’t even like chairs
or anything up here, it’s just like…
– [D] No. – [A] “Ah well, this is my little lookie-loo hole.” – [D] My lookin’ window. – [A] So when– so when somebody… This is so– this is literal– okay. So this– the guy runs
up and the kids run up, and they’re like, “Hey Link!” and I’m literally like a hanging
out on the bottom floor, and I could just walk out
the door and say “hi,” Or I could climb up two ladders… – [D] Yeah, it’s your incredibly
inconvenient peephole, basically. – [A] Wait, hold on. (breathes heavily) Alright now I’m down here. It could’ve been much easier
if I just walked out the door. – [D] Your door looks like– Door looks like a tic-tac-toe board that only one move has been made on. (A laughs) – [A] The middle move. Stop it! The fucking… (D laughs) Alright, I’ll guess I’ll just do that then. – [D] Ok cool, from now on. – [A] Ahh! – [D] “Oh Spantzz, did you hear?” We’re all getting forehead transplants and it’s horrifying. “They’re selling a slingshot
at the store right now. “A SLINGSHOT! “I wonder how powerful it is. “I… I need it. I must try it.” That’s you. – [A] “Talo, if you and Malo want it so badly, “just buy it at my parents shop.” – [D] Outstanding vocal work, A. “Do you see any rupees in my hand? “I can’t afford a thing. “Come on Beth–” Establishing characters– “Can’t you just loan it to us for a while?” Us, Talo and Malo. – [A] What am I, a bank? What am I, Western Union? – [D] No, I’m Beth, friend of Talo and Malo. (both laugh) – [A] I’m the one with the backpack. “You know I’d get in trouble for that. “If you two want it, save up
your allowances or something.” – [D] “But our allowances are terrible. “I wish I was born into a
family with a slingshot “instead of one with a water wheel.” – [A] Alright. Well, that was really exciting and interesting.
– [D] Yeah… – [A] Hello! Duhh… “Hi Spantzz. “I finished the fishing rod I was making. “I thought I’d give it to you
first thing in the morning, but…” I decided second thing in the
morning was much better. – [D] And here we are. – [A] “‘You just wait until
Spantzz comes to get (burps) it.’ “That’s why I didn’t bring it to you. “Dad’s out today, “so would you ask my mom about it? I think she’s by the river.” What do you want me to do? – [D] I am unclear. – [A] You asked– your mom about
the fishing rod that you made me and were going to deliver me? – [A] I don’t understand!
– [D] That sounds about right. – [A] I guess I’ll go talk to your
mom, of whom I don’t know. Because I’ve only met your dad so far? – [D] I’m sure this is a necessary plot point. (screaming Bullet for My Valentine) (both laugh) Well hey– “Well hey! Mornin’ Spantzz! “Got a day off from work today, my boy?” – [A] What is my work- what’s my job? – [D] “Not me. The wife’s
been hassl–” Oh I’m a man. “The wife’s been hassling me.
(A laughs) “Today’s the day to restock our store. “Look, see that? Up in that tree? “You can get a better view by
pressing the R stick inwards “and then using the R stick “or the Nin- “Nintendo Switch to look around, “just by the way.”
(A laughs) (both laugh) – [A] You walk into a Walmart like,
“Hey, welcome to Walmart! “You can use the right analog stick
to look around at all of our products “And go up and press ‘A’ to select one!” – [D] Is my nicotine patch
noticeable on my shoulder? “Yeah, some Ordon bees built
themselves a fine nest up there. “I was thinking about knocking it down.” – [A] They ran out of flush colored patches.
– [D] They hate that shit. “Our cat hasn’t come home since yesterday, “so the wife’s in a bad mood. “At the very least, I need to
bring something home to her.” Like our dead cat. (A laughs) – [A] Have you seen it? Can you go and kill a cat for me and say it’s my dead cat?
(D laughs) Is this the mom? It looks like- they look like were they related.
– [D] Sure. – [A] But I can’t talk to her! Oh wait. (exhales sharply) There we go. – [D] “Oh, um, good morning to you.
(A laughs) “Did you come to get the
fishing rod that Colin made?” – [A] (laughs) She’s like a young mom.
– [D] Yes. (laughs and grunts) Prepartum has been difficult. – [A] Did you get did you come to get the
fishing rod? Hold on, let me birth it. (grunts loudly) – [D] “I’m really sorry, but
would you hear me out first?” – [A] No. – [D] Noo!
– [A] Noooo! – [D] “You have not seen a cradle
come floating by here, have you?” – [A] I dropped my baby in the river
and then the river sort of took it away. – [D] “It’s a baby’s cradle,”
if that helps to clarify, “made of finely woven tree bark.” – [A] Not to be confused with the
goat cradle that goes around town. – [D] Yeah, there might be
a baby inside, I don’t know. Less important than the cradle. “Oh, such a misfortune “How far could it have drifted, I wonder?” – [A] You left your fuckin’ unattended
baby cradle in the flowing river? You idiot! – [D] Anyone could have done that. – [A] It’s a typical mom thing. Oh, there’s the fucking cat. – [D] Oh, yeah.
– [A] My favorite mission! Cat’s out of the bag.
– [D] Cat delivery man! Oh my god, that’s great! – [A] It’s in every Zelda, man. – [D] Was Twilight Princess before… – [A] Skyward Sword? Yeah. – [D] It was?
– [A] Yeah. – [D] So this is the original cat delivery. – [A] Yeah. – [D] Sick.
– [A] Cat’s out of the bag. – [D] Get him.
– [A] Oh! I’m using my herding techniques to herd the cat. – [D] Oh, is that what it is? – [A] I learned how to herd. – [D] Okay.
– [A] And now I’m herding el gato. – [D] You’re not– – [A] Get the fuck back here, you fucking
kitty cat, you motherfucking cat! – [D] This is not going well.
– [A] Cross the bridge. Cross the bridge. – [D] I don’t think he’s
gonna cross the bridge. – [A] Cross the bridge. – [D] I don’t think he’s
gonna cross the bridge. – [A] Cross the bridge. Maybe I should just talk to– Oh! Oh no.
– [D] Oh, oh. – [A] He’s dying.
– [D] Well, now’s your chance to grab him. – [A] I can’t grab him though, can I? Oh, let’s say, so you’re
gonna choose to swim instead of use the dry bridge. Are you gonna die? Maybe I just talk to him. I saw your cat, he’s drowning right now.
(D laughs) I didn’t want to save it. Hello. – [D] “I want to knock that nest down,
so I can get the bee larva inside. “Our cat hasn’t come
home since yesterday…” Oh god, “I don’t want to make her even angrier.” – [A] Wait, so… With the larva, gonna
make her angrier or… – [D] No, it’s gonna make her happy. – [A] It’s gonna make her happy-pappy.
– [D] She’s like, “Oh good a new pet. “We may have lost my beloved cat, but
at least I have some fucking bee larva.” – [A] Dude, look at how fast I climb. Damn. Breakneck speeds. – [D] Give me something to break. – [A] Oh fuck. – [D] It’s all about the
he-said-she-said bullshit. – [A] We need the slingshot.
– [D] Oh God. – [A] Oh, you better quit! Talking that shit! – [D] Well, you’ll be living with your fat lip. – [A] Alright, well, next time
on Game Grumps, I guess. – [D] Yeah, next time on Game Grumps! – [A] We’re gonna keep playing.
– [D] We’re going to do this for a little bit. – [A] Twi-lingle Prince-ingle.
– [D] (laughs) The Twi-lingle Princess… There’s no way that everyone
is not fuckin’ hyped about this! (screaming Bullet for My Valentine)
(CRT TV sound) – [A] Bullet for My Valentine isn’t… That’s how I feel. (makes screamo noises)

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